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Mac Pro :: MP Make Noise And Stuck At Grey Screen?

My Mac Pro started having issues about 2 weeks ago. The screen would go blue every now and again for about 3 seconds and then go back to normal. It kept doing this off and on.

Two days ago the Mac Pro started making a buzzing/humming sound, loud enough to hear in the other room.

I shut it down and tried to fire it back up and it began making a clicking noise, then the humming came back. The screen froze at the grey screen and did not show the white loading wheel.

I've swapped out the drives and still the same.

The Mac is about 2.5 yrs old and I use it for video editing (FCP) and photo editing (Adobe CS3). I've never had any issues until now.

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Mac Pro :: OS X Update Freezes - G5 Stuck On Grey Screen
I have a brand new macpro 8-core that has been working flawlessly for a few weeks. I just ran an osx software update, and it froze during the update. I waited and waited, but the spinny thing wasn't moving. When I try to reboot it gets stuck on a blank grey screen.

Quad G5, Macbook Pro
Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Posted: May 29, 2009

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Intel Mac :: It Stuck At Grey Screen
everytime I try to boot my iMac it gets stuck at the first grey screen. No logo, no loader, nothing but a grey screen. I have tried everything here > > with no results. The grey screen remains there, with no changes. The only thing that seems to work, but only for a seconds, is holding the option (alt) key at startup. After a few seconds, the pointer of the mouse appears.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

Posted: Apr 18, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Its Stuck On Grey Screen
I just had a software update on my Mac Book pro, and now it is stuck on the grey screen.

Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

Posted: May 12, 2012

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OS X :: Mac Grey Screen Crash With CD Stuck In Drive
My 24" iMac has crashed and has a CD stuck in the drive. The Mac continuously reboots but never makes it beyond a blank grey screen. I do have my OS CD and I have an external time machine backup, but I can't get to a terminal prompt to do anything. I've tried all the usual suspects for getting the CD out - and there is only one CD in the drive.

I've tried holding the mouse button down, pressing the eject button on the keyboard (I tried pressing eject on both a wireless and a wired keyboard). I also tried holding command-S to boot into single-user mode which didn't work. There is no pinhole on the CD to physically eject the CD and I understand that there's no way to boot from the Time Machine. I believe that not being able to remove the CD is hindering my ability to restore and boot into single-user mode.

Posted: Nov 16, 2008

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MacBook Pro :: Stuck At Grey Screen Of Death
About two weeks ago I'm using my snow leopard partition of my macbook pro and browsing the internet via firefox. My mouse freezes for a second, and then my computer just shuts down. I power back up my macbook pro to find a 'cancel or prohibitory symbol'. Strange thing is I can hold down option and boot into my windows partition no problem I go through all the motions suggested by the apple website, such as resetting the PRAM etc.. Nothing works. Flash forward to today. I finally get a hold of my snow leopard installation disc and boot my macbook with it. I run the disk utility and it finds that my hard drive's good to go.

I read online and it seems that the best option would be to install snow leopard again. I decide install it again, but about halfway through the installation, the installation fails and pretty much freezes. I had to shut down the macbook via the power button. Now, whenever I try to boot up my macbook I hear the chime, but nothing happens after that. I am just left with a grey screen. I cannot enter safe mode, single user mode, and when I try to choose the start up disk by holding down option, the arrow pops up to choose which disk to pick, but there are no disks to choose from.

Posted: May 30, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Reformatting OS X Stuck On Grey Screen?
I am trying to reformat my Macbook pro. I run the reinstall disc. When I type in my user name and password then click restart, the system reboots but get stuck on a grey screen. You hear the cd spinning for a minute or so but then it goes off. Do I have a bad disk(doesn't appear to be scratched anywhere) or am I not being patience enough.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Mar 18, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Just Gets Stuck At Grey Start Up Screen?
my macbook pro just gets stuck at grey startup screen

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2010)

Posted: May 4, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Stuck At Grey Boot Screen
So yesterday i turned my laptop on to find out it wasnt booting up past the grey screen. Later on i did some trouble shooting and finally got it past to the main desktop screen. Now, recently i had just uninstalled and deleted my Windows 7 Pro partition i had put onto my laptop a while back but when doing so, when i tried getting my hard drive back to full storage amount by deleting the partition,it gave me some error. I believe i figured out the error and was able to use my laptop from then. Once my computer was letting me get to the desktop screen, once i would click on an app it would often give me the pin wheel and stop me from clicking on anything else for a good minute.

Today,i had backed everything up and thought that i would just reformat and re install OSX to remedy the whole issue. This was not acheived. I had been able to get to the desktop screen a few times but still got the pin wheel situation going on. A couple tries later im stuck here at my grey boot screen. No Apple sign showing up, just stuck. Im usually a very computer savey person but this is kind of just making me wonder. I ordered a new hard drive (which i was going to upgrade anyways)but wanted to know if this even could possibly be the issue. I upgraded from my stock hard drive about 6 months after i had gotten my laptop (mid 2009 model). The last 3 years ive been traveling very often, flying frequently and using it often for playing my DJ gigs. Im wondering if alltitude and hot clubs could take a tole on a hard drive when its running hot?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2.2 C2D,8GB RAM,320GB WD 7200RPM HD

Posted: Jun 29, 2012

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Power Mac G5 :: 10.5 Install Failed / Was Stuck At The Grey Screen?
I am having trouble with this mac. At first, the mac was stuck at the grey screen, see the apple logo and the spining bar, but the OS never boot up.So I though may be the os or hd problem. So I swap another HD, and did an OS Tiger install.and then I can boot up the mac. However, when I install garage band or Logic pro, I have the install error screen. I have run thru a system check with Tech Tool Pro and memtest with Rember. All passed.So I try to install with a 10.5 Leopard upgrade disc, and then it show install failed.And now I am stuck, I have no idea which part is wrong or dead.BTW, I have try all the smu, ram reset, no luck.

PowerMac G5
Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Posted: Dec 1, 2010

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Intel Mac :: Unable To Start G5 Stuck On Grey Screen
Turn on Mac goes to grey apple screen cog wheels spins but its stuck there tried control option p and r doesn't do anything tried turning it on while holding shift key to try and get it in safe mode but that does not work either.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Posted: May 8, 2012

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Intel Mac :: Stuck At Grey Screen And Spinning Wheel?
I have a IMac that suddenly can't move past the grey screen, apple logos, and spinning wheel.  I have used the OS system disk to repair the Macintosh HD, the app stated that the repair of the volume was successful, but in trying to use the HD to restart, I am still stuck with the spinning wheel.  What should I do next, or what am I doing wrong? 



Posted: Jun 23, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Stuck At The Spinning Wheel / Grey Screen?
So all of the sudden my mbp will not boot past the spinning wheel/apple screen. I have not let it try for longer than 15 minutes but I don't see the point. I tried to boot in safe mode(hold down shift) but the bar only went to about 1/3 and stopped/ I don't know what to do. This shouldn't be happening after a couple months of light use.

Just for extra info:

I am able to boot into windows 7 via boot camp. Cannot boot from cd or go into safe mode.

Posted: Aug 13, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: It Stuck On Grey Screen With Apple Logo
Macbook Pro was purchased in mid-late 2009 and is running on OS X 10.6. Today is suddenly stopped responding and so I turned it off. When I turned it back on it opend to the grey screen with the Apple logo and the loading icon and that is where it stayed. I have been searching for the answer on different forums but have yet to find a solution. My hard drive is appearing in the Disk Utility but not in the box when I try to reinstall OS X.

Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.6)

Posted: May 1, 2012

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Power Mac G5 :: Dual 2.7 Stuck On Grey Apple Screen On Startup?
My dual 2.7ghz G5 is not booting up. When it does manage boot up, it is in the morning after it has been shut down for many hours. If I do not shut down, it sometimes runs fine for days without any issues and when after long sessions when I shut it down and immediately start it up again, it will not boot but be stuck on the grey apple screen without the startup gear turning and soon after the fans go wild. I noticed also that if the spinning gears do manage to show up, it will always boot.It's to get it to that stage. I have eliminated being a software issue as when I disconnect the HD, it will not even boot up from the install DVD. I tried pressing option key on startup but the mouse has only the vertical movement on the left edge of the screen and if I press return, it will only go as far as the grey apple logo screen.When it does work, I checked temperature monitor and Isat pro and all are fine, system profiler shows 2 CPU's and memory is fine.Zapped pram. reset pmu, changed battery,etc.I believe the problem lies in the MoBo as it is not initiating the boot sequence even from the install DVD. Other diagnostic DVD's CD's (Disk Warrior and Apple ASD) only get to the apple logo screen.I do not think it is a thermal issue as I tried to immediately restart it up from a long 10 hour session and had the same problem.Both CPU's were in the 60 to 65 C degree range.This unit is the third one with the same problem but this one does not leak and was working fine up until a week ago

G5 dual 2.7 tower
Mac OS X (10.5.8)
8 gb ram, pioneer 111, stock 5200 vid card

Posted: Nov 13, 2010

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Intel Mac :: Computer On Startup Is Stuck On Blank Grey Screen?
My iMAC is stuck on blank grey screen at startup. Keyboard is not active, won't function at all.

Posted: Mar 4, 2012

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OS X Leopard :: Stuck At Blank Grey Screen / After Boot Screen Login Screen Appears
PowerMac G4 (AGP)
Mac OS X (10.5)
400MHz/486MB RAM/

Posted: Mar 9, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Stuck On Grey Start Up Screen / Now Programs Keep Crashing
I have a month old MacBook Pro with 2.53 GHz processor, 4GB Ram and 300+ GB HD, latest version of Snow Leopard.

A couple of nights ago, it wouldn't boot up - just stuck on the grey start up screen. Tried loads of fixes over a 12 hour period (sleepless night!) and ended up doing an archive and install. It's working OK again now, but my applications keep crashing - Mail and Word are the worst culprits. I also run Windows XP through VMWare Fusion and this has been running very sluggishly too - can't connect up to my office VPN at all.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've already done the archive and install, so not sure what to do next.

MacBook Pro 2.53 Ghz
Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: Jan 8, 2010

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Power Mac G5 :: Machine Stuck At Grey Apple Screen After ILife 08 Install
This machine has been running fine. I installed ilife8 - had eyeTV running. It was slow, hanging, unhappy so I rebooted. It took a long time but eventually restarted - got the chime and after a few seconds the white screen/grey apple. No spinning wheel - no nothing. After a few minutes the CPU fans slowly go to full scream. Have to hold power switch to shut down. Won't go into single user mode, won't boot CD (can't even get the CD out of the machine, but the dvd never spins up). I've pulled all the memory except the original apple mem. I've tried my Kinston mem. There is nothing else in the machine that isn't pure apple.

G5 dual 2.5 up to date Tiger
Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Posted: Dec 5, 2007

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Power Mac G5 :: Stuck At Grey Screen With Fans Running Full Strength?
my technical knowledge and descriptions will be OK: problem: G5 20" stuck at grey screen with fans running full strength..

so far i've tried but did not work:

power off by pressing the button for 5 secs,

checked all cables connections etc, take out the power cable try again, etc.

removed all USB connections, re-did

tried to use it as 'target drive' connected to my macbook by firewire

tried to start up and keeping C key pressed

tried to start up with 'shift' key pressed

tried to start up with command, options, P and R keys pressed,

i had an additional RAM, i've taken it out and tried again, no luck

i've put in Mac OS X install disc1, no luck, and now disc is inside my iMac, can't take it out

iMac G5 20"
Mac OS X (10.5.7)
loaded leopard and CS4 creative suite, extra RAM

Posted: Jul 26, 2009

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: Upon Restart  The Grey Logon Screen With The Apple Icon Comes Up And Gets Stuck?
Upon initial restart after installation, the grey screen with the Apple icon comes up and gets stuck there. I have tried to power down and get to disk utility to try repairing permisions but it always goes to the log on screen not the recovery mode. All user ID's get a pop up that says 'you are unableto log in to the user account'x' at this time.  Logging in to the account failed because an error occurred.  The spinning wheel spinns by the PW the whole time the error box is up but goes away when you click OK.  It also knows if you put in an incorrect PW or not Have mac mini server 10.7 and an airport extreme  the net was really slow at first on other nodes so I had to move to the guest net I cannot logon to the aitport cause it is single sinon enabled  Worked yesterday not today after sleeping  I can log onto my Wiki page with users though?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2), server

Posted: Feb 9, 2012

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OS X :: Currently Stuck On The Grey Screen Of Death With The Flashing?
I am currently stuck on the grey screen of death with the flashing ? file folder.I have tried resetting the pram etc. and when i boot from my snow leopard disk the disk utility does not recognize my HD. Is there anything else I can do to fix this? Or try?

Posted: Oct 11, 2010

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OS X :: Stuck On Grey Screen After Software Update?
My iMac ran a software update last night, but the program kicked out before it completed. When I went to reboot this morning, I had the Mac icon on a grey screen, with a little line rolling around in a circle below it. It's been hung up there all day.

I've read in other posts that I should do a clean install of the system software. Problem is, my hard drive is absolutely packed and the computer is telling me that I don't have enough space to do even a baisc installation without all the bells and whistles. Because the machine won't boot, I can't get into the drive to transfer or delete any files in order to create the necessary space for the installation.

Posted: Oct 16, 2009

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Stuck At Grey Screen?
Updated airport utility and macbook got stuck on progress bar.  I restarted and it is now stuck at bootup screen. 

Posted: Feb 16, 2012

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MacBook :: Its Stuck In Boot-up On The Grey Screen?
Mac book is stuck on the grey screen with the apple logo and the spinning timer?


Posted: Apr 19, 2012

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IMac Intel :: Stuck At Grey Screen At Startup / What To Do?
Never had a single problem with my iMac until this morning. The screensaver froze on the screen when I was waking it up and it sat there for around five minutes. Eventually, I turned it off with the button in back, let it sit for around a minute and then turned it back on. I get the chime at start up and the the apple with little rotating disk but it never moves progresses and starts up. I've unplugged it from the wall and tried starting it again and it did the same thing. When I started it from the install disk and tried to do a repair disk on it, it comes back saying The disk could not be unmounted. What can I try next? Or is it too late.

Aluminum 20" iMac, G4 iBook, iPad 3G
Mac OS X (10.5.5)

Posted: May 21, 2010

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Stuck In Grey Screen?
My  MBP(#1) is stuck in grey screen.  I've tried 4 or 5 of the steps suggested to get the computer to boot up.  I used Target Disk Mode to copy hard disk files to my other MBP(#2), then inserted the Mac OSX install disk, then turned off the MBP(#1) and restarted with the C key held down.  Instead of getting the OSX installation, it remained grey and gave me repeating 3-beeping sounds.  What does this mean?

Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3)

Posted: Apr 26, 2012

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OS X Tiger :: PowerBook G4 Stuck At Grey Screen And Spinning Wheel
I wiped the larger partition of my PowerBook and reinstalled Tiger, and now after the reboot, it is stuck at the grey Apple screen with an infinitous spinning wheel.

Tried to boot from the install disc into safe mode but can't.

PowerBook G4
Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Posted: Jul 3, 2009

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IMac Intel :: Stuck On Blank Grey Screen After Restart
I was trying to copy a large file from a DVD to my hard drive. The copy failed saying the disc was damaged so I tried to abort the copy but the finder was stuck on trying to copy it.

Closing the copy or relaunching Finder would not stop the copy and restarting from the Apple menu gave me the error that the Finder was doing something and I should wait for it.

So I went for a hard reboot and now when I power it on, I hear the chimes and I get a blank grey screen. No Apple, no progress wheel, no nothing.

No key combinations work. For example, can't start in single-user mode, can't eject the CD, can't select the start-up volume, etc., etc.

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.5.2)

Posted: Jul 3, 2009

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OS X Leopard :: Rebooting Loop - Stuck On Grey Apple Screen
Machine - Early 15" MBP w/latest Leopard installed.

I have a MBP that's stuck in a rebooting loop. I believe what caused it was when I changed the default Macintosh HD permissions (added Admin, and applied that change to all, which took some time to complete). The reason for this was that I couldn't access certain files of another admin account over the network even with my own admin credentials (i.e. desktop folder). Initial symptom of problem was network connectivity was lost, then I tried repairing permissions using disk utility and that kept failing. Decided to reboot and have been stuck on the reboot loop since.

What I tried so far with no results (still reboots):
-Reset PRAM (I believe it was CMD OPTION P R)
-Safe Mode boot w/shift key
-Reboot with C pressed down

What I tried so far with minimal results:
-Option boot. It will recognize a different boot volume/install CD, but when I try to boot from it, it still reboots into a loop (I waited at least 2 reboots in a row before giving up)
-Single User mode. This seems to be my best option as it's fully functional. I did some research on some similar problems on the forums and tried some chmod commands (755 and 1755 I believe) and it still reboot loops. I plan on trying single user mode again tonight to see if some other function might work.

Side notes:
-Just to make sure it wasn't a problem with the actual computer itself, I took out the notebook drive and tried and option boot on the mac pro and had the same boot loop problem.
-The HD will mount just fine on the mac pro as a regular drive and I seem to have access to the files.
-If I'm unable to straighten things out, I'll probably just reinstall on a new drive and copy user data over.

2.66G MacPro 6GB RAM 3.5TB HD ATI 1900 Radeon
Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Posted: Jul 16, 2009

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MacBook Aluminum :: Stuck On Grey Restart Screen With Logo
I restarted my MacBook this morning, after closing all open windows. It was taking a very long time "thinking" on the grey restart screen. I shut the computer down by pressing and holding the power button. I let it rest for about 10 minutes and tried again - same thing. I reset the PRAM 15 minutes ago, and my MacBook is still "thinking" about restarting at the grey apple screen.

Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Feb 20, 2010

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OS X Tiger :: MacBook Stuck On Startup Grey Apple Loading Screen
I have a Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger that was just working perfectly fine but after I upgraded/download Itunes and Quicktime player it froze so I had to force shutdown. After Rebooting it is now stuck on the gray apple loading screen. I don't know exactly what's wrong with it! I am a student and trying to prevent high expenses. I tried: Command + S but it wouldn't let me type anything on the command prompt.

Mac OS X (10.4)

Posted: Feb 8, 2010

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OS X Leopard :: Macbook Stuck At Grey Apple Screen / Spinning Wheel
when i start up my mac it gets stuck at this screen, but if i boot up in windows it works perfectly fine, so i figure it must be a software issue, what should i do? would upgrading resolve the issue if nothing else works?

I tried holding down shift during startup and that didnt change anything

macbook white
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Apr 28, 2010

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Software :: Imac Won't Boot Up - Stuck At Grey Screen
24" imac. leopard system. the system was frozen (which was the first time in two years) a couple of days ago, so i turned the power off to reboot the system. then it's stuck at the grey screen. to make it worse, i have a dvd inserted in the drive. please tell me what seems to be the problem and how to solve it.

Posted: Aug 19, 2009

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MacBook Air :: Stuck On Grey Screen - Also Not Able To Boot From Recovery Disk
After partitioning my hard drive, I was not able to boot up my computer. Currently it is stuck at the white screen when it boots up. I tried using the USB Recovery Disk to boot up however it does not seem like it is responding to anything 

I pressed C while having the USB inserted I also tried pressing D to go in to the Apple Hardware Test nothing happened.

I also tried resetting the VRAM? It did beep and it reset however I still can't bootup

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

Posted: Mar 27, 2012

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MacBook :: Stuck At Grey Apple Screen / Login Window At Startup?
recently a friend of mine offered to update my 2009 MacBook to Mac osx Lion. when I received the computer back from him, it required a rather large update that has put my MacBook in a terrible state.  

upon rebooting from the update, it froze at the grey Apple loading screen, and of course I thought nothing of it and gave it a little restart. Since then I cannot get it past the grey screen or the login window. it seems as though I cannot type in my password or click 'sleep' or any option the window gives me. I've been working on this issue all day, and I've tried countless things from the apple support community, with no avail.  

I've tried clearing the cache, I've tried safe mode, I've tried the command+option+control+enter trick on the login page, I'm even trying to boot from the install disc my friend gave me...and it's just refusing to move past the grey screen.  

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Posted: May 9, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Stuck On Grey Screen With Apple Logo "disk0s2 I/O Error 2009"
I have a Macbook Pro 13 from the summer of 2009. After Christmas I decided to upgrade my hard drive and memory. This is what I got. [URL] For about a week everything seemed to work perfectly. I then began to have problems almost every day (finder crashing, etc). I reinstalled OSX probably 5 times using my previous account until finally did a clean wipe and reinstalled OSX again. It now seems to be working for the most part, but booting takes about two minutes. It gets stuck on the grey screen with the Apple logo with the turning gear for a couple of minutes before it boots. Normally it wouldn't bother me too much, but after the problems I was having before, I really wanted to make sure that there was no problem with my new hard drive or memory. After doing the usual suggestions for slow boot time (resetting PRAM, disconnecting external devices, repairing disk permissions, etc.) nothing changed. I booted into verbose mode and it seems to hang up for awhile before listing

disk0s2 i/o error

It does this twice before booting, hanging up for about a minute before giving the error. I am not sure if i should return it under warranty because I am not sure its broken. Like I said, it seems perfectly fine right now with the exception of the boot time. Using the Apple Hardware Check, even the extended check, didn't give any errors. The SMART status for the hard drive is verified. Is this clearly a hard drive issue, or could it be something else? Has anyone else had a similar problem?

Posted: Jan 10, 2011

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PowerPC :: IMac G5 17" Won't Start - Grey Screen And Noise Of Fans
My Mum has just turned on our family computer- an iMac G5, 1.9ghz 17" (first model with built in iSight).

It gets to the grey screen with the apple, with the loading icon below it, then after about a minute the fans turn out pretty loudly, and it goes no further, just stays on the grey screen.

Posted: Jul 3, 2009

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PowerPC :: EMac Stuck At Grey Screen & Spinning Progress Indicator?
Greetings and saluations everyone. I've recently delved into the OSX world via secondhand eMac. The specs are eMac (2006 - not a typo... this is what it says)/1.42gHz/80GB HDD/1GB ram/etc. It came equipped with 10.4.6, did an update to the software and it brought the machine to 10.4.11.

After a week or so of tinkering, I think I have accidentally deleted some very necessary system files. Given that the computer did not come with any manuals or recovery discs, I've been doing some major digging over the last three days via internet and can not come up with a fix for my new love. I saw this post on MacRumors and it nearly is exactly what I'm experiencing: Mac chimes upon pressing of start button, goes to greyish screen with grey Apple logo and a spinning progress indicator then the computer goes silent (no HDD/CD activity)... yet keeps the active grey screen.

I've tried booting into safe mode but to no avail which leads me to think I've accidentally deleted some extremely necessary boot files. However, I do not remember emptying the trash during the last successful boot... is there a way from a command line prompt to "put the files back" to where they go?

I've downloaded several Mac OSX Leopard torrents but can't get them to boot off of USB drive, DVD RW external drive, external USB hard drive nor via OSX 9 CD ... Indeed, I am trying to burn from windows but have learned of several utilities which create ISOs in Mac Format and will decompress DMG files (ISOBuster & TransMac).

Please... will someone give me some good news? For example, telling me there is a way to boot from USB drive (and in what format the mac needs to boot - ISO? DMG? Expanded file system in appropriate directory folders? I don't care about wiping the hard drive... that's absolutely fine... I just need a working system again.

Posted: Feb 23, 2008

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Mac Pro :: Its Stuck On Spinning Grey Apple On Startup
I have a Mac Pro that is stuck at the grey startup screen. Grey apple, spinning wheel. I let it spin for about half an hour and then went on to try other things. Every attempt still leaves me stuck at the spinning grey wheel.

Info:various, Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Posted: Apr 4, 2012

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