OS X :: Converting The G5 To A Gaming Computer And Partitioning With Bootcamp

Jan 5, 2010

I purchased a new MacBook 13" laptop over the summer and it has OSX 10.5. Can I use the disks that came with this to install OSX 10.5 on an older G5 tower?

I'm interested in converting the G5 to a gaming computer and partitioning with bootcamp so that I may play PC games.

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MacBook Pro :: Computer Just Crashed While Partitioning In BootCamp

Jan 8, 2011

I was trying to setup a partition via bootcamp to install windows 7 and I got the error msg that is grey and all different languages that says to shut down. I was so scared I would loose my data b/c I haven't back up in like 6 months.

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Mac Pro :: Converting 2006 To Windows Gaming PC

Sep 14, 2010

I have a mac pro that I don't use anymore, and I am really really looking forward to F1 2010 coming out and want to get the PC version. Is it worth converting my 2 x Dual Xeon 5150 Woodcrest 2.66Ghz Mac Pro into a windows only gaming PC? Which is the best graphics card I can get for it that will work off the shelf? I don't need to go back into mac so it doesn't have to work in mac mode. Or would I be better off selling it and getting a windows PC purely for gaming? I'd rather not go through that hassle to be honest as I'm sure the Mac Pro should be able to work well with a decent graphics card?

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Windows On Mac :: BootCamp Freezes While Partitioning HDD

Aug 30, 2010

I've been trying for days to get bootcamp to work on my 2010 MBP and it freezes every time. When I say freezes I mean, it locks up my entire computer to the point where my only option is to do a hard restart with the power button. Is there any way to get it to partition my hard drive or use another program to do it?

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OS X :: Canceled Bootcamp In The Middle Of Partitioning HD?

Aug 15, 2009

now I lost 5 gb's of space...

because the process never completely finished, a drive does not show up on my desktop...

I've tried everything I know... does anyone know how I can regain my lost hd space?

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OS X :: Partitioning Hard Drive And BootCamp

Aug 17, 2009

I tried to use Bootcamp to install Windows XP Professional. When trying to partition through bootcamp I got this error:

"The disk cannot be partitioned because some files cannot be moved. Backup the disk and use Disk Utility to format it as a single Mac OS Extended (Journaled) Volume. Restore your info to the disk and try using bootcamp assistant again."

I tried to create a journaled partition after using the disk utility to fix any problems which it found none. The problem was that the partitioning never stopped it went on for hours till I finally canceled it. I also have a problem with VMware Fusion which you can find here: [URL]

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Windows On Mac :: 7 DVD Won't Boot After Bootcamp Partitioning?

Feb 23, 2010

Here's the problem. I'm trying to install Windows 7 Ultimate through bootcamp and the problem is, that when it restarts to boot and install from DVD, the screen goes black with the tickling white underscore and it won't load.

every time I start OSX, a box appears saying that the latest firmware for the EFI 1.4 or something has been successfully updated. Could it be related or is it something else?

MacBook 5.1 , 2.4Ghz 13'
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256MB

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MacBook Pro :: BootCamp And Partitioning - OS X And Vista

Jul 16, 2010

I am planning on a getting my MPB (15") very soon and having been a windows user all along, I have a couple of questions about putting windows on my new MPB.

-Win7 Upgrade: I currently own a valid copy of XP and a Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade disc. Is it possible to install the XP, then upgrade to Win7 on my MBP? If so, are there any guides/tricks I should know of before attempting?

-Timing: Can I install the windows after I've played around in OS X and installed/saved a couple of things there? Will installing windows wipe out my stuff in OS X or is it completely unrelated? My concern here is that I will be getting my MPB before I can get my copy of windows back, and during that time I need to do some work.

-Partitioning amount: this kind of ties into the previous question. How much should I partition (% wise) for the windows, and when should I do it?

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OS X :: Flashing Folder On Startup After Partitioning With BootCamp

Feb 26, 2009

I recently installed a partition to my mac mini using BootCamp, but leaving the Windows installation til a later date as I'd left the authentication info in the studio! On booting up my mac the next day I'm greeted with a flashing missing OS symbol instead of the apple logo. I've tried resetting the mac or trying to force it to start a network startup up but to no avail.

I attempted to run from the installation disc but it isn't responding to holding don 'c' to run from the disc. However I'm running 10.5, but that was an upgrade from a colleagues disc and the only installation disc I have is 10.4. I can get that disc but may take time! The only interactivity I can get from the keyboard is upon pressing 'option' I'm asked to enter a password, but I don't know what password it's after?

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Mac Pro :: Partitioning Via BootCamp Taking Long Time

Aug 10, 2009

Anyone else noticed this? Compared to 10.4.x and previous gen mbp, I remember the partitioning via bootcamp used to take no longer than 45 sec to a minute. Now it takes something like 3-5 minutes to complete!

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MacBook Pro :: Partitioning HDD With BootCamp - Installing Win7

Feb 24, 2010

Today I decided install Win7 on my MBP and while partitioning the HDD using bootcamp I encountered the following error. Consequently, I used the Disk Utility in order to partition the drive. However it too failed (even for smaller sizes). How do I go about partitioning the hard drive? Erase everything and restore from backup?

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Windows On Mac :: XP Installation Not Start After BootCamp Partitioning

Apr 9, 2010

I have a Mac Mini and I am running Snow Leopard and BootCamp 3.0. I am trying to install Windows XP. I'm using BootCamp to partition the disk. I've tried with different sizes, the outcome was the same. After partitioning I can see the Bootcamp volume in Finder and on the desktop. Bootcamp then tells that I can start the installation. The Windows XP CD is in the drive. Restart follows. And then nothing but the gray screen. No installation starts. I have to shut down the computer and start it again.

This time I hold the option key and there is only the Mac OS volume! There is no sign from the BootCamp volume. After starting the computer again it doesn't boot from the Mac OS volume, there is the gray screen only, which means that the startup disk have been changed and that usually happens when you install windows with bootcamp - it changes the startup volume from Mac OS to the BootCamp volume, but still the BootCamp volume is not there. I've installed Windows XP with BootCamp several times. I know how it works. Installation starts automatically after the restart.

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Windows On Mac :: Bootcamp For Gaming - XP Or 7?

Aug 7, 2009

I run Windows 7 in VMWare for everyday use, but for gaming I want to use bootcamp. I am confused whether to install XP or 7.

Reading this forum and googling, I knocked VISTA out of the equation,, but since 7 is almost as nippy as XP, I am not sure.

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Windows On Mac :: Gaming In Bootcamp With 7?

Jan 13, 2010

4GB ram
Processor Speed 2.4 GHz
Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT

when i play dragon age in boot camp with windows 7 it gets insanely hot (200 f sometimes) and the game eventually quits. this is really annoying cause it is such a great game. i even tried it on the lowest possible visuals and this still happens. also when the machine is just sitting and i am not running anything at all it still heats up and stays hot. this does not happen in os x just in windows 7.

when i had vista on boot camp i used to play some very graphic intense games on much higher visuals such as mass effect and fallout 3 and had no problems. it got hot but never unbearable to the point that the game quit.

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MacBook Pro :: 15 I7 2.66 Bootcamp Gaming Win 32 Or 64?

May 16, 2010

Has anybody compared gaming under Win7 32 vs 64. Im not that thrilled with the performance on Battlefield 2, but am currently running win 32. I wonder if 64 and its ability to use more RAM will help with gaming experience. Also, I've seen many threads on trying to update the Nvidia drivers, but not many responses on whether it helped much, considering what had to be done just to get the drivers updated....is it worth it.

I wish Apple would address the outdated drivers.

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Windows On Mac :: BootCamp Partitioning Got Stuck And Lost 30GB?

Oct 18, 2010

I was partitioning my Disk using BootCamp while trying to install Windows 7 on my MacBook (30GB partition) but my partitioning never ended. The stupid BootCamp got stuck so after one hour I had to turn off my MacBook. I even listened if the HD was working but nothing... The shut down was inevitable.

So I turned on my MacBook again and all seemed fine. That was until I checked my HD capacity! My HD was 30GB less than what I should normally have. Instead of 60GB FREE space I know had 30GB. So I thought that ok, BootCamp must have managed to make the partition even if the MacBook crashed and burned.

No, it hadn't. My 30GB have vanished! I also went to disk utility and used Partition to see if there was any space there but nothing. Disk Utility see my HD as a 250GB disk which is correct. Somehow that 30GB has been recognized as a big chunk of info on my HD so now I am missing 30GB.

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OS X :: Mac Via Bootcamp - Leopard Didn't Recognize The Windows Partitioning?

Feb 10, 2009

It all started off when I installed windows 7 on my mac via bootcamp. It worked, but somehow Leopard didn't recognize the windows partition, and that all ended up in even more trouble, so I ended up reinstalling Leopard, thereby erasing everything on my hard drive.I have now reinstalled leopard, but somehow, Disk Utility can not start, everytime I open it, it says it had stopped working and that I can send an error report. Damn! I just need Disk Utility to recover my drive, so that bootcamp can make the partition, but it doesn't work!

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Applications :: Bootcamp Partitioning Hard Drive - Reinstall OS X?

May 28, 2009

I have been having awesome experience using OS X and Xp at the same time! But lately when I try to run the games on VMware... its starting to lack in graphics and memory. So, I was thinking of installing bootcamp. My first question is will I have stuff that I have installed in VMware Xp in Xp installed on Bootcamp? Secondly, if bootcamp is partitioning the HD then is that mean when I want to reinstall the OS X and wipe the HD will I only have the part that had OS X? Sorry I am pretty new to Mac and I never was brave enough to install xp on Bootcamp xD.

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MacBook :: BootCamp Partitioning Error - Cannot Move Files

Jun 11, 2009

I am trying to run bootcamp and install vista on my mac, but I keep getting error messages telling me that I can't move file's. I have tried making the partition smaller and it still doesn't work.

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Windows On Mac :: BootCamp Stuck On Status (Partitioning Disk)

Aug 21, 2009

The title say it all, I've tried with my vista disc in the drive and out of the drive, given it a few goes for 10-20 minutes (recommended by people online) and then an hour just incase.

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Windows On Mac :: Gaming With Parallels And Bootcamp?

Sep 9, 2010

With some advice from this forum I've now setup vista on a bootcamp partition and have pointed parallels at this installation which all works well. When I boot into vista I have the proper Radeon driver installed and can play games fine on max settings at the highest resolution, however if I try to run a windows game from Parallels in OSX it defaults to the Parallels video driver and 640x480 resolution. Is there any way of running games at full screen/full settings from osx or will I have to reboot into windows each time?

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Windows On Mac :: Install MBP For Gaming In Bootcamp?

Mar 17, 2009

Just wondering which one will be best for me to install on my MBP for gaming in Bootcamp. Pros & cons of each?

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MacBook Pro :: Run XP Or Win7 With BootCamp For Gaming

Dec 16, 2009

I just got a 2.26 Ghz macbook pro 13" and I want to do a little light gaming so I am wondering what bootcamp to run.. Should I run XP or Windows 7. What will have better performance and will directx10 be that big of a difference on games COD MW2?

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Windows On Mac :: Bootcamp & Gaming Only Crashing?

Apr 26, 2010

I don't think this was an issue back then when I had only purchased my MBP. I am using a 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 15" MBP, with Mobility Radeon X1600 as my graphics card. I'm also on a 4 GB RAM. I'm using Leopard, running Mac OS X 10.5.8.

I'm using a 2.1 version of Bootcamp. I use Windows XP SP3.

Basically, I know that my MBP will be hotter when playing games, but the heat issue wasn't an issue back then. I don't know why it should be an issue now.

I've run the test using a Parallels, for the same games: Majesty 2, Virtua Tennis 2009, Lineage II, Worms Armageddon. The games run very slowly in the Parallels, as expected, but I was only waiting for my Windows to crash after a little time of playing, but it didn't happen when I was using the Parallels.

Also, I have no problem running any games in Mac itself, games such as Civilization IV, Fable TLC, Tomb Raider.

Therefore, I think I'm justified to believe that the problem lies specifically with running games in bootcamp (my windows doesn't crash if I don't play any games). Which is of course, one of the few reasons I install Windows on a Mac, that is for gaming.

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Windows On Mac :: Bootcamp Partitioning Failed (just Cloned Drive And Defragged)?

Jun 3, 2010

I'm trying to install XP on my Macbook pro with bootcamp. I just replaced my 160gb hard drive by cloning it to a new 640gb hard drive (I zeroed all data and formatted to mac os extended (journaled) beforehand).I wanted to make a 50gb partition for windows and I currently have 515gb free. I don't see how there's any fragmentation that could be stopping it since the cloning process should of defragged... Just to be safe though, I used idefrag and partitioning still fails.

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MacBook Pro :: Bootcamp Gaming Causing Heat ?

May 24, 2010

i have a question. i have installed windows xp through bootcamp on the mbp 2009, 2 GB RAM, 2.26 ghz, nvidia 9400m. the thing is the computer gets extremely hot when playing 'guild wars' on LOWEST setting. it is not a very graphics or cpu intensive game, i mean my old toshiba 900mhz celeron processor, 2gb ram vista laptop can run it without heat issues. is there any way to fix this? i have tried the smcfancontrol method, but with that it doesn't work for me because i have to shut off bootcamp.exe in windows and put the computer to sleep and then turn it back on in order for the keyboard backlight to turn off.

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MacBook Pro :: Finding Advice On Optimizing I7 For Gaming In Bootcamp

Apr 16, 2010

I've heard several people reference they have drastically improved their gaming performance by optimizing things in Windows 7. While I wait for mine to arrive I would love it if anyone can post their tips and advice on getting the most out of this mediocre GPU.

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Windows On Mac :: Partitioning On Boot Camp - Kernel Crashes And Need To Restart Whole Computer?

Dec 30, 2010

I am trying to create a partition with Boot Camp and install Windows XP SP2. Whenever i try to create a partition, the kernel crashes and i need to restart my whole computer, boot up from the OSX CD and then "Repair Disk" to get the lost hard drive space back. I had partitioned my HD last week, but then removed it, but now when i try it, it always freezes the computer. is there any way to solve this problem without my data being lost?

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OS X :: Random Computer Freezing / Weird Display When Gaming

Oct 13, 2010

Recently ive been having a couple of issues with my mac; the thing is i havent used it in a few months.

anyway lately when i have been using my computer if i dont use it for a few minutes it will freeze, causing me to force it to shut down. and the other issue is kinda hard to explain but for some reason when i am gaming the picture has been acting up lately; i can see almost perfectly fine but there are vertical lines all over the screen - about 2cm long...the lines only seems to pop up on 3d imaging.

i have an iMac PPC G5 with 512mb ram

like i said i have not used this computer in a while

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IMac (Intel) :: Computer Crashed While Gaming With Some Repeated Sound

Jun 24, 2014

my computer has recently crash due to a game call leaque of legends. During the game, the game has crash, some awful sound occurred and I just force shut down. My Mac, after that my Mac occurred the no entry sign which stands for 1 hour or so.

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