OS X :: Possible To Move RAID 0 To A Single Drive In The RAID?

Nov 16, 2009

I have a RAID 0 set up with two 1.5TB HDs. I am doing some reorganizing and want to take all the data on the RAID 0 and move it to one of the hard drives in the RAID 0 and create to single drives. Is there any way of moving all the data from a RAID 0 onto one of the HDs?

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Hardware :: Lacie RAID Shows Up As Two Separate HDs Instead Of A Single RAID HD?

Jan 28, 2009

I have a Lacie ext hard drive with 2 x 250gb HD that were one RAIDed into a single 500gb HD. I ran this update Lacie firmware update: http://www.lacie.com/support/drivers...r.htm?id=10053 And now my HD will only show up as two separate HDs of 250gb instead of a single RAID HD of 500gb.

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Mac Pro :: Move To A RAID Card / Will I Need To Recreate My Entire RAID?

Sep 13, 2009

I'm using the software RAID right now. Everything is set as RAID 10. I want to move to a RAID card� if I keep it as RAID 10 will I still need to redo everything?

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Mac Pro :: RAID-0 Array To A Single Drive?

Apr 8, 2009

Is it possible to mirror a RAID-0 array to a single drive?

For example, I will be setting up 3x1TB on a RAID-0 (striped) array and i want to mirror it to one 1TB drive. Is that possible or do i have to resort to Time Machine ... ugh

and YES i've already STFA! no answers as of the start of this thread


-edit i assuming Time Machine backs up the "volumes" and not the "drives"

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Mac Pro :: SSD Boot Drive - 2x60 In RAID 0 Or Single 120?

Sep 22, 2010

I'll be going with the OWC SSD(s) ExtremePro for the boot drive................ either a 2x60 OSX SW RAID 0 or single 120. I'd rather err on the side of safety but always looking for more umph If going RAID 0 would it be advised to go with a dedicated controller?My data drive will be 2x1T RAID 0.

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Mac Pro :: Boot To Single Drive Or RAID Array?

Dec 31, 2008

Compatible to PCI-e 2.0

Boot to Mac OS X with Mac Pro (2006-2008) Models

Boot to Single Drive or RAID Array

Well,finaly it's bootable and raid bootable.Does anybody know is ti bootcampable?I just come back from windows,I find I lost so much,I can't even use foobar2000 and my 9800gt.

I hope it will be a positive answer

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Mac Pro :: Trying To Install Windows 7 On Mac Pro 2009 RAID And Single Drive?

Dec 26, 2009

i have Snow Leopard running in a RAID, and just a separate single drive installed for windows 7. Problem is, when i try to go to bootcamp assistant, it tells me that RAIDS aren't supported in bootcamp. I don't want to install it on my raid, just on the other single drive. Does anyone know a workaround or how to do this?

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PowerPC :: Internal RAID Card To Create RAID 1 Mirror Of System Drive For G5

May 16, 2007

I have a PowerMac G5 and need to purchase an internal RAID card to create a RAID 1 mirror of the system drive... one that will allow me create a Hardware RAID 1 mirror, not software RAID through OS X.

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Mac Pro :: Have RAID 0 And Want To Clone It To Single Drive But Shows Potential Options?

Sep 8, 2009

I have two 1.5TB HDs, RAID 0, as my itunes library. I use Time Machine to back up all my drive, but I also wanted to clone the RAID but only use a single drive as the clone. Will this cause any potential problems since its going from a 2 drive RAID to a single drive.

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Mac Pro :: Replacing 2 Drive Striped RAID With A Single 1TB Drive - How Can I Do It?

Aug 4, 2009

My current setup consists of my boot drive (250GB), a striped RAID (500GB) for storage and a 1TB Time Machine Drive.I have recently bought a new 1TB internal drive and would like to replace the striped raid with this drive, thus freeing up two 250GB drives - 1 which i will keep internally and the other will go into a external enclosure My question is can i just copy the files from the RAID to the new internal or do i have to use software to clone it?

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Mac Pro :: Possible To Move Boot Drive RAID?

Aug 28, 2008

2x160 GB drives in a RAID-0 holding my boot driveI want to move it do: A) Ideally 2x250 GB drives in a RAID-0 or B) A 400 GB drive.I've tried:Straight up copying/restoring in Disk Utilit Carbon Copy Cloner File-levelCarbon Copy Cloner Block-levelI can copy everything, but I wind up not having the system recognize the new drive(s) as a boot drive.

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Mac Pro :: Boot Drive - Single Or 2-Drive RAID?

Mar 18, 2010

I'm still working out the details on purchasing a new MacPro. My Apple sales rep tells me that I can greatly increase the launch speed of applications and the system OS by purchasing 2 hard drives and using Disk Utility to stripe them together into a "software RAID". They claim it will be faster and more reliable than a single SSD. I know I've asked this question before, but the answers were over my head. I don't know anything about SATA raid cards, or SSD's except for their benefits. But I'm pretty sure I can stripe two drives together and make a software RAID.

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Hardware :: Can A RAID 1 Guardian Maximus Rebuild Easily / Have Partitioned The RAID Set

Dec 2, 2009

I just bought a Guardian Maximus RAID1 kit and I have two 1TB drives in it. I'm using it over Airport Extreme as an airdisk (mac osx 10.6.2)

My question is simply: am I running a risk by partitioning it into two partitions? Should I ever have to rebuild the failed disk (which I understand is really simple with the Guardian Maximus) - will it have trouble doing two partitions? I'm using one 500gb partition for time machine and one 500gb partition as redundant itunes/media.

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MacBook Pro :: Single SSD Or RAID 0 Array With 2 SSDs

Aug 28, 2010

Difficulty deciding between 1 or 2. Unsure about real world performance gain of 2. No experience with SSDs or RAID 0. Worried about alignment and sleep/hibernate issues. Stock 5400rpm 320GB will go inside eSATA enclosure. Does anybody have a good eSATA ExpressCard/34 to recommend? I don't care about the SuperDrive. But I'll keep it for Care warranty purposes.

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MacBook Pro :: 15" I7 Single Ssd Or O Raid Options

Sep 26, 2010

I just order a MBP 15" i7 that i will be using for mostly Photoshop work.I was wondering if anyone had any experience with single ssd vs two at 0 raid in regards to photoshop work and or similar apps? If there is very minor speed gains for 0 raid

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Create Single-disk Concatenated RAID?

Jul 5, 2012

I have a Mac Mini that I plan to use as a simple file server with a 2TB external disk.  I would like to be able to add future external disks to grow the original 2TB volume I create to 4TB, 6TB, etc. using RAID. 

I know it is possible to add disks to a concatenated RAID set without destroying the data on the disks already in the set, but I cannot get Disk Utility to let me create a single-disk concatenated RAID set. 

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Mac Pro :: Get A Highpoint Raid Controller And Put Those 4 Drives In A Raid 5 Array?

May 1, 2008

I have a macpro with 4 x 1tb drives

Is it possible to get a highpoint raid controller and put those 4 drives in a raid 5 array (and then create partitions inside that array) - or do you need to have 1 drive by itself for the operating system, and then create a raid array using the remaining 3 drives?

Lastly, are the highpoint 3500 series a decent card? and fully compatible?

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Mac Pro :: RAID 5 Volumes - Create In RAID And Disk Utility?

May 20, 2009

I have a new Mac Pro Quad 2.93 with the Mac RAID card installed with four 1TB drives setup in a RAID 5 array. When creating the volumes in the RAID utility, you can not edit them, resize, etc. If one large volume is created in the RAID utility, you can then partition that one volume using the Apple Disk Utility, which then allows you to resize if needed.

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Mac Pro :: Raid Speed ... Raid 5 Vs Straight Sata HDs

Jan 28, 2008

ive put 4 of the hitachi 1tbs in my new mac pro.. and i really want to do Raid on them eventually.. and buy the pricey apple raid card.. i'll do it.. but speed wise:

How fast is a Sata connection straight from HD>Motherboard... ~75mb/s?
Is the Raid 5 config with all those drives much faster... around ~110mb/s?

Do you know if there is anyway to get a 5th drive into the raid 5 array? using the ODD space.. or some externals too... i need as much as space as possible...

And boot camp wont work with raid card anymore? I was thinking to have the startup disc be a raptor to increase speed on the apps, how would it integrate with the raid card, etc

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Mac Pro :: Software RAID Versus Hardware RAID?

Apr 20, 2010

I am planning on getting a 2010 MP when they come and have a question about it. I am 90% sure that with my budget, I will not be able to after a RAID card. I am wondering if software RAID would be alright or if it's so bad it's not worth doing. Also, there is small chance that I could buy a RAID card later on, how would I install it? I will be using it for 3D animation with Maya and some zbrush modeling. Also I will be doing some Photoshop and illustrator and maybe some gaming on win 7 boot camp. Feel free to list any other pros and cons about either a software RAID or hardware RAID, I wana make sure I have all the details before making a final decision on it.

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Mac Pro :: Setting Up RAID 1 Without RAID Card?

May 15, 2009

I have never setup RAID before and this question may be totally stupid for that matter.

Can I setup RAID 1 (or call it mirroring) without the RAID card? I have two 1TB internal drives in my Mac Pro and I want to mirror them. I don't want to spend another 700 bucks just to setup a mirror.

Disk Utility shows some RAID options, but I am not sure how to use them, or if they will work at all without the RAID card.

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Mac Pro :: Mirror RAID Or A Stripe RAID?

Feb 14, 2010

On my 2009 Mac Pro, OS X's disk utility seems to allow the provision of making a mirror RAID or a stripe RAID.

Is it possible to shove in 2 drives, make a RAID 0 for two of them, and then add in 2 more drives to make a RAID 1 out of that RAID 0? (a RAID 0+1?)

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PowerPC :: What Step To Take Raid Two 300gb Drives And Move Everything Back

Nov 9, 2006

i am considering running a Raid 0 configuration on my Powermac 2x300gb drives. Right now i have duplicated everything onto a 250gb drive and have successfully booted with this drive. Does anybody know what steps i need to talk to Raid the two 300gb drives and move everything back onto them?

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OS X :: Recovering A RAID Drive That Won't Mount?

Oct 8, 2009

I recently bought a Lacie 2big Raid drive with 2 x 1 TB drives for backup of my images (I'm a photographer).

Everything was fine, mounted the drive, formatted, and used SilverKeeper to transfer all my previous work onto the drive which was formatted with RAID 1 (mirrored).

The files all seemed to transfer across fine, size was the same, and I had a quick flick through the drive and images where all ok. So needing to use the drive that these images CAME off, I formatted that, and put that to use where it was needed.

So in summary I had the Lacie RAID 1 as my 2 sources of backup at this point. I thought everything was fine at this point.

Now maybe a few months on when I have to track back for files, I noticed quite a few folders had been corrupted, for example, opening a job folder, and every type of image file, jpeg's, tiffs, and PSD's would all say they are corrupt when I tried to open them in Photoshop. Some of these jobs where 20GB of RAW and edited images, all corrupt.

So, reading through my manual for the Lacie, it said I could remove the 2nd drive, without altering the 1st drives data.

With this I removed the second drive, trying to narrow out any problems with the RAID. Mounted the disc, same corrupt files.

I then replaced the second drive back to the RAID, which the instructions said was fine, and it would just rebuilt the mirror, so I left if for a few hours while it rebuilt the second drive.

Now my problem, the RAID has finished mirroring the drives, and now my MacPro or Powerbook won't let me mount the drive without formatting it which I obviously can't do, It brings up Disk Utility when the drive is switched on and wants me to format the drive to mount it.

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OS X Server :: Create Mirrored RAID Set From Existing Drive And New Drive?

Oct 4, 2006

I have a PowerMac G3 running OS X Server 10.4.7. There is an 80GB ATA boot hard drive and a SATA card and two 250GB SATA drives. One SATA drive is existing and has data on it; I just installed the second one because I want to mirror the 1st drive onto the 2nd one.My questions are: how do I do it? When I try to create a RAID set in the Disk Utility GUI, it says all data will be destroyed. I cancelled that.So I tried diskutil enableRAID mirror disk1, which told me I could only mirror volumes.The volume name is RAID, so I tried diskutil enableRAID mirror /Volumes/RAID which gave me an error "Error enabling disk to RAID Could not unmount disk (-10000)"

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Mac Pro :: Can I Add A New Slice Drive To An Existing Raid Configuration

Feb 27, 2010

I already have a 2x 1tb RAID 0 drive (totaling 2tb). I butchered my old XP machine and ripped out its 1tb drive.My question is, can I add a that old XP 1tb to the exisiting RAID 0 combination?Before you say, I triple backup all my files which are mainly photos so I am aware of the dangers of RAID 0.

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Mac Pro :: JBOD Or Software Share / RAID Drive

Jul 10, 2010

so here is my question/dilemma. I had a server running in RAID0 that had a drive fail so I lost everything. I will be using a large portion of the storage simply to hold media to stream to my TV, so having one large filesystem doesn't give me any benefits. Should I just set up the mac pro with every drive having its own share or should i RAID0 my drives? Im leaning towards a JBOD solution but someone more experienced may be able to give me a better point of view.

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Power Mac G5 :: Adding New Drive To Existing Concatenated Raid?

Nov 23, 2007

Is it possible to add a new 1TB drive to an existing concatenated raid(1TB+1TB)? and is there raid capacity limit, or it's unlimited?

Mac OS X (10.4.10)
Dual 2.5 GHz PPC

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MacBook :: Working Raid 0 Boot Drive On My Aluminum 2.4 Mac?

Mar 15, 2009

I thought i'd share this with everyone if anyone has been interested or curious to do the same, I have installed a Raid 0 setup in my 2.4ghz Aluminum macbook using 250gb and 320gb Seagate 7200.3 2.5" drives with 16mb cache each. The reason its 2 different sizes? Because i'm stupid! I bought the 320 thinking the other drive was 320 aswell- only realising once i had installed both that they were different sizes. Not to fear- the raid would be slowed down by the slowest drive, specification wise they are both the same so no problems there. In fact in my case it creates something which is quite awesome- individual boot partitions on each drive.

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Mac Pro :: 128gb SSD Boot Drive 3tb RAID Performance Options?

Jul 19, 2009

I purchased a 128gb Patriot Torqx to run as the boot drive for my Mac Pro. I know that the new Intels are coming but I am happy with the Patriots and wanted some instant gratification. The machine is definetly snappier but doesn't quite have the pep as my MBP running a 256gb SSD as the sole HDD.
I have (3) 1 TB 5400 rpm drives in a striped RAID array. It seems sometimes when I start an application that lives on the SSD boot drive, the other drives begin to run as well (I can hear them spinning). Any thoughts on what could be done to speed up my system and also make sure that the SSD runs as independent from the traditional Hdd's as possible?I am running a early 2008 Intel 2.8ghz machine, 8 cores, 6gb RAM.

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