PowerPC :: Powerbook G4 Boot From External Hard Drive G5?

Mar 13, 2010

to run ppc g4 powerbook from external hard drive with apps from external hd drive intel imac g5? I have a firewire hd but it is not being recognized by the ppc.

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PowerPC :: How To Boot Powerbook From External Drive

Jan 24, 2007

I have a powerbook 12' 867 mghz, I know I would rather have a new one, but not ready to give up on this old gal yet! Anywhoo I thought the logic board was fried but after letting the powerbook "rest" I came back months later and sometimes it will boot but as soon as I try to do anything it freezes, so maybe the harddrive is fried? How do you get it to ignore the internal drive so it will boot from an external?

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PowerPC :: External Hard Drive Setup For Mac Powerbook

Mar 26, 2007

A while back I bought an external hard drive for my PC, but then ditched the PC and decided to hook up the hard drive to my Mac. My External Hard Drive is a: 149.1 GB WDC WD 16 00JB-00GVA0 The problem is, I can access all the information but it will not let me do anything on the external harddrive (Like creating a file, copying and pasting a file on there, etc.) However, I can save Torrent downloads on the harddrive, but they do not show up on the actual external hard drive. But, when I press the "Find/Show directory" button in Bittorrent it does find the files. Is there something I need to do, Or is it just incompatible with my Mac?

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PowerPC :: Making PowerBook Hard Drive Into External Drive

Apr 8, 2010

I want to put my old 15" PowerBook hard drive into an external case. I pulled the hard drive out of the PowerBook. And I purchased a NexStar CS 2.5" SATA to USB 2.0 external case. But the connections don't match. What do I need to do? Do I need to buy some sort of adaptor? Hard drive is a Hitachi 120GB 5400RPM (model # HTS541612J9AT00) 2.5" Sorry, these photos are blurry as hell. Picture of hard drive pins:

Pins are in the following configuration (1's represent pins):...............

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PowerPC :: IBook Boot Up From External Hard Drive?

Dec 29, 2008

FYI - Im typing from an iPhone.

No hard drive, won't boot from external Fire Wire drive..

I've tried all key combos

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PowerPC :: Powerbook Boot Failure Using Internal And External HD?

Jan 28, 2008

I have a 12" Powerbook G4 running 10.3.9 Panther. I am having problem booting my computer from a Firewire HD. I have done a search in the forum but cannot get a definite and/or successul solution. Forum moderators and my respected macrumor fellows, please feel free to direct me to a specific link if you find the questions redundant.Recently, I have had the HD making terrible noise and several days ago, the computer cannot boot at all. When I pushed the power button, the screen shows a folder in the middle with a Mac face and switches to a question mark back and forth. However, it just gets stuck at that stage. I suspected that I have a HD problem and wanted to boot from my clone Firewire HD. Unfortunately, the computer will not boot with Firewire HD either.

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PowerPC :: Changing Hard Drive On Powerbook G4?

Dec 26, 2006

I have trided to upgrade the hard drive on my G4 15" powerbook. The ribon conector from the drive to the board has come free from the board and I don't know how to refasten it.

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PowerPC :: Hard Drive Gone - Powerbook G4 Titanium?

Jun 1, 2009

my powerbook g4 titanium hard drive was makin weird noise and then it died and I can't get into operating system. now when I power on my laptop it only shows now a square with a smile face and a question mark. if I buy a new hard drive on ebay how do I install the OS on the hard drive? is it hard? will I be able to install it by myself? is there a website with the steps how to install the OS?

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PowerPC :: How To Get Hard Drive Recovery On G4 Powerbook?

Sep 18, 2009

A few months ago it was dropped and would not boot past the Apple screen. I presumed it was faulty from the fall and instead of repairing it I figured I would just buy a new computer.

Anyway I have just purchased a new MBP 13" and I'm trying to get everything off my old laptop. It is going into target disk mode but the MBP isn't picking it up.

It is finding it in the disk utility but its just showing the beachball. To make matters worse I can't boot from a CD as the Superdrive is just chucking out CD's (guessing its bent from the fall).

Guessing its dead and Im going to have to try and get it data recovered, just seeing if there are any other ideas?

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PowerPC :: USB/FW 2.5" External Drive For Powerbook?

Oct 30, 2008

I'm after a bus powered 500GB external drive, but I can't seem to find one that runs on 1 USB connector alone.I just had to return a freecom unit as it would only run with the USB data and a seperate USB power lead connected.Does anyone know of somewhere in the UK that does either a firewire or USB 500GB notebook size drive that will run from one lead?

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PowerPC :: PowerBook G4 Cannot Booting - Hard Drive Failure?

Nov 25, 2009

I'm a new Mac user for about 6 months now. I bought a used PowerBook G4 15" 1.25 ghz notebook that was in good condition. It was well cared for by the previous owner. Only thing she had done was update the ram to 2 gigs.Recently I began to notice it running slower, programs were freezing and Garage Band couldn't run as many tracks. I installed recommended software updates before it started to get slower and I thought maybe that was the problem.So I attempted to do a fresh swipe of the hard drive and start from nothing. I saved some files and then tried to run the software installation cd. It didn't really help at all. I can't remember the error but it wouldn't let me reinstall OS X even when I held "c" when starting up. At one point I must have clicked run in target mode because I booted it up and it showed an unfamiliar screen. Then I restarted it once again and saw on Disk Utility that S.M.A.R.T. said something about hard drive failure.

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PowerPC :: Hard Drive Spins And Super Drive Make Noise - No Boot Up

Jan 7, 2010

My friend gave me his old Apple cube G4 + 15" Cinema display in like 1000 pieces. Its completely teared apart. I tried a lot, but it doesn't work. The original IDE cable wasn't included, so I bought one for 2 cents. It should work or not? Maybe the powersupply. I'm not sure. I don't believe actually that the hardware itself, like the motherboard is broken. When everything is into place and I connect the cube to the powersupply it boots immediately. I don't have to do anything. Harddrive spins and the superdrive makes some noise as well. This repeats itself every 5 seconds. The screen is connected and gets power through DVI, but no display. Both the cube and display have touch enabled buttons to switch it on, but they do not respond (I guess).. Motherboard gives 2 light. DS1 is green, DS2 is red.

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Intel Mac :: Using External Hard Drive As Both A Boot Drive And Timemachine Backup?

Mar 8, 2012

My internal 1TB hard drive on my iMac is dead and I don't have the money to replace it at the moment. I have everything backed up on an external 1TB drive using Time Machine. As a workaround for the time being,Is there any way I can install the system on the external drive and use that as the boot drive without erasing the Time Machine Backups?  It seems to me I would have to have two partitions for the external drive, one for the system, and one for Time Machine. But is there any way to add a partition without erasing the existing one with Time Machine only on it?  

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PowerPC :: How To Boot From A Usb Hard Drive

Dec 26, 2010

i purchased a power mac G5 recently which broke after 2 days- it was bought from ebay. i sent it back to the seller who "repaired" it. It arrived today in the post and didnt work i oppend it up to see the hard drive had crack during transport, and the conector pins where bent and unconectable.

I made a clone copy of my macbook that should be bootable using something called carbon copy cloner, i now want to boot my power mac g5 from the external usb hard drive. This just apears on the screen with a folder and a question mark flashing. What can i do or is this possible.

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PowerPC :: New Hard Drive Not Boot Os On G5

Jun 24, 2010

I recently tried to switch drives to run the Operating System 10.4.6 on my 1st gen G5 1.8ghz. The new drive(160GBs) is smaller than the old system drive(1TB) so I ran a 3rd party app to clone what I thought was the important stuff onto the new drive; but not everything because it wouldn't all fit. I moved everything that looked like it wasn't just a dumb folder with my media files on it. It seemed like I moved everything important on the new drive.

When I swapped out the drives in the top bay and booted the computer, the new drive didnt boot the OS, instead it opened up a black screen that looked like some sort of terminal. I did something wrong and I cant figure out what. Does anyone have better steps to take? Its not the end of the world to start over, but if anyone knows what I did wrong that would be super information!

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PowerPC :: Boot G4 From USB External Drive?

Sep 6, 2010

I have a G4 "sawtooth running OSX 10.4.11. Is it possible to boot this mac from an external USB2.0 drive?

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PowerPC :: G-5 Quad With An External Dvd Drive And A External Hard Drive And 2gb Of Ram?

Aug 9, 2006

i have a power mac g-5 quad with an external dvd drive and a external hard drive and 2gb of ram. on my ext. hard drive i downloaded mac the ripper and that is where i put all my dvds, now today on my pmac i was using mac the ripper, popcorn, itunes, safari all at once and it froze up on me?why? could the ram be an issue? how may programs can i use at once with my pmac?

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OS X :: Can't Boot From External Hard Drive (usb)?

Mar 13, 2010

Sorry if I am in the wrong forum, as you can guess im a newbie at the forum - not at computers though (6 years experience.. )

So I have a 1TB WD Hard drive USB and I copied the Leopard Disk image and restored it onto it in a 500GB partition.

I have tried to boot it up normally by holding down Alt on start up but the drive doesn't come up. Ok.

I have tried going into the Start up Disk, it comes up and when I click on it and click restart it doesn't restart, it just does that Mac Beep thing.

I have recently just tried to boot it up manually using the Open Firmware technique. It doesn't work.

I have a PPC Mac and I know that they can't normally boot up USB Drives but the other users which I read on the thread how to boot up by the Firmware technique said they're PPC and it worked.

I just wanted to format my computer, My leopard disk is gone now but I got it copied JUST IN TIME to my Hard drive.

I formatted my computer and now i'm stuck on Tiger.

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OS X :: How To Boot Up From An External Hard Drive

Jun 25, 2010

I want to make a bootable clone of my iMac (PowerPC G5 running OS 10.5.8) and also backup my MacBook Pro onto an external USB hard drive so that I can restore from the external hard drive if my iMac dies (which is beginning to have startup problems).

I was planning to create 3 partitions - one for iMac's data which I'll continue to backup using TimeMachine, one for my MacBook Pro's data and one partition as a bootable clone of my iMac.

My question is.... if my iMac dies, how do I use the external hard drive to boot up from? Do I need Carbon Copy Cloner or will I be able to boot up from the external hard drive and access Apple's Disk Utility?

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MacBook :: Boot From USB External Hard Drive?

Jun 11, 2009

I have a unibody MacBook. Is it possible to install Mac OS X on a USB external hard drive and use that to boot?

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Software :: Boot From An External Hard Drive Via USB?

Jul 8, 2009

My imac G5 isight's hard drive is dead. I would like to install OS X on an external hard drive and just use that as the hard drive for this machine. My questions are:

Can I boot from an external hard drive via USB and just run everything off the external hard drive? If so, how should I format the external hard drive so that it can be selected and written to when I boot from the install cd? The external hard drive I would like to use is a 75 gig Acom. I've tried booting from the install cd, and it either won't even find the external hard drive, or, when it does, it says it can't write to that external hard drive.

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IMac :: Won't Boot Linux From External USB Hard Drive

Nov 14, 2010

I have an Intel iMac with with Snow Leopard and Windows 7 on separate partitions. Recently I have acquired an external USB hard drive. I formatted it with Ext4, and installed Linux Mint to it.

The installation went smoothly, but I can't seem to boot from the USB drive anymore. Holding down Option on start-up only gives me two choices: Mac OS X and Windows. The drive isn't recognized in either operating systems anymore: on Snow Leopard I get "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer" and on Windows, it doesn't even show up in My Computer.

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Mac Mini :: Will Not Boot From CD Or Hard Drive, Internal Or External

Jan 23, 2009

I have owned a Mac Mini for three years now (my friends convinced me to try the Apple way and this is my first Mac). The CD/DVD died just three weeks after warranty expired and Apple said (in essence) 'tough crap...you didn't buy AppleCare'.I have functioned without a CD/DVD drive since then, and everything was fine... until a week or two ago. We installed an update in iTunes, and everything started running S...L...O...W... So, we rebooted the computer! Instead of rebooting, it made the "bong!" sound and then a screen with an apple and a spinning wheel runs indefinitely. We let it run all night the first time and it stays on that screen for as long as you let it.

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Applications :: Boot Camp With An External Hard Drive?

Apr 3, 2009

Is there any way I could install Windows 7/Vista/XP on my MacBook using Bootcamp, but install the Windows OS on an external hard drive instead of my internal drive? I hope this is making sense.

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OS X :: Making Boot Image Using External Hard Drive?

Jul 15, 2009

I want to know, is there any specific way possible I can set up my external hard drive so that when I plug it in, it mounts as an image file? So say I have a file "Image.DMG" on my desktop, I want to make it so that my external hard drive "becomes" Image.DMG, so when I plug it in, that's what it mounts as. I would like to do this because I want to make a boot image using my external hard drive.

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MacBook :: Dual Boot From External Hard Drive?

Oct 21, 2009

im in the market for a macbook and when i get iot i want to put windows on an external hard drive and use that to dual boot. is this possible? i am new to macs so i know nothing about it.

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Boot Off External Hard Drive?

May 4, 2012

Two years ago I installed Leopard on a pair of striped Fantom Hard Drives (3TBs) via Firewire 800, and have been running my 2007 Macbook Pro off it ever since. When Snow Leopard came out, I updated it with no problems. When Lion came out, again no problems. Last month I bought a CalDigit VR2 with dual hard drives (4TBs) specifically built for running OS externally. But no matter how I configure, install, or connect... it will not boot up my Macbook Pro, or my Macbook Air. 

Last week I bought a new Fantom external hard drive (1.5TBs) and discovered the same exact issue, with one exception... the Fantom will boot the Macbook Pro via USB 2.0, but only when plugged into the left side port.  

Has anyone else noticed this change?  

P.S. I've talked to the people at CalDigit, Fantom, and Apple, and no one seems to have an answer.

Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)

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PowerPC :: Ibook Hard Drive Wipe - Can't Boot Computer

Mar 26, 2008

I know there are already several threads with questions on how to wipe an ibook hard drive but this one is slightly different. I can't seem to boot my computer from the install disc that came with it. I turn off the computer, hold down c and get a folder with a question mark in it. However when the computer starts I can see the disc folders. I open up disc utility and can wipe the drive but is this really wiping it? I thought I had to boot up from the CD? I ask as I am selling my machine and don't want to think I have wiped something when I have not. I have also been through the same process (from the disc just running in the drive) to install OSX Tiger. But again how do I know if it has cleared all my old settings? Do I have faulty discs if I cannot re-boot from them. All I want to do is a clean and install.

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PowerPC :: Replacing 2.5" Hard Drive In My Powerbook 15"?

Jul 5, 2006

Well, the hdd in my powerbook has finally died. Won't be recognized in disk utility, and when it was, it wouldn't repair or even verify. I kept getting the invalid node structure error. My AppleCare subscription has also expired about 2 months ago.

So, I went online and found the following web site about opening up the Powerbook 15" (Aluminum) and how to go about replacing things in it:[URL]

Then, I went to tiger direct and found this hard drive to put in it:[URL]

What do you guys think? Is it really worth it?

What hard drive do you recommend I use?

Is this better than going and getting it done?

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Applications :: Can I Boot Leopard From An External USB Based Hard Drive?

Mar 19, 2009

Can i Boot Leopard From an External USB Based Harddrive ?

the harddrive is powered with an external power supply and is not bus powered...

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