Hardware :: Macbook Pro For Graphic And Web Design

Apr 30, 2010

I am planning to buy the base new 15" MBP. I am going to use it for graphic and web design work along with doing other stuff like browsing, email, music, watching movies, etc. The programs I plan to use are:

- Adobe CS4/5 (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash)
- Coda + Transmit
- iMovie and GarageBand (slight movie and sound editing, nothing too large)
- Windows XP under Parallels Desktop for testing pages on IE

I am also planning on getting the 24" ACD to hook it to the MBP. This will also be my main and only computer.
Would the base model be enough for this? I currently have an 20" iMac Intel Core 2ghz and while it feels kinda slow when working on comps and large files in Photoshop it pulls through, so I am thinking that the base new 15" MBP would very much smoke my current iMac.

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MacBook Air :: 13" Consider For Graphic Design?

Dec 27, 2010

I'm considering buying the MBAir 13" - I'm a graphic designer and was wondering if it'll be able to handle programs such as Photoshop and InDesign? I'll probably have two of Adobe's programs open at once as well as my web browser, I'm worried that it'll lag the laptop. I'd get the MBP but I bring my laptop with me in between classes and it's pretty heavy.

EDIT: just to clarify, I already have a 15" MBP but I had to get it fixed a few weeks back and it hasn't been the same since. It's laggy and I have to restart it a lot, every once in a while it even turns it self off without warning. I thought I'd rather spend more money on a new one rather than getting it fixed again.

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Mac :: Macbook Pro Crippled With Ssd? - Graphic Design

Jul 7, 2009

I was planning on getting a macbook NEXT fall, not this one, but I was thinking about just getting the new macbook pros, the screen is bigger, and I get the mileage on the gfx card, as well as Graphic Design if I get interested in.. ( i could see this happening)I heard that the BUS or watever it is is being reduced tho, exponentially minimizing SSD effectiveness?Wat do u think about my buying choice? I hate to wait, i could use 4 school if I move and dont take the imac use for the Community College i go to until next fall

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MacBook Pro :: 13" Suitable For Graphic Design?

Sep 14, 2010

I'm a graphic designer looking for a new home office computer. I work in print media mainly, using CS5 (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign), and have been considering the Macbook Pro 13" for its combination of performance and portability; a 24" monitor will be connected to the MBP. I could go for the Macbook Pro 15" for better performance but I really like the portability factor. So my true question is: Is the Macbook Pro 13" suitable for this type of work?

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MacBook Pro :: Which MBP For University Student Studying Graphic Design?

May 28, 2010

I am a bit stuck between getting the 13" or the 15" because I don't know whether the 15" is really worth �500 more as this will be my first Mac and I don't know too much about them..

I will be carrying it around campus a lot and using Photoshop/Illustrator a lot.

one of my main concerns is whether the screen will be big enough in the long run..

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Mac Pro :: New Vs New IMac (27 I7) For Graphic Design

Oct 31, 2009

I've been reading threads here comparing the Quad Mac Pro vs the yet to be released iMac 27" i7 and most seem to focus on use as a machine for video editing with Final Cut Pro. I'm a pro-graphic designer using the last model Power Mac G5 and wonder how these two might compare with heavy Photoshop usage and design for print in general. One of the main issues i think may be drive speed and I'm really not so knowledgeable in terms of the benefits of internal drives in a new Mac Pro vs whatever the best external option would be for the iMac so any insights any has in this area in terms of speed would be highly appreciated. (Is there some super-fast high end external storage option that would suit the iMac will and give me the same performance as a second internal drive on a Mac Pro?)

And what about the memory...I think the ECC option is not available for the iMac...does that mac a huge difference between the two..or am I wrong? I think either machine would be a huge step forward from my PMG5 (which is doing pretty well still) I'm just wondering if it makes sense for me to wait for the next generation Mac Pro to come out (assuming it's early 2010...yes predicting Apple product releases is an exact science as we all know.)

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Mac Pro :: Buying Used ... For Graphic Design

Apr 6, 2010

I`m thinking of a completly separate computer just for "work". I have never owned any kind of apple computer, but I work on them in school. What I could afford is a used G5 with 1.8-2.0 dual processor. I would need this computer for the adobe graphic suite CS4. Will it do? How is upgrading, HDD, graphic card, RAM? Do you need to buy special products for apple?

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Hardware :: Best IMac For Graphic Design?

May 2, 2009

I'm gonna be buying my first Mac pretty soon as I start college this fall. I'm going into graphic design so ill be using it primarily for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc. and also possibly some video editing. I'm kinda thinking to go with the 24" iMac but i don't know which model to get. Do you guys think the iMac is the best choice for my situation and if so which model would you recommend?

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Hardware :: MAC Vs PC In The Graphic Design Context

Feb 24, 2010

I work in the public sector overseeing a small marketing department and we use Macs to design our various print materials. My IT department is questioning the need for using Macs in this capacity and they want to replace them with PCs citing anything graphic design related on the Mac can also be done on a PC. I'm against this mostly because the designers "grew up" on Macs. It's what they know.

I'm in the process of creating a rebuttal to their claims but where do I start? Does anyone have any good suggestions as to why I need to use the Mac vs the PC in the graphic design process? The IT dept is more focused on quantitative data rather than qualitative data so saying Macs are easier for the designers to use just doesn't cut it.

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Mac Pro :: One Or Two 2.8GHz Quads For Graphic Design?

Oct 8, 2008

G'Day I'm a graphic designer looking at getting a Mac Pro. I'll be running CS3.3 with inDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver & Flash open at all times. I was after some advice regarding the specs. Do I really need Two 2.8GHz Quad Core's to run the above fast and efficiently or would One 2.8 with extra RAM do the trick? I spoke to a techy mate of mine and he assured me one would be enough (he said Two was major overkill unless I'm doing 3D rendering etc).

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Mac Pro :: Processor For Graphic Design / Photoshop?

May 3, 2010

I'm a graphic designer looking to upgrade my single processor G5 (which is close to unusable at this point) to a Quad-Core Mac Pro. I will be buying the new CS5 software to run on it, so it will need to handle complex photo editing/large files in photoshop, etc. From what I've read thus far on these forums, it sounds like CS5 can't utilize the 8-core anyway, so I've decided on the Quad-core. But my question is, should I go with the 2.66GHz, 2.93GHz, or 3.33GHz processor? Obviously higher is better, but will I notice much of a difference between these options?

Or should adding more RAM be the priority? I'm thinking I would upgrade to 8GB regardless, and probably more eventually. What do you all think? Cost is somewhat of an issue, but I don't mind spending more now if it means the computer will last me 7+ years. I've been waiting for the 2010 models, but who knows when that will be... and now that CS5 is out I'm getting impatient! (But then again, waiting could be the smart option, I suppose...)

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Hardware :: Best Monitors For Graphic Design / Photography

May 9, 2010

I am considering purchasing two monitors for my computer at home (since its easier to work with two bigger monitors then one). What are good monitors for their price? I am considering either the view sonic VA2223wm or Hanns G HH221.

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OS X :: Monitor Connection For Video Editing And Graphic Design?

Apr 20, 2010

I have tried googling and searching this but haven't got much from anywhere, I am a student in a Broadcasting program and I have a late 2008 Macbook (Dual Core, 250gb, 2 gb ram; black casing). I am aware that the Pro versions support easy monitor hookups via the DV connections; however I am a poor, starving student with a large widescreen monitor that I primarily use for gaming. However I would also like to use it with my macbook for when I am doing video editing and graphic design. So essentially, will this Macbook in any way support a Plug and Play monitor (20 inch)?

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IMac :: 20" (2009) Work For Motion Graphic - Design?

Apr 9, 2009

I'm studying in Visual Communication Design. It is capable of designing both in graphics and media communication. And I want to buy iMac for study in this case. It work for this? Because I wondering about NVIDIA graphics 9400. shared memory from main RAM. And I'd like to play 3D Game in Bootcamp. Such as Crysis. Can it play smooth?

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MacBook Pro :: How To Learn Design On Using CS6 Design Standard

Jun 21, 2012

Looking at the 2012 13" model with 2.5Gzh I5 chip and 4GB RAM, any one know if this will work ok for designing on using the latest Adobe CS6 design standard suite? ALso can the 13" be connected to a standard DVI monitor using an adapter for the thunderbolt port.

MacBook Pro

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MacBook Air :: MBA 13 For Web Design?

Jan 8, 2011

Trying to decide which laptop to get for work. This will be my primary computer, and I'll be hooking it up to a 27" cinema display at home. I currently have an iMac 24" 2.8 core duo 4gb, but I need the portability of a laptop to work on at the office, and I don't want to keep the iMac and sync with the new laptop, I just want one machine to work on. Don't really want to spend over $1500 on the laptop, unless it is a significant upgrade. For work, I use some adobe cs5 apps, mostly photoshop, and every once in a while I use premiere to edit video off my canon t2i. The kicker is, I need to get something within 2 weeks. Like everyone, I'm anxious to see what the new MBP's are all about, but I have a feeling they'll definitely be more than $1500, considering the new air's are more than that when beefed up to 4gb, 256gb. I already ordered a cinema display as they are on sale, so figured might as well get that component. Here is what I'm thinking for choices.

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MacBook :: Web Design On Leopard

Jan 19, 2009

My grand daughter has a class in Website design and they are telling her that she must use a PC format in the course. She has a MacBook with Leopard. If she installs MS XP, what else will she need in terms of software and is Parallels necessary? I also wonder why she cannot use the Mac as a Web design platform?

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Hardware :: Macbook Design Flaws ?

Aug 13, 2009

I purchased my Macbook in September of 2007. I was born and raised on Macs so I am familiar with the products.

1) They keys are leaving severe imprints on the screen. I have researched that they now sell products to prevent this - but I was not *warned of this at the purchace time. I presume that this is a design flaw as a $1400+ computer should not damage the screen - I guess that there not there is not enough space between the top and bottom. I do not slam cover when I close nor do I carry it around in a backpack full of book squishing the computer. Please advise.

2) The outside of the white cover (of which I purchaced and used religiously the $60 plastic protective piece) is changing colour and there are 'scratch' like marking all over the top and bottom.

3) The bottom of the keypad keep chipping off, I have had to replace this twice and am looking at a third time. Fortunetly Mac acknowledeges this defect and cover the service fee.

I have genuinly enjoyed all the macs I have had over the years, but am downright frustreated with this Laptop!

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MacBook :: Getting Into Web Design? - Multi-Tasking

Mar 24, 2009

i was just wondering i am planning on get a macbook but a refurbished one. Im planning on getting the lower end model but I am just getting started on web design. The question i have is it going to be sufficient enough with the task Im going to be doing. Meaning Multi-Tasking

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Laptops :: Best Macbook Pro Options For Web Design Student?

Aug 21, 2010

I am finally buying my first Mac (as well as my first laptop) and need some advice as to what I truly need (as opposed to what I covet) - not just for school but for professional internships as well.

I will be using Adobe Creative Suite (CS5), with Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator, but I am also an interior designer and use drafting and modeling progams such as AutoCAD and Revit or similar.

I have settled on a 15" Macbook Pro because I wish to be an ambidextrous platform user, but here are a few things I am undecided about:

-Intel Core i5 or i7 processor?

(I believe the i5 is packaged with NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M graphics processor with 256MB GDDR3 memory and the i7 with 512MB GDDR3 memory)

-4GB of RAM or 8GB?

(should I start with 4 and add modules later if I need them?)

-500GB Hard Drive: 5400rpm or 7200rpm?

-the standard 1440 x 900 display or the Hi-Res 1680 x 1050?

(after reading other posts here, it seems that the gloss screen will be better for me than the anti-glare)

Anything else I should be considering?

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MacBook Air :: Best External Drive Without Design Flaw?

Nov 14, 2010

What would you guys recommend the best External DVD drive for MBA to keep ? The apple slim drive for MBA has very poor feedback on apple site, $79 its somewhat of a steep price to pay for a device WITHOUT emergency eject, esp. if it gets stuck on an airport while travelling (say I shut my comp. down and tossed it in the case in a hurry along with the drive and CD/DVD runngin in it), I hear that the jam is perm. and cant get the disk out since it has no emergency eject. Any other brands that ppl have used ? Good price, but MORE importantly thin profile and relative nicer look to go with the air.

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MacBook Air :: Unibody Design Changed If 3G Cards Are Put In?

May 30, 2009

How well does carbon fiber handle it? I wouldnt want to see a laptop made from the same material as the iPhone 3G. Could this be solved with an external anntena but that would sorta kill the concept.

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MacBook Pro :: System Development And Graphics Design

Oct 1, 2009

I just got my first Apple product, a 13.3" MacBook Pro, and have been loving every minute of it. I'm using it mainly for work (systems development and graphics design).

1) Salesperson from Apple shop strongly advised against keyboard protectors citing it causes overheating; he recommended regular vacuuming and blowing with compressed air instead. Is this true?
2) Will I see a noticeable performance increase with a 7200rpm HDD? Will a larger capacity and faster spinning speed of 7200rpm degrade battery life? How about heat issues?
3) I'm thinking of getting a matte screen protector to reduce glare and reflection. Will the matte screen degrade image quality and brightness. I seen several sellers (from HongKong) selling cheap ones at US$6 to US$9 with shipping on eBay, are they safe to use?

Here is one such example [URL]

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MacBook Pro :: A Bug Or By Design: Locked Out In The Wrong Language?

Mar 7, 2012

I was writing an email in Russian when I had to leave my computer - so I locked it. When i came back, I tried to log back in. A shocking surprise: Mac was using a Russian layout and I have found no way to switch back to English to type my username and password (which are in English). I tried: 

- resetting the PRAM (booting while holding option+Command+R+P)

- booting in single user mode and adding an admin user with empty username/password

- booting in single user mode and messing around with /var/log/CDIS/.custom (turned out it was set to "English" anyway) 

I booted in a normal mode and started trying all random key combinations in hopes to switch to English. I frustration, I typed my password in the password box -- while using the Russian layout -- and voila - I was logged in. What happened was: when I added another layout, I had no idea that I needed to check a box to "Show input method on login screen" in a menu that is completely different from "Languages and Input" menu (in the Accounts-> Login Options). So when computer got locked, it wanted me to use the language I used last to login without providing an option of switching. I argue this is not user-friendly. 

When I did select that box to show languages at login, I discovered something else: the username box wants you to use the language you used last by default (i.e. Russian), but the password box wants you to use English (that's why I was abke to login at all). Also: when focus is on the password field (and the language box show an American flag), when I go to switch the language, it shows a list of three Russian layouts of which only one is enabled -- and no English at all! 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Air :: MagSafe Adapter Design Flaw?

Apr 24, 2012

The line just get ripped or teared even when carefully wrapped around the plastic corners. Apple won't replace it for it is considered "physical" issue. Yeah, you got it right, Apple. It is a physical design flaw! No wonder so many websites selling third-party Adapters. I know Apple's products are nice and beautiful, but they should not be encased in glass container to be admired! They are supposed to be used in the REAL WORLD! Come on, Apple. Fix your badly designed products, already!

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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Hardware :: Finding The Ideal MacBook Keyboard Design (For Every Mac)?

Nov 1, 2008

But, sometimes I'm confused because of OS X's symbols of ctrl, shift and option keys.

So, I slightly photoshoped the image from the Apple website and I believe Apple should follow this design someday.

Just look at the ctrl, shift and option keys, then you'll find something changed.

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MacBook :: Impact Of L2 / L3 Cache On Design / Drafting Purposes?

Jul 15, 2009

I am curious to know if L2/L3 cache impacts the performance of a macbook being used for Design and Drafting purposes. Of course this involves retrieving and real-time changes that will be made on a server and/or the macbook itself. Secondly, how significant will the functioning depend between a 3mb and a 4mb L2/L3 cache?

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MacBook Pro :: Website Design - Image Manipulation And Digital Art?

Jan 18, 2010

I'm wondering if the notebook is powerful enough to do digital video editing, some web site design, image manipulation and digital art? I was thinking of using the Mac Pro a long with a graphics tablet and secondary monitor via an USB external graphics adapter for a three monitor setup. I would bump the ram and possibly get an SSD using the original internal hard drive as an external.

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MacBook Pro :: Graphics Designer - Flash And Fireworks For Web Design?

Apr 13, 2010

I hope you can help me decide which 15" is more suitable to my needs, I'm a graphic designer using Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop and soon will be using Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks for web design. I came from powerbook 15" G4 2003, so you can see that I'm NOT that guy who upgrade every 1-2 years. I just want a machine that will last for a long time and not break the bank.

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MacBook Pro :: Asymmetrical Fans Original Design By Apple?

Jun 11, 2012

Is the new asymmetrical fans in the Retina MBP an original design by Apple? I don't see cooling fan companies like Scythe having that design. If so, that's a great innovation to decrease fan noise significantly.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3), iMac Late 2009

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