Windows On Mac :: Unable To Get In Windows 7 64 Bit With 24" IMac (2008)?

Sep 11, 2010

I've been googling like crazy and just can't find any real answer. I have a 24" iMac and installed Windows 7 64 bit.

I managed to install the Boot Camp drivers from my Leopard disc but I now have no sound - not that I had it before installing the drivers.

Figured it must be an issue with the old Boot Camp not entirely supporting Windows 7 and tried to install the newer drivers from my Snow Leopard disc (the one I got with my Macbook Pro - late 2009) but I can't run these.

First I try to run the setup file in the Boot Camp directory on the disc but it gives me an error which says: "Boot Camp x64 is unsupported on this computer model.

" So I try to run the BootCamp64 file in the Boot Camp/Drivers/Apple directory on the disc, but this gives me another error: "This installation requires elevated privileges. Launch this installer through setup.exe."

So what am I supposed to do?

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Start Windows 7 On 27" IMac?

Jan 20, 2010

Just heard about the new support for Windows 7 yesterday.

I have a copy of Windows 7 Pro x64 (Downloaded an ISO from DigitalRiver and burned to a DVD. I paid for the license back in october. it was a digital download.)

I was going to download the 3.1 bootcamp update, but saw it was an exe which I guess means I have to install it in Windows after I install the OS?

Followed all the instructions listed here:

Everything seems to install fine, it goes through the whole process and then restarts which leaves me with a black screen ever after 30 mins.

I tried doing the whole process over again from the beginning while I went to the store. Came back and it appeared the computer was sleeping so I clicked the magic mouse and the computer awoke with a black screen still.

(Found this interesting because doesn't that mean the bluetooth is working fine?)

I am at a loss guys? What should I do to get Windows 7 Pro x64 working on my iMac?

P.S. this is the imac I have:

27-inch: 3.06GHz, ATI Radeon HD 4670 graphics with 256MB, 4GB RAM

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OS X :: Office 2008 Unable To Save To Windows Shares On Snow Leopard

Nov 24, 2009

Word 2008, Excel 2008, and Powerpoint 2008 are unable to save to windows shares when saving a file in compatiblity mode such as a .doc file. It saves fine saving the files in the new xml format such as a .docx file. I have double checked the share permissions and they are fine since I can save in the new document format and in other applications such as dragging and dropping files in finder. The error message I get when trying to save to a windows share from Word is as follows....

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Windows 7 64-bit On IMac / Unable To Do Anything?

Dec 24, 2009

Okay, I'm about to go crazy over this. I have a 24" mid 2007 iMac; 2.4 C2D. I purchased a legal msdn download of Windows 7 Professional; 64-bit with my education discount. I currently have Windows XP on my bootcamp partition. I knew that I would have to do a clean install, but I've been unable to do anything. First, I burned the ISO onto a dvd using microsoft's utility. When I restarted and booted, it came up with:


2. Select CD-ROM type

...and hangs there. I looked up a lot of stuff, and then burned the ISO in another imaging app. I've tried installing from boot camp setup assistant, booting from the disk, even tried installing inside of VMWare Fusion. Nothing has worked. I would do the USB thumbdrive installation, but from what I understand, the EFI doesn't permit you to boot from USB.

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Windows On Mac :: Load Back Into Windows 7 / Unable To View Partition In System Preferences

Jan 7, 2011

just trying to get back into Windows 7 after installing it via Boot Camp. Only thing is that holding down the option key during restart does nothing, and although the partition in which Windows 7 is installed under shows up in finder, I am unable to view it in system preferences so that I can boot from it. Any advice?

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Windows 7 Home / Unable To Find Boot Camp Update 3.1

Jul 26, 2010

hi! i'm planning to install windows 7 64-bit in my mbp, problem is i looked at the requirements needed and it stated that i needed boot camp update 3.1. i checked my boot camp version and it stated that i had 3.0.1, tried using software update, but states that i had no updates available. what should i do? and what else do i have to keep in mind while installing windows using boot camp. thanks in advance!

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Windows On Mac :: Stuck On Windows Vista Home Premium / Unable To Select Operating System

Mar 9, 2008

I installed Windows Vista, and Vista boots up fine. However, I hold down the command keys when starting my computer up again, and it won't let me select Mac OS X. It just starts Vista.

On "My Computer" in Vista I see "Bootcamp (C" and "Macintosh HD (E in my Hard Disks Drives. Also, whenever I start up Vista it tells me something about a wrongly formatted drive. My files are still all in the Mactintosh HD drive, but I don't know how to start up Mac OS X.

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Install IMac/m74 Gddr3_16mx32?

Dec 16, 2009

Newish 20" iMac (black border around glass).

Wiped clean and installed Snow Leopard, ran boot camp wizard and gave the windoze partition 100 GB, then rebooted.

No matter what disc I try to boot from (Windows 7 burned, Windows 7 pressed from microsoft, Windows XP SP3) I just get a black screen with white lettering in the top left that reads:

113-B22505-011 M74 GDDR3_16Mx32 64bit

Haven't been able to find anything on google. I figured the win7 might be problematic due to the way microsoft makes their discs (have had to burn mac-friendly dvd versions in the past) but I can't figure out why the XP cd wouldn't work...

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Download Windows 7 Beta On Macbook 2.4 Unibody

Jan 23, 2009

When i go to the link and select either the 32bit or 64bit version it takes me to this web page. displays a banner that says windows.

Am I missing something for the download to be successful?

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Work With Windows 7 Boot Camp Drivers

Feb 15, 2009

So i installed windows 7 on my macbook (not aluminum) and when i go to install the boot camp drivers off of the retail leopard CD i get an error that says that I can't because it only installs on vista or XP. My laptop came with Tiger CD's so i can't get them off of there.

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Install Windows From .exe / Parallels Asks For A CD Or CD Image?

May 13, 2009

I have parallels 4 installed and I want to install windows XP. My school gives us legal copies of windows 98 and a windows xp upgrade. However, neither of these comes in the form of a CD image. They are both .exe files. Parellels asks for a CD or CD image. Is there a way to install windows 98 from an .exe in parallels?

And if so will I be able to use the windows xp upgrade once i have windows 98 installed? I haven't yet tried creating a CD image with the exe file on it. I don't know if this would work because it's all in one file and not a typical windows install disk.

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Find Windows 7 Installation Bootcamp

Jul 1, 2010

I seem to be rather confused after reading so many websites which say its possible to install windows 7 upgrade over xp by custom install in bootcamp.

I purchased a windows 7 upgrade which I have downloaded as a ".img" file.

However, bootcamp doesnt recognize my .img disc.

I have tried converting the .img to a .iso, and then burning the .iso as a iso disc, but still no luck. (Im not sure if its because of Active iso software Im using to burn the discs or if im doing something wrong.)

I have a legit version of XP already running via bootcamp.

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Find Drivers For 27" IMac?

Nov 13, 2009

Anyone know where I can get drivers for Win XP SP3 for the new 27" iMac.

I install XP with SP3 and after I install the SL disk nothing gets recognized ethernet chipset display sound nothing works after the restart.

Even if someone could point me to the ethernet driver that would be a start since I could just run Windows Update and maybe that would find the rest of the crap.

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IMac :: Unable To Fix Boot Camp / Can't Install Windows

May 1, 2010

I own every piece of software and hardware from Apple there is and I cannot understand that it seems that everything is about the iPad and iPhone right now. I have been having these issues since I got my 27" iMac. I can install Windows 7 just fine on my MacBook Pro and my previous 24" iMac.

Ever since I got the 27" iMac I get a black screen when installing Windows. I have found some posts that have a way around it, which seemed to have worked but now I am getting the blue screen of death. Doesn't matter if Windows 7 is supported by Apple or not but Boot Camp is and it should be corrected.

There is no excuse that after 6 months this issue has still to be addressed, all Apple talks about now is iPad and iPhone, I am sick of it.
BTW I own an iPad and I don't see the big fuss about it, I bought it mainly to read books and watch Netflix on the go.

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IMac :: Unable To Install Windows Xp / Stuck With White Screen

Mar 29, 2010

My brother got an iMac and yesterday he tried to install windows xp with boot camp. But unfortunately he made a mistake and the iMac shut down. Now the mac is stuck with a windows xp in it, and when he tries to start up the computer, it says "the start-up sound" and just stays with white screen. It sounds like the mac reads from the xp cd when it starts, but I can't get the cd out.I have looked everywhere and tried everything:

Hold down the primary mousebutton while it's starting,
Hold down "fn" and the "eject" button while it's starting,
and hold down "alt" while it's starting

I can't find any "pin-hole" to a paperclip or something.

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IMac (Intel) :: Unable To Connect Windows 8.1 PC To Airport Signal

Dec 1, 2014

I've spent the past few hours attempting to connect my new Windows 8.1 laptop to my iMac's Airport signal without any success.  I was able to do this very thing using Windows 7 on an old laptop. From what I've been reading, it seems that the ability to connect to networks secured with "WEP-Shared" type security has been removed in Windows 8 because of the fact that it was outdated and insecure. It's great that Microsoft is trying to force individuals to be secure, but unfortunately the iMac's airport utility does not offer any alternatives.


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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Work With Aero In Windows 7 RC

Jul 13, 2009

I just installed Windows 7 RC and I installed all the bootcamp drivers that were in the Disc 1 that came with my mac. It installed everything else like the sound fine but I can't get the Aero feature to work.

Also, I tried installing Flash and it said it installed but when I open up Firefox, it tells me Flash is not installed.

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IMac :: Unable To Install Windows 7 Premium / Bootcamp Black Screen Appears

Feb 1, 2010

iMac 27" i7 with OS X v 10.6.x when I create the bootcamp partition for windows 7 and I install from my original DVD of Windows 7. I format the partition during the install of windows 7 and on the first reboot after windows 7 first part of the install, the screen shows the Windows 7 logo and says continuing installation and then a black screen and then nothing.

I have to hard power off the iMac and then it starts over says the thing about the system didn't shut down properly and gives me the option to start safe mode etc. and does the same thing each time.

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IMac :: Using Windows With Bootcamp And Parallelism - Can Both Programs Access The Same Instance Of Windows

Oct 25, 2009

If you set up boot camp with run windows and then also want to run windows with parallel, do you need two licenses of Windows to do this? Or can both programs access the same instance of Windows?

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Windows On Mac :: IMac I5 27" Windows 7 Bootcamp Display Port Out?

Jan 18, 2010

I have installed Windows 7 on a Bootcamp partition and use VM Fusion as well, I am trying to get my Windows 7 desktop onto my Plasma TV when I have only Windows 7 booted.

I have a mini displayport to DVI adapter (not worried about sound right now) but when boot into Windows I cannot find the TV as a output setting.

It used to be with my old PC I would see the TV as a possible output and I could chose either Dualscreens or simply set the Plasma as the main display.

Could someone please help me achieve this with my iMac? Am I missing a driver or just missing a setting?

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Windows On Mac :: Installed Boot Camp And Windows On New Imac?

Jun 26, 2006

I just installed boot camp and windows on my new imac. Everything seems to be working great. I noticed, however, that on the mac keyboard there is not an "insert" button or a "num lock" button. Is there a link or manual to figure out which buttons I can use for the windows apps?

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Mac Mini :: Loading Windows 2008 R2 On Server

Nov 13, 2010

I am trying to load Windows 2008 R2 on a brand new mac mini server. I have a USB DVD burner hooked up with the 2008 DVD inserted. I hold down option(alt) and then choose the CD to boot off of. It then said hit any key to boot from CD, I do, then I get a black bar across the bottom that says loading windows files. That bar take a minute or so to completely go to the right, and then the process does not continue any further. I don't really feel like I should need to use BootCamp to complete this as I only want to use this as a 2008 server, and I want 100% of the hard drive capacity dedicated as so. Secondly, does anyone know if I will have the opportunity to set things up to use the two internal drives in a striped RAID 0, and still boot from them?

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Applications :: Maximizing Windows In Word 2008?

Feb 4, 2009

First, I understand that the green button maximizes the window to fit the contents. Here is my problem...

Word maximizes the window as though the view is set to 100%. When I use Word, however, I always have the view set to 125%. So, when I maximize the window, it acts as though the view is set to 100% and some text gets cut off.

I hope that made sense - It's really more of an annoyance than anything.

Also, why does the green button maximize to full screen for some apps (e.g. firefox), but not others? I swear it has a mind of its own!

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Windows On Mac :: Office 2008 Won't Detect New Updates?

Aug 27, 2009

I just installed Office 2008 on Mac OS X 10.5.8, but I can't seem to get the system to detect Office updates; it won't even detect Office 2008 SP1. Every time I try to get Office to detect new updates, it gives me the following message:

There are no updates available for your Microsoft software at this time. Please check again later.

which is funny because there obviously ARE new updates. I know that I can simply download the updates manually from the Microsoft support site (which I did to install SP1), but I am curious as to what the source of the problem is, and if it can be fixed. I have had Office 2008 installed on the same machine before, but had to reinstall it. Before reinstalling, it detected updates just fine. Now it won't!

I also installed the most recent version of Microsoft Autoupdate 2.1.1, but it didn't seem to work.

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Mac Mini :: Install Windows Server 2008?

Jun 28, 2012

I have a Mac Mini 2007 1.83 intel core 2 duo that i read is a 64 bit system? well i am trying to install windows server 2008 trial which i downloaded directly from the microsoft site. i then burned it to a disk using disk utility on my regular imac. When i put it in my mac mini though it gets to the boot up where it should be installing and says " non-system disk or no disk please insert a different disk and hit any key" i dont understand why it is doing this though. i but a ubuntu 11.10 iso disk in and it can read it just fine.

Mac mini

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Windows On Mac :: IMac Sound Quality With Windows?

Sep 23, 2010

I recently got my new iMac 27" i7 and I have successfully installed Windows XP via Boot Camp. I have everything up and running except I believe there's a sound quality issue. When I play music on the Mac OS side it seems very clear and precise. However, when music is played via Windows the sound seems to have deteriorated, almost hollow or more muffled?

Has anybody else experienced this? Is this normal for Windows or this a driver issue?

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Windows On Mac :: Keyboard For Running Windows On IMac?

Nov 15, 2010

I'm a 25-year PC user looking to switch to iMac that also runs Windows 7 virtually. Wondering if there are recommended keyboards that map seamlessly to both Mac to PC programs as I will run these side by side. I'm looking for one with backlit keys, a gaming keyboard would be ok though I am not a gamer.

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Windows On Mac :: How To Use An External DVD To Install Windows On A IMac

Nov 23, 2010

My internal DVD is not working anymore and I want to install Windows.

I know it is possible to install Windows using an external DVD on a Macbook Air.

But is it possible on an iMac.

Since I have problems doing this, I ask the question in this forum ?

To be specific: my problem is that the screen remains gray, when I select to boot from an external DVD containing a bootable iso of windows 7.

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Windows On Mac :: How To Install Windows 7 On 27" IMac?

Jan 5, 2010

how to Install Windows 7 on 27" iMac?

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Windows On Mac :: How To Use Windows 7 Pro On 24" 3.06ghz 4gb IMAC?

Jan 19, 2010

I have all the latest updates, and had XP installed until like 2 hours ago. I got a copy of Windows 7 Pro through my school and tried installing it.

I get passed the beginning Windows is loading files screen, then it freezes at the "Starting Windows" screen.

I don't understand how it can be my cd when I can do the beginning phase and boot to it, but I can't ever even begin to install because it freezes at the Starting Windows screen.

I have installed 32-bit XP numerous times, 64-bit and 32-bit vista... so what is the deal? Why isn't this working..

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