Applications :: Way To Run A Dual Screen Setup On An Old Style Mac Mini?

May 6, 2010

I was wondering if anyone knows of any way to run a dual screen setup on an old style mac mini (the one with only 1 DVI output)?

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Mac Mini :: Run A Dual Monitor Setup?

Apr 10, 2012

I am looking to run a dual monitor setup with my mac mini. Can someone point me in the right direction on what is needed (if anything). Both monitors are brand new, but neither have hdmi.

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Mac Pro :: Dual / Triple Screen Portrait Setup

Nov 15, 2010

Since I'm experiencing some issues with my current setup (4870+GT120) I'd like to hear if the new cards work on 10.6.5 with at least two displays connected to it, and one of them in portrait mode. Ideally someone with three screens connected to a single card and two of them in portrait (on the DP outputs).

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MacBook Pro :: Dual Disks IMac Style - Technically Hard

Sep 16, 2010

I know it has been discussed previously in terms of desire to see it happen. But my question is how hard would it be for Apple to accomplish this?

The optical drive takes up a lot of space, and also connects through Sata, right?

OptiBay and others have hack solutions, do surely Apple could make an elegant one for us.

The mini has dual disks. The iMac also has dual disks.

Any reasons as to why we're still waiting to see this in a MBP?

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Applications :: How To Setup Dual Monitors With FCE

Jan 3, 2010

How do i setup duel monitors with FCE so i can see the video in full screen on the second monitor.

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OS X :: Setup Mac Mini With Screen Sharing

Mar 4, 2009

So I bought a new Mac Mini today to be used simply with my TV. I hope to control the Mini through Screen Sharing but I have ran into some problems.

First, I do not want to purchase a keyboard and mouse because I will never use them. However, is it possible to setup the mini without it. As of now I am struggling to even bypass the mouse installation screen.

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Mac Mini :: Setup It To Use Without A Screen Using Ipad 2?

Apr 29, 2012

I have just bought my first Mac a mini and intend to use it purely to run Itunes and use my Ipad2 as a remote.

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Applications :: IPhoto 11 Has No Full Screen And No Dual Screen?

Oct 21, 2010

Installed without problems on a 3 y.o. 15MBP and a new iMac. See no performance issues so far, but I HATE the fact that the FULL SCREEN photo viewing is no longer there! I just hate it, that there is absolutely no way to view pictures full screen. period. (this was THE MOST important feature of iPhoto.) As such, zooming in full screen is NOT available anymore either, instead of floating windows with adjustments, etc., zoom, effects, you get stupid permanent bars that you can't even move anywhere. Also, gone is ability to quick launch a full screen slideshow. You are now asked to select photos for a slideshow first, and then create that slideshow. In Classic you will get an ability to view these full screen, thats the only way. The stupid music that accompanies classic is ... well, stupid. I just wish the Apple store in Bethesda MD had it installed so I could see how horrible it is, before giving them $79 for a Family Pack! My money now goes to Adobe for LR3, a much, much better suite! Forgot to mention, this version is NOT 64 bit, and it does not recognize dual-screen mode either, something that Adobe implemented years ago. Shame on APple for dummifying a simple photo viewer to the iPhone level.

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OS X :: Single (Microwave Style) Beep During Login Screen?

Mar 4, 2009

When I switched my iMac on this morning, I went to the other side of the room to gather some paperwork and as I was doing so, I heard a microwave-like beep come on during the user login screen. It was only a fraction of a second long and didn't repeat, but it has concerned me.

I know that these iMacs beep for RAM issues, so I tested the RAM firstly by trying to utilize all of the RAM which seemed successful, then with TechTool Deluxe and finally with Memtest, both of the latter are showing that RAM is okay, but I will continue testing throughout the day in different modes and so on.

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MacBook Air :: Can't Change The Style / Colour Of Welcome Screen Background

Aug 22, 2014

I'm not happy with the backdrop that appears on my display when my MBA starts up, before I log in to my user account. So I'm not referring to the wallpaper that you'd see on the desktop if all your applications were minimised or closed, but the background when you first switch the notebook on (visible when the theme tune is played, and the apple symbol shown). The MBA I purchased in September had a lovely background that was a subtle cross hatch of dark and medium grey. The newer model, purchased this June (after I destroyed the first one through water damage) has a boring, solid light grey background instead. I haven't been able to work out how to alter this in system preferences.

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4), Purchased June 2014

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Mac Mini :: Unable To Get Dual Displays / Using Mini DVI And Mini DisplayPorts

Sep 12, 2010

I have an Early 2009 Mac Mini with Mini DVI and Mini DisplayPort. And I have two 1080p HDTVs. The Mac Mini is capable of dual display, and I've gotten it to work before, so the issue is not the TV or Mac. And I have tried both Mirroring and No Mirroring.

I got a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter (#5311) and a Mini-DVI to HDMI Adapter (#4852) both from MonoPrice. And for some reason I can't get the Mac Mini to dual display, it's only one or the other.

Before I had a Mini Displayport Male and USB Male AUDIO to HDMI Female Converting Adapter (#5969) and I got video on both HDTVs, but not audio at the same time b/c one was USB and one was TOSLINK.

I'm not sure why I can't get video on both monitors. Any help?

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Applications :: Screen Shot Of My Applications Folder - Dual Logic?

Jul 4, 2010

Here's a screen shot of my applications folder, Can anyone explain or help me with this?I find this strange that it appears that I have two versions of Logic installed on my computer, Is there anyway I can "merge" or "trash" one without losing any data?

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Mac Pro :: Dual Monitor Setup For Mac Pro?

Mar 10, 2009

I am looking at my 24 inch LED and wondering how one might configure a dual monitor setup with two of these. The single cable is too short for any arrangement but CPU directly behind the monitors. Not enough length to get both to the floor under my desk or with the CPU to the side of one.

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Mac Pro :: How To Setup Dual Monitors

Mar 2, 2012

how to setup dual monitors. I have a 2009 Mac Pro with a ATI Radeon HD 4870. I dont see the options in the Display settings. Also I I get nothing on the second monitor?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Applications :: Adobe Illustrator CS4 Dual Screen

Jun 3, 2009

I am running illustrator CS4 on my macbook pro, and I have it connected to another screen. I can't figure out how to move the workspace to my second screen. I can drag my artboard window over, but I want all my toolbars and everything over there as well.

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PowerPC :: G3 All-in-one Dual Monitor Setup?

Dec 22, 2006

I would like to use the machine to do powerpoints at our church. I want to use the internal monitor and an external monitor (projector) to do the powerpoints. I want it to work like the my iBook with the screen spanning hack installed.

if not then i will probably end up using a g3 desktop instead.

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OS X :: How To Setup Dual Monitors For IMac 07-08

Sep 28, 2009

I�m looking to setup another monitor for my 07-08 iMac, I have tried searching and googling for an answer but don�t seem to have had much luck, so I have got a few questions.

1. Is my iMac even able to support dual monitors?

2. If so how would I go about this?

3. Will just any monitor work or has to be a certain type?

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MacBook Pro :: How To Setup A Dual Boot

Apr 30, 2012

Setting up a dualboot with Windows 7 Shine V2 and Lion...

iPhone 3G, Mac OS X (10.7.3), DualBoot

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Applications :: Front Row Doesn't Work When I'm On Dual Screen

Apr 9, 2009

After several hours my mac is running linked to my LCD screen through MiniDisplay Port - VGA connector, Front Row simply doesn't start. It fades to black for a while but then it immediately fades back to the desktop.

I uninstalled every application might have affected Front Row (Caffeine, LastFm, TV Row) but it was useless. I even tried to fix permissions in the Disk Utility, but it didn't help.

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MacBook Pro :: Finding Dual Display Setup

Oct 13, 2010

I have been running my macbook pro open, with a single monitor running beside it. I have come to the conclusion that I would benefit from two large monitors while working at home.

I know I need to buy the dualhead2go DP edition, but what Im not sure about is the cables I need to hook up to my monitors. I haven't yet decided what two monitors I am going to hook up to it, although they will be exactly the same and have HDMI connections.

What I am planning on doing is Getting the Dual Head 2 go, along with 2 DisplayPort to HDMI converters, and 2 HDMI cables, Correct me if Im wrong, but this should work?

Also, If anyone is currently using a dual head to go, how is the performance? I wont be doing any gaming, so that is not an issue, but for day to day tasks I assume everything will run fine? Im running the 330 in my 15' MBP.

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Mac Pro :: Won't Work With Dual Monitors On MP1,1 & 5,1 / Can't Find Setup

Jan 6, 2011

I need a bit of insight as to how to maximize the performance (and if there is any) with dual display setups on both my MP1,1 and 5,1.

First off, MP 5,1. Currently I'm running a 30" ACD off a DVI and 23" of a MDP to DVI on a 5870. The 30" is my main work display - the 23" is pretty much running trivial things, like browsers, finder, iTunes, etc. Since VRAM is being split between the two displays, would I benefit from installing a second video card to just run the 23" monitor and dedicate the 5870 to just run the 30" ACD? If yes, what should I use? I have an old 7300, but If there's anything better out there that's non cable powered, I'll get it. Also, there are times (rarely) when I need to run Windows 7-64bit to do some 3d CAD work - would having video cards from different vendors (hence different drivers) cause W7 to go nuts (conflicts, etc)? I can live with just the 30" on W7. I want to get get the most out of 5870 and 30" ACD while not running into conflicts under OS X by introducing another video card.

Second, MP 1,1.
It's windows 7 64-bit machine only. I have OS X installed, but since I use it for work I never boot into it. It's running a 27" display (1920x1200) on DVI and 23" (1680X1050) on MDP to DVI adapter. Again, the bigger display is my work area, and the smaller one runs browsers, outlook, etc. I do 3d CAD work, so more VRAM I dedicate to my main display, better it is. So back to my original question...what are my options? I do have that 7300 hanging around, but, again, I'm not so thrilled on mixing video card vendors and drivers. Should I just get some sort of low grade Windows based ATI Radeon card (don't care much of OS X on that machine).

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PowerPC :: How To Setup Dual 500mhz IBook G3

Dec 6, 2006

I've got a friend that was using her Mac SE original from 1990 or so up until year 2004, at which time I insisted she get hooked up on an iMac g3 333mhz -- and I tried to get her an Apple Tech out to NC where she is to put a new hd in that old machine and some memory.

Well she's been running 9.2.2 and now it's time to go to Panther on an iBook 500mhz that I've upgraded with new hd and memory etc.

But I don't have the original set up guide. Yes, I downloaded a "users manual" off Apple but I need the basic booklet that came with the original machine -- or a download of it.

Anyone got one? Also anyone got a good Panther tutorial for someone who barely knows how to use OS9?

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MacBook Pro :: How To Use A Dual Monitor Setup With An HPw22

Apr 13, 2010

Just ordered a 17" MBP and am looking to use a dual monitor setup with an HPw22. I've tried to do some research on my own but am still unsure about what adapter I should go with as this is my first time attempting to run a dual monitor setup. Below are the specs of the monitor for the interfaces with a link to the entire specs.

Interfaces 1 x VGA - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15) , 1 x DVI-D - 24 pin digital DVI


I was just wondering what someone who is a bit more knowledgeable about this would recommend getting adapter wise. Can I go with either the Mini DisplayPort to VGA or Mini DisplayPort to DVI since my monitor has both? Is their an advantage to one over the other?

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Work With Dual Monitors / Can't Find Setup

Sep 9, 2010

I have a new 2010 MBP and I'd like to hook up two external monitors to it, more specifically, two ASUS VW246H 24-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitors. Either via HDMI or DVI connections. I've found various usb monitor adapters, but i've read that many can't quite 'keep up' and I really can't seem to find a solid solution out there.
So does anyone have a dual monitor setup they currently use, if so, what are you using to connect the mini display port to both external monitors.

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Applications :: TOC Style And Figure List In Pages 08?

Jun 18, 2008

I am writing my thesis in Pages 08. I need to have a TOC for all my headlines and I am using the TOC function for that. The problem is that I also want a figure list that updates automatically, TOC style. I can't find ant function for a figure list so I tried to give the figure text a different paragraph style then the regular headlines and then simply add a second TOC showing only that style. Unfortunately that did not work either since Pages only seem to allow one TOC per document.

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Applications :: Adium - Changing The Buddy List Style

Jan 16, 2009

I've been using adium for some time now, and suddenly I can't use the contact bubbles buddy list style because it will go through the dock, instead of stopping above it like a window. Anyone knows a solution to this?

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Applications :: Looking For Template Style Program With Calendar Base

May 19, 2010

What I am looking for is a template style program with a calendar base, that will let me enter fields such as "revenue", "payroll" and "today's issues" on a business level. I don't need a "task" or "to do" list, as this program would hopefully help me present reports to my boss after the fact. Currently, we use an excel spreadsheet to report our financials, which is fine, but I would like the text box "issues" field to basically bitch about what other people aren't doing.

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Mac Mini :: Can Mini Support Dual Monitors

Sep 25, 2008

Is there any way to hook up two monitors to a mini?

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Mac Mini :: Connecting Dual Monitor To Mini

Mar 9, 2009

Just about to purchase the new mini and I need to buy the adapter to use dual monitors. Is it the Apple Mini-DVI to DVI Adapter that I need to buy? I'm connecting my Samsung 24" which is dvi.

Just wanted to double check before I purchased it.

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Applications :: ITunes 10 Change List Font Size And Style?

Sep 2, 2010

This hint requires that you have apple developer tools installed in order to use plist editor. I have a root account enabled on my system which i was logged into to use this hint, i'm sure some of the more terminal thrifty users can chime in on how to do this through the terminal.

In the finder navigate to applications folder and right click on itunes and select Show Package Contents. Once Contents is open the path is Contents/Resources/English.lproj/TextStyles.plist. Right click on TextStyles.plist and open with Property List in Property List locate 9003 and click the arrow next to it.

You will see 3 lines of settings on the FONT row i changed the font to LucidaGrange-Bold. on the SIZE line i changed 13 to 18. then save the file

I now have iTunes with a bold and larger font just the way i like it. Im a musician and use itunes to make my bands set lists I just take a screen capture of the list and print in preview.

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