Mac Mini :: Optical Drive Doesn't Show Up - Can't Eject Disc?

Nov 8, 2010

Here's what happened. I bumped my Mini fairly hard, and the audio immediately cut out. I was watching some streaming video at the time, and the video kept playing. I tried to restart. Beach ball. I turned the comp off and back on. Folder with question mark. After messing around with that for a bit, I tried putting my 10.6 DVD in and starting from that. It didn't work, but that doesn't matter since that problem fixed itself after a few restarts. The problem is that the DVD is now stuck in the drive and the Mini doesn't recognize the drive any more. The drive momentarily spins up at startup, but that's it. If I have to take it apart to get the disc out, that's fine. I have the tools and have done it before when I upgraded the RAM. I just want to avoid that if possible.

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MacBook :: Get A Disc Stick In The Disc Drive Out Eject Doesn't Work

May 2, 2012

Is there a release or something to push the eject does not work

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Mac Mini :: (Fall 2010) Optical DVD Drive Doesn't Work?

May 26, 2012

I purchased this spring of 2011 and only used the drive to install the software. I had lots of other problems with kernel issues and was in and out of the Genius Store like a hen on an egg, but now I am trying to use the DVD drive and it doesn't work. It doesn't recognize any applications to open it, not Toast, not Disk Utility, and it has a hard time recognizing music CDs also.Not only does it not recognize it on the desktop, it simply spits the disk out. I purchased new DVD-RW and tried to write an .iso image to the DVD, and it won't work. Sad fact is that this is now past the warranty and I am stuck with this. The Mac Mini 2010 version was expensive, and the only reason I bought it was because of the drive because I didn't have one. 

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Mac Pro :: Unable To Eject Optical Drive / Shows Eject Icon In The Screen And Nothing

Feb 28, 2009

I'm not a total newbie with mac and computers in general, but I cannot get the one and only super drive to eject... yes, I have hit the eject button, it shows the eject icon in the screen and can I get the thing to eject?

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Mac Mini :: How Can I Eject A Disc From Mini Without Keyboard Or Mouse

Jan 26, 2009

I recently obtained a Mini which I've connected to my TV for watching movies/etc. I don't have a keyboard or mouse on the Mini.I ripped a disc the other night (via a remote connection) and realized that I don't know how to eject the disc from the Mini without a keyboard, mouse, or remote connection from my MBP. I suppose there is probably some way to script MTR and then execute a disktool afterwards but what if I'm just watching a disc and want to eject it?

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IMac :: Doesn't Reading Disc - Eject?

Oct 16, 2009

I placed a Hoyle card game disc into my Mac Mini and it does not seem to be reading the disc and now I do not know how to get the disc to eject. Before I just had to click on the eject icon at the top of the screen but it only says super drive in light grey. How do I get a disc to eject?

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Mac Pro :: Get Optical Drive To EJECT NOW?

Jan 13, 2011

after I get a bad burn (it's very rare, but it does happen), I get a stuck DVD. I can't open the DVD tray unless I either restart the computer or wait a &$?# long time before it gets done trying to read an unreadable DVD. Even the terminal won't allow me to open it. Is there a way to get the DVD tray opened "immediately"? Sucks to think that we don't have control over that.

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MacBook Pro :: Disc Stuck - Eject Doesn't Work

Jan 4, 2010

My Superdrive was making a funny noise, so I quickly ejected my game disc so It wouldn't ruin it. A few minutes later, I had to burn a DVD, so I put in a blank DVD, and tried to burn my iDVD project to it. iDVD kept telling me to put a disc in. I hit eject, and nothing happened. I went to my desktop, and noticed that "Blank DVD" was not present. So, I have a disc stuck in my MBP, and my Mac doesn't think there is a disc in there, so eject doesn't work. What do I do? Should I just bring it in the Apple Store?

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Mac Pro :: Won't Work With Second Optical Drive / Can't Eject

Dec 27, 2006

Are there any specifics I should know about the second drive bay? I'm planning on buying just a really fast CD-ROM drive to put in there - can I get any ole' one? I noticed that the Apple drive does not have a faceplate - does this mean I have to remove the faceplate from whatever drive I get? Are there drives available that already have no faceplate?

I never used Mac OS X with more than one optical drive - how does opening a drive work? Does the eject button open both drives? One at a time?

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OS X :: Eject External Optical Drive?

Jun 15, 2009

I just got an external LaCie DVD burner (long story). It works great, but as of right now I can apparently only eject it by right-click > eject or drag it to the "trash." Is there any way to allow me to just use the button on the drive or tie it to the eject button on the keyboard when it's connected, or even another key command like Opt-Eject?

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OS X :: Eject Virtual Optical Drive?

Apr 8, 2010

My MacBook Pro has had trouble burning DVDs and I noticed that there is a virtual DVD drive. How do I get rid of it? It's not on my desktop, but it messes up Toast and iDVD. Here is a screenshot of Disk Utility.

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MacBook Pro :: Eject A CD That Won't Come Out Of The Optical Drive?

Mar 21, 2012

How do I eject a CD that won't come out of the optical drive on a MacBook Pro . I have tried the ejcct key on the keyboard. There is no longer an eject disk on the drop down menus.

Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Mac Mini :: How To Eject Disc

Feb 19, 2012

disc is stuck in the mac mini - how can I eject it?

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Mac Pro :: Optical Drive Won't Eject / Can't Work With Settings

Feb 20, 2008

I'm not a total newbie with mac and computers in general, but I cannot get the one and only super drive to eject... yes, I have hit the eject button, it shows the eject icon in the screen and nothing... how can I get the thing to eject?

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Mac Mini :: How To Manually Eject A Disc

Mar 2, 2012

How do we manually eject a disc from our Mac Mini. We have tried ejecting it from

finder and command E. No luck. We can't seem to find a tiny little hole to manually eject.

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MacBook Pro :: Disk Stuck In Optical Drive - How To Eject It

Sep 14, 2009

This is pretty urgent. I've got a late 2008 15 inch MBP (the one with the express card reader) and I put in a DVD and it wouldn't read it. As it didn't read it, I can't eject it, and this is pretty bad.

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OS X :: Eject External Optical Drive / Only Ejects It By Right-click?

Jun 6, 2010

I just got an external LaCie DVD burner (long story). It works great, but as of right now I can apparently only eject it by right-click > eject or drag it to the "trash." Is there any way to allow me to just use the button on the drive or tie it to the eject button on the keyboard when it's connected, or even another key command like Opt-Eject?

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MacBook Pro :: Disk Stuck In Optical Drive - Not Readable And Cannot Eject

Apr 1, 2012

A disk is stuck in the optical drive and the Mac isn't picking it up and I can't eject it.

MacBook Pro

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Mac Mini :: Blank Disc Stuck - Any Way To Properly Eject Out?

Dec 19, 2010

I inserted a blank disk earlier today. Automatically a hazard icon appeared where the eject icon should be. Now the disk wont come out and there is no obvious way to remove it.

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Mac Mini :: Can't Eject Snow Leopard Disc From Screen Or Keyboard

May 26, 2012

Hard drive failed when trying to perform disc repair. Can't eject Snow Leopard disc from screen or keyboard.

Info:1st. gen intel mini, 110 gig iTunes library on ext. drive

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Mac Pro :: Unable To Eject Cd Drive / Machine Goes To Sleep With Disc In The Drive

Nov 11, 2009

I've got a PowerPC G5 running 10.4. After four years of dedicated service, my Superdrive gave out, so I bought a Sony drive (SONY DVD RW DRU-842A in profiler) to replace it. Here's the trouble:

Any time the machine goes to sleep with a disc in the drive, it won't eject when I wake it up. I have to restart, then eject. Other than that, the drive works beautifully. If this question has been answered elsewhere, please redirect me there, sorry for the repost.

Speaking of sleep, when I put the machine to sleep through the menu it goes fully to sleep (no fan/other noise). But when it goes to sleep on its own, I can still hear the machine churning away. Any ideas? My roomate has a newer Mac Pro that doesn't do this.

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MacBook Pro :: Optical Drive Not Reading All The Disc?

Dec 5, 2010

My friend is offering me his 2008 macbook pro for 650 should I do it here are the specs

Model Family: MacBook Pro
Display: 15"
Processor Type: 2.6GHz Core 2 Duo
Model Number: A1260
Color: Aluminum
Factory: China
Production Year:2008
Production Week:22 (May)
Production Number:774
200 gb hd
4gb of ram
also apple care til jun 11

OK so I bought the computer for 650 from my friend and soon after buying found a problem. The problem was the optical drive not reading all the disc that I put in the system. So I took the macbook pro to apple they installed a new super drive. I get home today and try to install snow leopard and have a issue. The way I went about was starting up holding the option button and waiting to boot from the disc for a fresh install. First time I tried I got a symbol that look like the restricted sign you see when you cant smoke in a area ect... So I restart and try again this time I get to the install screen click does the estimation ect.. 34 minutes than goes to 28 minutes pretty much has frozen there now, and after waiting all this time about 20 minutes I get the spinning beach ball. Also forgot to say that the super drive is now super dooper annoying loud and make odd sounds too with vibration. So I guess make another apple gen bar apt? And have them possible replace the super drive again?

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Mac Pro :: Optical Disc Drive Rejecting DVDs Only

Apr 14, 2009

My Macbook Pro is barely 18 months old and is now refusing to accept any DVDs including the Leopard disc itself! Other discs such as Music CDs & CDr's work fine with no problems at all and to be honest I don't know what to do at all?!

I did not take out the Apple Care Plan as I was a student when I purchased the machine and could not afford the extra on top of what I was already paying! Having just spoke to someone from Apple over the phone they offered me a chat for �35 I think he said in his foreign lingo.

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Mac Mini :: How To Eject Blank CD Disks Which Computer Doesn't Recognize

Apr 26, 2012

I was trying to burn a new cd and before I used the application I had inserted a blank disk which my computer didn't recognize. When I tried the application to burn the burn folder, I got a message to insert a blank disk. I tried using the Disk Utility, but when I try to select the volume Superdrive, the option is dimmed. How do I eject the blank disk from my Superdrive? I tried restarting but that did not eject it.


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OS X :: Cd Drive Will Not Eject Or Recognize Disc?

Sep 12, 2009

my mid-'09 whitebook has a dvd in it that will not eject. there's no disc image on the desktop and i can't eject from the dvd player either... i've tried shutting down and booting up, and restarting this is my first issue with this computer so i'm pretty worriedis there any way i can force it to eject?

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Intel Mac :: Cannot Eject Disc From Super-drive

Jun 2, 2012

When I insert a CD or DVD into my iMAC superdrive it is recognised and will play but then it is not displayed in the finder sidebar. consequently I cannot eject the disc. The only way to eject is to restart the machine.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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IMac :: Optical Drive Showing Disc Empty After 10.6.2 Update

Nov 16, 2009

Updated my late 2007 iMac to 10.6.2 and after that every time I pop in a DVD or CD into the optical drive it spins up and then I get a dialog box that tells me that I have put in an empty disc and the question what I want to do. Can't read them in itunes or DVD player (or any other program). Is it just coincidence that this happened just when I updated. The drive is an OPTIARC DVD RW AD-5630A

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Laptops :: Disc Wont Eject / Stuck In Drive

Aug 11, 2009

I have a black Macbook that my son inserted a cd disc thinking it was a movie. I believe it was a CD from his mother's HP laptop computer. The disc icon does not show up on the desktop and the disc will not eject. How do I get this disc to eject? I have tried restarting my Macbook and have held down the eject button, but to no avail.

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IMac PPC :: G4 Doesn't Recognize Optical Drive?

May 6, 2012

My little brother bought an old iMac G4 off eBay about six months ago, against the recommendations of my parents and I who told him he should save until he could afford a slightly better machine. He's been improving it here and there when his savings from lawn mowing and birthday has allowed and his latest investment was the 10.5 operating system. When we went to install on the G4, my brother was shattered to find that the machine wouldn't support it. I investigated and found the problem was due to the G4's 800mHz processor. Not a component he could easily switch out. So after a quick flick around, I found another G4 that I considered could actually be a legitimate investment, given the parts we had. The seller claimed that it was perfectly fine, only lacking a working optical drive and hence, also an operating system. Both of which we had. 

The second G4 arrived last week and I successfully switched the working optical drive from the old G4 with the "broken" one. Just to make sure I wouldn't lose the screws holding it all together, I installed the "broken" optical drive into the old G4 as well. Then I went to install Leopard. The new G4 has a 1GHz processor and it recognised the Leopard install DVD at boot. It presented the loading screen with the Apple sign and the rotating loading wheel, but wouldn't progress past this. Every time we tried to boot from the install DVD, it would present this screen for around a minute and then the Apple sign would be replaced by a prohibited sign. The booting process never got any further than this. I talked to a few people and ended up installing Leopard via target mode, assuming there was something a little sus with the harddrive which would be resolved once the OS was in place. But wherever the problem lies, it still remains. The G4 now boots successfully from the harddrive and operates fine, but refuses to recognise the optical drive. Here is my chain of reasoning: 

- The optical drive in the G4 is not at fault. We know this because it operated fine in my brother's first machine.

- The hard drive is not at fault. We know this because the OS installed and now boots and operates without problem.

- The OS is not at fault. We know this because I performed an almost identical installation (minus target mode) using the same install DVD only days before on a G5.

- My installation work is not at fault. We know this because I performed an identical installation of the "broken" optical drive in the old G4. An interesting side note: the "broken" drive is working fine in the old machine. It is not as broken as the eBay seller thought.  

I don't know a whole lot about computers. Most of what I learn is from trial and error problem solving like this. My question is: where does the problem lie?  


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MacBook Pro :: Multiple Noises From The Optical Disc Drive On Startup Or Waking From Sleep?

May 23, 2012

Trying to install OS in my macbook pro.  DVD/CD drive is not letting or accepting the cd.I could put it in 1/3, but the macbook does not take it in.  It seems something is stuck.I checked to see if any cd is in there and even tried rebooting and holding down the trackpad to see if something ejects.

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