OS X :: Snow Leopard Freezes - Crashes - System Hangs

Dec 7, 2009

A few months ago I had a problem with my Macbook Pro, (late 2009 model, 15" 2.53 ghz) that many users with Snow Leopard have, the random 30 second freezes. I simply reset the PRAM and SMC and I never encountered it again. Now, out of the blue, on Sunday (yesterday), I started experiencing these hangs again, but worse. The night before I had been browsing the web and my battery went to reserve and shut down, so I plugged it in and when I awoke and turned it on I started experiencing problems. I figured I would try the same fix, and it almost seemed to make the problem worse. Now if I shut down the computer via "apple -> shut down", then turn it back on and log in etc., from the first few seconds the machine hangs. If I open a folder I get the immediate beach-ball and the machine is un-responsive for anywhere from 1 minute - 5+ minutes.

I have read a lot of fixes for this problem, but most of the people's problems resulted from using Safari or Spotlight. I strictly use Firefox and very rarely even open Safari, and I think I've used Spotlight maybe 3 times total, none in the past few months. So far the things I've tried are:

- Reset PRAM
- Reset SMC
- Run Disc Utility and verify, repair etc. (from SL install disc)

So I'm wondering right now what can I do? Its finals week right now and im in college so wiping my HD is not an option. I feel like there is just something hanging the computer but I can't find the culprit.

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OS X :: Snow Leopard Freezes - Hangs And Unusable

May 5, 2010

I have a unibody Macbook Pro running OSX 10.6.3. Everything is up to date but the computer is now on its second hard drive and fresh install of OSX and is still unusable. After the hard drive was replaced, it worked flawlessly for an evening. However, the old symptoms reemerged the next morning. Symptoms: very slow to boot or freezes on gray screen with status circle frozen grey circle with slash through it on boot

once it boots, if it does boot, the beachball constantly spins/freezes... I have literally no software installed on the fresh install and it still does it when attempting to boot in safe mode Also, the hard drive when checked gives the following errors even after I repair them in drive genius (the same errors the old drive reported):

invalid file count
invalid directory count

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Final Cut Pro :: Install Snow Leopard Without Worrying About Freezes And Crashes?

Jun 23, 2010

Because of the many problems I heard about using FCS3 with Snow Leopard when they both first came out, I've held off upgrading my OS from 10.5.8. Now that some time has passed, is it safe to install Snow Leopard without worrying about freezes and crashes with using Final Cut Studio 3? Also, have most of the 3d party software developers updated their apps for 10.6? I'd like to install Snow Leopard for my other apps but not at the expense of FCS.

MacBook Pro Core Duo 2 2.16 Mhz
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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OS X :: Installing 7 On Snow Leopard - System Freezes

Feb 14, 2010

I did this twice, instaled win 7 using booth camp. The problem started when I boot os X. Every launch new aplication I saw 30 minutes of that creapy rainbow, just all os X freeze for this time, I could just wait. restarting os X doesn't . so I must restored partition of Win7.

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Hardware :: System Freezes Or Hangs On Boot / Startup

Apr 27, 2008

I have a mac pro running leopard (purchased in 2/08) and it was running beautifully for almost 2 months with no hangs, crashes or freezes. Then, for some reason, today when I turned it on, it would not boot. It would get to the apple logo, then just sit there for a few minutes, then reboot itself and the same thing would happen. I pulled out the ethernet cable, unplugged all usb except keyboard/mouse and it would then (sometimes) boot into the system, log me in and present me with the UI.

I then quickly performed a soft reboot and it would get to the desktop. However, I can only use it for anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes before it would completely lockup. The clock freezes, the mouse freezes and it just sits there forever. I have tried booting into Vista (BootCamp) and it also freezes before startup is complete. If I hold down Option and then select the System disk, it will either just hang forever or get to the desktop and then freeze again....................

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IMac :: System Freezes And Running Very Slow With Snow Leopard

Mar 25, 2010

I have a 20" iMac mid 2007 2.4Ghz, 320GB, 2Gb machine running Snow Leopard. Today I turned it on and it was running fine. But around three hours of using it suddenly froze. I had to force the turn off using the power button. When i turned it back on it took about 4 mins to get to the login screen. Once I logged in the spinning wheel came up and the only think that loaded was the Spotlight sign. This kept happening until about the third time of turning it off and on. When it finally completed login. But it is now extremely slow and it just about freezes when I open more than one application.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Random Hangs With OS 10.6.6?

Mar 12, 2012

I have random hangs in OS 10.6.6, I have been noticing these hangs *more* after a period of inactivity (screensaver, after inactivity of 20 or more minutes) , but I have had the system hang on me while I am using it actively as well.    OS 10.6.6 has been on this drive since 7/2011 , without hangs but I recently upgraded Firefox to 10.0.2, - perhaps a factor? 

Energy save set to never for sleep on either CPU or display.   I do put to sleep if I am leaving for a while. 

FYI On Launch, my MacPro opens Mail , iCal and Firefox. The Mac is a January 2007 Mac Pro Quad core 2.66gh.   I never had a single hang with the computer until this.   

Mac OS X (10.6.6)

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OS X :: Snow Leopard Hangs When Headphones Plugged In

Dec 9, 2009

Everytime I plug or unplug the headphones(iPhone 3GS ones) from my uMBP the systems hangs, sometimes even with beachball.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Computer Slow And Sometimes Hangs At Log-in?

Mar 16, 2012

My iMac has slowed down signficantly recently and sometimes hangs at log-in or very occasionally at other times.  The screen grab of the activity monitor shows the amount of memory 'used' at log-in with no software open - is it normal for half the memory to be 'used' already?

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Quit A Applescript That Sometimes Hangs

Mar 21, 2012

I have a applescript that sometimes hangs (this is on a blind server). reason is that the application (JSMS, it sends text messages via my mobile phone account) can not connect to the server. it than pops a message saying so, but as a result the script does hang and interferes with other stuff.

is there a way to have the script stop (would 'try if' do this?) or alternative is to force quit this script after 10 minutes with an other script.

Info:MBP, MM, MBP - 10.6 + Windooz XP on a hard partition

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OS X :: Snow Leopard Hangs On Boot At Apple Logo?

Oct 11, 2009

After recently doing a fresh install of Snow Leopard, it was working great for about a week, and now it hangs at boot and flashes the Apple Logo, a NO sign, and a folder sign. I booted in verboose mode and it say that it could not load drivers.

I had this problem before and I used Leopard's (10.5) Archive and Install feature to fix it.

Where is this located on SL (10.6) ? I DO NOT want to loose my data

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OS X :: Snow Leopard Slow - Hangs And Generally Not Working Quite Right

Mar 1, 2010

Recently Snow Leopard has become one slow ass OS, and I originally though it was because I was going low on HDD Space I was at 11GB free, went and deleted a lot of stuff and it was still slow, currently on 13GB, but it doesn't seem to of been that. I am now thinking it may have something to do with deleting the preference files for Spotlight because it wasn't working correctly (but that made it worse, won't find Apps).

But I am not sure if that is it either, CPU is not really used much either, and all that is happening is Beach Balls 24/7 so is there anything I can do to find the root cause of the issue before doing a fresh install of Snow Leopard (which will take hell of a lot of time as I need to ask my parents to send it back, so would rather there is a fix without reinstallation).

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MacBook Pro :: 2007 Snow Leopard Hangs During Boot Up

Apr 2, 2012

All I get is the grey screen and the little circle with the rotating fan blades.  Then they stop spinning and it just hangs.

I cannot boot up. Is this a bad hard drive?  Are there other keys I could hit to make something work?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6)

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Login Window Hangs After Sleep

Apr 25, 2012

I've got this peculiar problem with my MacBook Pro Intel Core i5 running 10.6.8 with all the updates. Whenever I open the computer after logging out, the login window hangs. The insert bar in the username field doesn't blink and I get the spinning beach ball. Sometimes there's no cursor at all. If I close the lid without logging out there's never a problem. But of course that's not an aceptable solution.

I can not reproduce the problem with a fresh account, so I assume there's something wrong with my account. I've had this problem ever since I setup my original account. I've gone through the system.log and I do see some errors during the time the computer goes to sleep after I logout, but I don't know if they are serious or normal warnings.

Info:MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Hangs Up On Loading Excel Spreadsheets?

May 15, 2012

My Mac Pro hangs up midway through loading Excel spreadsheets, small and large.  I've tested the 14GB of ram with no faults.  Tried two different new versions of MS office - school and business to no avail.  Maybe video card?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Brand new MS Office - business

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OS X :: 10.6.1 Snow Leopard Hangs And Blue Horizontal Lines On Screen?

Nov 2, 2009

Over the past month I have encountered a number of bugs with Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro (mid 2006). Ever once in a while, usually during high performance task (like watching flash or encoding with handbrake) the temperature of my cpu will spike to 85-90 degrees celsius and then the system freezes.

During this freeze, I can still move my mouse, but I am unable to click on anything on the dock or any program. Moving the mouse over the dock does not invoke the magnification either. I have to do a hard reset to fix the problem.

Also every once in a while, a long blue horizontal line will appear in on the screen. (sometimes their in iChat windows, sometimes safari, and sometimes the desktop as shown in the photo).

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IMac :: Snow Leopard Install Hangs On Repairing Volume

Jun 20, 2010

i got a white screen when i booted up last night, so i saw it as an opportunity to upgrade rather than trying to fix it. I popped in a fresh copy of snow leopard, it made my white screen boot up. before installing, i opened disk utility and erased my hard drive, and it automatically made a single partition, titled "untitled" and mounted it. i installed to "untitled" and turned install log, and the progress bar is empty. time remaining: about 30 minutes log: checking catalog file is the last line, and it's been there for over 1 hour. i restarted and now it says "volume headers need minor repairs" "repairing volume" and hangs there now.

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Mac Pro Hangs / Freezes

Jun 23, 2012

I have a 2009 8-core running Lion. It has now starting hanging (desktop visible but no response to any input device). I have run Disk Utility and Apple Hardware Test from install DVD (full test) and it finds no issues. Any thoughts as to how to investigate further. Sounds like a memory leak in an app somewhere, but none are left runnIng.Machine is ok when being used but then is hung when left for a few hours. If I take to Genius Bar I assume they will run AHT and say no faults can be found.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)

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OS X :: Finder Crashes On Snow Leopard?

Aug 29, 2009

My finder crashes every time i go to applications, also when i go to application thru stacks. what going on? i did a restart.

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OS X :: MS Word Crashes Under Snow Leopard?

Sep 10, 2009

After upgrading? to Snow Leopard, i found my HP 3055 Printer didn't work, nor did MS Word2008 work without crashing. I finally got through the printer issue by re-loading a driver, but after removing and re-loading Word, I still have issues. I've repaired permissions, verified the disk and I still find it crashes when calling up a file. This app is impossible to work with, so what to do next?

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MacBook Pro :: Constantly Freezes Or Hangs Up

Jun 18, 2012

My MacBook Pro constantly freezes or hangs up. Only solution at this time, hard boot.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2 meg, 250 g harddrive

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Safari :: Just Updated Now It Crashes And Hangs - Will Not Function

Jun 12, 2012

My MacBook updated Safari tonight only to render the program inoperable. It hangs and freezes and shuts down. Takes forever to load.

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OS X :: Snow Leopard - Freezes Randomly

Sep 1, 2009

Did an upgrade install from 10.5.8 to SL (MacPro early 2008, 8800 Nvidia). Didn't use the Mac for a couple of hours - when I came back I had a black screen and no way of reviving Mac (only forced shutdown via power button). this happened twice. Did never have a problem previously.

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OS X Snow Leopard :: 10.6 Freezes During Installation

Apr 30, 2012

I bought a used MaxBook (2,0 GHz Intel Core Duo , 2 GB RAM, 80GB HDD) and try to install 10.6 Snow Leopard (Family License).The MacBook HD doesn't have any data on it, as the pre-owner completely cleaned the HDD. I put the SnowLeopard CD in the CD-Drive and press the C-Button during booting and start the install process according to the dialog that shows up.The installation starts and shows me in the beginning it will take 34 minutes to install. The process continues till the countdown shows 28 minutes’ and then the installation process freezes. I only here some repeating noise from the CD-Drive but nothing happens. I tried this process now several times, I was waiting for hours that the install may continue, but no success so far.... Does somebody have any idea what I could do install 10.6 successfully? I don't think it's a license issue, but I want to add that I also own a MacMini and with the same install CD  was successfully installing 10.6 on the MacMini.

Info:MacBook (13-inch), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Sometimes When Try To Log Off, The Machine Freezes?

May 10, 2012

Odd freezing occurs when trying to log off.  It requires me to hold down the power button and basically restart the machine.  Is this a sign of a virus infection, or have I done something else I don't know about?

iMac 3.2Ghz i3, 21", Mac OS X (10.6.5)

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OS X :: Snow Leopard (Installer Crashes Repeatedly)

Jun 13, 2009

I just downloaded the 10a380 build of snow leopard, and burned it using disk utility to a DL DVD. The burn completed successfully and the computer recognizes it. Every time I click on Install, it opens the installer and I press continue.. it says "Finding Disks" with a blue progression bar for about 30 seconds, and then exits the installer. I even rebooted the computer, holding down option, and when it gets to the screen with different partitions, the disk ejects itself. I have bootcamp with windows 7 installed if that makes any sort of difference.

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Applications :: Safari Crashes A Lot On Snow Leopard?

Sep 17, 2009

I thought they were supposed to be fine-tuning this program?

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: TM Causing Constant Crashes?

Apr 18, 2012

Since I hooked up a new external hard drive as a TM backup, my computer crashes constantly. And I mean constantly.  I never had this problem with my previous external drive, which eventually failed. 

If I unplug the new drive, the computer works perfectly. Having spent $$$ on a 1TB drive, I don't want to buy yet another one. 

I did notice that the drive has USB 3.0 on the bottom ID label.  I'm using USB 2.0.  Does USB 3.0 require a special port because my 2007 Mac Mini doesn't have one as far as I know. 

Mac Mini 1.83ghz, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Great for a while.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Safari Crashes Every Few Minutes

Apr 21, 2012

Safari crashes every few minutes.

Info:MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Mail Crashes Constantly On It

May 17, 2012

After installing Snow Leopard, (10.6.8 In 2 GHZ Intel Core Duo) I have had a constant crashing issue. Usually every few minutes. I've lived with this since I upgraded.


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