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MacBook Pro :: Flickering Screen And Freezes - Won't Boot Pass Apple Logo

My macbook is driving me insane now. Just recently, my macbook has occasionally flickering screen and freezes after that. Yesterday, when I was watching youtube on fullscreen, it first has flickering screen, then freezes. So I hard booted it pressing the power button. Then, when I try to restart it, it won't boot pass the apple logo no matter what. Here's my macbook spec2007 Summer Macbook Pro 15"Snow Leopard 10.6 OS XI cracked my screen once, and got a replacement, don't know if that matters.

I've tried the following:Safe mood reboot, the progress bar goes about half, then disappears and stalls again.Booted in verbose mode but it gives a warning message: ' internal modem support declares no kernel dependencies; using'. Booted in Single user mood, and typed fsck for disk repair. After checking said the volume Macintosh HD appears to be ok. But still won't boot pass the apple logo after restart.Boot with installation disk pressing C at startup.

Success after a few try: Opened Disk Utility and did disk repair (no problem found). Reinstalled Snow Leopard OS X 10.6. This time it booted with Finder and everything for a short while, then the screen flicker and freezes again (before I can backup anything!). Then, I can't reboot pass the apple logo again. When I try to reinstall Leopard OS X 10.5 with installation disk, the macbook seems to try to read the disk, but won't boot. I've got a CD stuck in the optical drive now.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), Bought 2007

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Power Mac G5 :: Won't Go Pass Grey Screen W/ Apple Logo
I have a 2 GHZ DP PCI-X 512MB 400 160GB SDR9600 G5 Tower that I bought off a friend. In the middle of cropping an image with photoshop the computer completely froze. I would keep getting a message about not enough "scratch disk space." I waited a few minutes and had to hold down the power button and force shutdown the computer. When I restarted, it went to grey screen with Apple logo and won't go any further. After a while the fans will whine. The thing is we don't have the original disks for it. We were able to run disk utility off of another OS-X 10.5.6 CD and one of the HDs came up fine with no issues at all and the other one repaired a couple of things and finally came up with no issues. We did this multiple times with no issues found on them. But it still won't go pass grey screen when we boot it up. I tried powering down and pushing the SMU button and resetting PRAM/NVRAM, and still nothing, stuck at that screen. Is there anything else that I can do without the original disk? I have a lot of work on that computer and hope it is not all lost.

Posted: Oct 6, 2010

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Software :: MacBook Pro Won't Boot / Grey Screen With The Apple Logo?
My MacBook Pro will not boot up any more. It just suddenly happened. It turns on and comes up to the gray screen with the apple logo and then the circle progress icon comes up and spins.

Posted: Jul 11, 2009

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MacBook :: Won't Boot Past Gray Screen With Apple Logo And Then Shuts Off
This morning, I would turn it on and it'd go to the grey screen with the Apple logo for a few seconds and then go to the icon that is a circle with a line through it. After reading online, I was able to boot it up in Safe Mode. I went to Startup Disk in Preferences. I chose the MAC OS X, xxxx and then clicked the lock to prevent further changes and then clicked restart. Now when I turn on the macbook, it goes to the grey screen with the Apple logo for at least two-three minutes and then just shuts off. Won't boot into Safe Mode now. I already tried the Command-Option-P-R keys trick like five times.

MacBook Pro

Posted: May 29, 2012

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MacBook :: (2008) Won't Boot / Work - Stuck On Gray Apple Logo Screen
For several weeks, my black MacBook (2008) has been acting odd. Certain applications won't open, and when I attempt to open them, the computer makes a quiet clicking noise, like the drive is failing. Last week, when trying to boot it, the thing just wouldn't. Stuck on the grey Apple logo screen. Assuming a hard drive problem or failure, I ran the tests. I ran Disk Utility from the Snow Leopard install disk, checked & repaired permissions, checked & repaired disk. All okay. I ran the Apple Hardware Test from the install disk that came with the computer, using the test that runs for an hour or so, and all appears to be fine. The computer won't boot into safe mode. I've tried flashing the PRAM. I doubt I could achieve much through target disk mode, as I've already run Disk Utility. What's left to do? Something doesn't add up here.

Posted: Jul 25, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Couldn't Get Pass The Apple Logo?
I was working on a project in xcode that an error poped saying it can't save the file, after that mac os just hanged, so I restarted it, but it couldn't get pass the apple logo, so I booted the recovery partition and tried the disk utility and it said there was a problem with the startup partition, so I tried the repair volume, but it didn't work, saying there was a write problem, so I tried to reformat it and then restore it to time machine backup, but it didn't work, so I removed the hard from my laptop and used a sata to usb enclosure and insert it to another mac and I formated the hard and reinstalled mac on it. when the hard is connected to usb I can boot from it and use it, but when I put it in the macbook it just can't boot from it. I figure there's a write problem with the serial-ATA.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2009), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

Posted: May 27, 2012

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OS X :: IMac Won't Boot And Stuck On The Apple Logo Screen?
I have Time Capsule and everything is backed up on there. My data is on a separate USB HD + Drobo, but for now I need my iMac to boot but it won't. It won't even get into the Desktop. all the guides online says double click the Install Icon this and that...I would if I can get into the Desktop !

It is just stuck on the Apple Logo screen with the spinny thing, that stops spinning!

Posted: Jan 14, 2011

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Power Mac G5 :: Won't Boot Past Apple Logo Screen?
I'm trying to repair a Powermac G5 (dual 2.0, the first model I believe, with a new Radeon 9800 graphics card) that won't boot and I'm having some problems that I can't seem to diagnose.

The machine will boot to the openfirmware prompt or target disc mode and will show the 'OS not found' icon if left to boot from the HD (which has been wiped). If I try to boot from either the included restore disc or a retail 10.4 DVD I've tried it will show the boot screen with the Apple logo on it but no spinning status indicator underneath. It just freezes on that screen. Once it showed the status indicator but it just continued to spin for about 30 mins, at which point I gave up. Same issue if I try to boot the hardware test (except it freezes on the hardware test loading icon rather than the Apple icon). The superdrive appears to work as it is accessible in target disc mode.

I've reset the SMU and reset the PRAM via the keyboard shortcut. The one thing that leads me to think it's a firmware fault is that when I run the 'reset-nvram' command it gives an OK, but when I then run 'reset-all' it freezes rather than rebooting. Any ideas anyone?

Powermac G5 Dual 2GHz

Posted: Nov 23, 2007

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IMac Intel :: 17" Won't Boot Even To Apple Logo Screen?
I upgraded the hard drive in my 17" iMac and now it won't boot. It doesn't even get to the Apple logo. Here's what I've done:1. I've reset the PRAM & SMC according to the directions
2. I've tested the new hard drive in another system by booting it via USB
3. I've tried various boot-key sequences. The one to reset the PRAM works, and I can get it to eject the CD by holding the mouse button, but none of the other keys work. I've tried using these to no effect:
--OPT to bring up the boot menu
--C to boot from CD
--CTL-CMD-SHIFT Power to reset the power manager
--CMD-V to see verbose messages4. I've taken off the cover and verified that all connections seem to be in place.

iMac Intel Core2-Duo 17"
Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: Dec 17, 2009

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OS X :: IMac Won't Boot - Apple Logo And Lingering Grey Screen
I had been using my iMac all night, when all of a sudden the bouncing beach ball appeared and everything became unresponsive, apart from the mouse cursor itself. It might be worth noting that a few hours prior to this, I plugged in an external hard drive to burn off a DVD. This external hard drive has two partitions, the first being a restored image of Leopard; and the second, my out of date backup ("yes, I know").

I subsequently restarted my machine, enjoyed the chime, pondered the excessively long start up and looked bemused at the Leopard Setup wizard. I realised that the restored Leopard partition had booted up instead of the internal disc. So, I unplugged the external drive, pressed reset on the iMac and was immediately greeted first by the reassuring chime, then by the Apple logo and a lingering grey screen and finally by a flashing dark folder icon with a question mark in the centre for eternity.

I tried rebooting a few more times. Same. I've been frantically Googling but only found the PRAM reset and a very frightening iMac disassembly guide. I've tried plugging the external drive back it, but it refuses to boot Leopard from that now. What can I do? I feel so helpless on a Mac, on a PC I'd at least be able to open the sucker up before panicking! I've been working on a client's flash web dev project for months, and not made a back up in about half that time. The website is supposed to be going live tomorrow! Luckily I have the site uploaded, but the entire source code is potentially lost, so in the long term this is a major catastrophe!

Posted: Oct 30, 2008

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Boot Up - Stuck At Grey Apple Logo - With Gear Spinning?
I was playing around with iWeb 09' trying to make a better website for my company... when all of a sudden it wouldn't load from the tool bar it would bounce up and down once or twice and nothing would happen. I then by mistake put the file on my desktop then wanted to get rid of it so I dropped it into my trash. oops! Well then everytime I clicked on iweb it would say file is damaged or incomplete. So when I got home from work I decided to try to reinstall the application with the app disk that came with my computer.

Well instead of being patient and figuring out how to install just the iweb app. I reinstalled the whole bundle !! oops again... I know I don't deserve to be a mac user !! but I've fell in love!! OK now the install finished and it asked me to restart now so I did ... and this is where I'm stuck... It restarts and goes to the apple grey screen with a small bar that starts to load and then disappears and gets stuck at the spinning gear. I've manually ejected the disc by holding down the trackpad. And I put in the os x disc and tried to get into setup by holding down C after I hear the chime and until I see the spinning gear and that doesn't pull up anything!!

macbook pro 2.66
Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: Jan 26, 2010

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MacBook Aluminum :: Won't Start Up - Wouldn't Pass The Grey Apple Screen
I have a Aluminium MacBook which I purchased online at Apple, I have had the MacBook about 2 months, all was working ok until last night when I went to start it and it wouldn't get past the grey Apple screen. This morning I tried it, it did boot up but took AGESSSSSS I do have AppleCare but wanted to see if I could do anything before calling them?

MacBook Aluminium, Emac
Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Posted: Jul 8, 2009

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MacBook :: Won't Boot - Stuck On Apple Logo
So this morning i turned on my alu macbook (2.0ghz, 2gb ram) and i'm stuck on the apple logo and spinny thing at the bottom, i've searched here and the apple site but can't find a solution.

Posted: Mar 25, 2009

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Software :: Intel IMac Won't Boot Up - Freezes On Grey Screen Or Apple Symbol?
Got my 24" 2.4GHz iMac on release last year, with Tiger. Installed Leopard on it on release day.

The problem I have is that ever since a botched Boot Camp installation I've had endless problems with certain applications hanging during their startup (notably Image Capture) or refusing to quit (notably iTunes). Force Quit doesn't resolve these issues. Restarting doesn't work because Force Quit can't quit them so I have to pull the plug or otherwise force a shutdown.

Upon restarting I either get the grey screen that instantly appears, or, if I've pulled the plug and left it for a few minutes I can get to the Apple symbol but no spinner or any further start up action. Occasionally I get lucky, get back up and running, and all is well until the next crash.

All this started happening when I decided to try installing Windows on Boot Camp again. I've had it on here a couple of times since Leopard was released but usually end up deleting it eventually because either the Windows installation gets bogged down or I get bored with it and never use it. Anyway, this time, using the same discs I've always used (and yes, it's SP2, so it should be fine and anyway it's worked at least twice before) when I got to the 'restart to continue installing Windows' bit, I got the white screen and nothing happened. After an hour or so of praying and restarting endlessly trying to get a response, I finally got it to recognise my OSX installation and was up and running again. The Boot Camp volume didn't appear to be there and Disk Utility revealed zero problems whatsoever. Everything looked fine until these recurring hangs, refusals to quit apps and screwed up start-ups.

Any ideas? I don't have the expensive Apple support, but it's less than a year old! Of course, I realise that this means nothing to Apple, who seem to think I should pay a premium in order to have my machine warrantied by them for more than 90 days. Grr...

If I get it up and running I'm thinking I should just wipe the ENTIRE system absolutely clean and re-install Leopard and then use my Time Machine backup to put all my data back on (pricelessly valuable as I use the machine to work on my photography with), but I'm concerned that if there's a flaw in the System somewhere, a corruption, that installing the Time Machine backup will just reintroduce the error. On the other hand, if it's a deeply embedded and invisinle partition corruption from the bad Boot Camp installation attempt, that should be fixed by wiping the entire drive to reinstall Leopard, right?

Posted: May 14, 2008

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Start - Blank White Screen With No Apple Logo?
I pressed the power button and nothing. Pressed it for about 10 seconds and nothing, except that the sleep light went on for a few seconds, then started blinking rapidly and then went off. Tried pressing the power button again for different amounts of time, and finally got it the screen to turn on, but it stays white (no Apple logo, just white). I've been searching for different solutions on the net but nothing works Seems unbelievable but I bought it from Amazon exactly 1 year ago from yesterday and all the authorized service centers have been closed for the weekend. I really hope they honor the warranty because this seems like it's going to be expensive.

13" Macbook Pro (2009)
Mac OS X (10.6.5)
160GB iPod Classic Black

Posted: Dec 18, 2010

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OS X :: Mac Mini Won't Boot / Getting Gray Screen With The Gray Apple Logo
Unfortunately I bumped the switch on the power strip that my Mac Mini (1.42ghz G4, OS X 10.3) is plugged into while it was running. Now it won't boot up. All I get is the gray screen with the gray apple logo and the spinning wheel but no OSX.

Posted: May 8, 2007

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MacBook :: Won't Boot Past Grey Apple Logo
My mother's unibody white MacBook will not get past the grey apple and spinning gear when you first boot up the computer. This was after she opened a link in an email from a friend who had her email compromised. Now I'm getting spam emails with the same link from my mother's hacked email, and her computer won't even get to the login screen. I took it to the genius bar only to be told it was likely HD failure, but the windows partition works without a hitch! What could this be? A trojan? Is there any way to retrieve data (really just pictures) before I attempt to reinstall OS X?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

Posted: Apr 22, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Freezes On Bootcamp - Won't Boot Up At All - Black Screen
I was having a problem connecting to a drive this morning so I rebooted with the drive attached via firewire to see if the computer would find the find the drive as it boots up, not only did the macbookpro freeze on boot up but now it won't boot up at all, the light comes on but all I get is a black to get it working again?

Mac Book Pro

Posted: Sep 28, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Go Pass The Apple Sign
When I turn on my MacBook pro I get a pop up saying that I need to restart my computer and turn it back on and every time I turn it back on it says the same thing

MacBook Pro

Posted: Jun 15, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: System Hangs At Apple Logo Boot Screen / RAM Not Allowing System To Boot
I've been reading this site for a while now, first time I'm posting. I recently purchased 8 GB of RAM for my 2010 13" MBP. There are two 4 GB DDR3 PC3-10500 1333mhz sticks. When I install them in the laptop my computer does not get past the apple logo boot screen (the spinning disc freezes). However, I can boot into Windows (boot camp) without issues.

Also, when I pair either of the 4 GB sticks with one of my old 2 GB stock sticks the laptop boots up fine in OS X. The system profiler registers it as 6 GB of 1067 mhz RAM (the stock sticks are 1067 mhz)

Posted: Jan 5, 2011

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MacBook Pro :: Hard Drive Corruption - Hanging At Boot Screen With Apple Logo
I am having a reccuring problem with my MacBook pro. It is hanging at the boot screen with the apple logo and the gear. I usually have to boot from the osx install disk and run disk utility to fix it. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? It has happened 3 times since I got it on June.

2010 MacBook pro 13" 2.4
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Oct 3, 2010

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OS X :: Can't Boot From Leopard Install - Gray Screen Without Apple Logo?
So, today I tried to install windows through boot camp assistant on my mac. When it got to partitioning my drive I got an error that my hard drive needed repairing. So I opened up disk utility and clicked verify disk (I can't click repair) and got this error Disk Utility stopped verifying �Chris Hard Drive� because the following error was encountered: Filesystem verify or repair failed. I then researched this and learned to fix the problem I must boot from my leopard install disk and use the DU from their. Unfortunately I don't have access to the disk. But I have the install disk from my old macbook (the white one) so I used this. I put in the disk and shut down. When I turn it on I hold C but all I get is a grey screen but with out the apple logo. When I try turning it out holding alt I don't get the option of the CD just Chris Hard Drive. But when I boot up holding D i do get to the hardware test screen but I get the error that's something like "Hardware test does not support this hardware". Will the Leopard install of a different type of macbook not work on my new macbook pro (13" aluminium)?

Posted: Oct 20, 2009

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MacBook Air :: (SSD) Won't Restart - Blue Grey Screen - Apple Logo - Spinning Icon
I'm on a trip with Air and SuperDrive and original software disks and a MacBook Pro. After trying to restart MacBook Air, it stays stuck on the blue grey screen with spinning icon. I restarted the Air with the system install disk in the SuperDrive, and used Disk Utility to repair the Air's HD, and it came back saying the disk appears to be ok. But trying to restart from the Air's startup disk, same situation. I could try to reinstall the original operating system from DVD, but will that erase my documents, etc.? I am traveling and don't have access to my usual Time Machine backup at home. Since there's no Target Disk Mode in MacBook Air, is there anyway I can get to my existing documents folder to copy a few essential files before wiping the whole hard drive?

MacBook Air (2008 model w/ 64GB SSD)
Mac OS X (10.5.5)

Posted: Mar 17, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: It Won't Boot Past White Apple Screen
My Mac book pro will not boot past the whit apple screen.

Info:MacBookPro, iOS 5.0.1

Posted: Mar 31, 2012

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Software :: Macbook Wont Get Pass Apple Logo And Spinning Wheel
i messed up with the permission for my mac(2.5 GHz, 4gb ram,macbook with leopard 10.5.6 os) and permission to EVERYONE as no access. and my macbook hung and i rebooted it after that my macbook wont get pass apple logo and the spinning wheel and restarts again and again. I dont have my installer DVD presently as i am on roaming.

Posted: Jan 7, 2009

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Mac Mini :: No Boot Up - Gets To Apple Logo With Spinning Gear Then Freezes
My intel mini (2008, I think) won't boot. I ran Disk Utility and then Disk Warrior from my Macbook Pro, then I tried single-user mode. Everything came back "OK" but it still won't boot. It gets to the Apple logo with the spinning gear, spins 1-2 times, then freezes. It just sits, frozen, until I hold the power button and force it to turn off.

Posted: Mar 26, 2010

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OS X :: Won't Boot Past The Apple Logo And Spinning Cog - Disk Permissions Catastrophe
Reset my disc permission is Disk utility the idiot i am, and now My MBA won't boot past the Apple logo and spinning cog. In Single User Mode the key problem seems to be. sudo: /private/etc/sudoers is mode 0666, should be 0440 :/ root# sendmail: warnibg: valid_hostname: empty hostname sendmail: fatal: unable to use my own hostname / is it possible to repair permissions in Single User mode?

Posted: Jan 31, 2010

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: It Won't Get Beyond Grey Screen With Apple Logo
I deleted the entire vm folder and now my MacBook Pro won't get beyond the grey screen with the apple logo. I don't have any recovery discs with me. What can I do to rescue my MacBook Pro?

Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7)

Posted: Apr 9, 2012

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OS X Leopard :: Startup Process Won't Go Further White Screen With Apple Logo?
When starting op de iMac the starting up proces won't go further than the white screen with the Apple logo and the time clock... Any ideas what to problem could be?

Intel based iMac (early 2008)
Mac OS X (10.5)

Posted: Nov 1, 2009

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MacBook :: Black Screen After Apple Logo Boot From OS X Leopard DVD
Macbook: A1181 Core 2 Duo 2.0ghz 1GB RAM

DVD disk: Leopard 10.5 Retail install

Hard drive: dead (spins with clicks).

With regular startup I get the flashing question mark and can hear the failed hard drive click and spin. After getting the DVD to boot in the drive (it doesn't suck it in right away), I get an apple logo and pinwheel like I should, but after about 30 seconds it goes to a black (blank) screen and the DVD spins down, but not all the way. The computer is still on, but nothing happens.


<>If I start it with an iMac 10.4 DVD I can boot to the install screen just fine, but can't install because it's an iMac DVD. I can erase and partition the drive fine (not the dead one, another one I have).

<>Safe mode boot does the same thing, but takes 20 times as long to boot

<>Retail OSX 10.4 DVD does not boot at all, but that one might be for PowerPC computers. I get the flashing question mark folder.

Posted: Dec 3, 2010

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OS X :: Won't Install Tiger / Showing Apple Logo Screen And Making Noise
I just bought an iMac G5 off ebay and today I tried to use the Tiger install dvd because the previous owner had deleted software like textedit, etc.

Anyway, I put the disc in and clicked on Install Mac OS X, then clicking restart. once the iMac shuts down and begins to restart, as it is on the grey screen you can hear the disc being read, then as the background goes a different shade of grey and the Apple logo appears, a minute or so passes and then the iMac begins making a lot of noise. I went away for 10 minutes, came back and it was still doing the same thing.

So I'm basically looking for help because I really want to erase and reinstall everything.

Posted: Nov 20, 2008

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Mac Mini :: Won't Move Past A White Screen With Apple Logo In The Center
My Mac mini won't move past a white screen with apple logo in the center. What should I do?

Mac mini

Posted: May 31, 2012

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Power Mac G5 :: MacBook Pro - Tiger Won't Boot Past Grey Apple Screen W/ Spinning Gear
I have a 1.83 Ghz MBP with 512 mb of RAM (lame I know). The other day someone was using my computer to burn a CD on iTunes when all of my programs began failing. On instinct I rebooted my computer to solve the problem. Alas, now I cant boot past the grey apple screen, and the gear is spinning away. Saddest part of the story is that I had time set aside to back up my computer the day after this happened . Anyway what is the best thing to do from here? I haven't made any moves to fix it yet really, so what is the best thing that I can do to try and get my files back?

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.4.10)
Grey Screen, Spinning Gear

Posted: Nov 12, 2007

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MacBook Pro :: MBP Freezes At Apple Logo
I joined another, older discussion, but nobody's even looking at it. Went to turn on my MBP 2.53 i5 4GB and 500GB, and it doesn't get past Apple logo. I can access by target disk mode, from Mac Pro. So, thinking it's a read-only problem.

Tried single user mode, but can't get past this screen:

efiboot loaded from device: Acpi(PNP0A03,0/Pci(1Fl2)/SATA(0,0)/HD(Part2,Sig0000
boot file path: SystemLibraryCoreServicesoot.efi
.Loading 'mach_kernal'...
root device uuid is 'EB2636B1-860C-3D98-B0F1-7EF9833186CC'
Loading drivers...

If I need to switch out hard drive, I will, but as a last resort. Have tried resetting SMC, PRAM, and nothing.

Posted: Jan 2, 2011

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OS X :: Macbook Won't Boot - Stuck On Gray Apple Screen?
I have a four year old Macbook that's not in the best of shape, but it hasn't failed me like this before.. ever.

I installed a new security update yesterday morning along with the new iTunes, and it worked alright for most of the day.

Around 10:30 or so, it just shut off.

I tried to turn it back on and was faced with the gray apple logo and the horrible spinning icon.

I've tried booting it up in safe mode, verbose mode, and even resetting the PRAM, and nothing works!

It eventually did go to a blue screen after maybe three or four hours, (I fell asleep so I'm not sure) but it still wouldn't let me do anything.

Posted: Jul 8, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Cannot Boot Pass The Blue Screen?
My macbook pro cannot boot pass the blue screen, all startup keys failed to work [URL]. If all I need is one successful boot to copy all my files off the hard disk. Should I:

A. leave it as it is and hope for the blue screen will eventually go away;

B. keep rebooting and hope for the computer will boot up correctly by chance; or

C. Power off and unplug everything, leave it overnight and try booting it again next morning?

I've heard some people could get their computer back to normal just by option C, which sounds weird to me. Is that possible? How does that work?

Posted: Jan 6, 2011

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Load Past The Start Up Page (with The Apple Logo)
My MacBook Pro won't load past the start up page when I turn it on.

MacBook Pro

Posted: Apr 29, 2012

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PowerPC :: IBook G4 Won't Boot Past Apple Screen & No CD Boot
I have an iBook G4 1.07 GHz 30 gb 256 RAM with Panther. It was working fine until my HD got close to being full. Now I can't get it to boot past the Apple screen. It will either freeze there, or move on to the blue screen and freeze before the progress bar enters. I want to re-install Panther but I can't get any CD to boot during startup by holding "C", including the Panther OS CD, the Hardware Test CD, or the Tech Tool CD. I am able to boot to single user mode, where I type fsck -fy, and I recieve no errors with the hardware. I had this issue beore and my HD had to be replaced by Apple.

Posted: Jun 11, 2007

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MacBook Aluminum :: Gray Screen With The Apple In The Middle / Won't Boot Up?
when i try to turn my computer on it only gets as far as the first gray screen with the apple in the middle. the apple changes to a circle with a line through it and then a folder with a question mark on it and the rest of the screen stays gray. i've tried a few things suggested by the website but nothing worked. i'm living in korea right now.. no apple store. i have found some "certified" apple technicians, but haven't taken it anywhere yet.


Posted: Jan 20, 2009

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OS X :: Apple Logo Not Appearing At Grey Boot Screen?
Sometimes, when I turn on my iMac (10.6.2), the system will not load, you can see the grey screen but empty, no apple logo there. I have to force a shutdown pressing the power button and when I turn it on for the second time it will work properly.

It only happens once in a while but I cannot understand why, since nothing changes.

PS.- I have verified my disk with the disk utility and everything seems fine.

Posted: Jan 25, 2010

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