Applications :: Free Semi Advanced Image Editor For OS X?

May 25, 2009

I'm relatively new to OS X and love it. I've found counterparts to all of my old windows software I rely on except an image editor. I use to love on windows - I do lots of image editing where I need something more powerful than paint on windows (or paintbrush on os x), but don't want the learning curve and extra features of Photoshop or GIMP. Also, I'd like it to be free if at all possible.

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Applications :: Free Font Editor For OS X?

Jan 12, 2006

Are there any free font editors (ttf) for OS X?

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Applications :: Looking For Best Free Photo Editor?

May 14, 2006

Does anybody have any knowledge as to what would be the best free photo editor? I am looking to start such a hobby, but would like to get a feel for it before my purchase of Aperture, as I don't want to regret my purchase.

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Applications :: Free Mac HTML Editor?

Apr 13, 2009

Does anyone know of a free mac HTML or CSS editor? I'm looking to change some things in my wordpress style page and I need some assistance.

I know the mac comes with text editor, but I don't like that. The find function is useless.

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Applications :: Looking For A Free Html Editor?

May 17, 2009

I have been looking for a free html wysiwyg editor for mac, something like dreamweaver or frontpage on windows.

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Applications :: What Is Best Free HTML Editor For Mac?

Apr 20, 2010

I'm use to using Microsoft Frontpage to edit my website templates that use .html/.php, but now I use my iMac more than a PC and was wondering what is a great application that allows you to preview your changes before having to upload it to the server. Similar to Microsoft Frontpage?

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Applications :: Free Text / Code Editor On Mac OSX

Dec 27, 2010

Can anyone recommend a good, free code/text editor for OSX? I am used to using either EditPlus or notepad++ on Windows, but i'm aware that neither of these programs have OSX equivalents.

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Applications :: Best Free Vector Graphics Editor For OS X

Jun 25, 2009

Does anyone have recommendations for free vector graphics editors? The three I know of are:
DrawIt Lite

Inkscape seems to be the most highly recommended. I haven't read much on the other two, and from my playing around with them, neither seemed like they were quite as full-featured. I'm no graphics expert, though I'd like to learn more about creating vector graphic artwork.

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Applications :: Free Video Editor - Need To Crop Clips

Mar 9, 2009

I'm looking for a simple free video editor. I need to crop a video.

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Applications :: Any Free Basic Photo Editor (Like Photoshop)

Jun 3, 2010

Need something like photoshop, just basic, even something like ms paint but for. Tried gimp but the client didn't work.

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Applications :: Free Image Editing Software?

Mar 11, 2007

Does anyone know if there is any basic photo software available free for mac? Although if there was something decent I wouldn't mind paying a little for it. All I need to do is crop one part of a photo and put it onto another one. Ive heard of something called GIMP but it says I need this thing off the mac osx disk before I can install it, which is at home (I am at uni).

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Software :: App For Image Editor?

Nov 19, 2007

i've used seashore, pixelmator, and pixel 1.0, and i was wondering if there was some other app that was free and has the same functions as pixelmator. my one quip with seashore was that it couldn't resize images to specifications. (or maybe i never found out how to)

i enjoyed pixelmator except for the fact it was a 30 day trial and had a watermark stamped across it.

what other image editors are out there?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Need Image Editor For Jpegs

Jun 11, 2012

I am new to Mac and I need to find a way of editing JPEG files in a manner similar to the editing capabilities of MS Paint. I.e., nothing very fancy, but cropping, changing color fills, adding text, and saving in high or low resolution. Can you help me find out how to do this on an OS X Lion Macintosh?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)

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MacBook :: Which Free PHP Editor Works Well?

Aug 31, 2010

I am in a computer programming course and have already downloaded XAMPP for Apache. It was recommended to use the eclipse PDT editor, however I only have the 10.4.11 operating system so eclipse will not work.

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Software :: Best Free Text Editor For OS X Features

Nov 21, 2009

Does anybody have a good free text editor to recommend for OS X?

Basically, I want something that's developer friendly, with as many of these features as possible:

1) Colour syntax code highlighting (ex Java, C, Perl, HTML, etc)
2) Column select mode
3) Line numbers
4) Character numbers in line
5) Regular expression search and replace (grep)
6) Line wrapping on/off
7) Tabs or equivalent
8) Diff between files

I have MacVim and it does most of this, but the interface could be improved a bit.

If no free editor does this, I'm willing to consider TextMate or BBEdit.

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IMac :: Free Text Editor Like Wordpad On Pc?

Nov 25, 2010

I don't really need an "elaborate" text editor such as Word (on current pc) but I do need something if I purchase a Mac- is there a free text editor on iMac such as wordpad on pc?

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PowerPC :: What's A Good Image Editor For G3 That Can Run On 128mb Besides GIMP?

Jul 30, 2010

What's a good image editing program I can use on a G3 that can run under 128mb that isn't GIMP? I need something that's like Photoshop. What is a version of Photoshop that can run under 128mb by the way? What is an alternative? I don't care if it's slow, it just needs to run okay on its own.

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Applications :: Looking For A More Advanced Calendaring And To-do App?

Apr 2, 2009

I am looking for a more advanced calendaring and to-do app than ical.

Basically, I am a pastor in a church, and I have many things in my calendar.

It is all working for me at the moment, but I would like to massively expand what I do in my calendar and to-dos.

Basically, I want to have an extra calendar item that lists all the sermons and sermon series that have been planned for the year (which I wouldn't want to display them in my normal listing of calendars, as its not as if they are booking me in anymore than normal). I would love then to be able to add to-do items/tasks to calendar events so that each calendar event can act like a bit of a project (so if I am organising a service one week, it would be great to have that service in my calendar, and then have a list of linked to-do's to it).

Does anyone know of anything like this? I hope I have explained myself properly.

I have looked at a lot of the GTD apps, but unfortunately they don't have calendar systems attached (i.e. they only seem to be to-do systems).

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Applications :: An Advanced FTP Client Software?

Feb 29, 2008

I want to upload some files to my website. So I am looking for an advanced FTP client software solution designed for ease of use by both novices and professionals. It should be powerful and secure file transfer solution. It should also have total control, security, efficiency, and simplicity. If you people have any idea then please let me know.

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Applications :: Finding Advanced Ftp Functions?

May 17, 2009

I have tried several ftp applications, transmit, yummy etc.

I plan to make an update to my site and I would like to know if there is any mac ftp program which supports several ftp functions like the ones described below:

- Rename all files of the remote hosting server, at once (like _old_site_files_filename). Also exclude the renaming of existing folders.

- Add files to folders that already exist, without overwriting/replacing folders themselves, but just adding the new files inside folders. Keep existing folders without replacing them. Some folders have special permissions attached to them, so it would be a mess to replace them because then I would have to set all permissions from the beginning...

I hope there is a solution for these tasks in a mac os x ftp application.

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Applications :: Checkbook Register - Quicken's Tendency Of Throwing All Sort Of Advanced Options

Jan 22, 2005

I tried using Quicken for keeping a very basic digital copy of my check register, but I found Quicken's tendency of throwing all sorts of advanced options that I didn't want to use at me kind of unnerving. So, can anyone reccomend a check register-only finance app?

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OS X :: Download Free Image Editing Software - Shows Pixel Value Changing

Jul 9, 2009

Does anyone know where I can download a free image editing program that shows the pixel values changing as the image is being cropped? The best basic program that does this is Microsoft Picture Manager, so I basically need something like this for the Mac.

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MacBook :: What Does It Mean When The Icon Is Semi-transparent

Mar 30, 2009

What does it mean when the Icon is semi-transparent?

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MacBook Pro :: Semi Stripped Screws In System

Nov 4, 2009

A few weeks back I spilled a glass of wine on my non-unibody, but new, MacBook pro while it was turned on (I know; no good). i let it dry for a few days but still, no life. i decided to open the sucker up to investigate and had successfully taken out the battery and one of the fans before the trouble began. i was using a #000 philips head screwdriver, and most of the screws in the logic board came right out, but some (the same size as the others) wouldn't budge. now i'm not sure if i should just put the thing back together and send it to apple or try to find a different size screwdriver and forge ahead. i know the problem in terms of moisture is on the other side of that logic board (and hard drive, which won't budge either)

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Applications :: Best HTML Editor?

Sep 22, 2010

Anyone have a preference on html editors?

I've used Dreamweaver and it's over kill.

I need something to similar functionality to Frontpage, etc.

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Applications :: New Text Editor Available For Mac

Dec 17, 2010

UltraEdit now available for the Mac, I've been a long time user of this text editor on windows for years and I've been lucky enough to do some beta testing with the product. I'm not connected with the author in any way but if someone needs/wants a new text editor, I highly recommend it.

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Applications :: Looking For A HTML Editor?

Jan 18, 2009

When making a website, say from scratch, I'm looking for a HTML editor.

For ex. when working with IE and you right-click > view source and the notepad pops up.

I'm looking for something along those lines for a Mac, that way I can get some practice in etc etc.

What program would you recommend?

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Applications :: What's The Best OS X Flash Editor

Apr 19, 2009

I've heard SWiSH Max2 is the best but looking into it, the program appears to only have a Windows version. Am I stuck with the (from what I've heard) inferior, and far more expensive Adobe Flash editor?Any other recommendations? I don't mind paying, but Adobe's own software is pretty steep and I heard it isn't the best. But if it's the best on OS X

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Applications :: Finding Xml Editor For Mac?

Mar 20, 2010

I'm looking for a good XML editor for the mac, that is also cheap to free. on the PC i use notepad++ so now i am looking for something similar.

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IMac :: Semi Frequent Freezes - Force Manual Power Down

Jan 20, 2010

I have an older iMac, 2006 white version, running leopard. I am one of the many people who experience semi-frequent freezes which forces me to manually power the machine down. After much research it seems everyone has diagnosed the problem has hardware, specifically the graphics card running hot. I installed smcFancontrol and have ran it for four to five months. Since then I have experienced maybe 4 or 5 freezes, but the freeze occurs while doing nothing "heavy", just browsing in safari or chrome. Has there been any updated or new information concerning this problem? I have scanned the web a little and can't really find anything really recent. The most recent article/discussion i have found is roughly a year old.

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