Hardware :: Finding Wifi Mono Laser Printer For Airport Extreme

Jan 18, 2010

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive wifi mono laser printer for use over Airport Extreme from a MacBook running under Snow Leopard?

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Hardware :: Cheap Mono Laser Printer Comparison

Aug 29, 2009

I'm looking to pick up a cheap mono laser printer with duplex and have narrowed the choice down to two. The Oki B410d and the Brother HL-5340D. They're both low-end with relatively similar price except the Oki is a LED printer and the Brother is a laser. With reliability the biggest issue here, has anyone had any experience with either brand or heard any stories?

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Hardware :: Finding Laser Printer For Macbook Pro

Aug 3, 2008

I'm looking for a good laser printer for my Macbook Pro (currently running OS X but soon will be with Leopard). It's for home use but will primarily be printing sheet music so the clarity needs to be good.

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Hardware :: Finding Laser Printer - HP P1006 Or Brother 2140

Apr 15, 2009

So I'm deciding between getting an HP P1006 or Brother 2140. My concern with these printers is their durability. I have had a Brother HL-2040 for 1.5 yrs but it was an awful experience, I had problems with paper loading. But, several websites say that the Brother 2170W is great. So, I am tempted to buy the 2140 or 2170W but I am not sure if it will be durable. I want to know which one do you guys think is more durable for use with MacOSX Leopard: HP or Brother?

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OS X :: Getting AirPort Extreme Card To Work Via WiFi

Mar 30, 2010

I'm running a PowerBook G4 15" FW800 (running 10.4.11) which has only ever connected to the internet via an Orinoco WiFi card, and I'm trying to upgrade it to a better card whose signals aren't stopped by a couple inches of walls. So I bought an AirPort Extreme card on Ebay and hooked it up, but it's not working right. I'm hoping for some advice. Note that I don't have an AirPort base station; I have a Linksys router, which the Orinoco card was able to communicate with fine. Anyway, I got the AirPort Extreme card (no software CD included), and hooked it up as demonstrated in this video. My laptop already had some AirPort software on it, which refused to acknowledge the existence of the card.

I then I installed the software available here, which seemed to overwrite the previous set of software; I also ran Software Update. No matter what, the laptop refused to acknowledge the existence of the card. Applications->AirPort Utility, AirPort Admin Utility, and AirPort Disk Utility all turn up blanks. AirPort Utility, for example, just says it's "unable to find any Apple wireless devices". The software that was there before I installed the software linked to above gave a different message. if I do get the laptop to recognize the card, will I even be able to connect to the Linksys without an AirPort base station or something?

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme And Network Printer

Dec 11, 2010

I recently replaced my aging linksys G router with an Airport extreme. I have an HP 2605dn printer connected to it via ethernet. When I set this up with the old router everything worked great, printer showed up in OSX and added with a couple of clicks. Now that I have moved to the airport I cannot find the printer at all from OSX on either my MacBook Pro with 10.6 or my Powerbook with 10.5. However all of the Windows 7 machines I have in the house see it and print fine. I feel like I'm missing something very simple and help would be amazing.

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme And Printer/Scanner?

Mar 1, 2009

So I purchased a brother MFC 290C so I could both print and fax.

I was able to hook it up to my airport extreme base station (the n version) and set up the printing function from multiple computers. So I am happy with that.

However I am unable to set up the network scanning function because I need 1 of 2 pieces of info:

Either the IP address for the printer OR the mDNS service name..

Now the printer is hooked in to the base station using the USB port. What is the easiest way to find its IP address? I am not allowed to enter anything for mDNS, I have to browse, and I can not see any choices when I browse for it.

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Hardware :: How To Use Airport Extreme Wireless HDD And Printer With USB Hub

Aug 6, 2009

Quick question, if I were to get a usb hub to use with an airport extreme would I be able to use both an external hard drive for backup and a printer for wireless printing or will it only let me use one? Also, would I be able to do this with an airport express? From what I see it seems like the express doesn't support hard drives.

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Hardware :: AirPort Extreme - Connecting HDD For TM And Printer

Sep 13, 2009

I have a 1.5TB external HDD that I am using with my iMac. But I have just added a MBP, so now I have two computers that need backing up. I was thinking of time capsule, but someone suggested I just get an airport extreme and hang the 1.5TB drive off of that. Is that do-able? But also the MBP only has 2 USB ports (my old Dell had 4). If I got the extreme, could I split the USB port and have both a HDD AND a printer off the extreme? Now that I say this out loud (or type outloud), this seems unlikely, but I thought I should check.

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Hardware :: WAN Printing Using LAN Printer, NOT USB, On Airport Extreme?

Nov 30, 2009

I was trying to set up my printer (HP 1515) so that I can print to it even when I am not on the LAN, but also using WAN. The airport extreme has now been set up for Bonjour and all that, but the HP printer is connected using an Ethernet cable, NOT USB. It seems the Airport printer sharing is made for connecting a printer to the Airport USB port, and NOT for any ethernet printers.

Is there any way I can print from outside - WAN - to my LAN printer, connected via ethernet to my airport?

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Software :: Printer Not Working Via Airport Extreme?

Oct 13, 2008

I have a MacBook now running Leopard 10.5.5 and an Epson Stylus DX4400 printer. Since I installed Leopard I cannot print via the USB connection from my Airport Extreme. I can print only if the printer is connected directly to my MacBook. This used to work fine when my computer had Tiger. I have spent hours trying to fix this with a 2nd tier tech guy at Applecare, but without success. Epson refuse to help on the grounds that routers aren't supported, or something. The printer appears to be recognised by the Extreme but when I print, the job does not appear in the print box which just says "printer ready" .

I have had to previously UNINSTALL the latest firmware version for the Airport Extreme (7.3.2) because this firmware seemed to be causing previous problems - namely my MacBook not working with Airport at all, or at least only intermittently. Leopard was installed in attempt to solve this first problem - it didn't at first, but seems to be OK now. The printer issue arose only after Leopard was installed. When I add the printer when located at Airport Extreme via System Prefs Print and Fax, it appears to find and add it OK, and indeed the printer is there with 'Airport Extreme' as the location.

I would be so grateful for any suggestions. Both Applecare and Epson have run out of ideas.

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Hardware :: AirPort Extreme / Express - WiFi Signals

Oct 9, 2010

Setup main airport extreme with one laptop wireless N and another with the lower grade plus 3gen touchs. Could I set up the express to send out the N/B/G WiFi while the extreme sends out only N wifi?

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OS X :: Wireless Internet - WiFi Card / AirPort Extreme?

Mar 22, 2009

I have a 2008 Mac Pro. I am wondering whether its a better idea to go for a WiFi internal card,or is it better to get the airport extreme for wireless internet with router? My knowledge of WiFi/setup is quite limited.

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Hardware :: Connect Airport Extreme And Xbox 360 Via Wifi

Aug 18, 2009

does anyone here connect their xbox 360 to their airport extreme base station via wifi. I have read ways to do this, by turning the 'N' mode off etc. But i just want to find out more before i take the plunge into buying a xbox 360 and if you can do this with out changing from N mode. i have one of the latest 802.11n apple base station.

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Hardware :: Running AirPort Express On G And Extreme WiFi On N?

Jan 12, 2010

So I have an airport extreme. I am planning on getting an airport express, to use exclusively for airtunes. I have a Palm Pre (it's WiFi is only b/g not N). If I use the Palm Pre on my airport extreme, it lowers my wifi connection to G speeds as opposed to N. Can I make the airport express run on G only but still extend the extreme's wifi (running on N)?

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Hardware :: AirPort Extreme Keeps Switching Mac To Neighbors WiFi

May 29, 2010

Bought my first Mac product two days ago and I'm very happy with my 13 inch MacBook Pro. It worked well on my Netgear wireless for one day then all of a sudden it wouldnt let me get online. However, my Ipod Touch and my PC remained online.

Anyways, my Netgear was about 4 years old so I decided to get an Airport Extreme. I set it up and it worked like a charm however, every so often, I'll notice that I'm on a neighbor's wireless instead of my account.

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Hardware :: Printing To An Airport Extreme USB Printer From Windows 7?

Aug 29, 2010

I just bought a Toshiba satellite laptop with Windows 7 and am trying to set up my printer. I have a Canon Pixma MP500. I'm using my airport express for the router. I have no trouble connecting to the internet. It works perfectly. The problem is trying to get my printer to work with the airport. I've tried creating a new port with the ID address but my printer does not show as an option. Of course I can't find the installation cds (figures!). I have been able to add the printer under the local printer, but then I have to go back into the set up network/blue tooth option and it recognizes it. But then when I try to print it says that something is in the print queue blocking the current printing, but there is nothing there.

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme NOT Seeing USB Printer Or Hard Drive

Oct 23, 2010

Im super stumped on this one. I had been using my AE with a USB Hub and HD (for TM) for several weeks. My modem went bad- 2 days later it was replaced. Now, its like the USB port on the AE is dead. I determined that the hub was bad and got a new one. Plugging the USB hard drive straight into the USB port worked for a few minutes. Plugging the printer straight into the USB port allowed me to print 1 page and then it disappeared. I need to get everything working through the hub (brand new, confirmed working). Currently, nothing shows up in Airport Utility under Disks or Printers. Ive reset the airport and disabled / re-enabled file sharing.

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Hardware :: Connecting Two Laptops And Printer To Airport Extreme?

Nov 22, 2010

I need to set up a Macbook Pro, Dell Laptop, and HP Wireless enabled printer to my home network. I have an Airport Extreme. Can this be done without having one of the computers hard-wired to the router?

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme + Hard Drive + Printer

Jan 2, 2009

I have an airport extreme that is currently connected to a printer so that we can print. I want to add a hard drive to back up all the computers with time machine. They are all apple computers running leopard. I was considering buying the time capsule, but was wondering if I used a usb hub and an external drive, would this work as well also. Not trying to run any programs on the hard drive. Just want a back up in case something dies. I guess my question is should I buy a time capsule or will the external HD, usb hub route work as well.

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Hardware :: Can't Access Canner On Printer Through Airport Extreme?

Apr 22, 2009

I have been trying for about an hour and it keeps saying there was an error and the scanner cannot be found. can you access the scanner from your mac or not? i keep having to plug the usb into the computer to recognize the scanner.

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Hardware :: Printer Sharing Using Airport Express And Extreme?

Mar 3, 2010

i'm using an airport extreme as my primary router for internet and everything, and i have a airport express set up in my bedroom for wireless music. i've set it up that the express is joined with the extreme so internet (from the lounge room) and music (in my bedroom) all run through one network.

i just purchased a printer which i plugged into my airport express to enable wireless sharing, and in airport utility it shows the express is connected to the printer, but while im connected to the extreme it wont let me print to it, however it'll still let me stream music to it. And to make is very frustrating because the networks are joined, it wont even let me connect to just the express to do the occasional printing that i want.

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Hardware :: Using Airport Extreme -- Secure Printer Sharing?

Mar 4, 2010

I want to buy an Airport Express to connect to my university's wired network so I can have a wireless connection, use my speakers wirelessly, and print wirelessly. However, as far as I can tell, there is no way to password-protect the printer sharing feature, meaning that my printer would be free to take print jobs from anyone on my building's network. Can anyone confirm this or set me straight?

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MacBook Pro :: Airport Extreme Is In A Room And The Old Is Not Picking Up Any Wifi Signals?

Nov 8, 2010

I just bought a new mbp and my old 17" MacBook pro 2006 2007 models screen was not really working so I decided to take the screen off and use it as a kitchen computer with an external monitor. The problem is that my airport extreme is in a room right next to the kitchen and the old mbp is not picking up any wifi signals not even the neighbors wifi but, my new mbp can pick up the signals where is the wifi antenna located?

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Hardware :: Way To Switch Off Airport Extreme Or Time Capsule Wifi?

Nov 26, 2010

Is there a way, in the settings, to turn off the Time Capsule's Airport wifi? I've been looking at the "Apple Airport Networks" and the "Designing Airport Networks" manuals and haven't found an On/Off setting similar to the MBP's Airport On/Off. I live in a high-rise, with a lot of wifi networks, and would like to configure the Time Capsule via wired LAN with wifi off, until it is secured with WPA2 encryption, and MAC address filtering. Also, I will probably be using the gigabit LAN connection most of the time, when at my desk.

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PowerPC :: Slow Performance On Home WiFi With AirPort Extreme

Nov 24, 2007

PowerBook G4, 1.5ghz, 2gb ram, 80gb HD, Superdrive. It shows I have the AirPort Extreme card installed. Problem, I get poor (slow performance on my home wifi) and in some areas I get no signal or drop the signal. On my PC laptops I get good signal and fairly good speed. Using a Linksys wirless 2.4ghz wireless G router. Could my wireless card need replacing? If I get a wireless N router will the airport extreme card pull the N?

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Hardware :: IPhone And Touch Both Dropping Wifi From Airport Extreme?

Sep 15, 2009

I have had an Airport Extreme for two years now.

I have several devices connected to my wireless network.

MacBook, VistaPC, Printers, AppleTV etc, etc, etc,....

Just recently, my iPhone and the kid's iPod Touch keep getting dropped from the network. The wi-fi icon disappears, and my 3G icon comes up. I'm standing right next to the Airport !!

Sometimes i can reset my wireless and it stays stable for a couple days, but then it happens again.

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Intel Mac :: Loosing Wifi Connection With Airport Extreme Router

Jun 25, 2012

I am having since few weeks problem with my iMac loosing connection with my wifi airport extreme, my MacBook pro, iPhone and iPad is staying looked perfect with my wifi..I Mac is loosing connection, no indication anymore on my top window on my desktop. I need to go to system preferenties, open network and selecting again my wifi network..All fine for certain period of time ( 15 minutes) and i need to do THE Same thing..As all THE rest is werking fine, is this setting Or hardware problem in my iMac

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme Support Usb Printer + Hard Drive?

Apr 10, 2009

Can I connect a USB hard drive and printer to it at the same time ?

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Hardware :: Connecting Non Wireless PC And Printer, MacBook Pro With Airport Extreme?

Nov 23, 2009

I need to know how I can set up a system so that I can use the printer and browse the internet wirelessly on the MacBook Pro and have the non-wireless PC connect to the internet and use the printer as well.

It sounds confusing, so hopefully one of you guys will be able to understand it and maybe quickly draw a labeled diagram to show me.

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