Windows On Mac :: Load Back Into Windows 7 / Unable To View Partition In System Preferences

Jan 7, 2011

just trying to get back into Windows 7 after installing it via Boot Camp. Only thing is that holding down the option key during restart does nothing, and although the partition in which Windows 7 is installed under shows up in finder, I am unable to view it in system preferences so that I can boot from it. Any advice?

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Windows On Mac :: Cannot Load Back Into Windows 7 From Leopard

Jul 4, 2009

just trying to get back into Windows 7 after installing it via Boot Camp. Only thing is that holding down the option key during restart does nothing, and although the partition in which Windows 7 is installed under shows up in finder, I am unable to view it in system preferences so that I can boot from it.

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Windows On Mac :: Get Back Installed Windows Over Mac OS X Partition By Accidently?

Feb 5, 2009

I went to install XP on boot camp and I accidentily installed it on the wrong partition, so the drive that had leopard on it is now formatted to NTFS and I cannot format it back. I beleive all my data is still on because there is a lot of used disc space. I want to convert it back to HFS without the loss of data, as I have important information on the hard drive that I do not want to lose. I know this is my own fault because I wasn't paying close enough attention to where I was installing Windows

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OS X :: Unable To Play Screen Saver / Crash System Preferences When Attempted To Load

Mar 24, 2010

As anyone found a way to create a video playing screen saver in Quartz Composer in Snow Leopard. These screen savers work fine in Leopard but crash System Preferences when you attempt to load them in Snow Leopard. They seem to work just fine within Quartz Composer.

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Windows On Mac :: How To Load Bootcamp Partition With Parallels

Jul 3, 2009

how to load your bootcamp partition with Parallels.

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Windows On Mac :: Made New Bootcamp Partition; VMware Cannot Load It?

Jul 26, 2009

My first Bootcamp partition had a problem with installing my printer drivers, so I decided to just scrap it (i.e. I used disk utility to erase [wrote zeroes] that partition). I then used the Bootcamp assistant to create a new partition, and I installed Windows 7 again on the new partition. I have everything up and running on the new partition, and it works perfectly when I re-start in bootcamp.

However, when I try to load it in Vmware Fusion, it seems to be searching for the old partition. How can I get Vmware to boot up the new partition? Right now it says "No bootable device detected."

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Windows On Mac :: Stuck On Windows Vista Home Premium / Unable To Select Operating System

Mar 9, 2008

I installed Windows Vista, and Vista boots up fine. However, I hold down the command keys when starting my computer up again, and it won't let me select Mac OS X. It just starts Vista.

On "My Computer" in Vista I see "Bootcamp (C" and "Macintosh HD (E in my Hard Disks Drives. Also, whenever I start up Vista it tells me something about a wrongly formatted drive. My files are still all in the Mactintosh HD drive, but I don't know how to start up Mac OS X.

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Create Partition / Restoring BootCamp Image To Partition?

Nov 11, 2010

I recently made a clone of my Windows XP Pro SP3 installation (its roughly about 14GB according to Finder/WinClone) so i made a 80GB partition on my 320GB drive and it gives me this error message:

the WinClone came from a 500GB internal drive and ive gotten winclone images to restore to a MBP before but not sure why its giving me this error code, anyway to restore the image to the new partition (which was created with Bootcamp) as i no longer have access to the old machine it was running on.

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Mac Mini :: Windows Will Not Load On System

Jun 1, 2009

When I start my Mini Mac, I press + hold alt. Then press windows when it starts up, it goes as far as the loading screen. Then the whole screen turns black and it restarts the computer. I tried putting it in safe mode, and putting it back were the last time it didn't have a problem, but both options just do the same thing as before. I don't want to delete windows.

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OS X :: Getting Hard Drive Space Back On Windows Partition?

Jul 15, 2009

I really need to free up space on the windows partition of my Mac so that I can install certain software I need in order to complete a project due really soon. What would be the best way to accomplish this (I'd rather not increase the partition w/ a third party app)? I was thinking the best is to eliminate unnecessary files that I am pretty certain were installed as part of the Vista install so that I can recover as much HDD space on the windows partition as possible, but don't know what I can eliminate safely? Can someone please offer some ideas and very basic steps of where to find any of the items you reference?

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OS X :: Uninstalling Windows And Reverting Back To Single Partition?

Oct 28, 2009

I would like to uninstall windows from my i-Mac and revert back to a single partition hardrive. Unfortunately I installed Windows about three years ago (never to use it really) and now when I go to uninstall in Mac OS X it says my Boot Camp beta has expired.

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Windows On Mac :: Bootcamp And Xp Partition In New System

Aug 11, 2009

I am trying to install a legit copy of xp sp3 on a bootcamp partition on a new Imac. I follow all the prompted steps and windows goes throught he installer. It then tries to reboot and I get the message "disk not found press any key to continue"does not matter if I hit keys or not, at this point the machine is locked up and has to be manually shut down and restarted.

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OS X Yosemite :: Unable To View Files On Windows Server

Dec 3, 2014

I recently became unable to view files on the PC at work. I used to be able to see the computer in the Finder as long as I was connected to the wifi. I can still my coworker's mac, which has not been upgraded to Yosemite. Additionally, his mac can see the PC in his Finder. Also, when I load windows on my mac, I can access the PC. I think this is related to other issues posted here, but nothing seems to to these specifics.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Safari :: Remove Pop-up Windows When I Am Unable To Open Its Preferences?

Mar 24, 2012

How do I remove an existing pop- up window when I am unable to open Safari- Preferences as it is greyed out due to the open pop up window?

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: How To Load And View McAfee Encrypted USB With Private Partition

Dec 5, 2014

I have an encrypted McAfee USB that I use at work on a windows computer. I need to be able to access it at home on my MacBook Pro. It allows me to login to the USB but the partition never come up.

MacBook Pro, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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Windows On Mac :: System Preferences Startup Disk Doesn't Show Vista?

May 25, 2008

I was trying to boot into Vista using the System Preferences "Startup Disk" pane , but it doesn't show the Vista Partition. I only can see network (doesn't work) and Mac Os. If I use option key during boot it does work normally.

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Windows On Mac :: Remove Partition - Revert Back To Full Hard Drive Space?

Dec 12, 2009

I'm thinking about installing Windows 7 on my hard drive using Bootcamp. I'd like to know if in the future I decide to remove windows, am I able to remove the partition and revert back to the full hard drive space or not?

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Windows On Mac :: Getting Hard Drive Space Back - After Deleting Boot Camp Partition

Dec 27, 2009

I recently got rid of a partition I had made for bootcamp since I never use it, and would rather have the space back. I deleted the partition through disc utility, and then through the partition tab, tried to get back that space by dragging down the tab to restore the space originally set for the partition. When I go to apply this change, it notifies that my hard drive will be re-sized. I accept and then a few minutes later it comes back with the error "Partition failed with the error: Filesystem verify or repair failed" Does anybody know how I can restore this space successfully back into my main hard drive? I've attached some screenshots

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Windows On Mac :: Boot Camp 3.0 - Unable To Load At Startup

Oct 20, 2009

when I went to restart the computer so those updates would take effect, during the start up process, all I continually see is the Windows XP scrolling status bar, I shrugged figuring it had a bit to do and left it to its own devices, and a half hour later returned to see the same scrolling progress screen. (before choosing which account to log into for windows).

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Bootcamp Partition?

Nov 26, 2010

I have bought Call Of Duty 6, and installed Bootcamp on my MacBook Pro (specs on the bottom) and it worked with windows vista. I then uninstalled my bootcamp partition because I bought windows 7 and parallels, and installed that and Cod was laggy, so I uninstalled parallels, and tried to install my boot camp partition again. (refer to image 1) It doesn't work because it says something, (refer to image 2). Please don't give me bad news! If I have to i have a windows pc and I will play cod on that. I am so confused. I also wanna make sure i havent stuffed up my hard drive

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Partition HD Using BootCamp

Apr 1, 2007

I can't seem to be able to partition my drive using Boot Camp; I was able to produce the Mac Window's Drivers CD no problem, just get an error each time I partition. I've closed all open programs and restarted, still no luck.

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OS X :: Unable To Partition My Macbook To Install Windows?

Sep 16, 2010

I am trying to partition my Macbook to install Windows and am having the following error

"The disk cannot be partitioned because some files cannot be moved.

-Back up the disk and use Disk Utility to format it as a single Mac OS Extended (Journaled) volume. Restore your information to the disk and try using Boot Camp Assistant again."

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Resize Bootcamp Partition

Jan 6, 2011

Running Win 7 Ultimate 64-Bit and OS X 10.6.5. Winclone version is 2.2. I attempted to enlarge my Bootcamp Windows partition (deleted, resized to full, and then resized again with Bootcamp Assistant). I've made several attempts without any success. I have two Winclone images (11/2010 & 1/2011). The latest image doesn't even get started good before I get an error about 2 bad sectors and the one from last year runs all the way through and gives an error at the end. I ran disk repair on the complete partition before rezizing back to bootcamp and it still didn't work. I managed to get a win 7 repair disk to run one time and ran chkdsk on the bootcamp partition that returned no errors. I thought I might be able to install Win 7 fresh and then do a restore from a Windows system image that I have, but I can't get my Windows 7 disk to work when using the Bootcamp Assistant (I get a boot screen with two options (1. & 2. with nothing else visible) at the install point of the process and can't go past there).

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Windows On Mac :: Boot Camp Unable To Partition?

Apr 20, 2009

I've been trying to run boot camp on my black Macbok and have been halted with a Boot camp error message: "The disk cannot be partitioned because some files cannot be moved." It then tells me to back up my disk and boot up from my Leopard DVD, and restore to a "journaled" volume. Now, I've checked, and my HDD is already journaled. I've run "verify disk" and everything seems to be working okay. I've read that sometimes having things related to Parallels on the computer can create this error, and so I've deleted all things Parallells and am still getting the same error. I do, however, have Fusion (though I've deleted that Windows partition.)

I'm hesitant to follow the directions further, for I have nothing to back my disk up to and my Leopard DVD has gone MIA.

Can anybody give me a hand?

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Mac Pro :: Setting Up From Old System Including Boot Camp Windows Partition

Sep 18, 2010

My new Hex Mac Pro is arriving on Sept 21 (ordered it on the 17th and shipped out within 3 hours!). My problem is how to setup my new Mac pro. My current set up is as follows

1. System Disk-with data on it.
2. Photos
3. Music
4. Partitioned disk-used for backup and the 2nd partition contains Windows 7 using Bootcamp.

With my new Mac pro I will be using an SSD installed in my optical Bay and will have 4 2tb hard drives. On the SSD I only want to have OSX and my applications with the data on another disk. My questions are:

1. What is the best way to transfer my present system disk to my new SSD without transferring the data?
2. What is the best way to transfer the other drives to the new drives?
3. Is there a way to connect both machines and transfer it that way, using Carbon Copy Cloner or some other method?
4. Will I be able to transfer Window 7/bootcamp through this method?
5. Am I better off just biting the bullet and reinstalling all apps and making a new partition and reinstalling Windows7/Bootcamp?

Sorry for the length of this thread but I am trying to avoid spending a week setting up my new Mac Pro. I appreciate any thoughts and strategy you might have.

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Windows On Mac :: FAT32 Partition Not Visible On Triple-Boot System?

Nov 1, 2009

I set up a triple-boot system on my MBP (Early 2008) with OS X SL, ubuntu 9.10 and Windows 7 Home Premium. I have a 500GB Hard Drive, and allocated 100 GB for Mac OS X, 60 GB for Windows 7, 40 GB for ubuntu, and the remainder I formatted as FAT32 for storage to share between the three operating systems (to hold iTunes and iPhoto libraries, movies, etc).

I use rEFIt as my bootloader, and all three operating systems happily load whenever I choose them to. The problem lies with the FAT32 storage partition. OS X recognizes it quite nicely and I use it regularly. Windows and ubuntu, however, do not mount it. What's more, Windows Disk Manager identifies the space as unallocated space.

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Windows On Mac :: Boot Camp Unable To Make Partition?

Apr 11, 2010

i'm having trouble creating a partition for Windows using Boot Camp...

Steps I Have Taken:
1) Repaired Disk Permissions
2) Repaired Disk
3) Deleted huge files or moved them to an external drive (huge as in >6gb)

Is there anything for me to do? I've searched these forums and some other ones but really haven't found anything.

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Windows On Mac :: Partition Deleted - Still Unable To Access HD Directly

Jun 13, 2010

I opened up a partition a few weeks ago b/c I needed to use a windows program that I no longer need. I was getting tired of having to hold alt-option to choose my HD everytime I started, so I deleted the partition. Now, I still have to go through the same process everytime I power up, even though I only have the Mac HD - I have to hold down alt/option when I start up and then click on the Mac HD button. What do I do to make it go straight to Mac?

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Mount Partition - Grayed Out In Disk Utility

Dec 26, 2010

I can boot into bootcamp with no problems. I have been wanting to be able to open the bootcamp in Parallels. Here is the issue:

1. The partition 'disk0s3' is greyed out in Disk Utility. It is not mounted. Mounting does nothing.

2. For reference, the Windows 7 is formatted as NTFS. It is a Windows 7 64-bit install

3. Verify disk does the following:
Verifying volume "disk0s3" ** /dev/disk0s3
Invalid BS_jmpBoot in boot block: efbbbf
Error: This disk needs to be repaired. Click Repair Disk.

4. repairing does the following:
Verify and Repair volume "disk0s3" ** /dev/disk0s3
Invalid BS_jmpBoot in boot block: efbbbf
Volume repair complete.Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required.Error: Disk Utility can"t repair this disk. Back up as many of your files as possible, reformat the disk, and restore your backed-up files.

I have stuff on the Windows partition that I don't want deleted. I'm really stuck on this -obviously, I can just continue to boot into bootcamp, I just would rather open it from Parallels. I'm not sure what or if I made some mistake in setting up Bootcamp, I thought I followed the directions to that. I do know I formatted the partition as NTFS during the install - as I think Windows 7 requires it. I have tried installing NTFS-3G - it is installed, but didn't do any good when trying to mount the drive.

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Create Junctions / Symbolic Links To OSX Partition

Mar 30, 2010

I'm running Windows7 in a bootcamp partition, along with OSX 10.6.2. I use Dropbox to sync my files between computers, and currently have all of my Dropbox files in OSX. My drive is currently partitioned approximately 75% OSX, 25% W7. I'm trying to save space on my BC partition, and hence, following this guide: (URL)

I'd like to be able to create junctions of the files on my OSX partition and drop them into W7. This way, I don't have 2 copies of each file (one in W7, one in OSX). However, using Link Shell Extension, I'm not able to create symbolic links/junctions etc to the OSX partition. I also tried setting my Dropbox folder in W7 to be the same as the one on the OSX partition, but Dropbox won't allow it. Basically I want to know how I can mirror the contents of a directory located in OSX in W7, without having to simply duplicate all the content.

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