Applications :: Finding Photo Editing Program?

Oct 5, 2010

Ive downloaded a bunch, but couldnt find one that fit my needs.

So on microsoft paint, you have the ability to set specific margins when printing, fit to page, center, etc... as well as change printer, paper type, and ink settings for optimal quality..

however i couldnt find one thus far to use on my mac.. closest ive downloaded has been google's picasa but there are only preset margins and nothing regarding print quality, etc

so i need a program with these doesnt need to be a good photo editor... i just need to open existing photos and be able to adjust print margins/ quality myself

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Applications :: Free Photo Editing Program For Mac (Like Photoscape)

Sep 24, 2010

I know Photoshop is somehow would be the best photo editing, but does anybody know the easy and FREE photo editing for Mac like the one from I'm using it on my Dell, and quite overwhelming with it's ability to my need to editing my photos, and most of all, it's free! I don't use Windows on my Mac.

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Applications :: Good Photo Editing Program Besides PS And Seashore?

Jul 1, 2006

I need a semi good photo editing program and Seashore is not adequete enough, and my mac cant handle Photoshop plus I dont got a legal copy. I know the gimp exists but it requires X11 and it ruins the mac experience.

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Applications :: Finding Photo Editing App For OSX?

Jul 14, 2010

Looking for a good photo editing app to do basic editing and what not...Photoshop is just a little to much for what i need, Was curious if there is anything out there is a good track record?

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Applications :: Finding HI8 To DVD / Video Editing Program

Oct 31, 2009

I am planning on converting my old HI8 tapes to DVDs.

I know there are a few options. Can anybody suggest a simple solution?I know there is a software you can install on my Mac. How is it called? Where can I get it?

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MacBook Pro :: Getting A Simple Photo Editing Program?

Apr 1, 2012

getting a simple photo editing program I can use on my Macbook Pro?

Mac Pro

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OS X :: Finding A Mp3 Tag Editing Program For Mac?

May 19, 2009

I recently just switched from Windows and I've used Softpointer's Tag & Rename which was an incredible program for editing hundreds and hundreds of mp3 files at a time.

Is there a recommended program for Mac like Tag & Rename?

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Software :: Finding Good Video-editing Program?

Aug 7, 2009

I want to use iMovie, but whenever I import my HD image, it makes the quality worse, and the radial gradient looks horrible. Here is the image I'm trying to use: [URL]

here is what it looks like once imported into iMovie '09: [URL]

Is there a plugin for iMovie to fix this or something? I would you Final Cut, but my computer is slow enough, and adding heavy video-editing applications like that would not be good. Especially since I've had to replace my hard drive twice in the past year.

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Software :: Finding Free Photo Editing Software

Oct 28, 2007

im looking for a program i can edit software .. do some simple editing mirroring and some more things. is there anything else i can use other then i-photo and adobe photoshop thats either free or cheep?

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Applications :: Easier Photo Editing Software?

Jul 27, 2010

I was looking around for an easy photoshoping app for the mac that would not be so hard to use as Gimp and Photoshop. Which one do you recommend. I didn't MRoogle this because i like to promote internet traffic

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Applications :: Identify Video Editing Program?

Aug 1, 2010

I want to be able to create a video with multiple, angled pictures, preferably with the reflection effect, like in this one (NOT my video, I'm not trying to gain views or anything) - skip to 0:30:


I've seen many videos on YouTube with the exact same effect and I'm wondering which software they're using to create them.

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Applications :: Need Free Photo Resizing Program For OS X?

Aug 2, 2005

I need a program other than photoshop to resize some digital pics. Anyone know a free prog for osx?

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Applications :: Photo Viewing Program Like Preview?

Nov 15, 2007

This is probably fixed in Leopard, but I still run Tiger so I was hoping someone could point me towards an alternative to Preview? I hate the fact that I open a folder containing pictures (which aren't imported to iPhoto), and i have to select all the photos in order for them to be viewable in the same window in Preview. I know I know, im lazy, but seriously, you don't need to have that extra step in order to be able to scroll through the pictures. On Windows you just double click the picture and then all you have to do is click left or right to view the next photo in the folder. Is there any program strictly for viewing photos like preview?

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Applications :: Finding Editing Mp3 Apps?

Oct 29, 2010

What program would be the best?

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Applications :: Photo Slideshow Program That Exports To Video?

Apr 8, 2009

I have a huge project for a national competition that I am making a video for as an introduction to our keynote presentation. I am looking for a program that can make a slideshow by dumping in photos then able to export as a .mov or other format to incorporate into my movie for the presentation (instead of doing it by hand).

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MacBook Pro :: Deleted Photo With The Program Clean Genius Pro - Getting The Photo Back?

May 25, 2012

I used clean genius and i deleted old photo the iphoto, i want have again my photos?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Applications :: Finding Best Editor For Imaged Editing?

Dec 30, 2009

Im looking for an decent image editor for my macbook, preferably free or lost cost. I have already tried gimp, but wasn't that fussed on it n currently have seeshore & livebrush installed. I am looking for an editor that will enable me to create buttons & images with transparency / shapes etc etc. On my windows machine i have [URL] installed & would be hopefully aiming to find something along those lines for my mac...

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Applications :: Finding Graphics Editing Software?

Jul 7, 2010

I've recently come into the need to do some basic graphics editing (mostly with computer generated images like logos and text......not photos) and was wondering if GIMP is sufficient to do this kind of stuff? If not, what software (CS5 is out of the acceptable price range) would you guys recommend?

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Applications :: Looking For Program For Photo Slide Show With Custom Zooming?

Apr 12, 2009

Im doing a photo slideshow with some video sliced in. It should all have clean transitions that include slight zooming, scaling, panning. Each transition needs to be customized for each shot so the zooming doesn't randomly zoom into an arm or a forehead or something rediculous as of now I presume adobe premiere is what I will be using as it can do all that. I was just curious if ilife09 does it or something else so that I can get it done fast and as streamlined as possible.

the presentation then has to be burned to a DVD.

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Applications :: Finding App For Photo Framing

Apr 5, 2010

Does anybody know is there any app for OSX which has a photo frame library and we can just drag and drop the picture on it ?

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Applications :: Finding Photo Comparison Software

Sep 1, 2010

I have looked at the online material for Aperature and Lightroom and am not sure if either of these will allow me to do this. I have been using finder but that is a painful process as I need to have 11 windows open and keep jumping back and forth between windows. There has to be a more efficient way to get through this.

So, I am curious if either of the programs I mentioned would do the trick, or some other software? Programs like PSE really don't help for this. Adobe Bridge was somewhat useful but also needs multiple copies of the program running at the same time to use multiple folders.

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Applications :: Finding Photo Tagging Software On OS X

Oct 25, 2010

I'm at my wits end trying to find a decent (and preferably cheap) solution for bulk tagging photos. Before I cave and end up buying Lightroom 3, I thought I'd check here first. My requirements are:

- Must be able to write metadata directly to the picture file (i.e. destructive edits, which rules out any Apple software)
- Provide easy options for filtering based on keyword tags
- Will build list of keywords from my existing photos, so I can reuse.

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Applications :: Finding Photo Software Like Iphoto

Apr 17, 2009

Do most of you just use iphoto or do you prefer some other photo software?

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Applications :: Finding A Zip Program For Mac?

Dec 15, 2009

Need a good zip program for mac. One to make zip files not extract them. And don't say snow leopard already has that built in. That's garbage cuz it makes that extra useless OS_X folder and that's not needed at all. Plus it never works when say making themes for SMF. They never upload correctly. I know cuz it does on my moms windows 7. Already tried YemuZIP for mac. No good either. And if I manually upload the files it works fine. So it has to be the zip program. Any others besides mac or yemu good for making zip files. Preferably free.

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Applications :: Finding Best Math Program

Sep 24, 2009

just started university this year and for my math classes I was wondering if there was some program available which could help me to write down stuff on my Mac instead of taking notes and stuff. I am not looking for a complicated and advanced math program used for research and stuff but just a simple easy to use straightforward program. I have only one math course and its kind of basic so I repeat I am not looking for anything advanced.

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Applications :: Finding Best Mac And IPhone Photo Locker/Encryption/Vault

Sep 4, 2010

I have some very seductive pictures of my wife that I want to secure in an unhackable* program on my iPhone and Mac so that they never see the light of day unless I enter the correct password.

Obviously my wife isn't going to be looking on my phone (she let me take the pictures with the phone in the first place) concern is if the phone is ever lost or stolen...I want those pictures totally unreachable if my phone ever winds up in the wrong hands.

I know that there is a very good program called "Folder Lock" for PC....but they don't have a corresponding Mac version (they do have an iPhone app, but then what do I do with the corresponding pictures that are on my Mac that Folder Lock doesn't have a desktop app for)?

So, anybody know of a Photo Locker/Encrypter/Vault for both the Mac and the iPhone?...don't necessarily care if they are the some company, just want end-to-end security so that if either one goes down, I have a backup on the other unit....but both are hackproof* if ever stolen or lost.

I should clarify one thing about my Mac requirements,...I'm actually looking for an application specifically designed for this exact purpose (as opposed to slick Terminal ".folder" fixes that would hide the folder, but in no way make it secure). So, an app with a Password is a Must, preferably with strong encryption.

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Applications :: Finding Faster Backup Program For Hdd

Sep 2, 2010

I am trying to back up my 2TB HD (27" iMac Quad i7) to an external 2 TB hard disk.

it is taking an eternity... really.

time machine took 36 hours and only did 1TB. of data (no program or other files)

Carbon Copy Cloner so far has taken over 25 hours and not even done 900 GB yet... (though it is making a bootable copy of everything even system and apps.)

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Applications :: Finding A Program To View An IGS File

Feb 13, 2009

The file extension is exactly that, .igs. I can't get it to open using anything, nor can I find very much information on what programs even deal with it. I see alot of stuff about .iges.

These files were created about 6 years ago. I've tried TurboCad demo, eDrawings demo, TouchCad demo. Nothing works. All say unsupported file.

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Applications :: Finding Program To Clean System?

Apr 24, 2009

I wanted to know what program you all prefer for cleaning out your mac.

I have a new macbook, and it is not as fast as the first week I got it.

Does anyone have any good apps to solve a manner as this one?

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Hardware :: MPB Photo & Video Editing

Aug 12, 2008

I was just wondering how good the video/picture editing is on the MBP??What would it be rated out of ten?? (If 1 was a normal computer editing program and 10 was photoshop)

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