Applications :: IMovie When Export Completed Speed Looks Quick

May 21, 2009

I have a Sony HDR-HC&. When I download the movie to IMovie speed of horses looks normal (as in the same as real life) I then edit the imported video and export the final version. When I play that video the horses look like they have been speeded up. I need to be able to have them moving at the same speed as when the movie was recorded. Anyone know what is happening and how I prevent the tempo from increasing by exporting the movie so other people can see it? This does not happen if I export to full version however that version is useless for sending to other people and will not even fit on a DVD to send in the mail.

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Applications :: Edit In IMovie/Export 2 GarageBand - Export To IMovie Upload To YouTube?

Jan 16, 2010

So i've recently gotten in the uploading to YouTube craze with my Flip Mino HD but i'm not too happy at the way i've been doing this and am hoping there is an easier way.

As of late i've been importing what i film into iMovie. In iMovie i'll edit the video to my liking. In iMovie i'll "export" to the media browser so it'll show up in GarageBand. Then i'll open GarageBand and edit my film further, dealing with sound; adding music. After that i'll export it as a .MOV to my desktop. Then i'll open iMovie again and import that .MOV file and from there in iMovie will have it upload to YouTube in its original HD format.

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Applications :: IMovie 09 - Video Will Zoom On Export

Sep 28, 2009

I'm having a problem with iMovie 09. When I export a movie, the video will "zoom" which I don't want to have happen. Here's two pics of what's going on.

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Applications :: Can't Export To QuickTime In IMovie / Error -5000

Jan 25, 2009

I can't export a certain project to QuickTime in iMovie, but I can export it to other formats. The iMovie error message is: The movie could not be exported because an error occurred. (Error = -5000)

What's strange is that I was exporting this project to QuickTime yesterday, made some changes and tried to export again, and no luck? Yet it'll export to mv4 etc. I repaired permissions etc, and still no luck. I'm assuming it's related to permissions, but I have no idea where to start.

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Applications :: Using IMovie - Export Movie For Future IDVD?

Jan 18, 2010

I have lots of DV cassettes I want to load and eventually get to DVD.

In iMovie I have taken the first cassette and did my montage the way I want it. Now, I want to export this movie (as a single file if possible) so that when I will have a few of them, I will use iDVD to do DVD menus and add all my movies.

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Applications :: Export From IMovie 09 To IDVD Not Rendering Correctly?

Jul 12, 2010

I have a 38 minute iMovie 09 video that I exported to iDVD. It stutters about a minute in to the movie. I have done the following:

1. exported a shorter version (1:48) into iDVD. The same thing happened.

2. exported this shorter version into quick time. Worked just fine. Don't know how to make a DVD that I can watch on a player from this though.

3. tried to export this shorter version to youtube. It said that "youtube reported an error"

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Applications :: Unable To Export IMovie 09 Project To External Hd / No Space Left?

Dec 28, 2010

I am trying to export a two hour movie to watch on dvd after editing for 4 months, and was running on 12gb left on my macbook. I then tried to export it HD (8gb) and it eventually failed, saying it had no space left. Even though the movie wasnt exported, it took my 12gb left down to 4gb, so I tried high quality exporting, and it almost finished but failed right at the end, complaining of no space, and even when the file wasnt where I asked it to be it still took my memory away, now leaving me with 400mb. I am so annoyed, and

I want to know if I can export the movie to my external harddrive (plug in usb) as an mp4 file, and if so how? This would be a HUGE help as I dont want to have wasted so much time!

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Applications :: How Do I Speed Up A Clip With IMovie '08

May 19, 2009

How do I speed up a clip with iMovie '08. After reading I found that this can be done in iMovie '06 but I can't find any documentation for achieving this in iMovie '08.

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Applications :: IMovie 7.1.4 Controlling Speed Of Transitions?

Jan 10, 2009

I currently use iMovie 7.1.4 on my Mac OS X 10.5.6.

I was using iMovie to make a video, but I couldn't find how to control the time in which transitions pass by. It looks like 0.4 seconds is the default time for each one, but how do you change it to... say, 2 seconds? And yes, the video before and after the 0.4 transition is not longer than it.

So I'm basically asking: How do you control the speed of a transition in iMovie 7.1.4?

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Applications :: How To Get The Video Speed Adjuster On Imovie 9

Feb 19, 2009

I have just one frame in Imovie 9 that I want to slow mo. It shows in the Apple online video tutorial that you can simply double click on the frame and then adjust the speed. One problem:


Ive doubled, tripled, quadrupled, right click, option, drop down menu, ect. the frame with no success.

Does anyone know how to get the video speed adjuster on imovie 9?

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Applications :: Won't Work With IMovie Quality / Can't Export In High Quality

Mar 8, 2009

is there any way to export the movie as high as my project quality everytime i export the quality goes down.

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Software :: Can't Export From IMovie

Apr 29, 2010

I'm trying to make my first movie (and subsequently first DVD) from iMovie.

I'm using iMovie 8 and iDVD 7.0.4.

I've downloaded some Mp4 clips from YouTube and imported them into iMovie via "File -> Import Movies". The clips are in the right order and play fine in iMovie.

When, however, I attempt to export the newly created movie, nothing happens. I click on "Share", but all subsequent options are greyed out. Nothing is selectable.

I've tried a number of things and read through everything I can find in the PDF included with the software (plus some Google searching), but can't get past this problem.

When I imported the clips I went with the default settings presented. Did I perhaps go wrong there?

The clips I've selected to work with are the higher definition Mp4 clips in this series:

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OS X :: IMovie Supported Best Export Format

Sep 29, 2009

I recorded bunch of video with iPhone 3GS and then edited a 12min quicktime movie from the clips. Problem is that the file size became HUGE, 1,24GB! How can it become so large file? Even one of the raw clips was 15min and 399MB. I just wanted to export the movie (with quicktime) to my Mac with the same quality as the iPhone recording quality. Here's the quicktime export settings details that I exported the movie:

-Compression type: H.264
-Frame Rate: Current
-Key Frames: All
-Compressor quality: Best
-Encoding: Best quality
-Data rate: Automatic

Filter: None
-Dimensions: Current 640 x 480

-Format: Linear PCM
-Channels: Stereo (L R)
-Rate: 48.000kHz
-Render settings: Best
-Sample size: 16-bit
-Little Endian

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ITunes :: Export IMovie In Music?

May 14, 2012

I have an iMovie project. I want to export it or do something to get it into iTunes. I know you could share it to iTunes but I don't want it to end up in movies. I want it in music.I don't know if I need it as a mp3 but I want it in iTunes as a video.

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Final Cut Pro X :: Can't Export IMovie Project

Aug 24, 2014

When i press "send a project to Final cut" in iMovie nothing happens.

The process bar is completed but Final cut doesn't start. I have the 30 days test version of final cut - does that matter? 

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MacBook Pro :: Taking Frame From IMovie Clip And Export To IPhoto As JPG

Feb 11, 2012

I just switched to IMac and use to use Pinnacle for home video editing.†If IMovie allows you to take a frame from a clip and export it to iPhoto as a jpg for printing and sharing?

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.0.1

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OS X :: Any Way To Speed Up Video Clips On IMovie 08?

Mar 26, 2010

I am editing my video clips and I want to be able to speed up some of the parts. But I don't see a way to do it. Do you have any idea how I can speed up the clips?

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Software :: Change Movie Speed On IMovie 08?

Dec 19, 2007

I'm using the new iMovie 08 and I love it...

However I'm missing the capability to alter a video clip's speed (slow-motion/high speed).

It can't be done via iMovie, can it?

Do you have any suggestions for the easiest way to do it on a Mac and integrate it with iMovie afterwards?

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Software :: Speed Up Playing Movie Using IMovie?

Dec 31, 2007

Okay, so I'm using iMovie and I want to make my video which is 30 or so minutes about 5 minutes, and I guess that would mean I'd need to speed up the way it plays but I have no idea how to do that.

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MacBook Pro :: SSD Affect Speed Of Rendering / Exporting In FC Or IMovie

Aug 11, 2010

Topic. Title says all. SSD affect speed of rendering / exporting in FC or IMovie

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MacBook Pro :: Disk FULL Error When Export Movie In IMovie Or Burn Disk In IDVD

Nov 25, 2010

Every time I try to export a movie in iMovie or burn a disk in iDVD an error message pops up and says that my startup disk is full. So I bought an external hard drive and backed up my mac using Time Machine. Now I want to delete everything off my mac's internal Hard Drive and use my external hard drive so I can empty my disk. Does this make sense? If so will you please tell me how to do so.

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Applications :: How To Undo Lasso Selection If Closed / Completed

Mar 19, 2009

I am using the polygonal lasso tool to cut out something. I know that the button "delete" undoes the last line/selection however if the selection is completed/closed by mistake there seem to be no option to go back. "delete" button simply erases what is in the selected area. How can I continue cutting out something from where I was if the selection is closed?

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Applications :: ICal - Putting Mark On Completed Tasks And Events

Oct 5, 2010

I have about 3 to 5 events, things I need to do, etc., on each day in iCal. My problem is that I have no way to make them "Complete". I want to be able to put a strike-threw or something showing that I have done it. Currently, there is no way to see on the cal if I did something or not. Is someone going to need to make a add-on for iCal or something?

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Applications :: The Operation Couldnot Be Completed Shows OSStatus Error -43?

Aug 19, 2010

I get this message when I open a silverlight client like seesmic desktop or microsoft facebook client. What does this mean?The operation couldn?t be completed. (OSStatus error -43.) is the message.

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Applications :: Recovery Speed Based On The Hard Drive Speed?

May 21, 2010

I'm using Data Rescue III on a USB powered hard drive with and it's taking a very long time with my iMac G5... It says 42,291 hours remaining (about 5 years) If I did it on my Mac Pro would it go faster, or is the recovery speed based on the hard drive speed?

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Applications :: Does Installing IMovie Erase IMovie HD?

May 2, 2009

I love the old iMovie HD, and would like to keep working on projects with it. If I install iLife '09 , will it erase the old version of iMovie HD?

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Applications :: Importing Old IMovie Files To IMovie?

Jun 2, 2010

I have a very old purple iMac, circa 2000, with an old version of iMovie. I copied the files onto a USB and tried to open/import them onto my new Intel Core 2 Duo, 3.06 GHz iMac. However my new iMac with iMovie '09 won't recognise the files when I try to import them. They stay greyed, not allowing me to import them.

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Applications :: Way To Quick Access Of Terminal Via Menu Bar

May 4, 2009

Is there a menu bar app that allows quick access to the terminal.

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Applications :: IMovie 5 HD Project In IMovie 8?

Sep 21, 2009

I have a project file that was created using iMovie 5 HD. In this project file were a large number of unused clips and also the final film, edited with transitions, backing music, end credits, etc.

However when I import this project file into iMovie 8 I cannot find the final edited film anywhere, just all the clips that were both used and unused within the project file.

How can I get the final film back without spending about a week re-editing everything?

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Applications :: Program For Quick Dictionary (Thesaurus And Wikipedia)

Apr 12, 2009

I recently downloaded Quicksilver. Fantastic program! I'm looking for one similar that offers a quick-launch function and a wide option of search capabilities. For example, I would activate the program by hotkey (like Quicksilver), then search a word/phrase (like "biology," "Africa," "bill of rights," etc.) The program would then give a definition, synonyms, wikipedia entries, entries, etc. based on that term. I know there are widgets that do similar tasks, but not one that is collective/expansive, nor one as quick as an application like Quicksilver.

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