Power Mac G5 :: Intermittent System Freezing Around Same Time

Nov 24, 2007

I run a dual 2 GHz G5 PPC (OS 10.4.10) - for the past 4-5 months I've been getting freeze ups for no apparent reason. These nearly always happen around the same time in the evening (around 11 pm) - although not every evening - probably 2/3 times a week. They can happen whether there is any activity on the computer or not. There is never anything on the console log at the time of the freeze up. I'm putting off an archive and install - though I've tried everything else - Disk First aid, Disk Warrior, permissions, fsck, cache cleaning, font checking, Memcheck, re-booting in safe mode, re-applying combo update, resetting the PRAM etc. - I've even tried replacing my secondary hard drive. I've also tried watching the Activity monitor around the problem time - unfortunately this is when it decides not to happen.

The Mac appears to run ok during the day (usually on by 7.30am) One other slightly odd thing is that sometimes at boot up a warning screen will appear and vanish in a 'nanosecond' - I think it could be the device removal warning -though nothing apart from my two internal drives may be connected. I also get this in the start up log 'family specific matching fails' on a number of usb items. Hope someone can help I'm running out of ideas.

G5 Dual 2 Ghz PowerPC
Mac OS X (10.4.10)

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Power Mac G5 :: Intermittent Racing Fan And Lock-up

Dec 31, 2007

Sometimes when I push the power on button to boot up, the boot is incomplete and fans begin racing. I power off and try again, usually three to five times, each time getting a little further in the boot till finally it is successful. My Apple disk diagnostic detects this logic board error: 2FAN/4/8: Fan for backside. The problem has been around for a year, maybe two, but it is getting worse and worse.

What other things might I do before jumping to the expense of replacing the logic board?

I have run permission repairs, run ONYX maintenance routines, blown out the dust, scanned the surface of my hard drives...

I keep reading and searching for things to try. I'm going to replace the computer battery now. Should I press the SMU reset button?

I've been looking at the long list of read outs in my console and system logs, but don't know how to make sense of it. My system was pretty stable until about a month ago when I tried to update to QT 7.3... at least I think that's what started a host of software problems... including lots of Safari crashes, and problems exporting Final Cut Pro movie files. So I've got what I think are hardware and software issues. But for now I'd like to focus on the hardware problem discribed above with the logic board error. I only mention the other issues in case they might all be related.

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Hardware :: Intermittent Power / Boot Prob: G3 B&w?

Jan 7, 2008

My G3 b&w tower seems to have an intermittent problem with booting - every few times I go to boot there is no power. I have tried it with different power cord/socket etc but it seems to make no difference. Any ideas what this could be?

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Power Mac G5 :: Machine Making Intermittent Clicking Sound

Dec 20, 2007

I have an early 05 PowerMac Dual 2.3 machine that's making some intermittent clicking noises over the last few months. There's no pattern - sometimes it happens every few minutes, sometimes it won't happen for hours. The clicking sound is loud - and is accompanied by, what I can only describe as, a bit of a buzz sound. At first I thought it could be my HDD or superdrive, but I think the click is way too loud. Now the question - is this my power supply getting ready to give? The machine does not fall in the range of the power supply repair program. I'm already in the process of adding a second HDD to clone my main drive just in case.

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MacBook Pro :: Intermittent Whine / Sound Right Above Power Button

Sep 18, 2008

For a while now, I've been getting a strange whine out of my mbp core duo right above the power button. I don't believe it's the common "whine" others have complained about as I've tried brightening the screen/turning on the camera. Tapping on the case will stop the sound for a bit, but it soon returns. The sound comes and goes, but in incredibly irritating.

I have a sample here. You may need to turn up the volume to hear it. Yesterday I replaced the right side fan, but the sound is back. Now I'm thinking it's the speaker, but don't want to spend more money on parts unless I'm relatively confident of the problem.

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MacBook Pro :: Brand New System Intermittent Freezes

Nov 27, 2010

During the first months of owning my new 15-inch MBP, I had at least three freezes. I remember there being a huge thread about this, which I can't find now. Happily though, my MBP no longer freezes, but I haven't done anything to it (other than software updates). So, was it a software glitch? Everyone were shouting about some sort of controller chip or something before, if I remember correctly...

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IMac (Intel) :: Intermittent Blue Squares That Crashes System

Aug 26, 2014

I'm running a late 2009 iMac, 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 with 8 GB memory with 27 inch ATI Radeon HD 4850 512 graphics card running 10.9.4 OSX.

I will get spontaneous crash of the system that causes small blue squares over the entire screen. The problem will resolve after 1-2 restarts. I ran the system diagnostic disk and found no problems on the long and short versions. It is an intermittent problem as the display and system are running fine now but daily will have the crash occur. Once the spots are present the computer will be frozen with no response to keys or mouse. 

iMac (27-inch Late 2009), OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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OS X :: Time Machine - Intermittent "NetAuthConnectToServerSync Failed With Error 64"

Jan 13, 2011

Only one of three Macs has trouble backing up to my network drive, the authentication failure is intermittent, and only for automatically scheduled backups. Long version: I have three Macs backing up to a Linux box running netatalk. The latest version of netatalk is only missing two features MacOS X wants for TM support, and they have to do with unreliable network connections, so this should work great. In fact, it works perfectly for two of my Macs. Absolutely no problems at all. Rock solid.

But for a third one, I'm having intermittent authentication failure. This is the error I get:

1/12/11 6:50:56 PMcom.apple.backupd[31596]Starting standard backup.....................

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Power Mac :: Apps Freezing At Startup?

Jun 5, 2012

using system version 10.4.11 on a power mac G5, all of a sudden when i try to open MS word or quark xpress, my computer hangs up and the app won't open.  i have to force quit to stop the rolling beach ball.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

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Power Mac G5 :: 1st Kernel Panic, Then Repeated Freezing?

Oct 12, 2007

I have a G5 tower and randomy since last night my computer did that whole kernel panic thing then i restarted... sometimes it didnt boot up the computer just sat there. Other times it loaded and the computer would work for sometimes 5 to 30 mins before freezing again. What do you think it is?

Dual G5
Mac OS X (10.4.1)

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Power Mac G5 :: Freezing Preceded By Loud Fan Noise

Dec 29, 2007

I have a problem with my G5 freezing and it is preceded with by loud fan noise. I was wondering if the hard drive could be the problem? It had the problem with 10.4 as well as 10.5. It happens at startup most of the time and eventually lets me get up and running and stops being a problem.

Mac OS X (10.5.1)

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MacBook Pro :: Freezing And Power Button Turn Off

May 10, 2010

my brand new mbp 2010 froze and i had to press the power button to turn it off. Will everything be ok?

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Power Mac :: G5 Keeps Freezing With The Fans Highly Idled

May 31, 2012

My powerMac G5 keeps freezing with the fans highly idled

PowerMac, iOS 4.3.3

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OS X :: Possible Virus - System Is Freezing?

Apr 1, 2009

I hate to use the "V" word, but I have no explanation.

Using Safari, surfing, my computer froze. I had to manually restart.

Since then, my computer has repeatedly frozen, getting the "grey shroud" with the message that machine needs to be manually turned off/on.

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Mac Pro :: System Preferences Keeps Freezing?

May 27, 2012

I went to go change my desktop background, and every time i open system preferences I get the pin wheel. System preferences opens up in the desktop/screensaver section, but automatically gives me the pin wheel. How can i fix this?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBookPro 15.4 Keep Freezing Up With Black Dialog Box To Press Power Button

Mar 28, 2012

MacBookPro15.4 less than a year old keep freezing/locking with black dialog box to press power button until off and restart THEN repeat successive times after restarting it?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook :: System Keeps Freezing Up While Surfing

Apr 20, 2009

My white MB is too new to freeze up. Yes, it's been 3 days, my MB keeps freezing up when I'm surfing via firefox and/or safari. Everything freezes up, I mean everything. I have to power off. In the last 10 min, it freezes twice already. Also, the trackpad seems to move slower & not very smooth. I just installed 4GB 800MHz RAM (it recognizes as 800MHz).

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MacBook :: System Freezing Up Completely

Jun 4, 2009

I bought my mac refurbished from apple about a month ago. My mac started freezing up completely. about 6 times a day. There was no damage done by me. No new programs had even been installed. I took it into the apple store and they sent it in to be repaired. I got it back a day ago and the same problem started happening again. Now it wont even boot up without freezing. My question is where do I go from here? do i take it in again? i shouldn't have to wait and keep on sending it out..or should I call apple care and request a new computer?

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MacBook Pro :: System Freezing = How To Repair

Jul 3, 2009

I've recently been having a LOT of problems with my MBP freezing. I was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems? I'm running a early 2008 MBP with OSX 10.5.7. I use time machine and have bootcamp installed too.

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MacBook Pro :: System Keeps Freezing On Boot

Aug 4, 2010

My early-2010 i7 MBP keeps freezing within minutes of boot. I just tried booting in safe mode, and it just froze for the 6th time in 24hrs (like the 4th in a row). I've never performed a time machine backup with this computer (I got it about a month ago), so a full restore would be an absolute last ditch option. Like I said, this keeps happening within a minute of boot. The screen is on, but everything completely locks up. The cursor can't be moved, keyboard doesn't do anything, etc. I have to keep forcing it to shut off w/ the power button.

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MacBook Pro :: Why Does System Preferences Keep Freezing

Apr 24, 2012

My sound has stopped working and it has nothing to do with the speakers. I think I have messed up something with Audio Midi Setup and now its not even displaying the computers speakers on audio output...Also everytime i go to system preferences it freezes when i click sound.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: System Preferences Keeps Freezing?

May 13, 2012

Last night I attempted to change my desktop picture and thought I'd scroll through my own photos to choose one. When I got one in particular, it obviously changed the picture, then I couldn't change it back again. All I got was the spinning beach ball. After a force quit, I went back, started up System Prefs and immediately the ball started spinning again. Tried this a couple more times - same result. I shut down the Mac and started up again this morning - still the same. System Prefs always opens on the 'Desktop/Screen Saver' option and the ball appears and spins, neccessitating the 'force quit' option again. (running 10.7.4) 

MacBook (13-inch Late 2009), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Why Is System Preferences Freezing

Jun 27, 2012

Why is my system preferences freezing? How do I fix it? I messed around with the desktop pictures, i kept changing it and all the sudden its not responding. What should I do?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), -iMac & its Lion OS X 10.7.4

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OS X :: System Apps Keep Freezing And Other Weird Stuff?

Jan 25, 2009

I've been experiencing some weird problems on my Mac Pro for the last few days. It's a Xeon quad 2.8, 6GB memory and running 10.5.6, never had any problems with it before. So the problems I'm having is that some system applications becomes unresponsive (freeze and fun beach ball spinning). In most cases I'm not able to force quit the frozen apps either. Also, in the dock it says "Application Not Responding" when I right click on them (like it should), but when I check the "Force Quit Applications" window there is no such text (there should be some red text after the application name if I'm not mistaken).

These are the apps that has frozen the last few days: System preferences, Disk Utility, System Profiler, Software Update, the main menu has also frozen at times.

When I try to shut down the Mac Pro it quits all the applications as usual, but then just stops and shows the wallpaper and nothing else (so I have to use the power button on Mac Pro itself to completely shut it down. When I want to put my Mac to sleep it takes way longer than usual as well. Today after I had been away for a while I came back to see the screen saver active, but in my Energy settings I've set it to shut down the displays before the screen saver would activate � so I have no idea why the screen saver was on...

I have locked my System Preferences (with the little lock in the lower left) but when I click on the lock it just says "Authorizing..." next to it and System Preferences freezes (no password window pops up).

I'm lost. I can't for the life of me figure out what could be wrong. I've used Repaired Permissions without any luck. (There was some error messages, but now I can't even open up Disk Utility again without it freezing directly at start up.)

All I can think about is that something I've installed would have messed something up, not sure. The last days I've installed: Grammarian Pro X (trial), iWork '09 (retail) and Handbreak. (and I've updated other software like Adium, but I doubt that's the problem)

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Software :: Cursor Freezing Up While System Not Doing Any Work

Mar 4, 2009

My cursor is freezing up on me when I let my macbook sit for 2-3 minutes. As long as Im working I have no problem. Its only when I step away from it for a couple of minutes. When this happens my only option is to force quit in order to get out.

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OS X Mavericks :: File Freezing Entire System

Sep 9, 2014

Yesterday I was using a program that was creating a disk image file on my second hard disk. The application froze and crashed, leaving a tiny img file. Whenever I try to delete this file (through finder, or command line) or the machine tries to index/backup the file etc the whole computer freezes and I have to do a hard shutdown. 

I have tried repairing the disk but disk utility says there is nothing wrong. I also tried mounting it on another machine via firewire, the exact same thing happened, the second machine froze up when I tried to delete the file. 

Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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Mac Pro :: System Freezing Randomly / Screen Goes Blue For 5 Seconds

Feb 8, 2009

recently my mac pro has been randomly freezing then all 3 of my screens go blue for 5 seconds, then everything is back to normal. This happened 2 months ago, and eventually my graphic card died. I dont know whats causing this, I have tried different cards so i no its not hardware. Anyone have this happen? Any fixes?

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PowerPC :: IMac G5 (Non-iSight) Won't Start / System Freezing

Aug 18, 2009

A friend of mine has a G5 iMac that won't start. When you press the powerkey it tries to start, the power light glows, the screen goes grey and after a while the fans start whirring. Occasionally (twice in the past couple of days) it has started up, but it froze after a while. Other times the apple logo appears and the gear wheel starts turning but then it freezes.

I have tried booting from DVD, holding down the shift key and have taken the back off and pressed the wee button on the board.

Since my friend has the same model of iMac as me (they were bought at he same time and place) i tried the RAM that I took out of mine when I upgraded.

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OS X :: System Preferences Freezing Up When Selecting Desktop & Screen Saver

Dec 28, 2007

I am having a problem with System Preferences freezing up when selecting Desktop & Screen Saver. Everything else on the system works fine. I loaded a picture on the Macintosh HD Device (all other pictures are under a specific user account) to access it as a desktop background. The correct picture appears as the desktop background, but I want to change the picture. As soon as I select Desktop & Screen Saver under System Preferences the window freezes. The only way to unfreeze is to select something else on the Dock (which doesn't magnify as it normally does), then close that and go to back to System Preference and then close it. Or select something else from the dock and then Force Quit the Systems Preferences.

I will get an error message and the problem details (which I know VERY little about) show an Exception Type:

If that helps.

I tried sending the picture to the trash and then reloading it, but that didn't help either.

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Applications :: ITunes Freezing During Launch And MP3 Playback/causing System To Lag

Jul 16, 2010

Before anyone says anything: Yes, I did do my research with MRGoogle before creating this thread. Most of the questions people had ever never answered (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=791337) or the posts where from 2+ years ago and not that relevant to the newer releases of iTunes.

Anyway, I decided to do a bit of song searching on iTunes today. I have a bunch of songs from the DDR series that I wanted to find the original, full versions of. So I opened up iTunes (which took about 30 seconds to load, mouse cursor pinwheeling the entire time) and opened up a playlist of said songs in a separate window. In the main window I opened up the iTunes store and started my search. To pass the time, I played the playlist in the background while switch between the two windows to check song tiles, artist names, and the like. While searching for songs, iTunes would randomly start pinwheeling for ~5 seconds, music still playing in the background. The same thing happened when I tired to change to a different song in the playlist. I tried to open TextEdit so I could copy down the songs I couldn't find in the iTunes store and the system pinwheeled yet again. It 5+ seconds to open TextEdit. Even when I'm running Firefox with multiple tabs and windows open, it opens instantly.

I know my machine is a bit old (Early 2008 MBP 2.4 C2D) but its not ancient. I'm running 4GB for crying out loud. I've had similar issues in the past that got so bad I stopped using iTunes all together for awhile. I've tried installing iTunes, uninstalling iTunes, even going so far as to remove most of the iTunes-related fumes from my Library. Nothing seems to help.

I'm at a loss to why this is happening. Originally I thought it was a corrupt library or something, but I've rebuilt my library and it was a temporary fix. Anyone here have ideas about what I can do?

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