OS X V10.7 Lion :: Exporting Mailboxes To General Format?

Apr 5, 2012

How to export all the mailboxes (many) with all the emails that I have in my Mail programme in a form they can be imported by other email clients (Thunderbird, Outlook etc.).

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Software :: Exporting All Mailboxes Settings From Old To New Computer?

Aug 15, 2009

There are 554 threads under "mailboxes." There are 1000 under "mail export." There is a simple click under "import" for a mac. All I am trying to find out is HOW do I simply take all the mailboxes and settings from an old mac and get them on the new mac. 2 hrs and counting.

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Applications :: IMovie 09 - Best Format For Exporting Video?

Feb 3, 2009

What would be the best format to export video in iMovie 09 using quicktime when the source is NTSC DV format? Something that wont take as much space as DV AVI, but still looks very good.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Malware Fix Update Available To Universities Before General Public?

Apr 14, 2012

Why was the malware fix update available to Universities before the general public?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Mail Not Searching All Mailboxes

Feb 15, 2012

I have Apple Lion 10.7.2, I use Apple mail, email accounts set up as IMAP accounts, sync'd with my IMAC and Air.My hosting company, 1and1 allows me to set up folder within IMAP so these are shown in MAIL on both macs.† As i deal with each email I file in the relevent folder.However recently I have been finding that when I search MAIL for a particular email it doesnt find them, regardless if they are in the folder or in the main mailbox.† Weird.† I had this happy today, searching for an email I knew I had received as it had an attachment and had found the corresponding reply in sent.† However the email which I had on this occassion stored into one of the these folders could not be located on searching?

Email comes into mailbox, I action or reply, I want to store it away from the main inbox so I only see ones that I need to deal with - however I must be able to see it on my macbook air, IPad so I didnt create a folder in MAIL, as this doesnt reciprocate on the other macs?

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Mailboxes Cannot Appear Alphabetic In Mail

Apr 29, 2012

Creating mailboxes (iMap account) in the sidebar of Mail works fine and they are sorted alfhabetically by name, but mailboxes created from other computers in in Thunderbird doesn't get sorted when syncronising, but pops up in the bottom of the mailbox list in Mail (non alfhabetic). Is there away to get them listed correctly?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Update 10.7.4 Duplicated My Mailboxes?

May 14, 2012

I just completed the latest update 10.7.4 and it duplicated all my icloud mailboxes in Mail

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: In Mail 5.2 Where Mailboxes Are Stored

Jun 12, 2012

I would like to make a copy of my mail messages but I cannot find where the mailboxes are stored.

Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: How To Permanently Delete Mailboxes

Jun 14, 2012

Having real problems with mac and space, how do I delete mailboxes

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Mailboxes Vanished From Sidebar

Jul 3, 2012

I have Mail on my wife's MacBook Pro (running Lion 10.7.4) set up to access our host's mail server via IMAP. The inbox appears in the sidebar as 'Guided Tours' under 'Inbox'. She's set up a whole bunch of custom mailboxes which normally appear in her sidebar under the heading 'Guided Tours'. After shutting the Mac down for a week while she was away the only mailboxes there are Sent and Trash. The mail, in all its folders and subfolders, is all there on the server - I can see it via our host's horrible webmail interface. I've looked at Mail's preferences and come up with nothing - 'Mailbox behaviours' etc. are no help. The mailboxes had also disappeared from inside [URL] so I restored them from the last Time Machine backup from before she went away, but Mail wouldnt see them after quitting and relaunching or even after restarting the Mac. I then tried restoring the entire ~/Library/Mail folder from TM, but still no good. Finally, I deleted the whole account and recreated it from scratch, and this is where it gets even more interesting...¬†This appeared to work - hurrah! Back in business with all the mailboxes showing as they should, and apparently fully functional... until I looked at her Mac about an hour later - when it hadnt even been to sleep, let alone shut down - and they'd vanished again! This time though, the mailboxes are still there in the INBOX.mbox folder... except they're all empty!¬†For what it's worth, as well as being there on the server, the mailboxes are, fortunately, all accessible and usable from her iPad and iPhone, so she can use those for now.†

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Can Preserve IMAP Mailboxes Offline

Mar 1, 2012

I use OS X Mail v4.5 on Snow Leopard. I am about to change jobs and lose access to my IMAP mail account at my old institution. Is there a way to keep all of the mailboxes and store them locally on my Mac, for future reference?  Ideally, browsing my old mailboxes would not require a live IMAP server connection.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: No Edit Button Appears When In Mailboxes

Mar 11, 2012

No edit button appears when in mailboxes

Info:iPad, iOS 5.1

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Exporting Keychain Access Passwords?

Jun 21, 2012

I've always saved my internet passwords in Keychain Access, but I have to send my computer in for repairs and I wouldn't want the technician to have access to important passwords.On the other hand, though, I don't want to get rid of them forever, because I can't really remember all of my passwords.Is there a way to export them so I can temporarily get rid of them and import them back once I get my MacBook back?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: How To Remove SMART MAILBOXES From Gmail Page

May 3, 2012

How do I remove SMART MAILBOXES from gmail page?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Mail Window Opens Without Mailboxes Showing

Jun 8, 2012

Each time I send an email, the email sent closes and then the "Message Viewer" window closes as well.Does anyone have any suggestions on a solve for this? I tried Preferences and there doesn't seem to be an option to control this Also, when first opening the Mail app the default window opens without the side panel showing Mailboxes, Reminders .mac mailboxes etc.. I see there is a button in the top left menu bar that says "show", this will open the side column- great- but once again is there any way to control this occurance?

MacBook Pro 17"

OSX 10.7.3

2.2 GHz Intel Core i7

Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7, 4GB 1333 MHz, this will open the side column- great- but once again is there any way to control this occurance?

MacBook Pro 17

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Mail Window Opens Without Mailboxes Showing?

Jun 8, 2012

When first opening the Mail app the default window opens without the side panel showing Mailboxes, Reminders .mac mailboxes etc.. I see there is a button in the top left menu bar that says "show", this will open the side column- great- but is there any way to control this occurance? 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7, 4GB 1333 MHz

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OS X Mountain Lion :: IMail Accounts / Mailboxes Disappeared?

Sep 3, 2014

All of my iMail accounts/mailboxes disappeared overnight (two nights ago). I did not delete the accounts/mailboxes, nor was anyone else using this computer (a MacBook Pro). Did make one change before this happened: I setup a LogIn Password. Running OSX 10.8.5 Mountain Lion. Time Machine not setup (so no backup). Using iCloud but not for Mail.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Exporting All Messages From Mail (IMAP Account)

Apr 27, 2012

I have an IMAP account in Lion Mail, that I would like all the individual messages exported into a Folder, say on my desktop. This email is no longer functioning so I simply won't be able to re-import the messages if I were to export the mailbox as it appears it only places a plist file referencing the IMAP information. Previously I believe I was able to highlight all messages and drag-n-drop them into a folder of my choice. I can sort of do it, One by one if I drag and drop. Is there any other method to obtaining this.....selecting all messages and dropping them into a local folder?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Continually Duplicating EMLX Files In User Mailboxes

Feb 22, 2012

I was trying to discover what was eating up all my disc space on my 11 inch MBA. After doing some research I discovered over 30GB was being eaten up by a particular type of file in "/users/username/library/mail/V2/mailboxes/recovered messages/89AF938B-6B1D-44AC-9E37-158CF278B361/DATA/3/messages". I found 288 ".emlx" files, all duplicates of one another, each is 112MB big. And they continually copy themselves.

Looking at the dates, the first file in the folder was created 12/02/2012 and the most recent file in the folder was created roughly 15 minutes ago on todays date of 23/02/2012. In fact while inspecting the folder, I saw before my eyes them being duplicated. Because I had one of the files highlighted, then began to use safari for a few minutes, and when I came back, there were more of the things underneath the one which I had highlighted!

The files are email files, and they are all copies of a particular email I sent using iPhoto. I sent an album of about 25 or so photos through the iPhoto sharing feature.†So is iPhoto or Mail backing up this email over and over again for some reason? They seem to copy themselves only when both iPhoto and Mail applications are open at the same time. I know this because I have experimented with it and can see more and more being created.

Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: 10.7.4 Update Duplicated Mailboxes - Lost All Emails On Rebuild

May 19, 2012

Two of my six mailboxes were duplicated after the update, so I deleted the duplicates in mail preferences.†However, the original mailboxes then lost all email content and showed only the headers, so I rebuilt them both and hey presto - instantly lost the entire contents of both mailboxes, including headers. Any ideas for recovering? Have tried hosting server but emails have also gone from there.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Cannot Import Mailboxes Into Mail From Time Machine Backup

Jun 6, 2012

I am trying to import my mailboxes into Mail from my time machine backup but it doesn't work. The backup is from 10.5 and I am now on 10.7. I can't access the old computer I only have time machine. I would also like to import my Address Book contacts.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: How To Configure Server Or Mail.app To Show IMAP Subfolders With Mailboxes

Mar 26, 2012

I'm sure we've all seen the weird IMAP glitch where mail subfolders appear down lower on the mail.app pane instead of nested neatly under the mailbox itself. Usually you can get around this by changing the Inbox IMAP prefix to "" or "INBOX" or "/" or some such path that the server recognizes as the root path to your IMAP folder. Unfortunately, this sometimes means you are unable to work with those folders or introduce other problems.Since I am running Lion (Client) and Lion Server as my mail host, I would think that there is an appropriate answer to this either on the mail.app client settings, or perhaps with a Lion Server configuration through DOVECOT. I don't mind if the solution is a command-line one, but I need to be able to easily set up my mailboxes so that mail subfolders appear properly under each mailbox, instead of being hidden away lower on the page where it is very inconvenient to find, especially when you are using multiple email accounts.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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OS X :: More General CPU Usage Since 10.6.3?

Mar 30, 2010

I've noticed more general CPU usage, although less with Flash (), namely WindowServer has been getting up to about 20~30%+ when doing something as simple as scrolling down a webpage.

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Mac Pro :: Finding General RAM Usage

Nov 23, 2010

Have a quad-core Mac Pro with 8gb of RAM with iStat menus installed. Can someone explain the memory panel to me and what they all mean?

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Mac Pro :: How Loud Are The New Machines In General

Mar 15, 2009

how loud are the new machines in general? How much louder do they get under load? How much of the noise is contributed by the graphics card? How do they compare to the 2008 MacPro or to the PowerMac G5?Many questions, I know. I have a G5 Quad 2.5 at the moment, at it is rather loud, especially under load. Back then, I bought it with a better graphics card (7800) and exchanged the graphics card fan with a quieter fan from Zalman. This eliminated the annoying, high-pitched sound, but the complete machine is still very audible.

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OS X :: General Performance Of OSX 10.5.7 On An IMac?

May 27, 2009

Is it just me or has the general performance of a early 2009 iMac running 10.5.7 just decreased dramatically when you installed the update.

I have found that the boot up time has got alot slower.

I have also found that when you boot up iMovie 09, it takes alot longer to be ready than it did 2 weeks ago (before the update)

My system is as follows;

iMac 24"
2.93 GHz Processor
4GB Memory
640GB Hard Drive
NVidia GeForce GT120 256mb memory
Wireless Mouse (Irrelevant)
Keyboard (Irrelevant)

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OS X :: General Consensus On OSX Firewall

May 4, 2010

Whats the general consensus on OSX Firewall. It's not enabled by default and I never knew the option existed. Is it problematic at all, or prone to slowdowns. I am behind a home router

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OS X :: Mac Won't Restart After General Update?

Jun 27, 2010

so i have a macbook unibody late 2008 and i wanted to go on the itunes store and it said to update java. So i did the update that ocmes up on your mac and once it restarted it gave me an error that will not go away.

I am running bootcamp and windows works just fine. Also not sure if it makes a difference but i jailbroke my iphone right before i restarted and my iphone was connected so im not sure if that makes a difference when it boots up.

it would be very annoying to have to reformat.

Also if i do have to reformat can i leave windows intact?

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OS X :: Format External Hard Drive In Apple Partition Map Format?

Nov 5, 2009

I'm running Snow Leopard on my new Macbook Pro. I've got a 1.5TB External hard drive that I'm trying to figure out how to format in HFS+ with Apple Partition Map. I can figure out how to format in HFS using Disk Utility, however it still does it in GUID format and I do not know how to do it in Apple Partition Map.

Googleing this for hours has lead with all kinds of information on how to go to GUID FROM Apple Partition Map but not the other way around. I know GUID is the new hottness.. but this drive will be used exclusively to connect to my XBOX 360 and it supposedly only reads HFS+ when its formatted with Apple Partition Map. (I have tried it with Mac OS Extended (Journaled) with GUID, and the XBOX does NOT recognize it) I do not want to use Fat 32, (I know that that is the other major option) beacuse it limits file size.

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PowerPC :: Beeping On General Use And Start Up

Aug 14, 2006

Every once in a while my PowerBook beeps. One of those short beeps you hear on old DOS computers when they boot up is the best way I can describe it. I thought at first it was my PC since it has a built in speaker than can only beep, but I've heard it in many places from my laptop. When it beeps it beeps at different times: sometimes once during just general computer use, sometimes just once during startup. what to make of this? If the beeps were becoming more frequent I'd say it was a countdown to the explosion of my PowerBook, but so far they just seem to occur once or twice a month.

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