MacBook Pro :: IPhone 5s Not Able To Pair With Laptop Through Bluetooth

Aug 29, 2014

How is it that Apple didn't fix this?  I have all the current software and hardware and there is no way that Apple didn't foresee people wanting to use applications to sync and work across platforms with their $3000 investment in Apple products.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1.2

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MacBook Pro :: Can't Pair IPhone Via Bluetooth?

Mar 3, 2012

when my macbook discovers my iphone and i pair them via the numerical code i get a message saying tht the macbook is not supported. iPhone is a 4S and the MacBook is MacBook Pro 15' only a week old running OS X Lion 10.7.3

iPhone 4S, Mac OS X (10.7.3), MacBook Pro 15' running OS X Lion

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Intel Mac :: Can Pair IPhone To It To Utilize Bluetooth Function

Apr 13, 2012

I currently own one of the first iMacs built in 2006 that were originally built for the education sector. This model doesn't have a Bluetooth card so obviously I can't use any wireless peripherals with it.  But my question is whether I can use my iPhone 4 as a substitute. Is there any way to pair the iPhone with my iMac and use it as a Bluetooth access point?I'm planning on getting a Magic Trackpad for it and I don't really want to buy an adapter if I can somehow do this. 

iMac 1.83Ghz, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Combo Drive

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MacBook Pro :: Bluetooth In It Won't Pair With Anything

Feb 14, 2012

I have two MacBook Pros, each about 6 months old. They are both running the latest version of Lion. Neither one will pair with any bluetooth device. I always get an error message saying "this device does not have the necessary services".I have a Canon printer that won't pair, and I thougth it was just a compatibility issue until I tried to pair a Jawbone Jambox (which used to pair), and a brand new Bose portable speaker. I get the same message every time.

Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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MacBook Pro :: Need To Pair Again Bluetooth KB After Sleep Mode

Dec 9, 2008

Every time I try to "discover" my new MBP with the Apple bluetooth keyboard, to wake the laptop up from sleep, it fails and I have to go through the process of setting up a bluetooth device. However the pairing takes forever, sometimes doesn't work at all, and I have to type in a new pairing code each time. The whole process takes between 3 and 20 minutes, depending on how quickly the MBP can find the keyboard. I have the same problem with both Apple wireless keyboards at work and home, so it's not the keyboard.

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MacBook Pro :: Pair A Bluetooth Monster IClarity Speaker To It?

Jul 5, 2012

I bought a bluetooth speaker called Monster iClarity and it works magically with my iPhone, but I tried pairing it with my macbook, and won't. Is there a way to get it to work? Has anyone else tried? It would so great to this pair to work together.


ProI bought a bluetooth speaker called Monster iClarity and it works magically with my iPhone, but I tried pairing it with my macbook, and won't.

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MacBook Air :: It Doesn't Pair With Bluetooth Speaker (Jambox Or Big Blue)

Mar 31, 2012

I've tried two different Bluetooth speakers (Jambox abd Big Blue) and both don't pair with my MacBook Air.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: MacBook Will Not Pair With IPhone

May 23, 2012

Black MB running latest updated version of Snow Leopard, iPhone 4 running iOS5.1.1 (profile info below is outdated).  I also have an non-G3 iPad that's running iOS5.1.1 and have no problem tethering it to the phone.  I want to use the phone as a personal wifi hotspot occasionally for my computer but Bluetooth panel in System Preferences shows a red light and says that the iPhone, which it apparently can see, is not connected.  I've tried deleting reference to the other in both devices and starting new connections.  I got as far as having a connection code display on the MB that I was to type into the phone.  As soon as I did so, the connection if there was one at the time broke.  I've read a whole lot of threads where users have had problems with USB connection for tethering their computers, but not much about Bluetooth connectivity issues.  I know that Bluetooth might not be the most stable product in Apple's inventory but I've had zero issues with the iPad, even when we're in the car and in areas where the cell signal is iffy.  I need to be able to use the computer the same way for business.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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OS X :: Bluetooth Keyboard Pair With 2 Macs?

Jul 6, 2009

We have a 20" monitor that my wife mainly uses, but I like to use it sometimes too. We have just been using the built in keyboard with the external display.

We want to buy the bluetooth Apple keyboard, but we are wondering if it's possible to pair 1 keyboard to 2 Macs. Is it as simple as turning bluetooth off on the Mac that's not using the bluetooth keyboard at the time? Or would we have to set up and go through the process of pairing them every time it needs to be connected to the other Mac?

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Hardware :: Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Will Not Pair With IBook?

Nov 18, 2006

I just got a new Apple Bluetooth keyboard and it will not pair with my iBook. When I use the Bluetooth Setup Assistant, it sees the keyboard, and then asks me to type the passcode. I type it, hit the Return key, and it just sits there forever. I didn't have an issue pairing the keyboard with my new Mac Pro. What am I doing wrong?

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Intel Mac :: IPhone Always Failed To Pair

Jun 27, 2012

I can't connect my Macbook pro with my iphone as its always failed to pair?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Software :: Bluetooth Macbook Pro And IPhone Connect To My IPhone 3G?

Jul 23, 2009

I can't seem to get my Macbook Pro 13" 2.26Ghz (OS 10.5.7) connect to my iPhone 3G (OS 3.0) via bluetooth. In the Bluetooth Setup Assistant the macbook sees the iPhone 3G, but they don't connect after I accept the connect on the iPhone 3G. The codes on the Macbook and iPhone are the same and, therefore, should connect.

I've searched the Apple Discussions (support) but there is no answer there.

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MacBook Pro :: Communicate With The Storage On The Laptop Via Bluetooth ?

Sep 13, 2010

The ScreeniPad could communicate with the storage on the laptop via bluetooth and work as a standalone iPad as well. At times the full notebook is not needed while at other times it is. An advanced iPad screen that is detachable form the main body of the notebook fits a lot of needs.I think it advances the iPad to a next level IE: who wouldn't buy the iPad screen model over a standard perm-attached screen model? By incorporating the two, it eliminates the choice between one or the other making it easy on the buyer to have both. And it slams the door on design from the competition for a while for sure.

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting Dell Bluetooth Keyboard With Laptop

Aug 18, 2009

I have a Dell Bluetooth keyboard RT7D40 and would like to use it with a MacBook Pro laptop. I tried the Bluetooth connect wizard on the Mac and it could not locate the Keyboard. Is there anything else I could try? Is there an USB adpater for the Mac so that it will locate the keyboard.

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting Dell Bluetooth Keyboard RT7D40 To Laptop

Aug 16, 2009

How would you connect a Dell Bluetooth keyboard RT7D40 to a MacBook Pro laptop?

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting IPhone 3G Via Bluetooth

Aug 1, 2009

I'm trying to connect my iPhone to my new mbp via bluetooth. The ultimate goal is being able to tether, using my different carrier profile that I have (4.0 maybe?). The thing I don't understand is that this worked legitimately like last week and then I got a new hdd and it now doesn't connect via bluetooth. If I go through the set up assistant, I can get the devices paired, but on both my computer and my iphone it says the devices are not "connected". If, on my iphone I click on MacBook Pro - Not Connected" I can see on my computer that it is connected for about 3 seconds and then it goes back to not being connected.

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MacBook Air :: Syncing Iphone 3G And MBA With Bluetooth

Nov 13, 2009

i am using macbook air and i wanna sync my iphone 3g by using bluetooth. But it seems i cant connect it. From Iphone , how do u send a pictures or music using bluettooth to my MBA or other mobile phone?

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting Iphone Via Bluetooth?

May 26, 2012

I have called apple about this issue. my 4s to my mac via bluetooth. it just work link up. all software is up to date. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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MacBook Air :: Why Cannot Connect Iphone 4S Via Bluetooth

Jun 10, 2012

i have tried to connect my iphone 4s via bluetooth and it says that my macbook air is not supporting this feature after i follow all the steps when connecting.

MacBook Air

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MacBook Air :: Cannot Discover IPhone 5 Via Bluetooth

Dec 3, 2014

I cannot discover my iPhone 5 on my MacBook Air.  

The phone connects perfectly to the car’s bluetooth, so that works well. 

MacBook Air, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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MacBook :: Sharing Internet To IPhone Via Bluetooth/wifi?

Oct 8, 2010

I got a crapy land lord who only wants to allow me ONE wifi MAC address (my macbook laptop)

But i own two iphones, and my 3G signal is pretty weak in the hood where I live.

Is there a way i can have my macbook be as a router for my iPhones?

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MacBook Pro :: Wifi Faster On IPhone Than On Laptop

Jul 21, 2010

The internet on my computer is getting progressively slower. I have no idea why.

DL .38 Mb/s
UL 1.04 Mb/s
Ping 84ms

DL 1.5Mb/s
UL 3.85Mb/s
Ping 360ms

I'm not downloading on either one. How do I fix this?

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MacBook Pro :: How To Upload Music From IPhone To Laptop

May 2, 2012

How can I upload my music from my iPhone to my laptop ..?

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.1

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MacBook Air :: File Sharing Between Laptop And IPhone 5s

Aug 24, 2014

Just purchased my first Macbook ever! I'm catching on quickly however I've run into a snag with file sharing between my other Apple devices. How can I pair and send files between my MBA and iPhone 5s? I've made the change in system preferences to allow file sharing, yet still pops up on my iPhone that my MBA doesn't support this. 

Also I've enabled Airdrop on both devices yet I can't seem to get that to work as well. I would love to be able to easily send pictures or documents from my MBA to my iPhone 5s via Airdrop and vice versa. 

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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OS X :: Using Bluetooth To Tether A Laptop From Mac Mini?

May 30, 2010

How can I use the bluetooth connections in the mini and macbook pro, already used for file transfer, for internet connection?

Every google search I do is saturated with using the iPhone to tether - I want to use a perfectly good & new mini to tether the MBP, Santa Rosa, to the internet.

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MacBook Pro :: Bluetooth Not Working - Pairing Unsuccessful To IPhone 5 Or Headphones

Dec 3, 2014

I am having trouble with the bluetooth on my MacBook Retina Display (software is up to date). My MacBook will not connect to my iPhone 5, nor will it connect to the bluetooth headphones I just purchased (Sony MDR-XB950BT). When I try to pair the devices to my MacBook, nothing comes up in the field of recognized devices, except for other laptops around me. Sometimes, my iPhone will show up quickly but then it will say the pair was unsuccessful. My headphones have never appeared on the devices list. However, I can connect my headphones to my iPhone perfectly fine.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, iOS 8.1.1

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ITunes :: Using IPhone With Macbook Pro Previously Synched With Laptop?

Apr 24, 2012

I have recently purchased a MacBook Pro, previously using a windows based laptop . When I've tried to upload some music from the macbook to my iphone 4 I keep getting a message that its synched with another itunes library and all the content will be erased. I've deauthorised the old laptop, how can I get some new music transferred over to the phone? 

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011)

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MacBook Pro :: How To Get Reminders On IPad And IPhone To Show Up On Laptop

Sep 8, 2014

How do I get my Reminders on the iPad and the iPhone to show up on my Mac Laptop?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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MacBook Pro :: After Updating (OS X Mavericks 10.9.3) Doesn't Support Connection By Bluetooth With IPhone 4s

Jun 17, 2014

After updating my macbook pro (OS X Mavericks 10.9.3) it doesn't support a connection by bluetooth with my iPhone 4S. Why?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

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MacBook :: Finding IPhone 4s Contact Numbers From Backup On Laptop?

Aug 20, 2014

How can I find my iPhone 4s contact phone numbers (back up)  on my Mac Book lap top. I looked in iTunes but there is no where to click on,  other than music, store, library and stuff like that. 

MacBook, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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