OS X :: Installed Snow Leopard It Did Not Automatically Install The Updates For The Printer Drivers ?

Sep 1, 2009

For whatever reason, when I installed Snow Leopard it did not automatically install the updates for the printer drivers already installed in my computer.

I then tried to manually install the printer drivers using the SL disk and still no luck. The printers that I use are both wireless and work when they are connected with USB. Am I missing something? I'm reading all over about how people have made the upgrade with no problems at all so I'm there's got to be something I'm not doing.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Cannot Get Imac To Stop Automatically Searching For Updates

Mar 15, 2012

I cannot get my imac to stop automatically searching for updates. I set preferences to monthly, or turn it off - it doesn't matter I cannot change it from checking for updates constantly. Furthermore, once it's checked for updates I cannot dismiss the ones I do not need or want. It constantly asks me to install the updates even though I would have no use for them.

Apple wants cash to solve the problem. Since it began occurring  after my last paid OS update, that's BS.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: Snow Leopard HP Printer Drivers?

Aug 28, 2009

I just installed Snow Leopard successfully, but it doesn't know my HP2600N network laser printer. It's not in the support document and the closest printer, a 2605N is supprted. But HP's site says "HP LaserJet - Software Information for Mac OS X 10.6" and "Obtain Software", but there's nothing there. Any idea of when HP will support the 2600N? (All other upgrades had no problem with the 2600N).

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OS X :: Deleting Printer Drivers In Snow Leopard

Sep 10, 2009

After I installed Snow Leopard, I installed all of the printer drivers on the disc. It was a rather hefty size, over 1GB. Is there a way, manually or automatically, to delete all the ones I don't need? I've done a search, and a couple of places (possibly outdated) have pointed me to Library > Printers, and that all the printer drivers should be there. When I do that, I only see the application for my own printer.............

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OS X :: Printer Drivers And Snow Leopard - Possible General Workaround

Sep 10, 2009

If drivers for your printer do not show up in Snow Leopard, and there is no option for a generic driver (that you can use until original ones arrive), then you might be in luck if you've got your Leopard disc handy. Insert your Leopard disc, and then click on Optional Installs. Then in the next window you might have to click on Optional Installs again. From the new Window, select Printer drivers. Select the appropriate brand, and then install. So really, we're trying to use Leopard drivers here, moved from your Leopard disc onto Snow Leopard. If you're in luck, usable drivers might show up in your System Preferences, or perhaps a generic driver that will work.

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OS X :: Apple Releases New HP Printer Drivers For Snow Leopard

Sep 22, 2009

Apple this week released new drivers for HP printers in its latest operating system, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. The file, labeled version 2.2., is a 383MB download available from Apple. A number of HP printers, including Photosmart, OfficeJet, DeskJet and LaserJet models, are affected by the driver update. A complete list with numerous HP printers is listed on Apple's Web site. The update requires Mac OS X 10.6.1 or later.

Since the release of Snow Leopard, Apple has advertised new printer-related features in the operating system upgrade. Apple's Software Update will automatically provide you with third-party printer software and updates, "Nearby Printers" is a list of available printers that will appear right inside your printer dialog box, and you can simply connect a USB printer and the print queue will be automatically created.

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OS X :: Apple's Snow Leopard To Load Printer Drivers On Demand?

Feb 9, 2009

As part of Apple's plans to help trim the footprint of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, the new system will cease the customary installation of several gigabytes of printer drivers and instead load only the files necessary for existing devices, relying on Software Update to obtain new drivers in the future as needed.

Prepared for anything

Back in the late 80s, Apple began bundling PPD files for various PostScript printers with its System Software. The files identified features specific to each model, making it simple for users to take full advantage of each model. However, as the consumer market for printers expanded, expensive PostScript licensing was left behind for simpler and cheaper alternatives that relied on custom driver software unique to each printer manufacturer.

Microsoft began installing lots of third party printer drivers with the installation of Windows to make it simpler for users to install their printer without needing to obtain printer software themselves, a practice Apple also adopted. However, as printer manufacturers have expanded their printer software offerings to differentiate their hardware with special software features such as ink management and other add on utilities, the size of driver software has expanded rapidly.

Additionally, printer drivers are being updated more frequently and new printer models are appearing quickly enough to make it hard for operating system releases to stay current. Both Apple and Microsoft now support the ability of printer installation software to search for new or updated drivers online; Leopard began handling updates for HP drivers in 2007.

Just in time downloads

With the release of Snow Leopard this spring, Apple will put an end to the default installation of tons of drivers, according to people familiar with the latest test releases of the software. Instead, it will only install a select subset of drivers, including support for any currently attached printers or those that had been installed on the same Mac under previous versions of Mac OS X.

Sources say the system will review devices attached via USB and will scan the network for any printers advertised as available via Bonjour in order to create a short list of drivers that need to be installed. Any new printers that are attached after the installation of Snow Leopard will cause Software Update to check for drivers online.

This new policy will shave several unnecessary gigabytes from the Snow Leopard footprint, compounding the savings related to the new HFS+ file compression for compacting read only files and the compression and/or removal of unnecessary NIB files that will result in a greatly reduced size of applications on the new system.

Skinny new software

A similar practice has been put into place in GarageBand 09, which offers a series of free video instructions for learning how to play instruments. Rather than installing all of the videos by default, the new app allows users to download just the lessons they want, saving considerable disk space.

The same policy could also be applied to foreign language localization files and fonts, which currently consume lots of disk space but are only used by relatively small portions of the Mac OS X user base.

While software developers have historically relied on the luxury of constantly expanding, cheap hard drive space to ignore any need to be conservative in the amount of files loaded during installation, Apple's interest in deploying systems that use more expensive but faster SSD devices has resulted in new efforts to make Snow Leopard smaller and leaner than the system it replaces.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Printer Drivers - Determine Their Version Number?

Mar 17, 2012

I have two printers hooked up.  An Epson Stylus Photo Pro 3800 and HP 5440 Deskjet.  I want to determine what the version # is for my active drivers, but can't figure out how to.  Also, where can I find the drivers in my hard drive and what would be the format of their file names? 

OS X ver 10.6.8
MacPro Quad Core Zeon 2.66

Mac Pro (Early 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: After Upgrading Epson Printer Drivers Did Not Load

May 6, 2012

I have just upgraded to Snow Leopard and at the end of the upgrade the printer drivers failed to load. I have since updated them myself (Epson BX305) but still get an error message 'rasteroescpll failed'. I have an IMac previously running 5.8.0 and now running 6.3.0.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6)

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Software Updates Will Not Install

Jun 12, 2012

It downloads today's two updates to Snow Leopard (iTunes10.6.3 and AirPort Utility 5.6.1) and then proceeds with the progress bar which reaches a point 2/3 of the way and never progresses after 30 minutes.  At that time, it keeps alerting that the installations failed.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Intel/2.53 GHz - 8 GB RAM

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Install MS Office Updates On Mac, But Computer Won't Allow

Apr 22, 2012

I've already tried the MS help website suggested in the error window and there is no assistance available there

Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Download And Install The Latest Updates?

Jun 16, 2012

I have deleted programs, old files Always download and install the latest updates. I have even installed that Mackeeper software. But my Macbook pro is running like extremely slow.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Hardware :: Unable To Install Drivers For Printer / Samsung CLX-3160fn Printer

Oct 29, 2010

Hi, my brand new iMac 21.5" (just 2 weeks old) does not have the appropriate driver for my printer. My printer is a Samsung CLX-3160fn. The iMac has lots of other Samsung drivers, including one that's close (for the 3170 series), but the close one does not work.

Went online to search for driver but was not able to find one for Mac. Does this mean my printer is just not compatible with my iMac?

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MacBook Pro :: Printer Software Installed But Drivers Not Appear In List

Aug 28, 2010

Bought a HP Laserjet Pro 8500 A909g. I have installed software but driver never appears in list so there is an option to manually select it. Sometimes the printer then appears and other times it doesn't. Message then appears: If your device is not listed it is not supported by this installer. Downloaded installer again from HP but still no good. Printer is wireless but was given USB cable to connect to Macbook Pro as don't have internet at home and was told it would be no problem. Message now appearing saying if USB port on printer is at front (mine is) do not connect to USB on Macbook. However, it doesn't bother to tell me how to connect it any other way. Nothing in manual. Running out of patience. Just starting working for myself and have clients waiting for designs which I can't even print off.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Install Each Of The Updates From 10.6 To 10.6.8 Individually Using Software Update?

Apr 17, 2012

My daughter is planning to update her Leopard system to Snow Leopard.  She will buy the disc and proceed with the install.  Will she need to install each of the updates from 10.6 to 10.6.8 individually using software update?   Or can she simply use the combo updater?  I installed each when it appeared, so am unsure as to what to tell her about doing it all at once. 

Mac OS X (10.7.3), 8 GB Ram--1 TB HD

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Windows On Mac :: Installed Vista Via Bootcamp - Install Drivers Without An Install Disk?

Apr 10, 2009

I searched for a while trying to find the answer but did not find it. I just installed Vista Business via Bootcamp. I am not able to access the internet or anything. If I read the help stuff right I need to use the OSX install disk to install the drivers. The problem is, I don't have the install disk. Is there any other way to get the drivers? Or am I just missing something easier?

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Mac Pro :: Install Snow Leopard From Other Installed Disk?

Nov 30, 2010

I work in an office where we've picked up a few new MBPs. These machines have Snow Leopard and I'd like to install it on my machine running Leopard. Is there any way that I can install 10.6 on my machine using the Disks that came with the new machines?

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OS X :: Ilife08 Pre Installed - Install Snow Leopard?

Aug 20, 2009

I had ilife08 pre installed on my macbook pro. When i install snow leopard will it still be there? If not what should I do?

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Windows On Mac :: XP Drivers Incomplete - BootCamp Updates Won't Install

Jun 17, 2010

I have a new MBP 2010, therefore I imagine my OSX disk has Boot Camp 2.1 on it though I'm not sure. I've installed Windows XP in Boot Camp but had problems on the tail end of the install when my OSX disk started clicking and repeating when trying to install the final drivers off the disk. It had got about half way through. The disk is clean and unscratched so don't know what to make of it.

So I tried looking for the Boot Camp updates online and discovered the v2.1, v2.2 etc. on Apple's website. I downloaded these. v2.1 is large 215mb and the other smaller, a minor update. I downloaded them a couple of times in case they were a faulty download. They were not.

I double clicked on the v2.1 to get the drivers installed. The window comes up asking you if you want to run it. "Run" then the window disappears, there sounds like there is some disk activity, then the computer settles down again as if nothing had happened. The drivers are not installed or updated as the Device Manager still shows its question marks on the affected entries.

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OS X :: MacBook Not Sleep Automatically Since Snow Leopard Install

Dec 30, 2009

I am having a serious issue with my MacBook since upgrading to Mac OS X Snow Leopard. My MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, 2.4 GHz) will not go to sleep automatically anymore. If I select "Sleep" from the Apple menu it will sleep fine. However, it will not sleep according to my Energy Saver preference pane which says sleep at 1 min each (Display and Computer). Another thing to keep in mind is that my display sleeps perfectly normally. However, the computer itself will not sleep.

Here are the things that I have tried so far:
Reinstall 10.6.2 combo updater
Remove Energy Saver preferences and entire System Configuration folder
Made sure that no hardware or software is interrupting sleep
Reset PRAM and SMC
Repaired Disk Permissions
Archive and Install
I am running Mac OS X 10.6.2 with ALL updates and firmware installed.

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Intel Mac :: Install Snow Leopard On New Partition With Lion Installed?

Feb 20, 2012

I have iMac(intel) with lion installed. I created a new partition and I want to install snow leopard on it. can you please give step by step. I guess I have to go through Target mode by using another mac but just want to make sure if there is another way.

how can I run powerpc apps on lion so I dont have to install SL?


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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Unable To Install It - Keeps Prompting That It Cannot Be Installed On This Computer?

Apr 13, 2012

I'm experiencing some issue when I tried to reinstall my OS. It just keeps prompting me Mac OS X cannot be installed on this computer. You have to use your Time Machine to restore..... etc. But its a brand new hard disk. I have also tried using another hard disk. Its just keep prompting the same error.I also have deleted and recreate with 2 partitions, but problem still surface. Deleted and Erase at Utilities- Disk Utility, also can't help.

Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Hardware :: Printer Not Found After Snow Leopard Install?

Aug 30, 2009

I have a Konica Minolta Bizhub C350 (photocopier/printer). It connects via network to my airport express. All five of my Macs found it using Bonjour under Leopard.

I installed Snow Leopard on all five Macs, and now, none of them have the printer in their list of available printers. This is an older printer, however far too expensive to replace.

Any idea of how to get Snow Leopard to discover it again? I noticed that when I click on the printer preferences, and attempt to add it again, there isn't even a Bonjour option.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Install Printer Sharp Al-2050cs?

Apr 3, 2012

I would like to know how I install a Sharp AL-2050cs printer in my apple computer.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Cannot Install Printer Driver On IMac

Jun 9, 2012

I can't install a printer on my iMac. When I go through system prefs, add printer, it sees the printer and manages to make it to looking for installable options then that window just hangs. I can use the computer, but the window stays and it never actually installs the drivers, i'm using a wireless connection. The same thing happened before with a previous Epson printer connecting by USB. In the end I managed to connect it to my Macbook.

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OS X :: Can't Install Printer's Drivers?

May 22, 2009

I installed leopard after upgrading the hard drive, didnt install any printer drivers, ive just found a 3gig printers folder in Library/Printers, whats happening?

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: How To Install Canon MP810 Printer Driver

Feb 19, 2012

How to install Canon MP 810 printer driver?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: Printer Drivers Install Location?

Apr 20, 2009

I'm attempting to connect to a work place (windows based) network printer, so downloaded and installed my drivers. Installer says it all installed fine, but when I go to search for it when adding the printer, it's nowhere to be found in the list of installed drivers??

I tried installing it again and rebooting but it still isn't in the list of printers. Can anyone think of why this might be, or just where it would most likely be installed to so I can manually choose the driver?

The driver came as an mpkg file so I tried "Show package contents" but didn't see anything that resembled a driver file either.

One other thing, I have a feeling the printer may be "Japan Only" but the installer contained both Japanese and English Instructions so I'm guessing that won't make any difference but thought I'd mention it just in case.

Printer: Xerox Docuprint c830
Driver: DPC830v10_3_3

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Updates Can't Be Installed After Downloading?

May 19, 2012

The updates can't be installed after downloading

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.2)

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Windows On Mac :: Install Drivers To Access Printer On XP Partition?

May 18, 2010

I just partitioned and installed windows xp (with a lot of help from this forum). Can I download printer software/drivers into windows so that it can access my printer as well as my Mac hard drive? Are there any glitches a novice wouldn't foresee in doing this?

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