Software :: How Can I Prefent ITunes From Starting By Itself

Jan 1, 2010

This thing haunts me: How can I prefent iTunes from starting by itself?

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ITunes :: Itunes Won't Open - Stuck On Box With Apple - Acting Like Starting Up

Jan 21, 2009

I have an iBook G4 that runs on OS X. Today, my software update box popped up, and I downloaded the new version of itunes. It worked. Then the other update didn't finish. I'm not sure if that's connected. Now, my itunes won't open. When I first tried, nothing would happen. So I restarted the computer, but it wouldn't full restart (stuck on the box with an apple, acting like it was starting up but never did). So I did an archive install with my discs. That worked. But now when I try to open itunes, a box pops up and says that "you cannot use this application with this version of OS X." What?? I feel tricked and panicky. What can I do?

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ITunes :: How To Keep It From Starting

Jun 5, 2012

How can I keep itunes from starting?

iMac 17; iMac 20; MacBook Pro 15, Mac OS X (10.6.7), iPad2 also. iPhone 4S also.

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MacBook :: Why Isn't ITunes Starting

Jun 23, 2014

I have a Mid 2007 MacBook (Core 2 Duo, 2.20 GHz, 2GB, OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard) and I am having a problem with iTunes.  I have a fresh install and was going to sell the computer to a client when I realized that iTunes had a serious problem.  Whenever I go to launch iTunes, I click on the dock icon.  It bounces multiple times on the first attempt, but the program never launches by showing "iTunes" in the top menu.  The little light never comes on beneath the icon either.  Also note that on each attempt afterwards the icon only bounces once and then stops.

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OS X :: ITunes Starting In 32bit Mode

Jun 2, 2010

I was messing around with Audio Hijack and it was working just fine. But now it seems iTunes always starts in 32-bit mode (even without audio hijack running). Also it seems to take quite a while to open the app. If I log in as root (or via a Terminal) I can open iTunes just fine, 64-bit and it opens instantly. Also when I log out OS X hangs a while on the screen you get when he's logging you out (the blue-ish screen).

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Applications :: Damaged ITunes Files - Starting Over

Oct 9, 2009

So the last couple of days iTunes has been hell for me. Couple of days ago, when I opened iTunes like any other time, I was presented with an error message saying my itunes library was damaged. Anyway, long story short, I've started over and created a new one and imported all my songs, podcasts, videos etc in. That all worked well, but I was still missing my precious play counts and ratings, though I was able to import my playlists. So what I did was import one of the itunes database files from the "previous itunes libraries" option. What happened then was that it removed all the files that I purchased after the date in which the database file was created. Annoying as I can't remember every song I've purchased.

The 2 main problems at the moment is that the files I purchased are already in my iTunes media folder, I found that out by just searching some songs I remember, but the matter of remembering each one is impossible. I contemplated the idea of "Add to library" but I think all that does is import everything again into the library rather than find any ones that aren't already in it. Is there anyway to get iTunes to automatically find the files that aren't already my library and just add those? Second problem is I have is the dreaded '!' next to many of my songs, again I am sure that I have these files in my media folder (I've checked), iTunes has just (for some reason) not found those files. Again, is there a way for iTunes to automatically find those files? As opposed to me finding and clicking on everyone of those '!'s and locating the files manually?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: How To Stop ITunes From Starting When Reboot

Apr 29, 2012

i don't know how to tell it to stop starting up whenever i restart OS X.

Mac mini

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Applications :: Starting Fresh With ITunes 9.0.1 - Importing Music?

Sep 24, 2009

Had some library troubles with iTunes 9, and decided to do a clean install of not only the program, but of Snow Leopard itself. I was waiting on an iTunes update to come out before I decided to re-load my library in, since I didn't want to risk repeat problems (I've always been one of those bleeding edge-ers, and this is the 1st time I've ever had a problem/held back...guess I learned my lesson). 9.0.1 is out and seems to address the problems I'd been having, but I caught the "start fresh" bug and I want to start over with iTunes. No playlists, play counts, etc need to be saved.

I do have a full backup of my previous system and I'm wondering what the best way to get all of my music back into iTunes is.
- Do I use the Finder to simply drag the contents of my old "iTunes Music" folder into the new "iTunes Media" folder?
- Do I drag the whole folder and drop it onto the iTunes window? (I'm worried this method won't put iPhone apps, ringtones, audiobooks and podcasts in the right place).
- Do I use the import function?
Prior to making the backup, I did upgrade to/select iTunes Media Organization

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ITunes :: When Press Pause, The Song Keeps Starting From The Beginning Again

Apr 26, 2012

Basically, when I manually (and using keyboard) press pause when playing back a track, each time I press play again the track starts from the beginning. It has never done this before, ever. I need to find a way to fix it in order to work. 


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ITunes For Mac :: Disabling From Automatically Starting When Headphone Plugged In

Dec 3, 2014

I have a Macbook Pro running OS X Yosemite Ver 10.10.1. Whenever I plug in my Apple headphone it in, the iTunes automatically starts and I would like to disable the same. I am talking on FaceTime using my head phone, (I am guessing some small movements of headphone triggering this) the  iTunes starts automatically and the songs start to play during the FaceTime call. 

Does any one know how to disable the iTunes from not starting up automatically, whenever a Headphone is inserted into Mac. I can start iTunes whenever I want like any other application. But I just don’t want any automatic starting of iTunes, when I plug the headphone!

Mac Pro, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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Mac Pro :: 1st Gen Not Starting Up?

Apr 19, 2009

I have one of the first generation Intel Xeon Mac Pros (quad core, 2,66 Ghz I think). and in the last two days, I've been having some problems on startup...the power comes on, but the system never starts. If I turn the power on and off a few times, I can eventually get it to work.

Is this something easily repairable? My Apple Care ran out and I didnt renew it. If this is a costly fix, is it possible to buy a *new* bare bones Mac Pro and just swap the hard drives from my first one?

I looked on other threads with similar issues, but they all seem related to the NVidia 8800 crd, but I have an ATI X1900 installed by Apple.

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OS X :: MBP Not Starting Up

Sep 25, 2009

I was listening to iTunes and browsing the web on safari in OSX10.6.1 and each program became unresponsive and the beach ball popped up. I then held in the power button to turn off my mac and I pressed it a second time to turn it back on. After waiting about 15 seconds on the gray screen a file folder with a question mark came up. I set up a genius bar appointment for Saturday (store has been closed for remodeling and opens back up then) but I would like some knowledge as to what is going on before going into the Apple Store.

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Laptops :: Mpb Is Not Starting

Aug 22, 2009

i have a 2007 15" mbp that woke me up this morning trying to boot up. here's the story: last night after watching a couple comedy channel shows, i shutdown my machine and left it plugged in the wall to recharge. it sat atop my dresser, with the lid closed. i awoke to the boot-up chime and a bright light spilling out of the 2 mm screen/body crack. the machine then rapidly shutoff and repeated this two or three more times more without me intervening --it's possessed!! after a couple hours of investigating the problem, i'm now completely lost on what to do. i've read all the apple support pages, and tried all their suggestions including reformatting PRAM and SMC. however, nothing worked.

here are the facts: - when i press the power button without the power cord attached--i.e. using just the battery--the chime sounds, hard disk (i think) makes its typical sound, the screen turns grayish-white....but....then, i hear a zzzzpp sound from the top left of the body (under the left speaker) and the boot up immediately fails.
- here's the kicker--when i press the power button with the power cord attached, and with or without the battery inserted = nothing happens; however, if i detach, then reattach the power cord, my mbp automatically boots as described above without me touching the power button.
- my battery is fully charged
- i've tried another power cord and battery...same pattern as above

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Mac Pro :: Input Lag When Starting

Nov 29, 2009

Whenever I start/restart my MP, I am unable to interact with the unit for 2-3 minutes. The mouse pointer will move, but I cannot click on items, nor will the dock icons magnify until 2-3 minutes after. I have done a clean install now and have taken out the 4890. Everything is back to stock but it continues to occur.

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Software :: G4 Not Starting Up Under 10.4x

Nov 17, 2008

I recently got a G4 450 AGP. My intension was to take the hard drive out of my B&W G3 which at the time it was installed with 10.3x (all latest updates) Took out the hard drive and put it in the G4. Started up the computer and was a little slow starting up but it did. I got a dvd ram drive some time ago and put it in and went to update to 10.4.6 with a retail disk. Went and did the update install and when it went to start up in hung up on the gray apple screen with the gray spinning beach ball of death. Thinking that something went wrong I went thru and did it again. Same out come. Un hooked the dvd drive and the zipdrive. No difference. Switched around the ram chips - used some didn't use others-back and forth. No difference.

Put in the install dvd and ran apple repair-nothing wrong. Ran repair permissions and there were things wrong- don't recall what but everything was fixed. Ran repair permissions again and was clean. Tried restart same thing........................

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Software :: Mac G4 Not Starting

Dec 18, 2008

I am receiving the "You need to restart your computer" message on my PowerBook G4. I receive no resolution when I attempt to restart and/or reset PRM. I then attempted to start the computer with the "Software Install and Restore 2 of 2" disk, to no avail - I still just get the grey screen. Do I need to use the Restore disk to re-install the OS? If so, how do I get the disk to start without having access to finder or menu items? If not, what path do I need to take to resolve this very annoying problem?

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IMac PPC :: G5 Is Not Starting

May 4, 2012

my g5 imac wil show the start light, so I know it works, it won't gong or start up!

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), G5

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MacBook Pro :: Last-FM Keeps Starting On Its Own?

Jun 20, 2014

I've had Last fm for a while, and whenever I plug in my iPhone or iPad, it will randomly start on its own, even after I force quit the app, it keeps doing it, and it drives me insane, it'll start up in the most inconvenient times, and I have to quit it at least three times before it finally stops starting itself. Is there a way to fix this, or do I just need to uninstall it and be done with last fm ?

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Power Mac G5 :: Removing CD When Mac Not Starting

Dec 11, 2007

I am going to have to put the install disk in, however at the moment I have the apple care cd in the mac - but the eject button on the keyboard does nothing - is there another way I can get the disk out? I just get stuck on the 'flashing question mark' stage.

IMac G5

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OS X :: Aperture Keeps Starting, How Do I Stop It

Sep 30, 2010

When I plug my kindle 3 into my MBP it automatically starts aperture.Why does it do this, and more importantly how do I stop it?

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OS X :: Starting To See Random Slowdowns?

Apr 23, 2009

I have had my first Mac for about a month now (iMac 24" 2.8, 4GB). I have started noticing in the last few days, a somewhat frequently appearing "spinning disk" (don't know what it is called, but in Windows-land they call it "clocking"). In any case, I never saw this when I only had 2GB of RAM. Nor after I upgraded to 4GB which was a couple weeks ago. But lately this is occuring enough to be a bit annoying.

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OS X :: MacBookPro 3 Starting Bit Slow

Jul 15, 2009

My MacBookPro is running a tad slow on start up lately. Its taking a fair bit longer to display the blue screen and my password. Safari and Mail are the only items that I have set to launch on signing in. I have removed extra fonts and languages also turned magnification off to speed things up, but its mainly the start up thats just a bit slower than usual.

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OS X :: Intel IMac Not Starting Up?

Oct 1, 2009

did a quick search on Apple, and here but didn't turn up much of anything useful. I've got a friend with an iMac that won't boot up. Pressing the power button doesn't seem to do much of anything. I've tried unplugging the power cord, and re-plugging it, but alas, I got the fan to rev up for a second and then blahh, nothing again. It's a 20" model with the black bezel. Not entirely sure of the system specs, I only got a couple minutes with it last night. Do these machines have any common problems like this?

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OS X :: Remote Login Not Starting?

Oct 7, 2009

On Leopard, Remote Login won't start. It's stuck on "Starting remote login...". If I reboot, it says Remote Login is off, and I go through the same process.

Is there any way I can fix this or totall reset SSH? I tried deleting all of the SSH files in /etc and ~/.ssh.

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OS X :: Macbook Air Doesnt Starting Up.

Nov 28, 2009

"You need to restart your computer. Hold down the power button for several seconds or press the Restart button."

I get this message everytime I turn on my MacBook Air and cannot get past it.

When i turn the power off, it hang for quite a long time and this screen appears,

Macbook Air OS x 10.5.

Before this happened, i went on skype and firefox. But then it hanged, so i had to hold the power button to shut it down. I meant to restart it back but then i couldnt. This problem appears.

Just before it happened, i dont have any start up application. But before, they were adium, skype and transmission. And my 'HUAWEI mobile connect broadband internet' connect automatically. and i dont use time machine.

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MacBook Pro :: Keeps Starting Up On Shutdown?

Dec 31, 2009

I try shutting down my macbook pro either from being logged in or the login window and it shuts down then after a few seconds restarts.

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IMac :: M5521 Not Starting Up - How To Fix It

Mar 16, 2010

My brothers imac with not start up. He just needs to get some files off of it.

Is is possible to use the hard drive, by installing it on my G4

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MacBook :: Starting Up But Not Booting?

Apr 17, 2010

so I have read most of the start up problems, and mine is different. Whenever I shut down and try to start my computer again, I am not able to get my computer to turn back on. I hit the power button, and hear the computer humming, but not the typical hum-hum that usually occurs. My screen remains black with no activity. After 5 to 10 attempts at this, the computer starts up fine, and I have no problems with it running. I do not have this problem when I use the restart function, say after I download a software update. This problem is driving me nuts as I am afraid I can not shut off my computer!

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Software :: Powerbook G4 Not Starting Up?

Oct 26, 2005

My Powerbook G4 is not starting up. When I press the startup button, I get the white screen with the grey apple, but that's it. I don't get thr little revolving "wheel" that usually signifies the startup process is working.

Prior to this problem, it was taking a very long time to start up but eventually would start up.

I've tried holding down the option key while pressing the start button- this worked yesterday, but won't work today.

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Software :: Programs Not Starting?

Apr 26, 2008

When I click to start Disclabel, Skype, DVD player and Handbrake, either from the dock or the application folder they don't open. They bounce and nothing happens.

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