MacBook :: Output To My HDTV For Photo/video Editing?

Dec 11, 2008

so since im getting this new MBP, i wanted to ask... is there such as thing as mini display port to HDMI so i can output to my HDTV for photo/video editing?

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Mac Pro :: Video Out From FCP To An LCD HDTV For Program Output?

Aug 10, 2008

I am looking for a solution for sending dv and hdtv quality video, ntsc, out of my macpro to an lcd monitor.

Basically, I want to be able to have a real time program output from my fcp timeline while I am editing.

Previously, I have been going firewire out to my camera, then using the camera as an a/d converter, going composite to an external monitor. I would like to bypass having to use the camera in this way.

It would be nice to find a PCI card (or whatever they're called) that has s-video and/or hdmi and/or dvi, so I can plug directly into the lcd. I just want to make sure, though, that I can select this output within fcp.

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MacBook Pro :: How Good Is The 13" For Photo & Video Editing ?

Jul 17, 2009

I'm planning on buying my very fist mac next month! I absolutely love the 13"mbp. I do photoshop and video editing (I also have a desktop but it's about 5 years old now and will be slower than the mbp). My question is: how good is the 13" for photo and video editing?

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Which MacBook Pro 15inch With Anti Glare General / Photo & Video Editing

May 18, 2012

Need to buy a new MacBook Pro 15inch. This will be used for photo and video editing.Importantly I will be photographing the screen as part of an art installation. I want to know if the antiglare screen is my best option? Also if the 2.2 GHZ, 500G drive with AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 512MB GDDR5 is an adequate choice for my needs or if i should get the 750 drive with the AMD radeon 6770M , 1GB GDDR5. My previous MacBook ( circa 2008) was a Core 2 Duo with matte screen and GT graphics processor with 256MB of GDDR3 SDRAM?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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Hardware :: MPB Photo & Video Editing

Aug 12, 2008

I was just wondering how good the video/picture editing is on the MBP??What would it be rated out of ten?? (If 1 was a normal computer editing program and 10 was photoshop)

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OS X :: Old Used Mac Pro Or New Imac - Video And Photo Editing ?

Jul 14, 2010

First time posting, so hope this is an ok place to post this.I would like some advice. I currently have the first macbook pro 17" released. 2.16 core duo with 2GB ram. It can not even play my AVCHD fils (.mts) and it takes like 30 minutes to convert a 2 minute .mts file to something playable. So editing is non existent. I will be getting a Canon 7d or 5dmkII also soon for more video. I will most likely do a lot of filters and effects on the video as well. I am a photographer, I do a lot of photo editing of large multi layer files. My current macbook pro is a joke. I have creative suite cs3, and really cant afford a new computer AND an upgrade of the creative suite and the other upgrades i want to make to my photo equipment. CS3 doesnt run on snow leopard correct? However, i could possibly come up with the money if i need to. I am only looking to spend at max $1500 on the computer. So.

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Mac Mini :: IPS Display For Photo And Video Editing (Opinions Wanted)

Feb 2, 2010

opinions wanted:
First, I'm not a gamer. This pc would be strictly for photo editing and video conversion. I'm using photoshop cs4/ lightroom for pictures. For video, I have two objectives. The first is to convert 8mm to dvd. This would involve iMovie to keep it simple. The second would be for new HD video. Since Apple doesn't support blue ray just yet, I just need a way to offload to avchd on a regular dvd. I think Toast would accommodate this.

IMac (27") and mini would both have 4gb RAm. Hard drive space isn't all that important since I'll have an external as well. 2.5ghz vs. 3ghz. nVidea 9400 vs. ATI radeon. So would the less processing power of the mini be offset by the better monitor (Eizo or NEC ~24")? Or is the iMac display good enough?

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IMac :: Screen Has Accurate Colors For Photo/video Editing?

Aug 18, 2010

Does iMac's screen (27") have accurate and reliable colors and other settings (contrast, brightness, gamma etc.) for photo/video editing?

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Mac Pro :: How To Get System Output To HDTV

Aug 23, 2010

I'm looking to output my mac pro to my HDTV (cheap mans video output monitor). I got a DVI to HDMI connector and all the females and males seem to agree to the point that its all connected up rather well. Only problem is that my mac pro only detects my computer monitor, not the TV that I've attached. Things to note:

* I normally run two monitors at 1920 x 1200. I just removed one and replaced with DVI > HDMI adapter going to TV.
* I can get the display to work in windows (although for some reason, although it outputs to the TV via HDMI the other screen stops working) so the connectors are working fine.
* I tried hooking up the monitor to the port, downgrade the res to something below 1080, then connected the TV again, no result!
* I couldn't get 1080 resolution on my screens as its not an option in the display preferences.
* Before anyone states the obvious (at this point even that would be helpful) I restarted every time I attached another display.
* I have searched google, apple support, and these forums and I feel im going insane.

To summarise, I haven't seen my mac on the TV yet. Its staring back at me with a blank black.

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MacBook Pro :: One Screen Better Than The Other For Photo Editing?

Apr 14, 2010

Is one screen better than the other for photo editing?

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MacBook Pro :: Getting A Simple Photo Editing Program?

Apr 1, 2012

getting a simple photo editing program I can use on my Macbook Pro?

Mac Pro

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IMac :: Unable To Activate Sound Output / Connected To HDTV?

Nov 4, 2010

I have an iMac 27 and I want to connect it to a HDTV samsung 46 full HD. I have conected from displayport to HDMI and i get the screen. But at the same time I have connected a 3,5 minijack from the computer to the RCA audio in of the TV but I dont get sound. I have checked the config of the TV and I dont find any place to activate it. Then, talking about the screen. I have few questions.

How can I stop the screen on the iMac and work only with the HDTV?

How can I config that the windows on the tv have bigger letters while they keep on the same way on the i Mac's screen?

The tv is kind of far away and is difficult to see the letters.

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MacBook Pro :: A Good Recommendation For A Older Macbook Pro For Photo Editing?

Jun 28, 2010

While I would love to buy the latest and greatest macbook pro, I simply cant justify spending that kind of money that apple is asking for on system. Made that mistake once on a new 17" 1.67ghz and lost 40% only after a year.So I am considering an older second hand macbook pro, which I think would do me fine, so the question is which 15"/17" is better for pholo editing. I dont even mind going pre unibody too (but I do like to the 2 finger scrolling)In addition I was thinking about getting into Aperture 3 but it seems a little power intensive so are there any alternative photo editing application that is more resourceful so I dont need the state of the art system to run on?

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OS X :: Photo Editing / Creating Software?

Nov 30, 2009

I need a photo software for my Mac that is FREE and I only need it to make collages and wallpapers and posters and stuff. Will Pixelmator work for me? I'm not sure if that's free though. And I would like something simpler than GIMP to use. Should I just use KeyNote because the Alpha tool is simply amazing, unless there are other programs that have the Alpha tool.

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Applications :: Finding Photo Editing App For OSX?

Jul 14, 2010

Looking for a good photo editing app to do basic editing and what not...Photoshop is just a little to much for what i need, Was curious if there is anything out there is a good track record?

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PowerPC :: Video Card For A G5 - For Video Editing Watching Hulu And Youtube And Netflix

May 25, 2010

Well I got rid of the quicksilvers since they died. Power supplys gave out and took the motherboards, So I sold what was left on EBAY.

My G4 Ethernet was sold to a co-worked and he is quite happy.

And I got this off ebay today:

Dual 1.8GHz PowerPC G5Procs
Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-117D
Samsung HD160JJ/P 160GB SATA HDD (not apple labeled, not original to this system)
(1) Power Cord
pci106b,9 PCI Ethernet Controller

Well I didnt' read the fine print and BAZINGA! I noticed that it comes without a video card.

So For video editing, watching hulu and youtube and netflix What do you guys recommend.

I do have a PCI GEforce at home with 512 megs for PC and I was wondering if I could flash it and if so, does anyone know of a good walkthrough?

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Applications :: Finding Photo Editing Program?

Oct 5, 2010

Ive downloaded a bunch, but couldnt find one that fit my needs.

So on microsoft paint, you have the ability to set specific margins when printing, fit to page, center, etc... as well as change printer, paper type, and ink settings for optimal quality..

however i couldnt find one thus far to use on my mac.. closest ive downloaded has been google's picasa but there are only preset margins and nothing regarding print quality, etc

so i need a program with these doesnt need to be a good photo editor... i just need to open existing photos and be able to adjust print margins/ quality myself

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Hardware :: Monitor Recommendation For Photo Editing?

Aug 22, 2009

I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a decent monitor (around 22"-24") that accurately represents color for editing. Right now I'm using a 13" Macbook and an LG 24" monitor, but the monitor really oversaturates reds, so it just doesn't work. Please keep in mind that I do calibrate both my Macbook and editing monitor, so I'm really just looking for a good quality monitor that doesn't oversaturate anything and can be accurate once calibrated. I've heard that Dell makes some pretty good ones, and of course the Apple Cinema Displays are great, but is there anything in the $200-300 range?

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Applications :: Easier Photo Editing Software?

Jul 27, 2010

I was looking around for an easy photoshoping app for the mac that would not be so hard to use as Gimp and Photoshop. Which one do you recommend. I didn't MRoogle this because i like to promote internet traffic

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MacBook Pro :: Video Output To TV Only - Possible?

Jul 15, 2010

I'm having a problem that when I put my macbook pro to the television I have to use different resolutions (1080p) on television. This way applications such as plex can't perform like they should.

Is there a way that I can (just as in Windows) use the television as the main and only monitor?

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Applications :: Free Photo Editing Program For Mac (Like Photoscape)

Sep 24, 2010

I know Photoshop is somehow would be the best photo editing, but does anybody know the easy and FREE photo editing for Mac like the one from I'm using it on my Dell, and quite overwhelming with it's ability to my need to editing my photos, and most of all, it's free! I don't use Windows on my Mac.

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Applications :: Good Photo Editing Program Besides PS And Seashore?

Jul 1, 2006

I need a semi good photo editing program and Seashore is not adequete enough, and my mac cant handle Photoshop plus I dont got a legal copy. I know the gimp exists but it requires X11 and it ruins the mac experience.

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Intel Mac :: Photo Editing That Allow To Write Captions On Pictures?

May 25, 2012

I have only had an imac for 3 weeks would like to know of a simple photo editing program that will enable me to write captions on a photo.

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MacBook :: DVI To Video Sends No Output?

Oct 22, 2010

I have a Macbook with a GMA 950 video card, so the S-Video/Video out should work. I bought a mini-DVI to S-Video adapter, then tried connecting both S-Video, as well as composite cables to my television.

The Macbook detects the adapter (NTSC/PAL shows up in Display Preferences), but the television receives no signal. I've tested the television's input using another device and it's fine.

So there seem to be two possibilities:

I have a shoddy adapter. (I'm hoping this isn't true, because it's a pain to return. It is, however, brand new)

There is something wrong on the software end. Any suggestions?

I'm running Tiger 10.4.11. I'm unsure of the exact purchase date, but it's a Core Duo 1.8, so it should be around 2007.

Edit: SOLVED. I had to switch the setting from PAL to NTSC. Once I did that, it seems to now work with the composite cable. That said, it DOES not work with S-Video. This may be because my S-Video cable is shoddy or the port for the adapter does not work. That said, everything seems okay, now.

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MacBook :: Cannot Get Widescreen Video Output

Feb 23, 2009

I am running video from my MacBook to my widescreen tv via a VGA cable. I cannot get any video settings to work that show the video in widescreen format. Everything I select has the black bars on the sides.

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MacBook :: Why Can't Output My Video In Widescreen

Feb 7, 2010

I've tried on two different monitors, and the best I can do is widescreen that will fill about 75% of the screen. It leaves darkness all the way around the edges. On my 19" widescreen monitor that means I have about 2-3" around every edge that is wasted. Not only that, but on this particular monitor the display comes out with lots of "noise" that creates random dots of color all over the screen. I am using a mac dongle to an hdmi cable..

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Laptops :: What Video Editing HDD RPM For A Macbook Pro I5

Nov 8, 2010

i am going to buy the new macbook pro with the i5 card and I was wondering what would be the best option for me because i will use the laptop more often for graphic design then for video editing.

1. to get the macbook with 5400rpm hd, this way my laptop wont over-heat and will be sufficient for graphic softwares such as photoshop. when i will want to use the laptop for video editing i will hook it to a portable hd through firewire cable for maximum data transference speed.

2. other option is to get the 7200rpm hd, but i'm afraid for the well being of my laptop because it will already get quite hot with the fast i5 processor. and the great graphic card.

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MacBook Air :: Video Editing With IMovie?

Nov 5, 2010

Has anyone tried this with the 4gb version on the 13". What will slow these things down, or what can you not do? Streaming HD video? Does anyone seeing the memory being an issue in the future?

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MacBook Pro :: Editing Video On 15"?

Jul 5, 2009

I've noticed from some other threads that the 17" MBP is the way to go for video editing but I'm getting a good deal on a 15" MBP. I'm going to use mainly for editing video using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

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MacBook Pro :: What Is The Best Video Editing Software

May 4, 2012

What is the best video editing software on a Mac? I have heard that the two popular ones are Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. Which one is better, why and how much is it. 

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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