OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Itunes Unable To Recognize Ipod 4th Gen

Apr 8, 2012

I tried to put new music on my iPod. This has consistently been a problem because Itunes says that the ID that i'm getting my applications from is not the same as the one issued to the iTunes application on the computer I get my music from ( because the iTunes on this computer has no purchased music, only free promotional mixtapes, so it isn't linked to any iTunes account). This forces me to have to restore my iPod to factory quality every time I want to apply new music to my iPod. 

This time the problem is worse- I updated Itunes earlier to the newest version ( I hadn't updated my music or Ipod software in a very long time), and now Itunes is unable to recognize my Ipod. I get the error message, "iTunes was unable to load data class information from sync services" after iTunes tries to recognize the iPod for a sync for about 30 seconds. 

I read this article; [URL] which suggests that I update to the newest version of iTunes, then reset my sync history. The problem now? I can't even get the preferences tab to load. Whenever I try to load the preferences tab, iTunes freezes up and becomes unresponsive. This is extremely frustrating. I have to go through all this troubleshooting, errors, and updating just because my iTunes isn't registered because it has no purchased music? 


>iTunes won't respond to my 4th gen iPod

>I get apps from the app store off of my father's Apple ID that I'm posting from

>Causes me to have to restore my Ipod to factory settings everytime I want to get new music for my iPod because my iTunes application on my computer isn't registered to an Apple ID

Windows Vista, iPod touch 4th gen.

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Software :: Unable To Recognize IPod In ITunes

Nov 11, 2009

My iPod Classic isn't being recognized by iTunes (this has always worked fine until now). I have an iMac. The iPod connects fine and is shown on the desktop, but not recognized in iTunes. My other iPods are recognized in iTunes, just not the Classic. I have reset it, installed latest iTunes, nothing works. The iPod works fine.

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Software :: Unable To Recognize The Ipod Shuffle

Apr 25, 2008

I have a mac 10.4.11....just quite recently, went to hook up my ipod shuffle to the usb port....the mac will not recognize the ipod shuffle at all!

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Transfer Music From IPod To Computer's Itunes?

Jun 23, 2012

I just re-imaged my computer and upgraded to Snow Leopard.  When I tried to transfer my music from my iPod to my computer's Itunes it wouldn't let me.

iPod nano (5th generation), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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IMac :: Unable To Recognize IPod / IPhone / IPad After Boot?

Apr 26, 2010

i have a brand new iMac 27"/i5 which is all very nice - no screen issues or anything

only one problem, after each boot i find the iMac ignores all/any iDevices plugged into it. The only way to fix this, that i've found, is do follow this -


which i've optimised down to removing iTunes, deleting the AppleMobileDevice.kext file and reinstalling iTunes.

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ITunes :: It Won't Recognize IPod

Apr 19, 2012

I have the ipod 120 gb, and my itunes all of a sudden will not recognize my ipod.

iPod classic

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Software :: ITunes Doesn't Recognize IPod

Aug 19, 2009

i plug my ipod into my mac via the usb port as usual, and itunes just sits there with a blank look on its face and doesnt show that a new ipod is hooked up, and therefore doesn't put any songs on my ipod.

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ITunes :: It Doesn't Recognize My Ipod Touch (on Mac)

Mar 30, 2012

My Itunes (on macbook pro) doesn't recognize my Ipod touch.

My Ipod is loaded; My Mac is loaded; My Itunes is up to date; I tried everything. But Itunes doesn't show a symbol of Ipod on Itunes. Because of that I can't sinchr. my Ipod.

Info:iPod touch, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: IPod Mini Unable To Appear In ITunes?

Aug 17, 2010

Here's the scenario: I Let a friend borrow this iPod from me for about a year. She used Windows and her own music, and I'm pretty sure used "Manually Manage Music" to get the songs on it.

The iPod appears on my desktop, but only has one folder in it, which has one song in it...none of the other music can be found. It says "600 MB" is available, but it's a 4 gig iPod.

I want to try to restore it, but the iPod Mini won't appear in iTunes. I don't care about losing the music on the iPod, because it isn't my music. Do newer versions of iTunes recognize iPod Minis?

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ITunes :: Unable To Sync Songs To My Ipod?

Dec 13, 2010

Couple days ago I deleted a playlist on my Itunes accidentally. Luckily I have all my music backed up on an External HD. I remade the playlist on Itunes, transferred the music from my Ext. HD to the playlist, connected my ipod to have it synced, then disoconnected my HD and Ipod after sync and when I search the playlist on my Ipod I only get 29 of the 142 songs synced. Can someone please tell me what could be going wrong?

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ITunes :: Unable To Connect Iphone And IPod To The New?

Mar 12, 2012

why am I unable to connect my iPhone and iPod to the new iTunes? Each attempt results in a crash

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Applications :: ITunes In Snow Leopard / Unable To Locate Music Files

Sep 16, 2008

Can anyone tell me where iTunes is storing all my MP3 music and playlists information? Usually, I find it under users/music/itunes/itunes media

Well, just went there and nothing is listed inside the iTunes folder.

Is there some sort of protection in place preventing me from accessing all my stored MP3s and playlists?

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MacBook :: Newly Installed Leopard Unable To Detect Ipod

Jan 18, 2009

^^ Basically says it. I just installed Leopard today and plugged my touch in for the first time since then. Itunes won't detect my iPod though. iPhoto tries to import pictures from it and it charges but iTunes won't detect it.

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ITunes :: Tunes Keeps Freezing Unable To Sych Music To Ipod?

Mar 10, 2012

Since yesterday mourning my I-tunes keeps freezing...I tought it was my i-pod so i restore it n now i cant sync the song back to it...I try re downloding i-tunes, but was in vain...so now I dont know how ot reput my song back to my ipod, since itunes keeps freezing every time I try!


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ITunes :: Unable To Recognize The IPhone?

May 31, 2012

my itunes will not recognise my iphone. it finds my ipod but not my phone

iPhone 4S

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MacBook Pro :: Will Snow Leopard 32 Bit Recognize 8gb Ram

Aug 24, 2010

I'm thinking of upgrading to 8gb ram for my Mid 2009 Macbook Pro 15" since I run a few virtual machines for work but was wondering if I can keep running at the 32 bit level or if I need to run Snow Leopard in 64 bit mode?

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: .dmg Not Recognized, How To Recognize It

Jun 2, 2012

When I click the .dmg to open it, It comes up with this.[URL] This file came from Parts, I have checked all the parts and none of them are corrupted.I have tried Re-Downloading and Other stuff but nothing has worked yet.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: Will Snow Leopard Recognize Mirror Configurations?

May 31, 2009

I'm currently setting up two 1TB hard drives as mirrored RAID drives.

Seems easy enough to do through Disk Utility, though zeroing out the data takes about 1.5 days for each drive, due to their size I assume.

Will it be easy to migrate these drives to Snow Leopard?

Will it just be a matter of adding them to the RAID list in SL's Disk Utility? Will it recognize them automatically?

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: IPhoto Suddenly Won't Recognize

Mar 2, 2012

OS 10.6.8; iPhoto 9.2.1; Office for Mac 2004; Excel 11.6.6.The following weird thngs suddenly happened:

1. Apps in Finders Utilities folder disappear as one goes back in time using TM's "Enter Time Machine" command. The earlier in time you go to, the fewer the apps one finds.

2. iPhoto suddenly won't recognize .JPG imports from my camera (something it's been doing for years) when the camera is hooked to the Mac via USB cable.It works OK if photos are loaded to a memory stick and then imported.

3. In Excel, the Links button is never highlighted regardless of the status of the links!You can't tell by looking whether you have active links or not!

There were more, but the technician at our local Mac Clinic fixed them.But the three above are still there.He said that he had never seen anything like it.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Computer Will Not Recognize Printer

Apr 7, 2012

What can I do to get my computer to recognize my new printer, HP office-jet 7500A?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: ITunes On External Hard Drive Unable To Recognize Music

Jan 6, 2011

I have 100gigs of music so I successfully transferred my iTunes media to an external hard drive, and identified this new location within iTunes/Preferences/Advanced/Location. Everything worked great until I had to shut down and start up.

Now, it no longer recognizes the media library. When I try to play a track in iTunes, iTunes says the original file could not be found. It prompts me to locate this one track, which I do, and that one track will play. All of the other tracks have the (!) sign next to them in my iTunes library.

I have double checked the settings in my iTunes preferences, everything appears to be configured as when I first made the successful transfer (identifying the external hard drive as the location).

I've made sure to restart once the external hard drive is connected.

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PowerPC :: Should I Get Leopard For My IBook G4 - Cannot Use ITunes For My IPod Touch?

Mar 29, 2008

My iBook G4 has 512 MB RAM1.07 GHz i want it because i cant do anything with the version i have rite now. I cant use iTunes for my iPod Touch, get Limewire, run a whole bunch of programs. I want to do alot of stuff with my ibook but i cant. The software is 10.3.9. I thought about getting 10.4 thinking it would be cheaper but its the same price...please help. How would you rate the 10.4 compared to 10.5?

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OS X :: After Install Of Snow Leopard - Macbook Failed To Recognize HD

Sep 11, 2009

I was running 10.5.8 on both my white MacBook and Intel iMac 20," then I finally received the copy of Snow Leopard which I bought from Amazon. I decided to install it on my MacBook first to make sure the install would be successful before I upgraded my iMac, which has my important work stuff on it. The install was a success on the MacBook and after it was fully upgraded and updated, I simply opened "About This Mac" to verify the installation, opened Safari, browsed around for a minute, then proceeded to check out the new dock and airport menu features. After just a few minutes of playing around with it, I decided it was a legitimate installation, closed the MacBook, left it plugged into the power source, and walked to the other room to begin the upgrade onto my iMac. I left home for about an hour and once I had returned, the iMac installation was complete and it was running like a dream. After messing around on the iMac for a little while I decided to make sure the MacBook was still good to go. When I opened the Macbook up, all I saw was a blank screen. I assumed it was some sort of power-saver issue, because sometimes the screen doesn't like to come on right away when I open it up. My first instinct was to move my finger around on the trackpad and press some keyboard keys, which always wakes it up when this happens. Nothing seemed to be working, so at this point I pushed the power button and it proceeded to boot. As it began to boot I heard some sort of CLICKING from the HD, followed by a flashing folder with a question mark on the screen.

I assumed it was some sort of HD failure so I booted to the Snow Leopard install disk, ran Disk Utility and Startup disk, and my Mac COULD NOT FIND the HD - all it showed was the CD-ROM drive and Network Startup. I tried to reboot a few more times and almost gave up. It kept clicking at startup and I was thinking about the little magnetic arms in the HD. I thought they might be jammed in the HD for some reason. At this point, I didn't know what to do. So, as it was booting up again with the plain grey backdrop, as a last resort, pretending I was the Fonz or something, I physically whacked the area on my MacBook near the power button where the sound of the clicks was coming from. AS SOON as I did that, the clicking stopped and a few seconds later the APPLE ICON appeared... instead of that dreaded question mark folder icon! The MacBook started booting up back to it's upgraded self again! Finally I was back at the desktop, and with a sigh of relief, began typing this forum. Now, my question is WHAT THE @#$% HAPPENED?? And how on Earth did smacking it one actually fix it? Is this problem related to the recent installation of Snow Leopard or just my MacBook dying? (It is 2 years old) If anyone has any ideas as to what caused this, and how I can prevent this situation from happening in the future.

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Software :: Macbook Won't Recognize Ipod?

Oct 28, 2009

i recently received an ipod from a friend. It is in windows format and i have a macbook and for some reason when i plug it in to the usb port it will charge but itunes doesnt recognize it nor does it pop up on the desktop.

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ITunes :: How To Transfer Music From Ipod To An IMac Without Erasing All The Songs From The IPod

Apr 22, 2012

I have an old macbook that has all my songs on, as well as my iPod. I have recently got an iMa which currently has no music on, how would I transfer the music from the iPod to the new iMac, or alternatively from the old Macbook to the iMac?


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ITunes :: Can Restore Music To IPod Nano From A Backup Of IPod Touch

Apr 23, 2012

I backed up my iPod touch (2nd Gen) and I want to put that onto my iPod Nano(6th Gen).

iPod touch (2nd generation), Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Followed Steps But Mail Does Not Recognize ICloud Password

May 16, 2012

I followed the steps outlined in [URL]to move my Snow Leopard's MobileMe mail account to an iCloud account in the Mail app (deleted the old MobileMe account from the sidebar and followed the steps to create a new one for [URL]. Before doing that, I had gone online and changed my very old AppleID's password so that it conformed to the new requirements.  I also set up the MobileMe in System Preferences to be using that new password.  It seems to be happy with the new setup/password.   

I can get my iCloud mail on my iPad and on my MBAir when I use Safari.  But the Mail app continues to loop, asking me to enter my password -- and then informing me that "The MobileMe IMAP server "imap.mail.me.com" rejected the password for user [URL]I compared my Mail settings for the new iCloud account to what's given in the instructions and cannot spot anything amiss. 

Mini + Air11, Mac OS X (10.6.8), iPhones, iPods, iPad, MacBook Pro (10.6), PB G4 (10.4), ATV

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MacBook Pro :: Will Not Recognize USB Flash Drive Or IPod When Plugged In

Jun 17, 2014

I have a Mack-book pro 13inches that i recently purchased but my problem is my mac will not recognize my usb flash drive or recognize my iPod when i plug it in.

MacBook Pro, iOS 7.0.4

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OS X :: MBP Disc Drive Won't Recognize Snow Leopard Disc?

Aug 29, 2009

I have a 2007 Intel MBP, running Leopard. I purchased the family version of Snow Leopard. When I tried to install it, it just spins the disc for a minute, makes the noise like it's trying to read it and then spits it out. All other discs work fine with my MBP so I know it is not the disc drive itself. I have all software "up to date." My brother installed SL on both of his MBs, one newer than mine and one older, just fine (with the same disc). I haven't seen anything out there with this issue so I wanted to start a thread to see if anyone knows how to resolve this issue (beyond taking it back to Apple and exchanging).

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OS X :: Snow Leopard Installation / Unable To Do Clean Snow Leopard Installation

Oct 19, 2009

Question: I already have snow leopard installed on my iMac. But can I still do a CLEAN snow leopard installation onto my imac even though snow leopard is already installed?

I tried it just now like twice but I got the spinning wheel of death. It wouldn't go pass the apple sign and spinning wheel.

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