Applications :: Voice Over In IMovie 11 Records In Left Channel Only - How To Fix It

Nov 13, 2010

So far this is my set up. M- Audio Fast Track connected to my Heil PR40 via usb. This is what I use for podcasting with GB and all is well on that front. In iMovie however, my VO only records on the left track and not in stereo. It sounds ok for being on one channel but I would like to have it stereo.

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PowerPC ::Won't Record Voice In Imovie G4 / Automaticaly Shuts Down Imovie

Mar 6, 2008

Every time I open imovie it works well enough, until i try and record my voice. It automaticaly shuts down imovie, and really frustrates my teacher and I. It's imovie 4.

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Applications :: Unable To Export IMovie 09 Project To External Hd / No Space Left?

Dec 28, 2010

I am trying to export a two hour movie to watch on dvd after editing for 4 months, and was running on 12gb left on my macbook. I then tried to export it HD (8gb) and it eventually failed, saying it had no space left. Even though the movie wasnt exported, it took my 12gb left down to 4gb, so I tried high quality exporting, and it almost finished but failed right at the end, complaining of no space, and even when the file wasnt where I asked it to be it still took my memory away, now leaving me with 400mb. I am so annoyed, and

I want to know if I can export the movie to my external harddrive (plug in usb) as an mp4 file, and if so how? This would be a HUGE help as I dont want to have wasted so much time!

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Mac Pro :: 12gb Triple Channel Be Beneficial Over 16gb Dual Channel In 32-bit Apps

Aug 21, 2010

I know many say that the sheer volume of 16gb outweighs the speed difference between the two channel settings, but I'm wondering how 32-bit programs (mostly audio applications) will address the RAM best?

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Applications :: Sorting PDF Documents - Ability To Combine All The Records

May 29, 2009

At work I receive various medical records for clients. It would be helpful to take a stack of medical records from a specific doctor, scan them into PDF's, and then tag each page of the stack with the name of the provider and date of service. Then, as additional records come in from various providers, and I repeat the process, I would hope to have the ability to combine all the records if need be sort the entire set of records by date, or if I choose to have them sort by provider. I know it would require some manual tagging but overall I think would save a great deal of time. I cant find a single program that will enable me to do this. I'm looking to have the ability to quickly rearrange the pages of a pdf file based on tags or labels that I add.

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Applications :: Pin Tabs Gone In Latest Google Chrome Dev Channel?

Feb 14, 2010

In the update 5.0.322.2, the pin tabs option is gone. I use this feature all of the time. I right click and the pin tab option is no longer there. Is there a way to enable this? I remember reading that they got rid of this in the Linux version as well in the previous version.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Delete The Voice-over Voice?

Apr 23, 2012

I downloaded the Samantha (same as Siri) voice just for fun.  I don't use voice over, and I was just using it for fun.  Now I realize it was almost half a gig of hard drive space.  Oops.  Is there any way for me to delete this new voice on my Mac?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Applications :: Unable To Select Input Channel For Electric Guitar In Garageband?

Dec 7, 2009

I'm using Garageband 5.1

I have an electric guitar plugged into the instrument input of an Apogee Duet recording interface.

If I add a "real instrument" track, then I can select the input channel in the "track info" pane in GB. Works fine, I can hear the guitar. But I can't access the various guitar effects and models.

To do that I create an "electric guitar" track instead. However, when I do that, I don't see any option to select the input channel in the track info pane.

And I don't hear any sound. Apple help just says I should "select the input channel in the track info pane" but I don't see it there, like it is for a "real instrument"...

what's going on?

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Applications :: Looking For Voice Changer?

May 5, 2009

I'm looking for a voice changer, price really isn't an issue, but free/cheap would be preferred. I'm looking for a program that COMPLETELY changes the voice, not just add effects like Garage Band does. I did download the demo of Voice Candy, but none of those voices sound human.

So any idea what to get?

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Power Mac G5 :: Unable To Listen To Records?

Oct 11, 2007

Ever since my old Marantz amp died I've been unable to listen to records. I've been listening to CDs through my Klipsch ProMedia GMX 2.1 speakers which sounded fine until the bass amp blew recently. So now I have no amp and no speakers.

1.8 GHz G5
Mac OS X (10.3.9)

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Applications :: Cannot Voice Chat With MS Messenger 8.0?

Jan 11, 2011

I installed MS messenger 8.0 on my MacBook and the only problem so far is audio.

When I make a call to one of my contact's computer using my internal microphone and internal speakers everything is fine.

If I switch to my bluetooth headset in System Preferences and retry the call I can not hear them and they can not hear me.

Using the bluetooth headset for Skype calls works fine.

Is this a messenger issue or ??????

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Applications :: Application For Voice Recognition On Mac?

Oct 4, 2009

I have recorded a voice interview and is wondering if there is a quick way to type these recording out? maybe something that analyse the recording file or something that type when you speak?

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Mac Pro :: 30" - Internal HD Records - Need Quiet Drives

Aug 10, 2009

I'm still surprised that she's okay having this giant mac pro and 30" screen in our tiny living room, but it certainly does help that they're so pretty. I looked through this thread discussing the WD Black's a few months old, would people still recommend those? While they can definitely be had through newegg for pennies, I don't mind spending a little more if it will get a quieter/more reliable drive.

These will be used to do autocad & photoshop (oh, and, of course one of them will be a bootcamp drive, since autocad unfortunately isn't a native mac app), primarily, so speed is somewhat of an issue, but it's not like I'm doing gigantic 3D renders. One drive will be a scratch disk for PS, one drive a time machine backup, and one a data least, that's what I've considered at this point...still trying to figure out how I want to do my total household network backup...currently, external drives are connected to my home theater-powering mac mini, and our laptops time machine into that, using 'home and away' (awesome app, by the way). I'd like to keep that system as is, and maybe just have the mac pro as a completely separate system (my 'work' system), and have its time machine backups self-contained, and probably backed up offsite somehow.

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Hardware :: Dvd On IDVD Records Pictures But Not Sound?

Nov 22, 2009

Can you tell me what is wrong?

I recorded a dvd on iDVD and it recorded pictures but not sound. I connected via 400 firewire to panasonic camcorder NV-GS40.

Using iDVD ONE STEP application on on Mac OS-X 10.5.8. yes it is off a digital camera

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OS X Technologies :: Determine The Number Of Records In A File?

May 12, 2012

I want to analyse record types from a large input file and so far have managed to extract different groups and created the relevant files. All I want to do now is count the number of records in each file so I can produce a report showing the different types but cannot figure out how to do this, I know it will be simple but I cannot get any command to accomplish this

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1)

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Applications :: Does Installing IMovie Erase IMovie HD?

May 2, 2009

I love the old iMovie HD, and would like to keep working on projects with it. If I install iLife '09 , will it erase the old version of iMovie HD?

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Applications :: Importing Old IMovie Files To IMovie?

Jun 2, 2010

I have a very old purple iMac, circa 2000, with an old version of iMovie. I copied the files onto a USB and tried to open/import them onto my new Intel Core 2 Duo, 3.06 GHz iMac. However my new iMac with iMovie '09 won't recognise the files when I try to import them. They stay greyed, not allowing me to import them.

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Applications :: Voice Call With Gmail Gtalk?

Feb 26, 2007

i have a little dilemma. Is there anyway possible to make a voice call to a friend on Gmail / Gtalk with my MacBook Pro? Gtalk doesn't work with Mac......and Adium doesn't support voice what i do?

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Applications :: Audio Voice Over Missing From Keynote?

Jan 8, 2009

After adding the voiceover to a 50-minute Keynote presentation, I exported it to QuickTime, but.......the audio is missing from the final product.

In searching online, I ran a MacWorld forum that suggested tweaking the Inspector > Document setting to �Automatically play upon open.� As soon as I toggled that, everything fell apart-�the slides went to a fast bang-bang-bang transition rather than follow the true speed I�d manually used to match the voice over portion. (Thankfully, I worked from a copy of the original presentation, so all is not lost.)

Dumped the copy, then made a second copy from the �correct� original in Keynote. Next, I followed a second suggestion to adjust the Export to > Quicktime settings, including �Set to fixed timing� with a zero value in each of the two fields, but Keynote won�t allow zero values in either one.

I�m now trying to export to iDVD as I type this, but am holding out little hope, feeling I�ve missed something.....

It took three passes to get the voice over perfect for this-�between the five hours of build out, three hours of recording time, and two 2+ hour attempts at saving to QuickTime, I�m at my wits end. Dumping the voice over to record a fourth time makes me want to sob, given how dead-on-right the Keynote audio is now.

Anyone have a secret trick for exporting this to QuickTime so the audio stays put and in sync as originally intended?

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Applications :: Why Does ITunes Sync Voice Recordings

Dec 24, 2009

How can I make it so that ITunes doesn't get the voice memos or voice recordings from my iphone 3g and ipod nano 5th gen.

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Applications :: Google Voice To Replace Landline Phone?

Dec 12, 2010

I already use and love Google Voice, and I'm trying to figure out if it's feasible to consider using Google Voice to replace my home phone service.

What I'd need of to be able to pull this off would hardware replacement for my current home phone that I could connect to my computer that would ring when I receive a call on my Google Voice number, and that would display my GV caller ID when I dial out with it.

Something like this seems to be right up the ally of what I'm looking for (I think).

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Applications :: Virtual Keyboard, Voice Typing, Access

Feb 11, 2010

I have a friend that has a handicap daughter, and she has bluetooth on her wheel chair. She is able to pair the wheelchair with her moms MacBook. We need some help with a couple of things.

1) Is there a virtual onscreen keyboard like on windows that she can use on snow leopard?

2) Is there a built in voice program that can recognize her speech vs mousing to type everything.

3) If not can you recommend some software to accomplish this.

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Applications :: Sound To Print From Digital Voice Recordings

Mar 12, 2010

I would like to use a small digital voice recorder throughout the day and download to my macpro /convert to print and file for later analysis. It is important that I can convert to print using software method and store sound and print along side each other (synced).

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Applications :: How To Make Voice Deep And Bass Filled?

Apr 1, 2010

Does anyone know of a desktop app like sonic vox for iPhone? I would like to make my voice extremely deep and bass filled.

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Applications :: Storing Voice Recordings Accompanied With Text Notes

Sep 3, 2009

Over the past few months I've taken to recording my weekly supervisor meetings because I've got such an awful memory that I'd forget everything otherwise. Ideally I'd like to have an app with which I can store these recordings but in which I can also add a text description so that if in the future I need to refer back, I know where to look. I'd just want something with a list showing:

28th August - Discussed conference, ideas about x, plan to run simulations varying y and z
4th September - Discussed work on writing w routine, discussed initial x results.
I realise that chances are there's nothing simple enough to do this kind of thing for me and so I might have to resort to something far more bulky and so I'm open to options for more bulky things.

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Applications :: Video Screen Recording Software - Record Voice And Merge Them

Dec 10, 2009

I'm planning on adding how to videos to my site (flash) so that its easier for my customer to understand how to use a page. Ie instead of trying to explain common things in a FAQ I would have a video actually showing them. Ideally I'll be able to record my actions on screen and my voice as I describe what I'm doing. I'm willing to pay for the app, but just not that much ie less than $100. Now I don't need an all in one, for instance if there is a free app to do screen recording and another free app that can record my voice and another to merge them together I'm fine with that. I understand that free is free and I have to deal with some of the headaches. Any advice as to what software I would need. A quick google for mac screen recording brings a bunch of results.

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Applications :: IMovie 5 HD Project In IMovie 8?

Sep 21, 2009

I have a project file that was created using iMovie 5 HD. In this project file were a large number of unused clips and also the final film, edited with transitions, backing music, end credits, etc.

However when I import this project file into iMovie 8 I cannot find the final edited film anywhere, just all the clips that were both used and unused within the project file.

How can I get the final film back without spending about a week re-editing everything?

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Applications :: Edit In IMovie/Export 2 GarageBand - Export To IMovie Upload To YouTube?

Jan 16, 2010

So i've recently gotten in the uploading to YouTube craze with my Flip Mino HD but i'm not too happy at the way i've been doing this and am hoping there is an easier way.

As of late i've been importing what i film into iMovie. In iMovie i'll edit the video to my liking. In iMovie i'll "export" to the media browser so it'll show up in GarageBand. Then i'll open GarageBand and edit my film further, dealing with sound; adding music. After that i'll export it as a .MOV to my desktop. Then i'll open iMovie again and import that .MOV file and from there in iMovie will have it upload to YouTube in its original HD format.

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Applications :: Won't Import Imovie Project Files Into Imovie / Not Recognizing Files

May 8, 2009

So, I have all of my imovie projects backed up on my external harddrive, as well as the imovie program. I accidentally deleted all of the imovie projects and events from the imovie application on my laptop. When I try to re-import the imovie files into imovie, it doesn't recognize the files. I have tried to convert them with iSkySoft Video Converter. That converter program does not recognize the files either. I also tried burning the files onto a disc and then pulling them off the disc with the Handbrake program. This doesn't work either. I also tried importing the files into iMovie HD, which I have on my desktop, but to no avail. Are these files alll useless now? I'm at my wits end because I have spent literally months compiling footage for a documentary.

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Mac Pro :: Fibre Channel Connection?

Dec 8, 2010

if i have Apple Dual-Channel 4Gb Fibre Channel PCI Express Card x 02 quantity and i plug into 2 different macpro can it be link to each other?

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