Windows On Mac :: Finding HDD Case For A Seagate 7200?

Mar 31, 2009

I know this is a long shot for the MR forums, but here goes:

I have my old HD from my Dell POS E510. The drive is a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 (SATA). THe problem is that it doesn't fit in the two hard drive cases I currently have, so I need to buy a new one.

There are several hookup configurations it seems for SATA Power/Signal and Jumper Block. How do I know which one to buy? Is there a site that matches serials numbers with case models?

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MacBook :: Finding Seagate 7200.4 500GB

Nov 11, 2008

This guy claims they're available for Apple corporate accounts:[URL]

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Hardware :: Finding 500G Seagate 7200 Hard Drive

May 16, 2009

I just installed the 4G Ram easily but my next step is to install a bigger hard drive. I have the 120GB one. My question is when I install the new hard drive, do i start up the mac mini and load up the OSX restore disc that came in the box with the mini? I also installed iWork09, will I be able to install iWork09 in the new hard drive (i know the iWork09 only comes with 1 license key).

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MacBook Pro :: Is This The Seagate 500GB 7200.4

Aug 15, 2009

I'm trying to find out if this is the same seagate drive. I have searched around but could not find anywhere saying its a 7200.4.




It has a different number ST905003N3A1AS-RK I know RK means retail kit, but I just wanted to make sure it is the same drive before I go and buy it.

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IMac :: Fidning Seagate 500gb 7200 2.5 HDD's

Mar 31, 2009

Every place I've checked online seems to not have them in stock, but claims they are available.

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MacBook Pro :: Doesn't Hibernate With Seagate Momentus 7200.4?

Feb 7, 2010

My MacBook Pro (mid 2009, 15", 2.53GHz, 4GB RAM) with original Hitachi 250GB HDD (Hitachi HTS545025B9SA02) does hibernate when I close the lid and hibernatemode is set to 1.

When I replace the HHD with a Seagate Momentus 7200.4 500 GB (ST9500420AS), the MacBook does only sleep but not hibernate (hibernatemode is still set to 1).

Even if battery runs out of power, the macbook does not hibernate and after getting back to power it has to boot.

I backuped from the new HDD, switched back to the original HDD, restored the backup and hibernate does work again!

So, why does my macbook not hibernate with the Seagate Momentus 7200.4? Does the drive need to much power? does the macbook need to know how much power a drive will need?

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MacBook :: Hitachi 7k500 Versus Seagate 7200.4

Apr 5, 2010

Ok so recently I got a 500gb seagate 7200.4 and I loved it except for my high load cycle count. So I exchanged it for the hitachi. Now with this hitachi I am also experiencing high load cycle counts, more power consumption than my seagate and it's louder. Except the seagate did have a faint clicking sound while booting up where the hitachi doesn't. My seagate also seemed a bit faster.

Can someone sway me to either stick with the hitachi or go back to the seagate based on your own thougts and experiences as well as my input.

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MacBook :: Unable To Boot From Seagate Momentus 7200.4 500GB ?

Jul 22, 2009

Just got a Seagate Momentus 7200.4 500GB to install in a white MacBook Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz. The MacBook can read, write, and format the drive (connected as a USB external) with no problem. It can't seem to boot from it or install OS X to the drive.

I've tried:

1) cloning the current drive using disk utility's restore option while booted from a 10.5 install disk--Seagate drive will not boot after clone even though the MacBook sees it as a boot device when looking at the startup disk options while booted from the 10.5 disk.

2) Time Machine restore to the Seagate drive--fails every time with a long error log.

3) Clean install to the Seagate drive with a retail 10.5 install disk--install fails every time.

The drive could just be defective but I've seen a lot of defective drives and it doesn't feel like that's the case. I haven't run any hardware tests on the drive. (Anyone know if an Intel Mac will boot Seatools?)

Anyone else have any experience with the Seagate Momentus in an older Core 2 MacBook? I seem to vaguely recall reading on Apple's store page around the time I bought the MacBook that the max HDD supported was a 320GB (a size that at the time was larger than anything available to consumers). Not sure if that is the case or not.

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Power Mac :: Install Second Internal Hard Drive On G5 / Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 Compatible?

Dec 20, 2007

I'm looking to install a second internal hard drive on my Powermac G5. Is this Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 compatible?

Powermac G5 Dual Core 2.0
Mac OS X (10.4.9)
Dual 19" LCD, 3 GB RAM, Bose Companion 3

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Hardware :: Case For Seagate Goflex 1TB Portable HDD?

Oct 29, 2010

I just got a new Seagate Goflex 1TB portable hard drive as well as the Firewire 800 adaptor. I love it, take it back n forth to work. you just change the adaptor on the back and you can have USB 2.0, USB 3.0, FW 800, eSata. Its really cool. I want to get some kind of case for it..

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MacBook Pro :: Seagate Momentus Xt 500gb Vs Standard 500gb 7200?

Oct 24, 2010

Will I notice much difference if I upgrade to the seagate m xt 500 gb with 32cache?

Baring in mind I havnt got my 17" i7 2.8 in the post yet..

I'm thinking I can install the new drive as soon as I get the Mbp and do a fresh install as I'm assuming I'll get the iLife disks with the laptop so I can install it? Aswell as the OS cd's too?

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MacBook Pro :: 500GB Hard Drive - 7200 PRM Seagate Drive ?

Jun 24, 2009

Has anyone tried the 500GB - 7200 PRM Seagate Drive for the Macbook Pro 15" Unibody ?I am considering getting one, but remembered they have 2 versions Which one should i get ?

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MacBook Pro :: Finding Options For 500 GB - 7200 Rpm Hdd?

Aug 20, 2009

Is the Seagate (with built-in drop protection) the only option for a 500 Gb, 7200 rpm drive? I bought a 15" MBP a few weeks ago and opted for the 5400 rpm drive since I heard there were lots of problems with the 7200 rpm drive. I see Apple released a patch recently for the 7200 rpm drive, but it sounds as if it's not a 100% solution (Apple says it "reduces" the problem). Are there any 500 Gb, 7200 rpm drives that are recommended (and don't have redundant built-in drop protection)? I can tell my drive is a bottleneck.

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MacBook Pro :: Finding Quietest 7200 RPM Hdd?

Aug 30, 2009

I'm looking to buy a 7200 RPM drive but it has to be very close to 5400RPM drives as possible. I bought a WD Scorpio Black but it sounded like a jet engine prepping for engines for takeoff and vibrated my whole unibody case which as you might imagine became jarring after a while

I'd get an SSD drive but the drive i see as a suitable replacement (256GB) costs �515 ($838) which is....just not gonna happen

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MacBook Pro :: Finding Apple 320GB 7200 RPM Hdd?

Dec 2, 2008

does anyone know the brand / model number of the hard drive apple ships in your macbook pro if you select the 320GB 7200RPM option?

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MacBook :: Finding 500 Gig 7200 Rpm Laptop Drives?

Dec 31, 2008

anyone heard? i thought they were supposed to be out by Q4 of 08 and today is the last day of 08

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Mac Mini :: Finding Review Of Hitachi 320gb 7200?

Mar 24, 2009

I'm purchasing the base model Mini and will be upgrading to a 7200 320 gb hardrive. I can purchase the 7200 Hitachi Travelstar today only for$69.00 Canadian. Since this is a one time thing, is this drive good enough or should I spend $30.00 to $50,00 more on a Seagate or WD. I've done a fair amount of research and read reviews but I would love to have some feedback from experienced Mini users.

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MacBook Pro :: Finding 7200 RPM Half-terabyte Drives?

Oct 5, 2009

Does anyone know what drives apple uses for their 7200RPM 500GB drives?

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Mac Pro :: Replacing 320gb Baracuda 7200.11 Drives - Caviar Black / 7200.12?

Sep 20, 2010

I want to replace my 3 year old drives before it's too late.

I have about 200 gigs of data, split between a pair of Seagate Baracuda 7200rpm drives I bought 3 years ago.

I am thinking on going with a single 500 gig drive for my data, and I can't decide between a Caviar Black, or a Baracuda 7200.12.

I have read that the Caviar Black have incredible performance, , but only for the 1TB since it has 3 platters.

How do the 500gig models compare between WD and Seagate? I just don't have the need for more. My OS and Apps are on the SSD at 23 gigs, and all the rest of my work/personal files take up about 200 gigs.

Which is going to be better, the Black, or the Baracuda? 500 gig models only.

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MacBook Air :: Finding Case, For 2010 ?

Oct 23, 2010

Recommendations? Something designed for the 11" not a generic one-fit-all case?

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MacBook Air :: Finding Case Recommendation?

May 17, 2008

just bought a Macbook Air, can anyone recommend me a good case?

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MacBook Air :: Finding Waterproof Case For 11" ?

Nov 24, 2010

I sometimes enjoy going for a hike on my to the library, but I am afraid of getting got in the rain. Anyone knows about a light waterproof protection for the 11" MBA?

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MacBook Air :: Finding Decent Sleeve/case

Dec 12, 2010

Simple as that. I haven't seen any.

Oh, and manilla envelopes don't count.

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MacBook Air :: Finding Excellent 11" Case

Jan 4, 2011

I've been using this case from Brenthaven. It's only $25 and fits the 11" MBA, protects it very well, has a shoulder strap as an extra option and has an outside pocket for charger, etc.


They now list it for an iPad but when I bought it it was under 11" PC cases. I guess they thought it would sell better listed as an iPad case rather than a netbook case. It uses their CORE system, so you could dsrop this from five feet without damaging your MBA. Good value for only $25.

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PowerPC :: Finding External Case For G4 Mac Mini HDD?

Jul 21, 2008

If I want to take the hard drive from my defunct G4 Mac Mini and put it in an external enclosure, will this work?

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MacBook Air :: Finding Case Mate Suite?

Aug 18, 2008

My new case mate suite, mine has a slight broken bit, but with he cost of sending it back being more then the item it self. It is not worth the cost,for an exchange so I will just keep it.

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MacBook Pro :: Finding Incipio Feather Case

Sep 21, 2009

I'm trying to find a review for the Incipio Feather MBP case...

they seem to be available on Amazon, there is even the occasional mention of it on here from a few months back, but there are no reviews anywhere! Have they only just been released? All I have seen is the picture of the supposed sag by the optical drive. Not good.

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MacBook Pro :: Finding Case For New 13" - Timbuk2, Crumpler Or Booq?

Jul 4, 2009

I am about to get a new 13" MBP. I cannot decide between a Timbuk2 messenger bag, a Crumpler messenger bag or either a Booq backpack or Booq Nerve case. Does anyone have any experience with any of these? I am looking for a case that has enough pockets to keep all of my stuff in along with space for some files and/or book.

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MacBook Pro :: Seagate Drive Stops And Freezes Computer / Seagate 7200RPM 500Gb

Aug 7, 2010

I think I have a slight issue with my 7200rpm 500gb seagate drive. Once or twice every hour it seems to stop and start up again. Kinda klicks. It causes my computer to freeze for about 3 seconds. Whats causing it? Is it faulty? I should also mention that it didn't do this when i first got it. This is the model without the SMS.

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Hardware :: Using Seagate External Drive For Windows With Mac?

Dec 28, 2010

This christmas I recieved a Seagate 2TB Expansion external drive. The bad news is that it has 'for PC' written all over it, and I own a Macbook with OS 10.6.2.

I am able to view the files already on the drive on my mac, but cannot copy or paste any new ones.

I was wondering if there is a way to format it so it will work with my mac, or whether I shoud take it to a computer shop to be modified, or whether I should just take it back to the shop and try to get a different one?

Also, to complicate the question, most of the files I want to copy onto the drive are on a PC.

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