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Software :: Finding Canon Laser Shot LBP 1120 Drivers For MAC

I have a really good working Canon laser shot LBP 1120 printer, but on the cd it has drivers only for Microsoft. Does anyone know will it work with my macbook and where to get the drivers?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Cannot Install The Canon LBP 5000 Laser Color Print
I cannot install the Canon LBP 5000 laser color print on Mac OS LIOX. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1)

Posted: May 5, 2012

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Snow Leopard :: Canon LBP 810 - Download Drivers For Mas Os X?
Where i can download drivers for mas os x? i can`t find...

Posted: Sep 13, 2009

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OS X Tiger :: How To Get Working A CANON LBP 2900 Printer On Mac (10.6.4)
I am new to this forum and maybe there is already an answer to this question but I can't find it.

I have an iMac with Mac OS X (10.6.4) and would like to install a CANON LBP 2900 printer on it. Has anybody done that before and how?

Mac OS X (10.6.4)
3,06 GHz

Posted: Sep 5, 2010

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Hardware :: Driver For Canon Lbp 2900?
I purchased that today, although the clerk knew that I use a mac he gave me no warning. in an older threat I read that it works with a file named cncupslbp2900captk.ppd.

Posted: Sep 15, 2006

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Hardware :: Finding Canon DR-2020U Document Scanner OS X Drivers?
I just bought me a brand new Canon DR-2020U, but to my dismay, I noticed that it doesn't have OS X drivers, and OS X doesn't even flinch when I connect the scanner to it.

I googled for drivers, but the official site does not say anything about those drivers. I have, of course, the Windows drivers and I can operate it through Parallels, but I feel a little stupid for paying $700 for a scanner which does not have necessary drivers to operato on my OS X.

Posted: Feb 11, 2010

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Hardware :: Printing Wirelessly To Canon LBP 3050
I recently bought a Macbook (the new one with the white unibody) running Snow Leopard. I also bought an airport extreme base station to run my external harddrive and to print wirelessly. My problem is that I can't seem to add the wireless printer to the printers list. Each time I try, the computer recognizes the printer on the network but I can't select drivers for it in the 'Print Using' menu. I already have the printer drivers on the computer (I got a link from Canon customer service and downloaded the CAPT driver installer)

Posted: Jan 11, 2010

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Hardware :: Canon LBP-3000 Compatible With Airport Extreme?
When I send a file from my XP workstation to the Canon LBP-3000 printer connected to my Airport Extreme Base Station I get the following XP Incorrect port message: "The port to which the printer is connected is not supported. Check the port."

I am trying to use a Canon LBP-3000 printer that is connected to the USB port on my Airport Extreme Base Station from a computer running Windows XP. The AEB is connected to an ethernet port on the same XP computer.

I have installed the latest LBP-3000 printer driver from the Canon .au website.

The TCP/IP port settings have been set up as follows:

Port name: IP_10.0.1.1
IP address:
Protocol: Raw
Raw settings port no: 9100

Note that the printer works normally when connected as a local printer via a USB port on the XP host.

I am running Windows XP Home version 2002 SP3 The printer driver is titled "Canon Advanced Printing Technology for Canon LBP3000 R1.12 Ver. (Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista)"

The AEB firmware version is 7.5.1

Note that I am able to print via the AEB/USB to my Epson Stylus printer using the exact same setup as above (except for the printer driver).

Posted: Oct 27, 2010

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Hardware :: Canon Laser Printer LBP3000 Driver For Mac 10.4.11?
I bought a Canon LBP3000 laser printer and I was told it would work on my iMac but it seems that this printer only works with a Japanese OS X and not on an English system. Does anybody have a driver for an English OS X?

Posted: Feb 14, 2009

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Windows On Mac :: Finding 8,1 Drivers - How To Install Drivers
I've installed a legit copy of Windows XP, SP2. Nothing works, not my webcam, not my internet, not even the full resolution. The first time around that I did this, I had the DVD that came with my iMac, I installed the Windows drivers stuff off of it, and everything worked perfectly.

Can anyone point me in the direction of either a replacement for that DVD (.iso image or something?) or simply the required drivers that will let my iMac 8,1 connect to the web?

Posted: Sep 17, 2010

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Final Cut Pro :: Importing HD Footage Shot On A Canon XH A1
I'm importing footage into FCP 6.0.6 from footage I shot on a Canon XH A1. Rather than give me an unbroken clip of 55 minutes, FCP is separating each and every segment I shot. While shooting this particular clip I hit the stop button on the Canon XH A1 150 times, so rather than importing one 55 minute clip, I have 150 clips of varying lengths. I need to change the settings on either the Canon or on FCP.

Posted: Nov 22, 2009

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Hardware :: Color Laser Printer - HP / Canon?
Without knowing any particular models, which brand would you say is better for an all-in-one color laser printer in your experience...HP or Canon? I have always had HP, but I have grown tired of their driver issues, etc. I have never had any Canon computer products before, but they have 2 new models that look appealing to me.

Posted: Sep 4, 2009

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Final Cut Pro :: How Do I Import Media Shot On A Canon HD Camera
How do I import media shot on a Canon HD camera.

Mac OS X (10.5.2)

Posted: Dec 16, 2009

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Final Cut Pro :: Easy Setup For HD Shot On Canon XHA1?
I want to make sure I'm starting correctly.On the best easy setup to use for a project that will be predominantly footage shot in HD at 30P on the Canon XH-A1? It will also include a little bit of HD footage shot through a Canon 5D markii, but I think I understand how to bring those clips in later using log and transfer and the appropriate Canon EOS codec deal. I'm just still not sure of the difference between HDV, DVCPRO HD, and all those other easy presets that are listed out.

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Jun 30, 2010

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ITunes :: Transfer Video Files Shot From My Camera (Canon 5DMk2)?
how do I transfer video files shot from my camera (Canon 5DMk2) which is in .MOV format into iTunes ? My photos and video files are first imported into Aperture then synced with iTunes. However, itunes does not capture the Video files but uploads the phtos from Aperture during sync.

Info:Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Posted: May 29, 2012

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Final Cut Pro :: Old School Canon XL1 Footage Shot In Widescreen 16:9?
I have shot some video using the above mentioned camera. It's old school I know but a client requested it be shot this way. I would like to know the best settings in FCP to import the footage. Right now when I import the footage it is giving me 2 black lines similar to a letterbox on the left and right of the screen. When I output the video they are even more apparent. Any tips on how to import to get it in the correct format as well as how to export to maintain the correct aspect ratio and get rid of the black lines on both sides of the screen?

Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Aug 20, 2010

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Hardware :: Canon Or Brother Color Laser Multifunction Printer?
I'm trying decide between a Canon or Brother color laser multifunction printer. Quite honestly we don't do a lot of color printing, but I'm so tired of clogged inkjets (can you say Epson) that I'm trying to stay clear of them. A multifunction inkjet would seem appropriate for our situation, but I don't want to have clean printheads once a month. Even if we do get a mutlfunctional laser I still need a a small photoprinter for quick photos prints. My other option is a multifunctional inkjet and then a B&W laser printer. I'm down to Canon and Brother based on the fact both seem to work well with Macs and don't have the bloated software that comes with HP. I can't find any reviews on the Canon lasers since they are relatively new. The Brother machines seem to get good reviews, but quite a few complain about the color prints.

Posted: Oct 27, 2009

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Final Cut Pro :: Importing Jpegs Shot On My Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi?
I have about 1000 jpegs that i need to import into FCP. A few specs to start off with. I am working on FCP 7.0 and a brand new MacBook Pro. I have had this camera for about 4 years and have not had a problem importing the jpegs into my old laptop and old FCP program.

When i try to import the jpegs, the 2 portrait jpegs will import fine, but the 350 landscape jpegs will not. I keep getting the "file unknown" error. The dimensions are exactly the same, just reversed. it is RGB.

i am able to open the file in preview and resave and then it will import fine. But, i have 1000 photos and don't want to have to do that for all of them. Plus, i will be taking several thousands more and won't have time to do that to each and every photo.

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.6.3)

Posted: Aug 6, 2010

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IPhoto 11 :: Movies Shot With Canon T2i Playback In IPhoto - Is Jerkey
Movies shot with my Canon T2i DSLR playback seems very jerkey. It seems like it plays a few frames and suddenly skips one, then the process repeats. Anyone know of a way to resolve this? I downloaded the same movie from my camera to my PC (running Windows 7) and it plays just fine!! Is this a Quicktime issue? iPhoto issue? Mac issue?.

Mac OS X (10.6.6)

Posted: Jan 8, 2011

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Final Cut Pro :: How Can Macbook Pro Handle A Two Hour Movie Shot With Canon 5D Footage
I have two year old Macbook Pro with newest Final Cut Pro and my editor friend has run into problems with his movie edited on Adobe on a PC (I know, I know I tell him everyday to get a Mac) with Canon 5D with an hour and half length film so I suggested trying my Macbook to help to convince him to take the plunge with Mac. I think his computer crashes when rendering or during editing.

The movie was shot with the canon 5d markII that is not editable so I did render all clip in quicktime DV low res format and edit 1:30. The last step was to replace the dv folder by the hd so premiere would populate the timeline with hd footage with same name and ext. Unfortunatly something happen in the process that messed up the whole project, even revision files can't open.

Posted: Nov 9, 2010

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Hardware :: Finding Laser Printer For Macbook Pro
I'm looking for a good laser printer for my Macbook Pro (currently running OS X but soon will be with Leopard). It's for home use but will primarily be printing sheet music so the clarity needs to be good.

Posted: Aug 3, 2008

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OS X :: Getting Printer Drivers - Canon MP470 Series
I just received my first mac today, a macbook. I am having troubles already trying to get my printer that is connected to my other computer to work. My other computer has Linux/Windows and I am trying to get it to work while it is running windows, first. The printer is a Canon Pixma MP470. It works fine in windows, and when I try to print in OS X, I went to "add printer" -> "Windows" button -> "Canon MP470". That's no good though. Oh, first before that, I did put the CD that came with the printer and went through the setup and installed everything on it. What happens now is the printer recognizes there is a job because it moves the nozzles and pulls a piece a paper through whenever I send a job, but with no printing on it.

So I plugged the printer directly into my MB, and it also worked. It recognized my printer and under the "driver" tab, it displayed "Canon MP470 series", but was grayed out. When I try to select the driver for it when it is through my network, I don't have a driver called "Canon MP470 series", the closest I have is "Canon PIXMA MP500 - Gutenprint v5.1.3", which is what I have been using.

Also, is there anything else I need to know about getting it to work when my computer is running linux? I will be using CUPS in linux.

Posted: Jan 16, 2008

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Hardware :: Finding Laser Printer - HP P1006 Or Brother 2140
So I'm deciding between getting an HP P1006 or Brother 2140. My concern with these printers is their durability. I have had a Brother HL-2040 for 1.5 yrs but it was an awful experience, I had problems with paper loading. But, several websites say that the Brother 2170W is great. So, I am tempted to buy the 2140 or 2170W but I am not sure if it will be durable. I want to know which one do you guys think is more durable for use with MacOSX Leopard: HP or Brother?

Posted: Apr 15, 2009

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Windows On Mac :: Finding The New Trackpad Drivers For Xp
I find the new trackpad drivers to be pretty horrible. It's so sensitive that it picks up all the minor movements.

It gets really frustrating because whenever I use my thumb to press down the trackpad, the trackpad picks up all those mini movements causing the cursor to shift a little everytime I press down the trackpad. This makes double clicking pretty hard.

Posted: Sep 21, 2009

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IMac Intel :: Drivers Available For Canon Smartbase MP730
I am awaiting delivery of my Imac and just had a thought regarding my printer, i have a canon Smartbase MP730 which i used with my windows machine. Does anyone know if this is going to work with the imac or if theres is any drivers availalbe to make it work?

imac 27" I5
Mac OS X (10.6)

Posted: Mar 12, 2010

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Hardware :: Finding Wifi Mono Laser Printer For Airport Extreme
Can anyone recommend an inexpensive wifi mono laser printer for use over Airport Extreme from a MacBook running under Snow Leopard?

Posted: Jan 18, 2010

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Mac Pro :: Finding Drivers For ATI 3870
Has anyone with an ATI 3870 upgraded to 10.5.5? If so, any issues?

Posted: Sep 15, 2008

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Mac Pro :: Finding Windows 7 RC X64 Drivers
Just installed Windows 7 64bit on my bootcamp partition and at first glance everything looks great.

I haven't used any of the boot camp drivers yet, though I did install ATI's latest Win7 drivers for the 4870.

Posted: May 4, 2009

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Windows On Mac :: Finding Ati Drivers For 2010?
I just installed Windows 7 and have got as far as installing the graphics card drivers from ati's website (since the ones that windows update installs are almost always out of date). Now the card is being recognised as a Radeon HD 5750 but I know from other discussions best guess is It's actually a Mobility card inside the iMac.

Posted: Aug 13, 2010

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Snow Leopard :: Canon LiDE Scanner Drivers Installation
I see there are many threads about LiDE (20/30/80 etc) Canoscan scanners no longer working under Snow Leopard. I had so much trouble and so many re-installs that I was wondering if 64-bit was never going to function with the old (2003) Canon software and drivers. My error was rudimentary - I failed to properly uninstall the scanner driver before I reinstalled. Here's how to clean install LiDE software: Go to the website and get the 2008 or 2009 downloads: [URL]

Start with selecting your Canon scanner series. Next click "OS" and then "OS X". The next part is annoying in that you have to download 3 things, but each one requires a licence "agreement" - and the refreshed page is a little clumsy to work. When you have downloaded the latest software - use the Canon uninstall software first. It takes a few minutes to finish, but it will finish. Next install the ToolBox software so that the Driver will have a place to go later. Next install the Driver.

I believe you can do the above if you already have the ToolBox (without removing the ToolBox). Just properly uninstall the Driver and then install the newest 2008 or 2009 Driver from the Canon website. My mistakes from the beginning were: 1.) to install old drivers, then to 2.) install the newer Driver over the old Driver, or 3.) to install the Driver first (before the ToolBox). I was so surprised when it finally worked - I couldn't believe these details matter.

Macbook Pro 2.26 GHz Intel Snow Leopard
Mac OS X (10.6.1)

Posted: Oct 6, 2009

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Hardware :: Trouble Installing Drivers For Canon Pixma MP610?
OK so i currently bought a brand new 24" imac and am trying to print from my MP610.The printer is running off a wireless network and i have no trouble finding or connecting to it.I downloaded the most recent drivers from the canon website,( 6.9.3) and installed them. However the problem is i cant seem to find them anywhere in the computer. The driver does not show up in the selected driver list, and i can't see to find it manually either.

Posted: Apr 19, 2009

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Mac Mini :: Finding Nvidia Geforce 320M Drivers?
How can I update my nvidia geforce 320M drivers, I downloaded the drivers from nvidia site, however, i get an error that says "this computer will not support this nvidia graphics solution" - I downloaded this file "NVIDIA Retail Mac Driver 256.01.00f03", I'm using LG 22" TV/Monitor with Res at 1680 x 1050 @ 60Hz which is causing regular text appear blurry.

the 1680x1050 seems to be the best Res setting but text is blurry ..

I tried different HDMI cables, same conclusion ...

Posted: Jan 3, 2011

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Windows On Mac :: Finding Network Drivers For Vista 32-bit?
I tried to install Vista business edition 32-bit (without SP1) on my Unibody Macbook Pro (late 2008 model). After that, I installed

1) Bootcamp 2.0 from a retail Leopard DVD and its upgraded version (2.1)
2) nForce 730i driver (from NVIDIA web site)
3) Geforce 9000M series graphics card driver (from NVIDIA web site)

Currently there are still several driver issues:

1) "Network Controller" driver is not working.
2) "Apple iSight" driver is not working.
3) No wireless device shown up in my device manager.
4) No sound.

I don't have my original MacOSX DVD with me. Does anybody know how to fix those problems?

Posted: Jul 15, 2009

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Windows On Mac :: Finding Install Boot Camp 3 Drivers?
I installed Windows 7 on a Mac Pro 09 and now I�m not sure if I really need the Boot Camp 3 drivers or not. It�s just installed for games and 3D Software. I don�t have an USB iSight, obviously, and don�t need the media function keys of the keyboard nor I use the Mighty Mouse. Also I don�t need iDisk access HFS+ access or Bonjour and what so ever. I mostly run OSX anyway.

So, would it work if I just install the Chipset drivers, Audio, Ethernet and graphics card drivers if I find them?

Or do the Boot Camp drivers have special stuff which I absolutely need?

Posted: Sep 25, 2009

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Windows On Mac :: Finding 7 64 Bit Boot Camp Drivers?
So i installed windows 7 through bootcamp on my unibody 13"macbook. I managed to install windows 7 but when i run bootcamp 3.1 it says that i have to have bootcamp 3.0 first. SO i got 3.0 but when i try to run it it say its not compatible with 64 bit. What should i do?

I managed to install the video drivers from nvidia websites. I also installed all the drivers in the x64 Drivers directory of boot camp

Posted: Feb 28, 2010

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Mac Pro :: Using Boot Camp - Finding Optical Audio Drivers?
I tried to ask this in the speaker thread but I think it got passed over, and someone else was curious as well:

If I get 5.1 speakers and use the optical-out port on the Mac, are there drivers for Windows that will support the optical out and let me do 5.1 as well? I'm curious as I intend to do some gaming on the box, and this greatly influences the speakers I would buy (2.1 vs 5.1)

Posted: Jan 23, 2008

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Windows On Mac :: Finding Boot Camp Drivers For Linux (ubuntu)?
I have recently bought a macbook, and i have used boot camp with windwos xp and 7, and drivers worked perfectly, but i need this drivers for linux, like key functions, camera, key ilumination, etc. So i was wondering if its possible before i install linux in my mac.

Posted: May 24, 2009

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Mac Pro :: Finding Vista 8800GT Drivers Under Boot Camp (x64)?
I just got Vista Ultimate x64 running under Boot Camp (under 10.5.2) and want to improve the graphics. FYI - sees my 16 GB RAM, network, and sound card, but not any of the drives on my MacPro (any thoughts on that?) Can I install the NVidia Windows Vista 64x bit drivers while running Vista under Boot Camp?

Posted: Mar 9, 2008

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Windows On Mac :: Finding Nvidia Drivers 179.48 For Boot Camp Xp32?
I'm in dire need of knowledgable assistance here! I've just purchased a beautiful unibody MBP and loving it. Last night I created an 80gb windows xp32 with sp2 partition using boot camp assistant and everything went perfect. Load up xp and installed the apple "install disc" and all drivers were installed.

My intention is to play games on this partition, so I obviously wanted to install the best video drivers. I haven't updated to sp3 yet, but I downloaded the latest nvidia notebook drivers off their website and specifically d/l'd version 179.48 beta, it's an autoexe file. anyways, upon installation it exits, saying it cannot find the hardware to support the drivers.. ! i then tried installing a few laptopvideo2go drives using their method with the modded inf file and was successful installing these files, but xp soon after reverts to the crappy old vga drivers with an error msg.

Posted: Feb 19, 2009

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Power Mac G5 :: Leopard And Processor/NAP/CHUD Settings/m-audio 410 - Finding Drivers
I've got a G5 DP with the infamous white noise problem coming through my speakers that was only fixed after downloading the chud tools and disabling the NAP settings - does anyone know if I'll have the same issues if I install Leopard? Want to upgrade but don't want to waste my money if the noise comes back and I can't get it to work. Also, I'm using an m-audio firewire 410 that doesn't have drivers yet; has anyone used the Tiger drivers with success on Leopard?

Posted: Dec 7, 2007

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