OS X :: Calender Doesnt Show Todays Date On IMac?

Apr 13, 2009

But i notice one my new macbook & my hubbys macbook air, the correct date will show even if its not open. Only once i click to open the calender on my imac will the date change. My imac version is 10.4.11, is this something to do with it?

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IMac :: Doesnt Show IPad And IPod In Itunes?

Nov 11, 2010

i just got an iMac a few weeks ago and i used migration assistant to move everything from my macbook pro. but ever since then when i hook up my ipad and ipod they dont show up in itunes, they're charging though. im going to reinstall itunes now. any advice on how to make it work if this reinstallation doesnt work ?

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OS X :: Unable To Sync Google Calender / Calender Is Grayed Out?

Nov 16, 2009

I've got my N95 working with iSync and I have Google Calendar visible from iCal.

But what's really annoying is that any new entries on my N95 get put on a local calendar and not Google calendar - I can't work out how to make this the default.

In iSync, Google calendar is greyed and it only lets me choose a local calendar.

Any ideas?I've searched the web but can't find any clues.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: The 10.7.4 Update Doesnt Show

May 10, 2012

I dont know why, but update manager doesnt show the 10.7.4 update for me, how come?

im on 10.7.3 mac mini, nothing special...

Mac mini (Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Applications :: Browser Doesnt Show Pictures?

Mar 9, 2010

I m newer here then sorry if I asked some dumb things, because this is my first mac.When I try to see a page (my wife?s blog in blogspot) in Safari, the pictures aren?t displayed.
I tryed with Safari, Firefox and Chrome, but the result is the same.
I friend of mine tryed in his Macbook and it?s OK.
I tryed in a PC, and it?s OK.
I tryed others site and it?s OK, the problem appears only in my mac and only on blogspot sites.After bought the Mac I installed Snow Leopard, IWork, Office and Flash, but these are the same programs that are running on my friend 's mac.

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OS X :: Installing Apps - Icon Doesnt Show?

Aug 16, 2010

alright I'm a new mac user so i hope i dont get too much hate but i have a weird problem (i guess) when installing apps. When i drag the app to the applications folder then drag it to my dock, it shows the icon fine on the dock, but in the applications stack in my dock it doesnt. ill post a picture to show what i mean.

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MacBook Pro :: Store Doesnt Accept Foreign Credit Cards And Doesnt Ship International?

Mar 23, 2012

i brought my mbp in aug 2011 from the usa without apple care. i am currently living in saudi arabia.i bought apple care from amazon usa and they shipped it to me ,, since apple store doesnt accept foreign credit cards and doesnt ship international.apple store saudia arabia doesnot have apple care. 

on trying to activate apple care on my computer it sayss that it cannot be activated from this region

Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1), 500 GB HDD 8GB RAM

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IMac :: How To Import IPhone Calender To Imac?

Aug 3, 2010

I just purchased a new Imac 21.5 and want to transfer my calender from my 3gs onto Ical. Apple support says it can't be done. Is there software out there that will?

My old PC had an option of "mingle" which accomplished it very well.

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ITunes For Mac :: Why Does The Date Column Show Time

Nov 30, 2014

Why does the date column show time? In the Date Added column it shows the actual time it was added. I don't want to see this. Is there a way to remove it?

MacBook Air (11-inch Mid 2013), iOS 8.1.1

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OS X :: Auto Update Feature To Show Right Date Daily In Pages

Aug 10, 2010

I'm new to mac, having used microsoft word before. The letter-heading template I used on Word updated the date every time I opened it, so I always had the right date showing. How can I get my new letter-heading template do that in Pages? When I select date and time from the Insert menu it's fine, but the next day it still shows yesterday's date.

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ICloud :: If Enter A Date In Calendar On Ipad It Does Not Show-up On Mac Or Iphone

Jan 31, 2012

I am using icloud on my mac, ipad and iphone. If I enter an item in my calendar on my ipad,it does not show up on my mac or iphone.If I enter an item on my mac or iphone, it does show up on my ipad.

iPad, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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Desktops :: IMac (sometimes) Doesnt Wake From Sleep?

Dec 4, 2009

For the past few months i've been having issues with my imac 2.66Ghz 24 inch. I'd say almost half the time when i put my imac to sleep it doesnt wake up no matter how many keys i press and it just stays stuck on a black screen. I know that when you put the computer to sleep you hear absolutely no noise however in this case i hear a slight fan noise despite it 'sleeping'. When this happens i always have to use the on/off button to do a reset. What seems to be the issue here??

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Software :: Number Pad Doesnt Work On IMac G5 1.4?

Jun 24, 2008

my number pad on my keyboard doesnt work. I have a iMac G5 1.4

I know I didnt spill anything on it, because this happened on my sisters account on the computer, while mine still worked. Now mine doesnt work. I like using it, so Id like to gget it to work again.

When I try using the 10 numbers and the decimal on the keypad (everything else in that section of the keyboard works), the computer freezes, and i have to shut down.

Oh, and I recently started using the program Blender, and I noticed this problem during that program, so it might have something to do with that.

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OS X :: Sort By The Date A File Is Placed Into A Folder (Date Modified/Created Not Working)

Jun 3, 2010

I have a folder where I place an ever growing collection of my favorite songs. Before I switched to Mac, on Windows, when I wanted to revisit songs I most recently added to the folder, I would sort the songs by the Date Modified and it would order the files I placed in the folder by date.

In OSX, however, there must be a slightly different meaning to "Date Modified," as it does not quite sort my songs by the order they were added. It gets some of it right, but there's plenty of files that are out of order--tune "x", which I know was placed in the folder a week ago is actually listed further down the list with songs placed in the folder months ago.

Is there a way to have OSX sort files in order of the date it was placed in a folder? Neither "Date Modified" nor "Date Created" works 100% as I thought it would. Or is the OSX definition of Date Modified/Created slightly different than Windows?

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Applications :: Is There A Add On For Calender To Remind On Facebook Or Youtube

May 29, 2009

I used to have it send me emails but I don't check my email as much but I'm usually on facebook or youtube if there isn't an add on then maybe another program thats not as big.

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OS X :: Weird Date Settings / Showing Wrong Modification Date?

Feb 7, 2007

I've noticed recently that when in Finder, all folders/files have a Modified Date of somewhere in January 2009 or January 2008, regardless of when it was actually modified/created. My clock at the top left-hand corner says Oct 20 though. Any thoughts?

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OS X :: Unable To Sync Calender / Mobileme Not Working Fine

Jun 19, 2010

Something seems to be wrong with my MobileMe syncing. I recently did a hard drive replacement in my MBP due to a failing hard drive. I did a complete mirror of my hard drive and everything is working fine except for MobileMe. I am able to sync all MobileMe items except for the Calender. When it gets to ´┐Żalendar syncing a window pops up with the following:

You need to replace your Calendar information on MobileMe

If this computer has the most current information, click Replace. If the most current information is on another computer, cick Fix Later and replace your information on that computer.

Obviously my only two options to click are Fix Later and Replace.

The problem is while I was unable to use my computer I was using my iPhone mostly with the calendar which of course synced to my MobileMe account.
I don't want to choose Replace since this computer was not used for approximately 2 weeks so is not at all up to date.
I can choose Fix Later but I never get any other options.
I simply need to have this computer get the information from MobileMe and place it on this computer since both my iphone and MobileMe is up to date but I never get that option.
How do I do this (take info from MobileMe and put on this computer)?

Thank you for your help.

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Applications :: Sync My Ical Calender With My Plaxo.com Account?

Mar 15, 2006

I'm looking to sync my ical calender with my plaxo.com account. Sadly iCal uses the ical calnder format and plaxo uses the csv format.

Does anyone know how I can convert between these two files? or a third party application that I can upload my calender to plaxo with.

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OS X Server :: Unable To Use Calender Modules / Installing PHP Extensions

Jun 2, 2010

I have set our new XServe and have PHP running fine. However, I want to use the PHP calendar module/extension. This is a standard PHP module and can be found in the standard downloads from PHP.net. I tried to take the Linux approach of recompliling PHP with --enable-calendar however, this doesn't work as there is no compiler on the system.

Any ideas on how i can get the calander module to work? The only compiled versions of PHP I can find for the Mac don't include calendar.I'm Running OS X 10.4.7, PHP 4.4.1, Apache 1.3.33

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Applications :: Sharing ICal Calendars Via Google Calender / Mobileme Not Available

Sep 5, 2010

I want to share a calendar or two with another person but the person does not have Mobile Me so are there other ways to share my calendar? Note, the person does use google calendar, is there a way via google?

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Applications :: Use ICal Or Google Calendar For Syncing Calender Entries?

Feb 12, 2010

Deciding on whether or not to use iCal or my Google Calendar. I like the look and feel of the ical overall, but it seems nice that the google calendar will sync over the air with my phone.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: How To Arrange Icons By Date On IMac

Feb 14, 2012

I have a finder window of pictures which I am displaying as icons, but I want to order them so that the most recent image is at the top. When I choose to order by date created, I get this new thing where the icons are in horizontal rows by date and many of the files are no longer visible unless you scroll to the right. Kind of like a combo of icon and coverflow. Is it not possible to just have the icons appear in a grid as normal, but most recent ones at the top, or whatever ordering method I choose?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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IMac PPC :: Updating A Badly Out-of-date Browser

Apr 17, 2012

Recently acquired an old G4 with OS X 10.1 on it, and need to update the woefully out-of-date browser, Internet Explorer 5.1.2 for Mac. It's so obsolete I can't even download Firefox through it. The drop-down from Tools does not offer an update function, and I couldn't find one elsewhere.


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IMac :: Imac 27" I5 Graphics Show Green Bars

Sep 1, 2010

Just got a refurbished 27" Imac I5 with the Radeon 4850 yesterday.This happened twice yesterday, so today, when I powered on I had my blackberry ready to record.As you can see theres a large green band (yesterday it was accompanied with a red one) that spans the vertical aspect of the screen. The bars disappear after 30-1min.I've tried searching and haven't found anyone with a similar problem. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGK3LYb23mc

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Software :: Unable To Change Date And Time Settings / Date And Time Preferences Freezes

May 22, 2008

I am on Tiger 10.4.11 on Mac Book Pro Intel duo. All updates except for Parallels installed. Have run permissions repairs and preferential treatment. Tried to delete preferences for system ... Every time I try to uncheck the box marked or open the Date and Time preferences, it freezes and have to force quit.

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OS X :: Mbp Doesnt Detect/mount Ext Hdd?

Aug 21, 2010

I just got an iomega home media network hdd (1tb) and i wanted to back up my macbook pro tht runs on OS X (10.6)

i installed their retrospect (6.1) software and conected the drive with the lan cable provieded by iomega and i did evrything they told me, but the drive doesnt not mount.

my computer doesnot detect the dive and a red light flashes on the drive in between the blue light (which is the only light tht should flash)

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OS X :: Mbp Trackpad Doesnt Click?

Oct 12, 2010

i have a 13" mbp with snowleopard.

some 15 days ago, my trackpad could do all gestures just fine but it couldn't click.
i have the "touch to click" option turned off.

so, after pressing down on the trackpad like 10 times, it could only register one click.

as my warranty was valid back then, i gave my laptop to the service guy. he opened my laptop up, checked the trackpad and said it was fine and he told me that it must be a software problem.

so i erased the hdd and installed leopard and the problem was solved.

whats wrong with my laptop ??

(i checked verified my disk and disk permissions, they're all fine)

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OS X :: Mac OS Doesnt Eject HDD Properly?

Dec 27, 2010

this is starting to irritate now. apparently macs are supposed to be able to read ntfs formatted disks.
now although mine is able to do so, i find it strange that when i eject the disk its unable to do so. and so i end up pulling the usb cable to exit it. of course this is an improper exit and i am sure harms the drive in some way.

after mounting the drive, i normally see 2 icons - one has the drive letter and contains all the data, and the other shows the setup for the software installation in windows. now whenever i highlight both these and drag them to the trash can / right click to exit, only the drive icon disappears and within a second or two the software installation icon reappears and the drive does not shut down as it should.

so, is there some way to eject the drive properly?

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OS X :: Macbook Air Doesnt Starting Up.

Nov 28, 2009

"You need to restart your computer. Hold down the power button for several seconds or press the Restart button."

I get this message everytime I turn on my MacBook Air and cannot get past it.

When i turn the power off, it hang for quite a long time and this screen appears,

Macbook Air OS x 10.5.

Before this happened, i went on skype and firefox. But then it hanged, so i had to hold the power button to shut it down. I meant to restart it back but then i couldnt. This problem appears.

Just before it happened, i dont have any start up application. But before, they were adium, skype and transmission. And my 'HUAWEI mobile connect broadband internet' connect automatically. and i dont use time machine.

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Applications :: Adding Alerts To Subscribed Calendars In ICal / Customizing Calender Alerts

Oct 4, 2009

Okay, I've subscribed to a couple of calendars in iCal, including birthdays from Address Book, but I'm completely stumped. If I want to receive an alert when one of these items is coming up, then what do I do?

I don't want to rely on alerts being added at to the subscription itself, I want to be able to customise on my end when I get an alert for an entry, and when or what that alert will be. Is this possible? I don't see any options for it. If not, anyone know of any good alternative calendar applications that are like iCal?

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