PowerPC :: Hard Drive Spins And Super Drive Make Noise - No Boot Up

Jan 7, 2010

My friend gave me his old Apple cube G4 + 15" Cinema display in like 1000 pieces. Its completely teared apart. I tried a lot, but it doesn't work. The original IDE cable wasn't included, so I bought one for 2 cents. It should work or not? Maybe the powersupply. I'm not sure. I don't believe actually that the hardware itself, like the motherboard is broken. When everything is into place and I connect the cube to the powersupply it boots immediately. I don't have to do anything. Harddrive spins and the superdrive makes some noise as well. This repeats itself every 5 seconds. The screen is connected and gets power through DVI, but no display. Both the cube and display have touch enabled buttons to switch it on, but they do not respond (I guess).. Motherboard gives 2 light. DS1 is green, DS2 is red.

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Intel Mac :: 24" (mid 2007) Black Boot Screen, Fans Run Normal, HDD Spins, Optical Drive Spins?

Jun 15, 2012

So my girlfriend boss wanted me to fix her computer. So I brought it home turned it on, and it didnt chime but it booted to the gray screen with apple logo/ slashed circle/and folder with a "?" So I made a USB Mac OS x bootable drive (FLASH) held down alt (try using a windows keyboard its fun)  was able to select option and install a fresh copy. all seemed well was running really hot so I poped of the screen. HOLY MOLY! this thing is CAKED with dust, and I am not kidding it has literally piles of dust. So I ran updates, and did firmware updates. Turned it off for the night.  

The next morning I went to radio shack and got Dust remove spray, opened it up made sure I was carful taking off the screen, and blew the sucker out. now its NICE and CLEAN. then i made sure I plugged everything in and turned it on. Drive spun like normal, Optical checked for a CD, and fans are also running normally. but no chime, no nothing stays as silent as normal but doesnt budge, it is like it hangs.  

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)

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PowerPC :: G3 Hard Drive Spins Up And Down Constantly In Sleep Mode?

Aug 21, 2009

I put it on Craig's list so wanted to wipe the drive and figure I'd play around with OS 9 a little just for fun. While in OS 9 it prompted me to upgrade the firmware on the DVD-ROM drive. I thought that sounded like a good idea since it makes some terrible noises when a disc is in... anyway, I did the firmware upgrade and everything went fine. That's the only real change I can think of that might have contributed to this new issue.Anyway, after that I put 10.3 on it again (I had 10.4 on it before) and it wouldn't sleep correctly. Everything looks like its going to sleep ok, then the hard drive spins up, then back down, over and over again endlessly.

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MacBook Pro :: How Much Noise Should The Hard Drive Make On Early 2011

Mar 22, 2012

Had since May/June last year i5 13" and only since I applied all updates few weeks ago it seems to be louder than it was before? 

It sounds like a fan but isn't... obviously. Right hand side of track pad, and covering it, in fact just touching it dampens it to barely audible. Is that normal or has something gone a bit weird? A constant fan noise, which isn't the fan is now there permanently.

MacBook Pro

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PowerPC :: Make Second Hard Drive As New Primary Hard Drive?

Apr 19, 2010

i just installed a new 2nd, (750 gb) hard drive into my g5 because my first 250gb is nearly full. I'm trying to launch logic but the file is way to big. It wont let me install this program from my new, second hard drive because the message i get is that it supposed to launch from the primary or running hard drive. Can anyone tell me how i can make my second hard drive my new primary hard drive? I got the .dmg for my leapord osx. but not the originals anymore. can anybody help me with this. i'm pretty sure it's simple, i just don't know how to do this.

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PowerPC :: IBook G3 Hard Drive Making Noise In Sequence

Apr 22, 2007

I have an iBook G3 700 Combo Drive 648 megs of RAM and a 20 GB hard drive. Every now and then specifically when I'm running high processor tasks, the hard drive makes this wierd noise, which is a sequence that repeats over and over again. I can't tell if it is writing to the disk or reading from the disk. It makes 3 short noises, and then a long noise:

(short - short - short - long)

Try to imaging that noise. It is just the sound of the hard drive working. This will repeat itself over and over. Sometimes If I have lots of tabs open at once in safari and i open them at the same time that will happened. But after like a minute it will stop. But other times it will keep repeating that noise over and over for ever so I have to manually restart the computer forcefully. (Holding down the power button). The computer also freezes and I get that spinning color wheel.

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MacBook Pro :: Super-drive Makes A Loud Noise When Startup New 15"?

Apr 5, 2012

Just got a brand new macbook pro, and eve since I first started it up it has made this weird noise right before the start up audio. i have done some research and i have found out that there are two superdrives that apple puts into their macbooks and that one is louder then the other, but this was back in 2009. should apple have fixed that through out all these years. what should i do?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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PowerPC :: Dead IBook (2001) - Won't Start Up - No Noise From Fans / Hard Drive

Dec 22, 2006

I have an iBook 500Mhtz PPC G3, 384 RAM, 10GB HD, Dual USB. Several months ago, I opened it up and it simply would not start up. No start up sound, no noise from the fans/HD/anything, motionless. Completely dead. I've held (many times) the PMU, and tried almost anything. Is there anything else I can do to get it to AT LEAST turn on? The battery is dead, and the charger is fine, but the battery won't charge. I tested the charger on a PB G4. I'd rather sell the whole computer as a working computer. I figured I'd get more money that way. do I need to sell it for parts?

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MacBook Pro :: Super Drive Unable To Read Discs / Makes Clicking Noise

Nov 8, 2010

I've been using this MBP since 2007, and, it's starting to fail me. I was using an external hdd on it since the internal one crashed, and, then the external one crashed. I just purchased a 250gig hdd which fits perfectly in my Macbook, but, now I have another issue that's been pressing me for some time that didn't bother me at all until now when I need to install Snow Leopard;

My Super Drive isn't reading discs at all, and, it's making this scary crackling noise. I uploaded a video on youtube of me putting 2 discs in it, 1 with content (World of Warcraft: The Frozen Throne) and the other without content (Just a blank CD).

Before I link the video, I'd like to note that I am apparently amazed by the laser seeing as how I point to it and make a note of it ._. URL

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MacBook Pro :: Its Hard Drive Spins Up

Jun 23, 2012

Why does the internal hard drive in my MacBook Pro spin up at seemingly random times?The activity monitor shows high data rates to and from the drive.

Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: Randomly Spins Up External Hard Drive?

Aug 4, 2009

So I have an external hard drive hooked up to my MBP via USB. I've noticed that every now and then (maybe every half hour or hour?) the drive spins up. It's actually really annoying, as the drive makes a loud sound as it spins up.

I can't figure out why it does this; the drive spins up and then goes back idle. Time machine is DISABLED, spotlight index on the drive is DISABLED as well. I use the drive solely for storing movies/music. There are NO applications installed on it. The only apps I have open are finder/preview/safari/firefox/adium/itunes. My guess is that some process is trying to access the drive for whatever reason now and then.

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Hardware :: External Hard Drive Spins Up But Won't Mount?

Feb 25, 2009

I have a LaCie 320 GB external hdd (USB 2.0) that worked perfectly until last night. Now it won't mount when I connect it to my computer, nor can I see it in Disk Utility. Disk Warrior can't see it either. I tried connecting it to my roommate's MBP with no luck.

It spins up just fine and doesn't make any clicking noises or anything like that, so I feel like there might just be some hope yet; I'm thinking it might just be a faulty USB cable or something, but I don't have a spare one to try it with.

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MacBook :: Hard Drive Spins Loud On Black?

Jul 17, 2009

A while back I was running low on hard disk space so decided to upgrade my hard drive. Went ahead and upgraded to 320Gb. Then after some time, I noticed that the hard drive was making a large spinning noise so I thought it was a bad drive and RMA'd it. I just recently got the new drive and installed it and the drive was making that same loud spinning noise. Now I'm frustrated with this and want to get to the end of it. I'm thinking it might be the rubbers are out of place that holds the drive.

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MacBook Pro :: Newly Installed Hard Drive Just Spins?

Sep 8, 2009

My hard drive crashed after about a year and a half. So I bought a new one and installed it myself. When I turn on my mac now and hold C with the install disk in the drive it just spins for a while below the apple and then goes to the gray please restart your computer screen.

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IMac :: Hard Drive Spins Up - Crunches A Bit And Power Down Again

May 1, 2010

I've noticed recently that when my imac is sleeping it's HDD spins up, crunches a bit like it does and then power down again. The screen and everything else is off, just the HDD comes on. Does anyone know what this could be? It's happened a couple of times in the last week. It's the Seagate drive BTW.

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PowerPC :: How To Boot From A Usb Hard Drive

Dec 26, 2010

i purchased a power mac G5 recently which broke after 2 days- it was bought from ebay. i sent it back to the seller who "repaired" it. It arrived today in the post and didnt work i oppend it up to see the hard drive had crack during transport, and the conector pins where bent and unconectable.

I made a clone copy of my macbook that should be bootable using something called carbon copy cloner, i now want to boot my power mac g5 from the external usb hard drive. This just apears on the screen with a folder and a question mark flashing. What can i do or is this possible.

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PowerPC :: New Hard Drive Not Boot Os On G5

Jun 24, 2010

I recently tried to switch drives to run the Operating System 10.4.6 on my 1st gen G5 1.8ghz. The new drive(160GBs) is smaller than the old system drive(1TB) so I ran a 3rd party app to clone what I thought was the important stuff onto the new drive; but not everything because it wouldn't all fit. I moved everything that looked like it wasn't just a dumb folder with my media files on it. It seemed like I moved everything important on the new drive.

When I swapped out the drives in the top bay and booted the computer, the new drive didnt boot the OS, instead it opened up a black screen that looked like some sort of terminal. I did something wrong and I cant figure out what. Does anyone have better steps to take? Its not the end of the world to start over, but if anyone knows what I did wrong that would be super information!

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Mac Pro :: Hard Drive Spins Up Periodically - Even With Sleep Option Enabled

Dec 28, 2008

I have a 2008 Mac Pro with the original OSX drive and then two other hard drives, one I use for Boot Camp/Fusion and the other for my work files. Under Energy Save in system preferences, I have it so that the drives will sleep whenever possible. The issue I'm having is one of the drives, I think the one with my work files, will wake from sleep every 15 minutes or so even if I'm not accessing any of the files. I haven't timed it exactly but it's around 15-20 minutes and happens throughout the day. What is causing the drive to wake? I disabled iStat Pro because before the drives would spin every time I checked my dashboard so that's not the problem anymore.

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Hardware :: Attached Hard Drive Spins Up Along With Time Capsule

Aug 24, 2009

I am enjoying my Time Capsule and have kept it in front of me for the last week to see how it behaves. I have noticed that when I attach my other external hard drive to it it will behave exactly like the Time Capsule. By this I mean that after 2 minutes of inactivity they will both spin down but when it is backup time in an hour both will start up simultaneously and my attached external hard drive will get to speed and instantly shut off again while the TC does it's thing. My questions are, can this be stopped and why is it doing this? Surely it would not spin up the external drive along with the TC as spinning it up 12 times a day isn't doing the external drive any favors...

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PowerPC :: PowerBook G4 Possible Logic Board? - Optical Drive Spins At Full Speed

Aug 25, 2007

I have a PowerBook G4 15" 1.33GHz that up until now ran flawlessly. Today I was watching a movie on it with some friends when it randomly shutdown. Since then, it no longer turns on. The battery is fully charged and there is no problem with my AC adapter. With just the battery, nothing happens when I press the power button. When the AC adapter is plugged in and I press the power button, the optical drive spins at full speed for a few minutes and then the PowerBook shuts itself down again. I have attempted reseting pram and pmu with no success. I think it could be a dead logic board but I'm not sure. Would it be worth the money to buy a new logic board or should I just part it out?

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PowerPC :: IBook Boot Up From External Hard Drive?

Dec 29, 2008

FYI - Im typing from an iPhone.

No hard drive, won't boot from external Fire Wire drive..

I've tried all key combos

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PowerPC :: Powerbook G4 Boot From External Hard Drive G5?

Mar 13, 2010

to run ppc g4 powerbook from external hard drive with apps from external hd drive intel imac g5? I have a firewire hd but it is not being recognized by the ppc.

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PowerPC :: Ibook Hard Drive Wipe - Can't Boot Computer

Mar 26, 2008

I know there are already several threads with questions on how to wipe an ibook hard drive but this one is slightly different. I can't seem to boot my computer from the install disc that came with it. I turn off the computer, hold down c and get a folder with a question mark in it. However when the computer starts I can see the disc folders. I open up disc utility and can wipe the drive but is this really wiping it? I thought I had to boot up from the CD? I ask as I am selling my machine and don't want to think I have wiped something when I have not. I have also been through the same process (from the disc just running in the drive) to install OSX Tiger. But again how do I know if it has cleared all my old settings? Do I have faulty discs if I cannot re-boot from them. All I want to do is a clean and install.

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MacBook Pro :: Super Drive Makes Noise While Copying / Pressing Makes Sounds

Aug 6, 2009

It makes this noise while it's copying. If i press slightly on the body it makes all sorts of crazy noises. WTF?

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PowerPC :: IBook G4 Wont Boot - Window Initialise The Hard Drive?

Jul 28, 2008

About 2 weeks ago I overwrited some files on my ibook. Since I had no data recovery software for macs, i used easy recovery pro and connected the laptop hard drive to my windows box.Once I had it connected, windows asked me to initialise the hard drive and without even thinking about it I said yes. I did raw(sector by sector) recovery and managed to find a few files. The problem is that now the ibook wont boot no matter what i try. I have tried using disk warrior and repaired the file system.

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PowerPC :: Super-drive Not Reading Disc / Used Visual Hub To Burn An AVI To DVD

Sep 4, 2009

I think my superdrive died in my dual-core PM G5. This is what it's doing: I'll insert a DVD and it'll sit for a few seconds, then eject it. It DOES show up in my system profiler though. Is it dead, or is this a software problem? Oh- I should mention that the last thing I did was use Visual Hub to burn an AVI to a DVD. That worked fine. Afterward- nothing. I'm running OS 10.4.9. Help!

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IMac PPC :: Make Hard Drive Into An External Hard Drive

Mar 1, 2012

I've had a lot of problems with my iMac G5 power supply and since I have newer computers I've decided to get rid of this computer. 

I want to save the hard drive and put it in a case, then use it as an external drive on my other Macs. 

What sort of case do I need to shop for? Should I look for SATA or what exactly is the proper nomenclature. 

Is USB 2 the preferred choice, or Firewire, or what? Is there a USB 3? I use a mid-2010 27 inch iMac with the intel processor, and I needed to buy an adapter to use my older Firewire external drive. Is Firewire a dodo? 

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OS X :: Drive Make Noise And Low USB Transfer Speeds

Jan 22, 2010

I have some questions to ask about my MacBook Pro (15" 2.66ghz mid09). It's running under 10.6.2 fully updated.

1) My optical drive sometimes keeps making this noise every 10sec even without a disc in it, is it normal?

2) My hard drive sometimes makes this noise even when there is no disk activity (I checked with Activity Monitor.app), again is this normal? I remember hearing the same noise on my old PC when there was some heavy disk activity; but on my Mac it does it for no reason.

3) Can you recommend me a fan control software for Windows 7? Having to boot on OS X, set the fans at 5000rpm and reboot every time I want to do some gaming is pretty tiring

4) I was making a little video with iMovie today, I only added a photo and a mp3 file but suddenly my computer started getting slow, that's when I noticed it was actually taking 2.20Gb of memory.

5) Can you recommend me something that would give me the same mouse acceleration curve as in Windows? I tried SteerMouse, USB Overdrive, MouseFix and ControllerMate but none of them gave me a satisfying result. It makes me feel that my new Kone mouse is totally useless.

6) I have low transfer speeds to/from USB drives, around 5Mbytes/sec while my friend with his 2006 HP laptop could achieve around 20Mbytes/sec with the same USB drive. No, it's not funny.

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MacBook Pro :: Fan Noise Or Hard Drive Noise?

Oct 25, 2008

I just got my macbook pro yesterday and ran it all yesterday not hearing anything. Today when I woke it from sleep I could clearly hear the fan or hard drive going. I was in a quiet room and it's quite annoying.

istat says its at 2000 rpm so thats when I started thinking it may be the hard disk. It does pulse every now and then but thats even while it's just sitting idle.

I guess I could live with it but its just annoying. Anyone else having this?

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PowerPC :: Hard Drive Not Working / Logic Board Unable To Communicate With Hard Drive

Sep 9, 2009

My PowerBook G4 (Alum) died. I've had it for 4 years, taken it with me to Alaska and all over the lower 48, and have had nothing but happy experiences. I knew she was gonna go, but I was hoping she'd hold on until I could afford a MacBook. Alas, no. The problem appears to be the ability of the logic board to communicate with the hard drive. I can hear the HD spin, but even with Disk Warrior, I cannot locate it. The Mac Geniuses at my local Apple store confirmed this and gave me a shoulder to cry on. I've run Disk Warrior, Disk Utility, and tried finding it using the target disk mode - no luck.

The problem is that I've got 4 years of teaching materials, 6000 songs, and irreplaceable pictures on the HD, so I can't bring myself to just trash it. It's true that you only fail to back up you stuff once. This is my once. I've heard that with PC hard drives, you can just drop the old HD into a USB HD box and use it as an external HD. I can't afford professional data retrevial, and I want to give this option a try if it'll work with a Mac HD. Any ideas or suggestions?

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