Software :: Comparing NVIDIA Graphic Cards Of My PC And The New MacBook ?

Nov 22, 2009

I have a Windows XP, and on it, I sometimes play FPS (First Person Shooter) Games. The ones I play (*if you want to know which ones, I posted them below*) run OK on my current computer. Since my computer itself is quite slow, I decided to buy the new MacBook soon (Not MacBook Pro or Air, because I am still a student, and that would be too expensive for me)
My current PC has the Graphic Card [NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE] on it, while the new MacBook has [NVIDIA GeForce 9400M G] on it (Apple calls it [NVIDIA GeForce 9400M]).

I was wondering if I could still play my FPS Games on the MacBook, so my main Question is:

- Which of the two above named NVIDIA Graphic Card is better? and a sub-question:

- Is the better one better in all things?

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Mac Pro :: Will Apple Be Updating It With Updated Graphic Cards Such As The Nvidia GTX 680

Mar 24, 2012

I'm looking to buy my first Mac Pro and I'm very excited about it! I haven't bought it yet because i'm waiting for Apple to upgrade their current graphics cards that are available in the current line up. The ATI Radeon HD 5770 or the ATI Radeon HD 5870. Altough they are very good graphic cards,I feel that they are very outdated. Would there be any chance of Apple upgrading their current line up to Nvidia GTX 680? 

Mac Pro

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MacBook :: Hd Space, Cpu And Graphic Cards

May 22, 2009

My friend recently argued with me about how stupid I was being about selling my Dell XPS for a less featured MacBook. His standing argument was that Apple gets away with murder - and by that he was arguing that they manage to sell hardware that is subpar by todays standards (hd space, cpu and graphic cards) that you could always find considerably cheaper laptops with good builds with much more impressive hardware and features.The argument over just the OS was starting to haunt me. I knew this before I had decided to return to OSX...but, egh...I guess it would be nice for Apple to deliver offerings that are more common place on the hardware side of things...

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MacBook Pro :: System Freezes On Low Graphic Games / Update Nvidia Drivers?

Apr 17, 2007

I have a macbook pro
Model Identifier:MacBookPro5,5
Processor Name:Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed:2.53 GHz
Memory: 4 GB

NVIDIA GeForce 9400M:

Chipset Model:NVIDIA GeForce 9400M
VRAM (Total):256 MB
Vendor:NVIDIA (0x10de)
Device ID:0x0863
Revision ID:0x00b1
ROM Revision:3427

It is incredible slow - freezes constantly unless on very low graphics in games like World of Warcraft so i'm assuming i need to upload graphics. So i went to the Nvidia website, and tried to update driver by following steps correctly, selecting the correct options, etc and it said it couldn't update for my system..How do i update my software so i can play without freezing?

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MacBook Pro :: Supported NVIDIA Graphics Cards For GPU Acceleration?

Jul 6, 2012

I want ask abut Supported NVIDIA graphics cards for GPU acceleration

- GeForce GTX 285
- Quadro FX 4800
- Quadro 4000  

which model of MacBook Pro have it ?

I need it for video editing by adobe premiere pro. 

iPhone 3GS, Mac OS X (10.6.7)

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Mac Pro :: How To Set Up Two Graphic Cards On OS 10.6

Feb 1, 2012

I need to set up the NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 for the GUI and leave my ATI Radeon HD 4870 for GPU.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Mac Pro :: Two Graphic Cards Works Together?

Dec 29, 2008

I just bought a new MacPro last week (and really love it). I asked the people at the store to replace the standard graphic card with the Nvidia GeForce 8800.Apparently they 'forgot' to take out the original ATI Radeon card.Reading through the forum I found out that the two cards don't work together. No sweat, since I originally only wanted (and paid for) the Nvidia.

Here's my question: which card does my mac actually use? Does it always use the better Nvidia card? Should I take the ATI Radeon card out, or leave it there just in case I ever want to use 4 monitors?

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OS X :: SL With UMBPs - Can Use Dual Graphic Cards

Aug 16, 2009

Can anyone confirm or deny if the ability to switch between the Nvidia 9400m and 9600m GT without having to relog is included with the latest build of SL?

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IMac :: Using Aperture 3 - Graphic Cards?

Aug 17, 2010

If you are running Aperture 3 on a new iMac, please let us know your impressions. I'm specifically interested in learning if the i5's quads with 1G graphics cards are significantly better than the i3's.

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Hardware :: Graphic Cards Not Have Significant Lables?

Feb 15, 2010

I have 3 Graphic Cards...all from Macs....but they dont have any significant marking or lables on them....only serial can i find out what kind or how fast they are?

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Mac Pro :: Finding List Of Working Pc Graphic Cards On Mp 3,1?

Jun 16, 2010

The thing is that when I use the card for 3D or gaming it sounds like a taking off airplane. From 0 to 30 seconds the card increases the fan speed/sound. I clean my macpro about 3 or 4 times a year, even my card but, honestly, I have never open the black cover the nvidia has for avoiding a disaster...

Ok I just want to know the best (or at least a better) graphic card. If it is a PC card, how could I make it work in my Macpro...

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PowerPC :: Best Graphic Cards For Powermac G5, Dual 2.5 Ghz From 2004?

Aug 13, 2008

I have a powermac G5, dual 2.5 ghz from 2004. I was wondering what the best graphics card upgrades are. I currently have an nvidia Geforce 6800 ultra, but I really want something with more vram

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Mac Pro :: SLI Under Windows - Enabled Nvidia Cards

Mar 4, 2009

So it was my understanding that all the mac pro motherboards have supported SLI, only that it does not work under OSX. Do you need to have special SLI enabled nvidia cards or would the stock 120GTs work? ie, if you were to purchase it with 4 120GTs would they all work using SLI under windows? Just throwing it out there as I a) don't have the cash to buy 4 and b) I much rather have a fast 4870 that works in both mac and windows.

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Hardware :: Mac Pro: Stock Graphics Cards To The NVIDIA 8800?

Sep 11, 2008

Has anybody upgraded their Mac Pro's stock graphics card to the NVIDIA card?

Does it make a big difference?

I'm playing way to much X3 Reunion at the moment, and I've noticed that the graphics on the PC screenshots look a lot better than what my Mac Pro produces. I don't know if it's a Cider thing, or simply down to the stock graphics card in the Mac Pro being a bit pants?

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Hardware :: Looking For NVIDIA 7800 Graphics Cards For Powermac G5?

Sep 23, 2005

I have been trying to determine if NVIDIA is planning on offering the 7800 series for the PowerMac G5, but have been unable to find any information on my seareches so far. Does anyone know if this is or will be the case shortly?

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MacBook Pro :: NVidia 320m Versus NVidia 9400m?

Apr 14, 2010

So, I bought myself new Macbook Pro exactly 21 days ago, and was disappointed to find out that they refreshed it today.

However, I am heading to Apple Store Friday afternoon to find out what I can do to get that refreshed one. (I waited 7 month, until the last day of the presentation)So, to people with 320m graphics, are there any big difference? Does the battery lasts longer?

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MacBook Air :: Comparing Rev B To Unibody 2.4 GHz?

Apr 30, 2009

I am comparing the MBA Rev B and the Unibody MacBook 2.4 GHz....has anyone had some experience for with these two computers?

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MacBook Air :: Comparing Screen Quality And Resolution

Nov 4, 2010

How would you compare the mba screen quality to the mbp? Appleinsider seems to way in its review that the mbp was a higher quality screen (but mbp has lower res) [URL].

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MacBook Pro :: Comparing Display And Boot Time To Last Generation?

Apr 18, 2010

I will be purchasing the new Core i5 15" MBP in a few weeks and have been reading a lot of good things about it. With all the good things I see a few bad. I was wondering if anyone with the new MBP could answer these questions?

1. Is the Display better than the last generations? ( In particular the high res)
2. Someone said in another post boot time is slower than the 2009 C2D MBP? Can a few people confirm this?

I have read a few people say the new screens are less brighter than previous models and this has me very concerned? Of course I hope they actually turned up the brightness setting before making such claims.

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MacBook Pro :: Comparing Battery Life And Heat ཅ To ཆ 15" MBP?

May 19, 2010

A truly non scientific test ...

The '09 15" MBP C2D 2.8ghz, 512vram comparing to April/10 15" MBP i7, 512vram both have 4gb ram and 256ssd.

The '09 allows the user to choose the graphic card setting but you have to log out first ...

The new '10 MBP has 'auto switching' and decides what to do for you, (until Apple releases a fix, which many feel they won't do).

In our experience the '09 MBP runs cool, noticeably cooler on your lap for example in integrated mode .... But when you switch to the discrete card then you can feel it's quite a lot warmer.

Battery Meter - On full battery, switching from discrete to integrated mode adds 1 hour 41 minutes.

With the new 2010 models choosing to run in discrete mode, even when seemingly unnecessary it makes the machine feel much warmer on the bottom almost uncomfortable. That was noticed in the '09 MBP too when only when running in discrete mode, but when running in integrated it runs very cool.

Battery life is about the same on both machines, Apple advertises it increased over the '09 models, in our real world experience not the case.

This first step into Intel Graphics and these being first version machines unless you really need to upgrade now I wouldn't ... If you have an '09 or an '08 MBP chances are it's doing it work just fine and you'll notice minimal improvements and perhaps take a step backward going from Nvidia graphics to this new Intel idea .... it's not perfected yet.

Therefore unless you need/want to run in discrete mode often I'd wait until the next revision/update or at least until the graphics switching concerns are addressed by Apple.

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MacBook Pro :: Comparing The New MacBook Pro 13" MagSafe Connector?

May 21, 2010

Does anyone else here prefer the old MacBook Pro 13" MagSafe connector to the new one?

I understand that the new one is made of aluminum and is more streamlined and will not bend off when using the computer on your lap. But the parallel configuration of the cord means it's either getting in the way of all your ports or you have to loop it to the back, which isn't always the best solution when you're on the go. I also noticed that the MagSafe wobbles a bit when it's connected, and the magnetic force doesn't seem to be as strong.

The MagSafe on my 2009 MacBook Pro 13" is solid. Perfect fit, great attachment strength, and I actually find the perpendicular cord placement more convenient for my uses. The white plastic tip doesn't match as well with the aluminum unibody, but it's not a problem for me.

Anyone else with me on this one?

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PowerPC :: Comparing Macbook And Macbook Pro's To Powerbook

Jan 5, 2008

I started out with apple when I switched from being a hardcore PC (windows/linux nerd) that builds and modifies the shi* out of computers.

Well.. I bought mac.

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Applications :: Comparing Two ITunes (shared) Libraries

Dec 6, 2010

I have a Mac Pro desktop and a Macbook with (mostly) duplicate music on. But there is some music I only have on one or the other. Most uploaded from CDs and some bought from itunes, Amazon etc. Each has about 20GB each but as I said it's mostly the same. I want to do a complete clean re-install on the Macbook and then not take up its HD space with music, just use Home Sharing via the desktop/airtunes. Apart from literally going alphabetically through both, is there a neat way of comparing, to make sure that when I clean off the Macbook I don't miss something that isn't on the pro?

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Software :: Finding And Comparing Duplicate Files?

Dec 12, 2010

which is the best app so that one can find duplicate files and also to have the ability to see previews to be able to compare?

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MacBook Pro :: NVIDIA GeForce 9400M Graphics Versus NVIDIA GeForce 9400M?

Aug 18, 2009

I am going to college this year to study Graphic Design and i am looking to purchase a MBP 15". I have read a couple of other threads which cover similar questions however i am not truly satisfied with the answers i have read.

My MBP will have to run the following programs on a regular basis: Photoshop, Bridge, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash. It will also have to run basic tasks such as word processing, internet surfing and email. Finally i would also like to install parallels and XP on the machine just in case an work or applications need to be run on windows. Obviously all of these applications will not be running simultaneously however there is a strong chance 2 or 3 maybe running at the same time. My Imac deals with this without problems, will the MBP be the same?

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MacBook Pro :: Comparing Font Size, 15" Hi-res Versus 17" MBP?

Jul 1, 2010

Would the 15" have a larger native font size than the 17" or smaller?

I'm not certain on my calculations, but I think the 15" hi res should have a larger font, correct?

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Comparing Music And Picture Files?

Apr 6, 2012

I have pictures and music literally buried in multiple old incremental backups on a Seagate external drive.  These backups were from an old MacBook utilizing an unknown software.  That backup was not used to restore to the new MacBook Pro, rather a more recent Time Capsule/Time Machine backup was utilized.  I want to get selected old files (pictures and music) out of that Seagate and onto my new MacBook Pro.  I'm presently utilizing Time Machine as the backup on a 2nd new external backup drive.  Unfortunately, there were only a couple full backups done years ago on that old Mac and then countless incrementals were piled on top.  I know that some of the data has made it to the new Mac by other means but it seems I need to do a file compare somehow to insure completeness.  How do I get to these files since all of those incrementals has made it a chaotic mess?  How do I compare and merge?  First time posting.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Comparing The Resolution On 13" MBP To 15" MBP?

Jan 28, 2010

Does the higher resolution of the 15" display more 'colors' than the 13"? I wouldn't think so -but- when I'm comparing a photo on each a 13 and 15" MBP screen, both mid '09 models the 15" shows not only more detail but also more color or rather more accurate colors.

I thought it was a calibration issue so I recalibrated them both, again and it's the same, the 15" shows not only a sharper more detailed photo but also more and/or greater colors.

Maybe it's common knowledge but I wouldn't of expected so much of a difference until I saw them both side by side.

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Hardware :: Macbook Pro For Graphic And Web Design

Apr 30, 2010

I am planning to buy the base new 15" MBP. I am going to use it for graphic and web design work along with doing other stuff like browsing, email, music, watching movies, etc. The programs I plan to use are:

- Adobe CS4/5 (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash)
- Coda + Transmit
- iMovie and GarageBand (slight movie and sound editing, nothing too large)
- Windows XP under Parallels Desktop for testing pages on IE

I am also planning on getting the 24" ACD to hook it to the MBP. This will also be my main and only computer.
Would the base model be enough for this? I currently have an 20" iMac Intel Core 2ghz and while it feels kinda slow when working on comps and large files in Photoshop it pulls through, so I am thinking that the base new 15" MBP would very much smoke my current iMac.

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MacBook Air :: 13" Consider For Graphic Design?

Dec 27, 2010

I'm considering buying the MBAir 13" - I'm a graphic designer and was wondering if it'll be able to handle programs such as Photoshop and InDesign? I'll probably have two of Adobe's programs open at once as well as my web browser, I'm worried that it'll lag the laptop. I'd get the MBP but I bring my laptop with me in between classes and it's pretty heavy.

EDIT: just to clarify, I already have a 15" MBP but I had to get it fixed a few weeks back and it hasn't been the same since. It's laggy and I have to restart it a lot, every once in a while it even turns it self off without warning. I thought I'd rather spend more money on a new one rather than getting it fixed again.

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