Applications :: Won't Sync On Itunes 9.2 On 10.4.11

Jun 28, 2010

My iphone and ipod touch both wont sync. It seems if you download itunes 9.2 again it will sync.

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Applications :: Itunes Won't Sync 24 Bit 96,000 Khz Songs

Jun 9, 2009

I have about 5 songs that are vinyl rips and they are in apple lossless. But for some reason when I go to sync them to my iPod i get an error and it says that they can't be sync'd. I attatched a screenshot of the songs info. I'm not really sure why it doesn't want to sync since itunes plays it fine and it's in the right format.

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Applications :: Won't Sync Podcasts / Using ITunes

Nov 12, 2009

Whenever I press sync in iTunes, it starts doing all sorts of things like backing up the ipod touch, downloading the applications which takes forever. Is there a way just to sync the podcasts? I have gone through all the various settings and deselected everything that might be causing this.

I don't know why many have used ml_ipod with winamp in the past but I had a good thing going. But unfortunately Apple seems to have broken the support with the latest firmware.

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Applications :: Won't Sync Two ITunes Library

Jan 20, 2010

Is there a Solution to sync a iTunes library between two macs? (10.6. and 10.4 PPC) when I Download music on my Macbook I want the music to transfer to the PowerMac G4 via LAN , any Solutions for that ( I am only Downloading FREE music so don't give me Sh** about Pirating

I Tried "SyncOtunes" But I want something more "mac-like"

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Applications :: Wants To Sync ITunes Playlists

Aug 16, 2010

I was wondering if there was a way to sync iTunes playlists between my computers.

for example, if I make a playlist on my MBP is there a way to sync it to my iMac?

Main reason is I have a few playlists on my MBP that I use and sync with my iPod Touch but my wife wants them on her iPad but I have it set up with the library on the iMac.....

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Applications :: Keeping ITunes In Sync On Two Computers

Nov 28, 2010

So I downloaded a music album from itunes and it was added to my library. This was done on a PC running win 7. How do I keep that library in sync with my MBA running OS X? Thought I could actually just download the album again on the MBA for free when logged into the same itunes account, but it appears that I can't.

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Applications :: Sync ITunes Libraries Between Two Computers?

May 20, 2008

I've been searching the forums and web looking for info on how to / best way to sync iTunes libraries (including playlists, ratings, and play counts). I've found several programs including TuneRanger, SuperSync, Syncopation and some others (links below). The general consensus seems to be that they all suck. (TuneRanger seems to do exactly what I want, but doesn't appear to have a free trial period.) [URL]

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Applications :: Itunes Audio / Video Out Of Sync

Jan 16, 2009

I downloaded the newest episode of the office, and it started fine, but at one point the video went a little "wacky" and the audio/video became unsynced. Does anyone know a solution to this, I have tried quitting itunes but that didn't work

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Applications :: Won't Sync Itunes Frome One Computer To Another

Mar 1, 2009

i have 2 macs (one early 2008 macbook (leopard) and an 2007 i mac (tiger but might get leopard)). And i have mobile me (just saying because this might help) and i want to be able to sync my music from computer to another. is this possible? Apple said there might be a way but they didn't know. But please don't give me a solution with an external hard drive i don't have one (and i can't afford one). I just want to be able to sync itunes with the 2 macs.

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Applications :: Sync Macbook Itunes Like IPod

Sep 10, 2009

I am looking for a way to synch my iTunes library on my macbook like an iPod. Basically, my main iTunes library on my mac mini is HUGE. Way bigger than will fit on the 250gb drive on my macbook. So I am looking for a way to sync my macbook in the same fashion as an iPod. I want to choose a few playlists to send over and keep synced. Maybe 50gb or so of data so that when I am away from my main computer I can have music with me. The reason I want to do this is my 30GB ipod recently dove off the deep end and I dont have the finances to get a new one yet. But I usually have my laptop with me most places and like to listen to music. I have found ways to keep 2 libraries synced but not be able to partially sync one. Anyone have any ideas on how or if this is even possible?

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Applications :: Try To Sync Photos On To It, ITunes Crashes?

Sep 18, 2009

I just got my new 64gb ipod touch, and every time I try to sync photos on to it, iTunes crashes. I am running the latest versions of itunes, snow leopard and iphone 3.1. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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Applications :: Unable To Sync PC/Macbook/iTunes

Dec 9, 2009

I have a 30 GB iPod and a Macbook. I have synced my iPod once on my Macbook and it worked fine.

I brought my iPod to work (which only has PCs), and I've been charging my iPod on the PC. The PC doesn't have iTunes, so the PC treats the iPod like it's just a mass storage device but it still charges fine. Also, the "Format" label under the settings in the iPod now says "Windows."

Now I am wanting to re-sync my iPod to my Mac to add more music, but when I do, the Mac doesn't acknowledge that the iPod is even connected (not even in the Finder window).

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Applications :: Why Does ITunes Sync Voice Recordings

Dec 24, 2009

How can I make it so that ITunes doesn't get the voice memos or voice recordings from my iphone 3g and ipod nano 5th gen.

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Applications :: Software To Sync ITunes Library?

Mar 5, 2010

I need a software that sync all iTunes Library across 2 Mac. I need to Sync counter, rate and all other iTunes information. I tried to use Tune Ranger and this software work well but it coast 29.99 dollars so I want to find an alternative with a better interface to buy. Anyone know software like Tune Ranger but with a better and modern interface?

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Applications :: ITunes Photos Sync With Aperture?

Apr 7, 2010

So for some reason, under the photos tab in iTunes, when I try to sync one of my projects from Aperture 3, it shows only 8 out of 233 photos in the actual aperture project beside the project name.

What is going on?

I am using the latest iTunes 9, and the newest version of Aperture 3

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Applications :: ITunes Sync My All Music Library?

Apr 30, 2010

It's not as though I only have about 3 things checked off.

Ideas for getting it to sync only what I want?

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Applications :: ITunes Sync And Copies Same 109 Songs Everytime?

Jul 16, 2008

So i have an ipod classic and quite a few songs on there. But i have a problem that occurs every time i sync, it will recopy and replace the same 109 songs every time i sync. They are not in any certain order, or playlist, they have not been recently added, or modified, or played, or had added artwork. Just every time i sync, even if i sync, unplug, then sync, they will copy all over again.

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Applications :: ITunes / IPhone Podcast Not Sync Properly

Aug 2, 2008

Ever since iTunes 7.7 and iPhone 2.0, podcasts aren't syncing properly. I have mine set so only those that's never been listened to before gets synced to the iPhone. Since the updates, this sync has been inconsistent. Sometimes, it behaves as expected, but other times, podcasts that I've listened to on the iPhone retains the blue dot on iTunes after a sync. Thus, the podcast is also labeled "new" again on the iPhone after the sync. Not sure if iTunes 7.7 or the iPhone 2.0 update caused this since they both came out around the same time. iTunes 7.7.1 is installed and still the same inconsistent behavior. Anyone with non touch iPods seeing this? Trying to figure out if it's an iPhone/touch issue or an iTunes issue.

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Applications :: Sync Smart Video Playlist ITunes

May 16, 2009

I have a smart playlist to sync only one season of The Office on iTunes. I hit sync with my iPhone and it doesn't show up as a playlist? How do I get it to? (I have an 8GB iPhone, can't sync the 16GB of The Office episodes I have.)

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Applications :: ITunes / IPhone Sync - Update MacBook Only?

Jun 8, 2009

I have an iMac that is my main computer. I download all of my music from iTunes on that computer and update my iPhone through that computer. I also have a MacBook that I use while traveling. Is it possible to sync the iPhone to the MacBook and update the MacBook with whatever is on the iPhone (and not update the iPhone with what is on the MacBook)? The MacBook is not updated (iTunes wise) and I don't want to erase what is on my iPhone. However if I could do the reverse of this then that would be better, that way I can download songs to my iPhone as well as my iPod to update for my vehicle. If this isn't possible, is there any way to somehow get what music is on the iPhone to my iPod so I can play it in my vehicle?

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Applications :: ITunes Trying To Sync Nonexistent Podcast / Music

Jun 21, 2009

I'm having a problem with iTunes trying to sync stuff that is no longer in my library. I can get it to stop warning me by clicking the "Don't warn me again" box, but I'd like to figure out the problem, so I can make it stop happening. Recently, when I updated my iPhone to 3.0, that resets all the warnings on the phone. Which is fine. But then, the first time I go to sync, I get this. Yes iTunes, I know you can't find that file. I don't even subscribe to that podcast AT ALL any more.

Now, I can simply check that box, and it will stop warning me about this. But, I'd like to figure out the root of the problem, so I can have this stop happening. It does this for 2-3 podcasts, and a small handful of songs. I would just like to know how to clean this crap out of my library, so it can stop thinking that stuff is there, when it really isn't.

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Applications :: Unable To Sync ITunes / Can't Change In Shuffle

Oct 28, 2009

i recently got a 3rd gen iPod shuffle. In my music i have "synced only checked playlists" I also have sync only checked songs. When I make a change to my playlist in iTunes and sync, it doesn't change in the shuffle when I sync.

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Applications :: ITunes Error Messages While Attempting To Sync?

Dec 16, 2009

1) "Attempting to copy to audio drive failed you do not have the privileges"2) Attempting to copy to the Disk "Robert Schuster's iPhone" failed. The Disk could not be read from or written to.Where can I find solutions to my perpetually failing hardware and software?

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Applications :: Itunes Sync Distorted Audio Playback Win7

Oct 16, 2010

Each time I sync my iPhone and I had foobar or another media player open the sound distorts really bad. Now this used to happen months back then suddenly worked with out any interference. But again, iam now getting this awful distortion when I try to sync-anyone know why?

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Applications :: Transcode Sync From Main ITunes Library To Laptop?

Dec 21, 2010

I want to sync my entire iTunes library to a laptop. However, I don't need the laptop library to hold high quality versions due to space limitation. And I want to be able to make changes to the main library, and have the laptop's library sync to that too. Is there an app that does this? I have searched all over and it seems like there is nothing that does this.

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Applications :: ITunes Sync With IPod - Transferring Selected Music?

Jan 19, 2009

I'm experiencing a very specific problem with my itunes, everytime I want to sync my itunes library with my ipod (2nd generation - 20GB), gives me an error saying something like I can not upload all the music because I have not enough free space on my ipod which is true, but I would like to transfer only the checked musics and itunes is not making any distinction between checked and non checked musics.

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Applications :: Audio Out Of Sync With Video / Playing Videos On Itunes?

Feb 8, 2009

I never noticed this on my last hp laptop but my new dell almost everything in itunes plays with the audio out of sync with the video. most noticeable on podcasts. my dell is not high end but it has duel core amd 64 4400 chips 2 gigs of ram. running xp. it has a built in nvidia geforce 6150l video card with a built in sound card. it has done this since I got it a month ago. it is not an issue playing dvd's in windows media player. just itunes. any clues?

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Applications :: Unable To Work With ITunes Play Count Sync

Mar 22, 2009

If I have two albums with the same song on them and I usually play it from one album, is there any way that I can make iTunes count both as played?

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Applications :: ITunes / Won't Select Podcasts To Sync If Episodes Not Downloaded

Nov 18, 2009

In order to select which podcasts should be synced to the iPhone/iPod, one has to select the desired podcast subscription from the Devices/Podcast/Sync_Podcasts list. However, the podcast list in the Devices/Podcast/ page now only displays podcast subscriptions if it has episodes already downloaded. One cannot include podcast subscriptions if that podcast subscription currently has no downloaded episodes. This is annoying.

Worst still, previously selected podcast subscriptions that have no more episodes will no longer be selected anymore even if it downloads episodes later. Therefore, one has to keep going back to the list and selecting the podcast subscription over and over again.

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Applications :: Itunes Library 100% Wiped Out - Reverse Sync Back Into Mac?

Apr 29, 2010

My MBP Itunes library was 100% wiped out! But all of the playlists/mp3's are STILL in my Iphone. Is there some way I can do some kind of reverse sync back into my Mac?

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