Hardware :: Trouble Installing Drivers For Canon Pixma MP610?

Apr 19, 2009

OK so i currently bought a brand new 24" imac and am trying to print from my MP610.The printer is running off a wireless network and i have no trouble finding or connecting to it.I downloaded the most recent drivers from the canon website,( 6.9.3) and installed them. However the problem is i cant seem to find them anywhere in the computer. The driver does not show up in the selected driver list, and i can't see to find it manually either.

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Hardware :: No Printer Properties For PIXMA MP610?

Oct 10, 2008

I invested in the Canon PIXMA MP610 to go with my new iMAC but can't get the printer properties feature to work. There is a multi-tab dialogue box in Windows with all sorts of useful features e.g. print quality, paper type & size, watermarks etc so I presume I should be getting something similar on my MAC? Have downloaded all latest drivers from Canon siteI'm new to MACs having only just moved away from Windows, so I may be doing something really stupid!

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OS X :: Scanning Wirelessly With Pixma MP610, Not Working?

May 30, 2009

I'm trying to scan documents with my Pixma MP610 printer, but nothing happens when I press the button it says to press!

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Hardware :: Double Sided Printing On Canon MP610?

Nov 5, 2008

I've converted from Vista to the new Macbook and have run in to a problem with my printer (Canon MP610). One of the functions I used often in Vista was the double sided printing function. After installing the latest Mac drivers from Canon's American homepage I get a lot of printing options on my mac, but under layout the double sided printing option is marked grey and I'm unable choose this option.

Have anybody noticed something similar using a canon printer? Any ideas concerning how to fix this?

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Software :: Cannot Print In Canon Pixma IP4500

Jan 17, 2009

I recently purchased a brand new iP4500 and afer installing the latest drivers and setting up everything I cannot print..

The test prints come out OK (thus, the printer connection is good and working). Tried evrything, even tried printing from the root user. I spent 45 minutes with Canon Tech Support and they basically said "There's a problem with your system not spooling properly, and there's nothing else we can do from here, go to Apple"
Now here's the deal, I have two iMacs (one g5, one Intel, both with 10.5.6 but otherwise differently configurated) And I get the same error in BOTH.

Is there anything I could be doing wrong?

Can I have any suggestions to get this going?

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Hardware :: Using Canon Pixma MX850 Office All-In-One Printer With A Mac

Jan 9, 2009

I was looking to buy a printer. I already have a Epson Perfection Scanner ( its not the best but does the job)

Canon Pixma MX850 Office All-In-One Printer (2436B002) apparently is listed in Mac World as one of the top products in their most recent issue. I was hoping some real world people may advise me on whether its a good purchase. If you have one or know someone who does or know of a better printer post a reply.

I'm not looking to spend more than $200 on a printer. I'm also a designer so I'm looking for one that prints graphic design work decently. I have an old G5 tower and my new 13" white mackbook that I want it to work with too.

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MacBook Pro :: Canon Pixma MP480 Not Printing Via Bluetooth

Jul 9, 2009

I got a this printer from the free printer with new mac special and bought a class 1 bluetooth dongle from ebay.I connected it to the printer and opened the bluetooth set-up assistant and it recognized it by its name and model number. I set it up and everything appeared to be working normally but when i try to print i get the 306 error. does anyone know what to do?

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MacBook Pro :: Print Wirelessly On Canon Pixma MP78?

Feb 21, 2012

I have a Canon Pixma MP780 and want to know if I can set it up to print wirelessly from my Macbook Pro.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Possible To Scan With Canon Pixma MX350 Over WiFi?

May 16, 2012

Trying to scan a sheet to my MacBook Air running Lion, but whenever I open the scanner from the System Preferences, it just stays like this and nothing happens. Reading around, it appears that you can't use the MX350 scanner over WiFi using Lion. It works perfectly on my iMac running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 but unfortunately I can't use that right now.

I've tried inserting a USB stick formatted with Mac OS (Journaled) and it doesn't want to do anything, I've tried installing multiple scanner drivers from the Canon website, I've also tried to do a software update.I'm running Mac OSX Lion 10.7.4 and have a Netgear router supplied by Virgin Media. It prints perfectly fine from the MacBook Air.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2), 2011, 11", 1.6GHz, 4GB RAM, 128GB

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Hardware :: Printing Through XP On Wireless Network To Canon Pixma MX310?

Nov 13, 2007

Brand new iMac (my first one), sitting next to my Sony XP computer. I have a wireless network and have been able to share files between the two computers. I have all of my work information on my PC and am wanting to print to my new Canon Pixma printer which is connected to the MAC. I can "see" the printer when I go to printing preferences on my PC but when I hit print, I get an error message that says the printer if offline. I have all sharing enabled on both computers and when I go into the print queue, there is a document that is in there that it won't allow me to delete because it was "sent" by the owner "Valerie"....not sure if that is part of it or not. I guess my first question is, can I print over my wireless network through my MAC to the Canon and if I can, any idea what could be impeding me from printing?

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Hardware :: Canon Pixma MP150 Ink Level Monitor Won't Let Me Use Refills - Says Ink Is Low

Jun 3, 2008

so I bought a super awesome easy to use ink refill kit for my Canon Pixma MP150. The cartridge refilled fine, but the printer is being cranky and won't let me print because it still thinks the ink is low.

As some of you may know, most printers monitor your ink level, but they usually simply estimate the remaining ink based on how much ink the printer things it has used up in printing. It has no idea how much ink is actually left in the tank... and will still think it's low if you refill the cartridge.

My printer, however, doesn't let me print now that it thinks my refilled cartridge is low.

According to canon's website, i'm SUPPOSED to get an error message on my screen asking if I want to continue printing anyway... but I don't, and their support hasn't been very helpful.

I don't get ANY error message at all. The Printer Setup Utility simply stops all print jobs for that printer without any explanation. I've figured out through experience in the past that this is always solved by replacing a low ink cartridge. It's a pretty stupid system cause it doesn't even tell me that's why it won't print... but every time I try to resume the print jobs it immediately stops them again.

Do you guys have any tips on how I can turn off the ink level monitor on the printer, or on how I can force it to print anyway.

Do you guys think that maybe Gimp-Print drivers would let me bypass the ink monitoring? If I do that, then will gimp-print still give me full control over the printer (i.e. will I still be able to clean the nozzles and stuff using gimp-print drivers?)

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Hardware :: Printer Options - HP 8850 Vs. Canon PIXMA Pro9000

May 7, 2009

I'n not sure anyone uses either printer on this forum, but I figured I ask anyways.
I'm in need a of a new printer, I have the discontinued kodak 1400 dye-sub printer which I'm looking to replace. Long story short, I'm down to two printers:The HP 8850 and the Canon pro9000 (the older model or the MKII)I've heard complaints of HP's drivers/quality/tech support lately but in the past I've been a satisfied customer. I never owned/used a canon so I have nothing to judge them on.So, I'm fishing for advice, in general on HP vs. Canon (especially for the mac related drivers/support) and specifically if anyone has any advice or insight on either of these two printers.

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Hardware :: Canon Pixma MP620 - Poor Wifi Range?

Jun 11, 2009

I have just set up a Canon Pixma MP620 to work wirelessly over wifi on my network. The printer works fine when it is right next to the router (a Netgear). However, when I move the printer to another room away from the router, the signal strength goes to nothing/unstable and I cannot print wirelessly. My MacBook retains full wifi signal strength in this same room so the router coverage would appear to be okay.

Is there anyone using this printer over wifi where the printer is in a different room to the access point/router? Is there something wrong with my printer?

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MacBook Pro :: Its No Longer Recognizing The Scanning Function Of Canon Pixma 860?

Jul 4, 2012

My macbook pro is no longer recognizing the scanning function of my Canon pixma 860.  It comes up as a printer, but not a scanner. I have the latest software updates installed?

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Intel Mac :: Can't Scan From Printer Control Panel On Canon Pixma MG5270

May 3, 2012

I have just connected my Canon Pixma MG5270 to my iMac running OSX 10.7.3 via WiFi. Printing works great, and scanning from the desktop "Canon MP Navigator EX - MG 5200 series" V 4.0.3 application works like a dream. When I try to scan via the operations panel on the printer/scanner the following comes up - Set the PC to start scanning". This worked fine when connected directly via USB cable. I have searched the web and believe I have the correct settings, particuliarly in MP Navigator: 

1. Main Menu -> One-click -> Start scanning by clicking the button (checked)

2. Main Menu -> One-click -> Preferences -> General -> Compress scanned images when transferring (checked) -> Change -> Network Device List (selected Canon MG 5200 series_xxxxxxxxx) -> Scan-from-Operation-Panel Settings -> Network Device List (selected Canon MG5200 series_xxxxxxx) I have restarted the iMac and printer and always with the same result. 

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011)

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OS X Yosemite :: Upgrade To 10.10.1 Caused Canon Pixma Ip8500 Printer To Stop Working

Dec 3, 2014

Upgrade to Yosemite 10.10.1 caused my Canon Pixma ip8500 printer to stop working. Canon no longer supporting this printer.

iMac with Retina 5K display, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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Hardware :: Using HP LaserJet 1020, Canon PIXMA IP8500, AirPort Express And Home Network

Feb 27, 2009

My current setup is an AirPort express with a PIXMA iP8500, if I grabbed a LaserJet 1020, could I plug a USB hub in the AirPort Express, and network them both at once?

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IMac (Intel) :: Canon Pixma Ip4200 Printer Driver On Mountain Lion Or Yosemite

Dec 10, 2014

I would like to use a perfectly good Canon Pixma ip4200 printer with OSX Mountain Lion  10.8.5 and   Yosemite 10.10.1 on my 2013 model iMac but Canon say they do not do a driver for these more recent versions of OSX later than 10.7. Is there any way to get this to work?

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Mac Pro :: Having Trouble Installing Flashed Sapphire 4870?

Nov 6, 2009

i recently bought a Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 512M GDDR5 PCI-E DUAL DVI-I/TVO SKU# 21133-00 S/N 180825044742 flashed with mac firmware.

The instructions said to take out my existing card put the sapphire in slot 1, then boot up and install drivers.

So i took my Nvidia 7300 GT card out of slot 1 and put in the 4870, then started up. I get the grey start up screen with the apple in low resolution for about 8 sec, then the screen just goes blank.

What am i doing wrong?... do i need to keep the Nvidia 7300 GT in slot 2, then boot up connected to that first?

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MacBook :: Unable To Install Windows 7 Drivers / Old Drivers Are Installing

Oct 11, 2009

I have a Macbook plastic, 2.4 GHz intel core 2 Duo with 2 GB of ram.My Mac is currently running on OS X, i used to have a 40 gig partition Windows XP, a couple of friends of mine where talking about how much they liked Windows 7 and finally i had had enough blue screens to say, sure ill switch, why not?... assuming it would not take longer then lets say a day at most, i set off on my quest.

FWI, im running an older model Macbook that was bought refurbished (not sure if that has anything to do with my problem). anyway i removed my previous partition, then using Boot Camp Assistant i repartitioned a 40 gig section for Windows 7. Then ran the installer. I have a copy of Windows 7 ultimate 86x. The Windows boot screen turned up, i had to reformat the partition so that i could install, no problems there. after all said and done the installation worked perfectly, up to a point... First problem that appeared was the lack of sound. i fixed that by downloading Realtek's High Def sound drivers.

Then it was the rest of the drivers for the macbook. heres where i run into my problem, i have the Mac OSX install discs 1 and 2. inserting the first disc the option of the auto run of the setup popped up i clicked run. and instead of the same old install drivers option all i have is the option to install the software that lets macbook airs share cd/dvd drives... needless to say i got frustrated and to put it lightly pissed off...

unsure of wtf was going on i looked it up online and really couldnt find anyone with the same problem, i found a web page saying that i should have the windows auto update itself and that should fix the problem. it did not. i dont know what the hell is going on. and im about this close to reinstalling windows xp and telling windows 7 to go **** itself...

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Boot Camp Drivers Without Installing NVidia Driver?

Jul 28, 2009

I just finished up a fresh install of Windows 7 and downloaded and installed the NVidia driver from their site directly since the one in the Boot Camp files is pretty old and technically the Vista driver anyway.

But I still need the Brightness, Sound, etc key functionality. Is there a way to selectively install Boot Camp drivers? That's the only one I need. The wireless, chipset, video and everything else works just fine (and in some cases better) than the ones included in Apple's setup.

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OS X :: Getting Printer Drivers - Canon MP470 Series

Jan 16, 2008

I just received my first mac today, a macbook. I am having troubles already trying to get my printer that is connected to my other computer to work. My other computer has Linux/Windows and I am trying to get it to work while it is running windows, first. The printer is a Canon Pixma MP470. It works fine in windows, and when I try to print in OS X, I went to "add printer" -> "Windows" button -> "Canon MP470". That's no good though. Oh, first before that, I did put the CD that came with the printer and went through the setup and installed everything on it. What happens now is the printer recognizes there is a job because it moves the nozzles and pulls a piece a paper through whenever I send a job, but with no printing on it.

So I plugged the printer directly into my MB, and it also worked. It recognized my printer and under the "driver" tab, it displayed "Canon MP470 series", but was grayed out. When I try to select the driver for it when it is through my network, I don't have a driver called "Canon MP470 series", the closest I have is "Canon PIXMA MP500 - Gutenprint v5.1.3", which is what I have been using.

Also, is there anything else I need to know about getting it to work when my computer is running linux? I will be using CUPS in linux.

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Uninstall Canon Printer Drivers

Dec 3, 2014

I just installed canon drivers which come in a bundle of unnecessary drivers and take up a lot of memory spaces

also every time i log into my mac it will have a pop up window as below:Do you want the application “ccpd” to accept incoming network connections?which bothering me alot and i decided to delete it and use back my old printer but i unable to undo it.I have been trying to reset my printer ( preferences -> printer and scan ) and also searching for the locale of driver in " library " but still in vain. how to delete the hidden drivers?

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Hardware :: Finding Canon DR-2020U Document Scanner OS X Drivers?

Feb 11, 2010

I just bought me a brand new Canon DR-2020U, but to my dismay, I noticed that it doesn't have OS X drivers, and OS X doesn't even flinch when I connect the scanner to it.

I googled for drivers, but the official site does not say anything about those drivers. I have, of course, the Windows drivers and I can operate it through Parallels, but I feel a little stupid for paying $700 for a scanner which does not have necessary drivers to operato on my OS X.

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Software :: Finding Canon Laser Shot LBP 1120 Drivers For MAC

Aug 1, 2008

I have a really good working Canon laser shot LBP 1120 printer, but on the cd it has drivers only for Microsoft. Does anyone know will it work with my macbook and where to get the drivers?

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Intel Mac :: 27 Will Not Go Beyond Grey Screen Since Re-installing Canon Printer Software?

Jun 18, 2012

imac 27 will not go beyond grey screen, since re-installing Canon printer software. Printer was working ok before.

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Windows On Mac :: Installing 7 Drivers?

Dec 20, 2010

I just bought an old MacBook (the 2007 model, I believe), and I'm looking for the Windows 7 Drivers.

Here are some details on the laptop:I installed OS X Snow Leopard, Windows 7, and Ubuntu on the laptop.

I did not use Boot Camp. I manually installed the OSs and 'm using the rEFIt bootloader.
I do not have an OS X installation DVD. I installed Snow Leopard by using a disk image I obtained and made bootable by using Disk Utils and an external hard drive.

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Bootcamp Drivers In XP

Dec 2, 2010

realised that my previous post was in the wrong section, (sorry!) so i decided to re-post it in the correct place.

Ok, so i setup bootcamp and installed windows xp. installed the bootcamp drivers, and things worked fine for a couple of days.... than the bootcamp appeared to get corrupted. fn keys cant work, xp cant detect mac partition (cant access any files in there, though the reverse works), no bootcamp icon in system try. someone mentioned to search for the KbdMgr.exe or bootcamp and start the program, but i cant find both items.

re-installation of bootcamp with the cd doesnt seem to work for me. either the system restarts before installation is completed, or xp crashes during the installation process. EDIT: now all i get is xp crashing before installation is complete

downloaded the bootcamp 2.1 but absolutely nothing happens when i click on the exe file!

there are a bunch of apple drivers shown in the add/remove programs, but they dont seem to be working (tried to remove them all and re-install, but xp crashed halfway and i had to use the cd to repair it). seems to me all that the drivers are 'there' already, but not working.

short of completely starting over from scratch and re-installing the entire windows, is there anything else i can try?

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Windows On Mac :: Installing XP Without Apple Drivers?

May 22, 2009

Because I am getting tired of constant BSOD when playing my games, I am contemplating doing an re-install of xp but bare boned. By that I mean just installing xp sp2 and just update sound and video drivers. Will I be able to do it? Do I need to manually install the wireless card or will windows pick it up? I've tried updating drivers and removing known apple drivers with issues, but in the end I cant get away from BSOD.

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Bootcamp Drivers On XP SP3

Jun 30, 2009

I just got everything brand new again: a Macbook and Windows XP SP3 integrated CD.

I installed Windows and I am now struggling to install the bootcamp drivers.

I run the 2.1 installer and nothing happens at all. nada, no error messages etc.

I presume that this is some problem with SP3, but I have SP3 integrated so I can't install SP2 , install bootcamp and then install SP3, unfortunately..

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