IMac :: Freezing To Blank Screen?

Jul 3, 2010

I need your opinions; since the 10.6.3 update my iMac has begun to freeze to a blank screen. I think this may be a sign of a dying logic board, however I question this as I don't have the freezing problem with 10.6.2. Picture of blank screen attached.

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IMac :: Keeps Beeping With Blank Screen?

Dec 6, 2009

Not even a week old!! Computer was asleep for about 2 days, woke it up the same way with a few taps on the keyboard and it just started to beep. Tried to turn it off but nothing. Nothing on the screen, just beeping. Pushed the power button and beeping. Unplugged it and waited 5 minutes and pushed power button and beeping with nothing on screen. Its sunday and it hurts my stomach to think about the lengthy process this will be to get a new one or get it fixed. My wife says to call, but I tell her that if there even isn't anything on the screen then what can they do over the phone. Is it possible the memory went bad. What would cause this? Its plugged in a power strip.

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Software :: Getting Blank White Screen On New IMac?

Oct 31, 2009

For some reason, a friend of mine is having issues with her new iMac (one generation back). Here is what she emailed me about the situation:

Here�s what happens in greater detail. I quit or force quit all open applications. I press the ON/OFF button until the screen goes black. I wait several minutes and press the same button ON. I get the Apple cord sound and a blank white screen. The Apple icon does not come on; nothing happens. That�s when I close it down again and disconnect it from the back and reconnect it (a few seconds). Then I press the O/F button and the Apple cord sound AND the Apple icon come back, the system revs back up. All all is well � except for the ball coming back...

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IMac :: Windows 7 Installation - Blank Screen After Restart

Nov 20, 2009

Just got the new iMac quad core i7, purchased Windows 7 Home Premium and having trouble getting it to install using Boot Camp it goes through all the steps I partitioned 350 gig then formatted went thorough the install steps, it reboots and finishes the install, then reboots but nothing happens its just a black screen

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MacBook Air :: Why Is Laptop Going Blank And Freezing Up

Jun 19, 2014

My computer has been saying that my desktop is getting full the amount of space on it so i have been trying to delete everything that i could so that i can update my computer, and as i am doing that, my computer restarted and so then i would sign in to my account and then it would just go completely blank.  I can't see anything my computer keyboard will make noises if i touch any buttons.

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Hardware :: Intel Imac Chime When Started But Screen Is Blank?

Nov 4, 2009

I did a pram reset but that did nothing (I heard the initial chime and the one after the reset....still the same problem.) I'm a bit worried because I don't hear the hard drive starting up.

Some more info... Intel Imac 17" (late 2006 model), 512 mb of RAM, running 10.4 (I think). I am not familiar troubleshooting macs but I am troubleshooting PCs.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Screen On IMac Started To Go Blank - Only Way To Recover Was To Re-boot?

May 23, 2012

Some weeks ago the screen on my iMac started to go blank. The only way to recover was to re-boot. The problem got worse until the machine became un-usable. I tried everything I knew, including switching off and unplugging to reset the pram as suggested, but eventually took it to the Apple Store where the 'expert' reset the pram the old way holding down the cmd/opt/p/r keys on startup. Problem solved (why do Apple give bad advice to clear the pram?).

Something had corrupted the software that drives the screen. The only program that I could think might have done that was ScreenRecycler which I have now stopped using. However, the problem has started to re-appear, the only new program I have used is Audirvana which being a music program should not affect the screen.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), printer, scanner, ATVs, external hard drives, USB DAC

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IMac :: Screen Freezing When Fullscreen Video And When Running?

Jan 4, 2011

I purchased a new 27 inch 2.8 imac 2 months ago I'm having problems with the computer/screen going black (sometimes grey with vertical lines) and freezing.

This happens frequently when I'm playing World of Warcraft but has recently started to happen when I'm watching youtube videos in full screen. (Do you think its the graphics card?) I originally ran WOW in bootcamp but I had this problem in Windows as well. The only thing I can do when this happens is force the computer off. This happened so often that something got damaged and I had to reinstall OSX. Since this incident I have not reinstalled Windows via bootcamp.

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IMac :: Display Got Black And White Lines / On Starting Screen Goes Blank

Jul 22, 2008

So for the first time in over a year since I purchased it, my iMac crashed twice.The first time was this morning, i went to do something and the screen went black, and my secondary display got black and white lines. I had to restart. And the boot screen with the apple logo hung around for a while.

Then, later on the screen went whacky after trying to wake it from sleep (not full sleep just display sleep) and had a bunch of moving lines and then I couldn't see anything. So luckily I got a picture. After restart, it seems fine.I'll call apple care in the morning, but thought i'd try my luck here.

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IMac (Intel) :: Screen Had Vertical Black And White Line And Is Now Blank

Sep 10, 2014

My screen had black and white vertical lines pop up over the entire screen then went blank and now at a restart the password then loading spinning circle happens then I get a blank white screen.It's a 27 in Intel iMac that is about 2011/12 purchase

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), OS X Mountain Lion

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IMac PPC :: Installing Leopard On New Hard Drive - G5 Displaying Blank Blue Screen

May 29, 2012

I have just got an old 2004 G5 and thrown a brand new hard drive in it. When i tried to install leopard (which I'm told would be the best operating system to use) it comes up with a blank blue screen!

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PowerPC :: Imac G5 Powering On - Screen Stays Blank - Light Blue - Picture With Question Mark Appears

Jul 15, 2008

so i go to turn my imac on tonight and it makes the normal noise when it always turns on but the screen stays blank(light blue)....after about 2 minutes this little picture of a folder with a question mark shows up in the middle of the screen. it keeps making this clicking noise as well. ive tried unplugging everything and restarting it here is a pic of what the thing that pop ups looks like [URL]

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Intel Mac :: Clicked The Mouse To Open The Password Screen, & A Blank Blue/black Screen Appeared?

Jul 3, 2012

New to Mac computers. When trying to open computer after being in sleep mode, I clicked the mouse to open the password screen, & a blank blue/black screen appeared & the mouse timer( colored circle) appeared, as if to be waiting. I had to unplug the computer to reboot it. This has happened twice in 2 days.

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011)

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Software :: IBook G4 Freezing Before Login Screen / Grey Screen With The Apple And The Spinning Circle?

May 20, 2009

before I went to bed, I was playing the Sims 2, when my iBook G4 crashed. Our power cord can be a bit dodgy, so sometimes that happens. I didn't really think about it much, just closed the laptop and went to sleep.Last Monday morning, I opened it and pressed the power button. It began turning on, and got as far as the grey screen with the apple and the spinning circle. And then it just froze. The circle stopped turning.

I freaked out a bit, and restarted it a bunch of times, each time with the same result. (One time it stopped spinning, and then told me a restart was required. Huh. The rest of the times the exact same thing happened though.) I even tried unplugging and removing the battery, but it made no difference. So eventually I just shut it and decided to try again later.Last Tuesday I opened it and pressed the power button without much hope, and again the apple and circle came up just fine, then stopped, but then a bunch of words and numbers popped up.I'm a complete computer noob, but they don't look good to me... or are they good?

Kernel version:
Darwin Kernel Version 7.9.0:
Wed Mar 30 20:11:17 PST 2005; root:xnu/xnu-517.12.7.obj~1/REEASE_PPC

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IMac :: Intel IMAC Wont Start - Monitor Blank?

Jun 11, 2009

I have an Intel IMAC, which is now out of warranty as I have had it for 16 months (and I was dumb enough not to get AppleCare). A few days back, my computer would not startup and everytime I hit the power button, I would hear some spinning noise but no chime from the iMAC. Yesterday, I tried it again and this time I heard the chime but the monitor did not start. I was then able to SSH into the MAC and see that it is indeed connected to the network and booted up, but the screen is still dead. Any ideas what I should do before the painful trip to the apple store ?

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IMac :: Blank DVD CDs Eject From IMac - Can't Burn To Disc?

Sep 20, 2008

When I try inserting blank (brand-new) CD+ or CD- and DVD+ or DVD- discs, the slot-drive seems to accept the disc just fine. But then. I hear 2 short "whirrs", nothing for about 10 seconds, 2 short "whirrs", nothing for about 10 seconds, 2 short "whirrs", then the disc is ejected.I have experimented w/different discs & get the same results each time: drive accepts the disc for about 30 seconds, never mounts it on desktop, then ejects it.

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OS X :: Mac Seems To Work But Has Blank Screen

Sep 15, 2009

When finished, I normally put my mac into standby mode instead of turning the power off. Last night, I did the same. When I tried to power on today it seems like my mac is working (the buttons beep when pressed and hear the hardrive), however, the screen is blank (never turned on). I believe if I can actually turn my mac off and on again it may fix it, however, I have already tried taking the battery out and putting back in to no avail and I think everytime I try by pressing the power button it goes into standby mode. Is there a way i can force my mac to turn off instead of going into stanby mode by pressing certain buttons since I can't see the screen?

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MacBook :: What Does A Blank Screen Mean

Feb 5, 2012

what does a blank screen mean?

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MacBook Air :: Screen Gets Blank - Need To Restart

Dec 21, 2010

Got this mac friday but haven't really played with it before yesterday. My problem is:

1) Yesterday I went for logging in to facebook, but suddenly the screen went green? Had to close the mac down and start it again.
2) After I had turned it on and was on the desktop the screen (with me doing nothing) went white, and I had to do the same again.
3) This morning when I wanted to turn the mac on, it wouldn't! But few hours later I tried again and there I could turn it on by pressing esc + start button.

Should I call for a replacement? (Already had two - 1 with dead pixel and 1 with creaking).

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MacBook :: Screen Goes Blank When Being Moved / Fix It?

Dec 21, 2010

1 month past warranty expiration and now my screen goes blank when I adjust the angle. Is this usually something major or just loose connection?

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MacBook Pro :: Blank Screen - Hiccup?

Jan 1, 2011

I was using it in my bedroom, it was plugged in. I went to make some food, and upon my return I am greeted by a blank screen, probably just a hiccup right? So I held the power button down expecting it to spring back in to life. But it didn't. It wouldn't turn back on. At all. Luckily, I thought, I have my old 2006 Macbook that I keep as a back up just for times like this. As it hasn't been turned on for a while, the low battery warning comes on, so I plug it in. 10 seconds later, it hibernates. I switch it back on, but it keeps hibernating for no good reason. So I think restarting it will solve the problem. It didn't. It too, now wouldn't turn back on. At all.

In the space of a few minutes, they both completely died. I've tried resetting SMC, PRAM, everything I've found on Apple's support page and forums like this. Nothing has worked. The light on the power cable glows orange when plugged in, so it is still charging, and the battery indicator lights on the side of the MBP work fine. Aside from that, they are both completely lifeless...........

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PowerPC :: Powerbook Blank Screen Appear?

Sep 30, 2006

I've got a 15in aluminium powerbook, a couple of years old. So far I've had nearly everything go wrong with it. replaced screen, knackered hd, ram port failiure, and a battery that lasts 10 minutes.

I recently replaced the harddrive, as the standard issue one packed up a few times. I followed the instructions on website. To my delight I actually managed to do it, and the pb worked well for a few weeks. Then suddenly, the screen froze and faded to white. So far I've tried everything -

Resetting the pmu. Resetting the pram and nvram. Opened it up to check I reconnected everything.
and checked to see if the hd is still working starting it up from another computer, and it works fine. Everythings still there. Someone also said if you hold 'R' key down on start up it resets the lcd.

The screen still seems to turn black after a little while, indicating the energy saver is still on. I'm thinking I may have dislodged an lcd connection or something?

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Mac Mini :: When I Turn On The LCD Every Day, The Screen Is Blank?

Feb 10, 2009

I have a problem with my mini/quicktime setup and i was hoping for some help from you all at macrumors...

Here is the setup

This system is setup for a admissions office in which we have a mac mini set up to a LCD screen that is all mounted on a wall.

we have the mini on timer to come on from 1230-5pm and when the mini comes on, quicktime is set to automatically open and play the admissions video.

Now here is the problem:

when I turn on the LCD every day, the screen is blank but Ican still hear the video, I figured it was in hibernation so i move the mouse and hit the keyboard and nothing. i need to push the power button and hold it for a couple seconds then the movie comes on but the video is choppy.

here are the specs on the mini: 1.25 power pc G4, 512 Ram.

its old but its only function is to play this video...

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MacBook Pro :: Blank Screen On 2008

Jul 2, 2009

when I turn on my computer there is a blank screen. You can still hear the normal noises coming from the computer like any normal boot-up. But if I let my computer sit for a while without turning it on, it will turn on with weird almost static noises. If I force shut down then try again, I get the normal boot-up noises. I tried the safe boot-up method,holding down the shift button while turning the computer on, but no dice. I actually tried this method on both the good and static noise boot-up.

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MacBook Pro :: Screen Went Blank But Computer Still On

Jul 25, 2009

Yesterday I was working with my MBP in one of my client's office and the computer went blank. The screen turn to black and it was still ON. I had to press the ON/OFF button to shut the computer.

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Windows On Mac :: Blank Screen When Trying To Install XP SP2?

Oct 29, 2009

I am trying to set up boot camp on my new mac mini. The primary reason is that 10.6 intel macs don't support my version of mac photoshop (Photoshop 7). I have an XP version of photoshop installed on my old laptop, and want to boot XP on my mac and move it over. However, when I tried to install Boot Camp, and re-started with the windows CD in from Boot Camp, I had a gray screen for a bit, then a blank screen.

I have a brand new Mac Mini, with OS X 10.6, and I set up the boot camp partition successfully. My windows CD is XP with SP2 as apple claims is required.

Additionally, I have an external hard drive with a .bkf file on it from a backup of my old PC laptop that has photoshop in it, but I can't extract that to my BOOTCAMP drive, at least without windows already installed on it.

I tried some other windows CD's, and a windows DVD that are supposed to be bootable borrowed from friends, using the boot camp application, with the CD in, at least XP SP 2, and I still got a blank screen as it re-started, and thus have been unable to install windows.

Is there another way I could install windows? Perhaps from my .BKF file? Is there something I might be doing wrong? I do have an older monitor, a viewsonic 17 inch, and I'm using an apple adapter. Could it be that windows install CD's don't support my graphics card? If so, how am I supposed to install windows? Also, my keyboard doesn't seem to be recognized either. It is a macally ikey extended keyboard, and I can't even get the caps lock light to turn on while it is trying to load of the windows XP disk with boot camp.

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Mac Pro :: Blank Screen Part Way Through Start-up

Aug 23, 2010

My Mac Pro arrived today and of the six or so times I've restarted this has happened three times:

I get the normal grey Apple logo screen then as it switches to the login screen the screen goes black. The monitor doesn't go into sleep mode, it thinks its getting a signal. If I hit the power button and put the Mac to sleep then wake it up the login screen appears.

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Software :: After Login The Screen Goes Blank?

Aug 27, 2008

I had a power outage while the computer was running, and now whenever I try to login as my admin, after the password part it just goes light blue. Full screen blank out. I can use my non-admin accounts and use the admin password to change permissions.

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Software :: Got Blank Screen On IBook (800 MHz)

Sep 27, 2008

I have a MAC IBook (800 MHz 32VRAM) ibook and when I turned it on this morning I got a blank screen. I tried turning it off and on several times to no avail. I know the computer is on because when I touch the sound button (F5) I could hear the noise, but I have just a blank screen. I am assuming its a monitor problem or did I touch a function(s) key by mistake and it blanked the screen.

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Software :: Mac OS X Only Turns On To Blank Screen

Jul 8, 2009

Suddenly when I tried to turn on my computer it didn't go all the way. Didn't even load to login. Just a blank white screen.

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