ITunes :: Setup Multiple Users With Multiple Devices?

Mar 12, 2012

I'm trying to find the easiest solution to our family music situation.  4 users, 4 devices (ipods, ipad, imac, pc laptops), and 4 different musical song interests.  I'm sure there are millions of households that have the same exact situation.  I want to be able to pull up only my musical library, not my kid's music, and then easily synch it to my ipod.  Everyone in the family wants to do this same thing.  I have spent alot of time trying to search the forums/internet and there does not seem to be one "most popular" solution.  I did setup iCloud for each family member using a different Apple ID than my main Apple ID, and I'm happy that ALL the music shows up on my ipad.  But between iCloud, MobileMe, Home Sharing it all gets very confusing.  Some say to setup multiple computer login accounts, and others say to setup 1 playlist for each family member and synch from that playlist.  

I would think 1 itunes account allows you to easily share a purchased song with 4 users, instead of buying songs twice. 

So here are a few of my questions-

1-Is it best to have only 1 itunes account and then synch all devices off of 1 main computer?   

2-Or since we each have iCloud accounts, will they be able to synch their ipods from their own pc laptop? 

3-And when they synch, what is the easiest way to exclude other users music in itunes? (other than unchecking hundreds of artists) 

4-Or setup 4 separate computer login accounts on the imac and then keep 1 itunes account?  If so, how does this work when they open itunes?  

Imac, Mac OS X (10.5.1)

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ITunes :: Integrate Multiple Devices For Multiple Users?

May 26, 2012

I have a Mac that my wife and I share.  We own and iShuffle, iPod, iTouch and two iPhones.  My wife's iPhone is her own and my iPhone is through work.  We only have one Apple ID and we share our iTunes.  What do I need to do to make all devices work together on iTunes with relative ease?  Do I need to create multiple Apple IDs?  Can we link them together so we don't have to log in and out of iTunes, yet keep it so that what she does with apps / music on her phone doesn't effect what apps / music I move on my phone? 

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Intel Mac :: How To Setup Multiple Users With Different Devices On One Account

May 19, 2012

My partner and I both have iPhones and iPads but share an iMac, as our contacts and calendars go through iCloud, both gets merged when it comes into iCal and contacts. Do we have to set up separate accounts on the iMac to handle this correctly?

iPad, iOS 5.1.1

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ITunes :: Purchases From Multiple Devices?

Mar 15, 2012

Our family has 2 i-phones, an i-pad, an i-mac, and 2 touches.  We use the same Apple account.  We currently have a positve balance on our i-tunes account.Some purchases are deducted from this account while others are put on my credit card.


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OS X :: Sync Multiple Devices To ITunes Library?

Jul 26, 2010

sync my ipad, ipod touch and iphone to the computer and i will be able to sync the songs to all them devices?

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ITunes :: Sync Different Music To Multiple Devices?

Feb 4, 2012

what is the best way to sync different music to multiple devices

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1

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ITunes :: Watching Rentals On Multiple Devices Possible?

Mar 22, 2012

I rented a movie on iTunes on my MacBook. Can I watch it on my iPad or apple tv or is it limited to the device it was rented on?

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ITunes :: Syncing Multiple Devices To One Computer

Jun 4, 2012

We have one mac book, two iphones and an ipad and are having trouble syncing them all to the one computer.I have set up a different user account (with the itunes library shared across all users) for one iphone and ipad (who belong to the one person). However when we connect these devices it states that they have already been synced with an itunes account and will need to erase it to do so. They iphone was set up with an old computer and the new ipad through icloud. I have selected to manually manage the music (both with the old and new computer) but itunes keeps telling me it will have to erase the iphone/ipad to sync with this computer - all we really want to do is put music on the devices but definitely don't want to loose the contacts and all the other information.

iTunes, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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ITunes :: Viewing Purchases On Multiple Devices?

Jun 19, 2012

I bought a tv series on my iPad and want to view it on other devices including an iMac and MacBook pro.  How do I make that happen?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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Applications :: Sharing ITunes Libraries Among Multiple Users?

May 6, 2004

I love iTunes, but ever since my dad and I have gotten iPods (we just ordered my mom a 15gb), I have wanted to share the same music library with two users, so that whenever one user imports something it appears in the other user's library. Both users would have the same music, but they can sync their iPod in their own user name and have different songs checked. I just don't see myself having two copies of my 10gb+ music library on the same computer. There must be a way...

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ITunes :: Playing Music From Multiple Libraries/devices?

Feb 7, 2012

Is it possible to play music from multiple libraries over a single device, with control over the playlist possible from multiple devices/computers? Baiscally, in one of my smaller offices, everyone has a Mac or PC with iTunes, along with various iPads, iPhones etc etc. They randomly pick some tunes to play from each of their individual machines.

I would like to setup a system where there is a single device (Mac/PC/Airplay/Apple TV etc) with decent speakers, where anyone can submit a track(s) to play from their library, be it on their Mac, iPad iPhone etc. to stream through the central system.I would then imagine using the Remote app to control it.

They should all be able to submit tracks simultanously, rather that one device connecting with a Airplay at a time. This would also work in a party senario. Guest rock up, pair their device with the system, and they can all submit track(s) from their device and it goes into the playlist...

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ITunes :: Put All Music From Multiple Computers / Devices Onto One External Hard Drive?

Jul 5, 2012

I have two desktop macs, a macbook air, two iPads, and two iPhones. I have one Apple account that I use for all music - including music my college aged kids download.  My problem is that I would like to get all the music into one library, delete the duplicates, then have the external drive store all the music.  Is there a practical way to do this?  This way I can set up my devices so that they all have the same music and playlists. 

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Applications :: Saving And Syncing Music / Single ITunes Account With Multiple Users?

Jan 7, 2009

I bought an imac 24" 4 months ago and set up individual access accounts on the mac for me and my daughters. I then set up an itunes account for each and I started to pay into their accounts for them to purchase some music and all was fine after syncing each nano with their access account and itunes account.

However, it quickly became apparent that they could not share their music between account even though they are on the same computer. I have tried various searches but to be honest some of the methods suggested I just dont understand hence my appearance here.

Can I now save the music they have purchased etc and take it all to one account and then sync them again with the one itunes account or would i be better to keep the different accounts and change the set-up so that they can see and sync with each others music.

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OS X :: Can Have Multiple Users On Mac

Aug 23, 2009

Can you have multiple users on mac

If yes explain :ap ple:

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Mac Pro :: Multiple Display Users On One?

Mar 23, 2009

Alright so this is what I want to do and I need to know if its possible before I waste some money. I have the 2.8 Octo with 2 24" monitors and 16 gb ram and an 8800gt. Me and my future wife both like to play WoW. I know you can open multiple instances of WoW with separate accounts, but what I need to know is can I set up my dual monitor setup to act as if it is two separate computers with 2 keyboards and 2 mice so we can play together without having to purchase a whole second computer? I'm willing to buy another GFX card if I have to along with the second mouse and keyboard since that would still be cheaper then buying another computer.

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OS X :: Installing Multiple Users?

Apr 3, 2009

are Mac and third party apps in general (if its possible to generalise?)

The reason I ask is that on Win XP (my iMac is "in the post" :-) its hit and miss what happens when you install an app. Sometimes they ask if this install is for multiple users, other times they don't (iTunes being one of the worst offenders) and then the first time another user logs on or uses the app they get a very confusing (to them) license acceptance screen.

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Intel Mac :: How To Set Up Multiple Users

Mar 23, 2012

how do we set up multiple users?

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OS X :: Setting Up The Dock For Multiple Users?

Sep 25, 2009

I am setting up a MIDI Lab with five computers, to be used by many students with a unique user name. My IT dept has given me administrative privilege since they no nothing about Macs and basically just told me "you set everything up. We're not touching them."

I spent hours installing software, including Finale 2010, getting the MIDI set up just right, which can be a tedious process. The problem is, when a student signs on to any of the computers, finale doesn't show up in the dock, and the MIDI settings need to be setup. Once the studnet sets themselves up correctly on one computer, the settings only apply there. Should they end up on a different computer the next day, they need to do it all over again!

Is there some administrative trick to making sure the settings I change, apply to all users?

They are iMacs running Leopard.

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OS X :: Multiple Users - Set Individual Log Out Options?

Aug 8, 2010

I have multiple users on my home network. This network is also hooked into my media server and home entertainment system using MediaLink. I'd like to set the user accounts to log out after 'X' time of inactivity. However, I would also like to ensure the Admin account (which manages the media server) never logs out and runs in the background. If I go to: System Preferences>Security>General>Logout after _ mins of inactivity It creates a global setting for all accounts. I've tried under individual accounts and the Administrator account and the setting creates a Logout command for all accounts. Is there a way to have just certain accounts log out after _ mins of inactivity?

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OS X :: Change Default Permissions With Multiple Users?

Jan 3, 2007

my wife and i share a computer, but use seperate accounts for seperate mail accounts, etc. here is a problem that bothers me from time to time: when one of us creates a new file/folder, by default it is read-only to the other user. we are both administrators on the machine, but still we run into permissions issues. for myself, i can override the settings for a particular file/folder by changing the permissions, but my wife is not so technical. we trust eachother and prefer to have complete access to eachother's files, since we share many.

is there a way to set default permissions for new files/folders to be more open, easier to share with multiple users? also a related question i've had is, is it possible to share a common iphoto/itunes library between two different user accounts? for example, when one person uploads a new itunes album or new photos, for the other person's library to be automatically updated as well?

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OS X :: Unable To Shut Down With Multiple Users Active

Apr 16, 2009

I enabled the Mac equivalent to fast user switching (allows more than 1 profile to be logged in); when I want to shut down the system I get box that says other people are signed on, if you want to shut down, enter user name and password.

The problem is that no matter which user id/password combo I put in, it is not recognized; not even either of the admin users.

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Software :: ICal Sharing Between Multiple Users?

Jun 14, 2010

I have one iMac with two user accounts and want to share my iCal between users. It doesn't matter which account is master (if a master is necessary).

How do I set this up?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Transfer A User To A Second Mac With Multiple Users?

Feb 16, 2012

I'd like to migrate from iMac #1, which has only 1 user, to iMac #2, which has 3 users.

Ideally, the user from iMac #1 would replace one of the users on iMac #2, or, it could be a new user on iMac #2. 

iMac, 24"

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ICloud :: Switching Multiple Users From Mobileme?

Mar 24, 2012

When switvhing from mobileme to icloud with two users on one account, do they both need to switvh at once or can they be done independently?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Combine The Info From Multiple Users To One?

Jun 18, 2012

I recently used migration assistant and transfered all my data from my old samsung laptop to my mac. When it was finished I went to organize the data and could not find it, untill i restared my mac and discoverd two users. First user was one from when I started up my mac and created, the second had the picture from my old user on my old laptop..needless to say i figured out thats where all my transfered data went but that is not useful to me at all and i just want it combined on my main user account. all i want is the files and such all on my main user or both users combined somehow, is that possible?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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IMac (Intel) :: Using IPhoto Across Multiple Users?

Dec 2, 2014

I've created a joint account, one for my self and one for my wife as we both have apple id's. I have transferred photos from my windows laptop to the shared folder in 'macintosh' so this library is available for all three user profiles, however there are folders within i would like only for designated users. 

How can I save these folders to the picture folder when logged in to a specific account? I would then like to delete these folders from the shared library. 

At the moment I can only click on the iPhoto library which takes me there and shows me the folders but i cannot see anyway of selecting specific folders and moving them to another location. 


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Hardware :: Using A Bluetooth Keyboard With Multiple Devices?

Jul 8, 2010

Is their a software utility or some way to quickly un-pair my bluetooth keyboard from my imac and then pair it with my ipad or iphone?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Multiple Devices Same Mail Accounts?

May 16, 2012

Does anyonme know if when you have multiple mac products (i.e. I have an iPad, iPhone, Macbook and an iMac) and you have the same mail accounts set up on all of them if can set it that when you read an eamil on one device it appears as read on all the other devices? Annoying having to go through all 4 devices to "read" the emails.

Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Air :: Any Way To Connect Multiple Thunderbolt Devices?

Jun 21, 2012

Is there any way to connect botha Thunderbolt -> Gigabit ethernet adaptera Thunderbolt -> DVI adapter (to connect a non-apple 27" TFT)to my macbook air (late 2011). Since it only has 1 thunderbolt connection, isn't there some kind of "1 -> multiple" thunderbolt hub device?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Can Connect Multiple Devices To Hotspot

Sep 5, 2014

I have turned my MacBook Pro Retina into a hotspot and can connect multiple devices.   

However, when I try to access the internet from the MacBook Pro while the hotspot is active, I cannot connect. 

Is there some setting I am missing? 

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012)

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