OS X :: Reinstalling Everything To Stop Spyware?

Apr 10, 2009

I keep getting problems with passwords and I can only presume I have spyware issues on my mac book pro.

I want to completely start again but there are 3 issues:

1. I don't have my MS Office for Mac original disc although I do have the product ID number and I do have my original OS X install discs and Iwork 08 disc.

2. How do I backup absolutely everything so that as soon as I reinstall I can start where I began?

3. I am not very technical and don't have a clue how to uninstall everything and then reinstall. How do I do this so that any possible threats are totally gone?

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OS X :: Spyware Checker For Mac?

Jun 28, 2010

Are there any spyware / antivirus scanners for use on the mac which I could use?

I checked my router logs and I seem to be getting several accesses to my macbook IP from several different external IPs on the same port 30124.

It is making me think I may have some spyware or something.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Find Spyware On Mac?

May 7, 2012

From time to time, i see small glitchs come up and disappear very quickly on my mac, and i feel like i may have some type of spyware on my mac. What is the best way, or software to use, to find this spyware and get rid of it on a mac?

Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: What Spyware Can Put On Apple

May 22, 2012

I have just brought the appl macbook pro and was wondering what spyware i could use on it this is my first apple computer.

MacBook Pro

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Software :: Mac OS X Anti-virus/spyware?

Jan 4, 2009

Does anyone know of any good security software for my mac mini? I just want some extra protection, rather be safe than sorry.

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OS X :: Download Speed Slow / Spyware?

Aug 26, 2010

Lately, my download speed has been unacceptably slow. Could I have downloaded some spyware or something by accident? Can you get anything like this from just being on a website or do you have to download and install it?

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OS X :: Qmasterd Connecting To Servers / Spyware?

Aug 20, 2008

I am looking at Little Snitches Network Monitor and see the backgroundprocess qmasterd connecting to all kind of weird servers. Qmasterd is installed with fcp/compressor, but these are not running. But qmasterd is, according to activity monitor. Even after denying qmasterd all connections with little snitch, qmasterd connects with servers I don't know.What's up? Spyware?

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MacBook Pro :: Get Rid Of Text Enhance Spyware?

Feb 23, 2012

For the last like, two days, text-enhance spyware has taken over both safari and firefox on my computer. It underlines weird words and shows a "text enhance" pop up when you hover over the word.

Info:MacBookPro, iOS 4.3.1

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MacBook Pro :: Can ClamXav Detect Trojans And Other Spyware

Feb 10, 2012

Also, I think I downloaded an old version of Messenger for Mac.

It probably have no sort of malware or viruses but assuming it may have, does the "sandboxing" technique by Apple prevent any malware from interfering with my mac. And does deleting tha old version clear any malware associated with it as well? 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: How To Get Rid Of Rootkit Spyware And Trojan Malware

Aug 20, 2014

Every time I go to open my safari browser a little grey box appears saying I am getting unauthorized access on my browsers. I believe this problem has occurred from streaming a movie.  

The box also says this network may be infected. I then click okay and a red screen appears with a white box with writing in it saying to call a phone number immediately and that my mac has found two malicious viruses but I have read online that this isn't a virus just something attached to online streaming.  

I don't know if I should download a program to get rid of this or to do something else. I tried to reset safari but it didn't work.

MacBook Pro, iOS 7.0.1

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IMac :: Need To Install Antivirus / Spyware Removal Software?

Apr 18, 2010

First time owner of Mac and never thinking about switching back to PC. I bought the IMAC 2l inch a couple of days ago. I am wondering if I need to install any antivirus software, ccleaner, ad aware, spybot or spywareblaster like I have on my PCS.

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Applications :: Need Free Good Anti-spyware-tool

May 25, 2010

I have reason to believe there's spyware on my mac.
Can anyone recommend a good anti-spyware-tool? Preferably freeware?

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PowerPC :: Way To Protect My Computer From Attack From Viruses, Bugs, Spyware?

Nov 7, 2006

I'm a new iBook G4 owner and would like to know the best way to protect my computer from attack from viruses, bugs, spyware and all manor of nasty things ?What advise would you give me and how would I implement it ?

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Software :: Spyware Alert Pop - Up (Firefox Is Attempting To Connect To Server)

May 12, 2009

It started yesterday,and I am worried my computer has been hacked. For some background it is a 20" iMac running OSX 10.4. What is happening is when we start up Safari, mail, Firefox,etc we get a Network spyware alert box that pops up, and says the following for example when starting firefox: Firefox is attempting to connect to a server with the internet address xx.xxx.xx.xx(removed numbers due to not being sure if these should be kept secret).Then it says [URL] on port 80. Fire fox is not authorized to make this connection. Do you want to allow the connection,or block it? Program location:/applications/firefox.app It then has radio buttons with the following options:

O Apply until quits
O Apply today
O Apply once
O Apply always

On the right of those radio buttons are two boxes withthe following options:

Apply to all ports
Apply to all internet addresses

I am worried we may have been hacked,but I have no idea. I click on block when I get these pop-ups,and sometimes it will allow the program to work just fine,and sometimes not. Have we been hacked? What can I do to fix this? We do have a Allume netblockade program,but it has been on the computer for years,and only now has this problem come up.

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MacBook Pro :: Top Row Keys Stop Working / Apps Stop Launching / Can't Sleep Or Shut Down

Dec 31, 2009

My MBP has this issue every once in a while where I have to hold the power button and force shut down. Randomly the volume keys/brightness etc. stop working and i can't open apps or shut it down normally. Everything still works though (can still function in open applications) Anyone know what the problem is? It fixes when I force reset.

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Software :: How To Either Stop The Scanning Or Stop It Interfering With Internet Connection

Dec 5, 2008

I recently installed a VPN.

The performance through the VPN is badly affected by the Airport scanning regularly; often the VPN hangs.

I have deleted the unnecessary wireless networks listed in the Advanced button under Network Preferences. However, the problem persists.

Can you advise how to either stop the scanning or stop it interfering with Internet connection?

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OS :: Reformatting And Reinstalling Mac OS X

Oct 30, 2010

following the issues I had with not being able to install ANYTHING or do any software updates, i've decided to reformat and reinstall Mac OSX. First problem, when I boot from disc, it allows me to select language then says 'Mac OS X cannot be installed on this computer' so I completely format the hard drive and try again. No luck. Same message. WHY can't the Mac OS X be installed on this computer?!

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OS X :: Reinstalling Without Disc 2?

Apr 10, 2009

I wanted to reinstall my operating system (I have OSX 10.5.2) so I backed up a few things and began my re installation. I installed fine but didn't ask me to insert my Mac OS X Install Disc 2. I got through it alright and now I have a working OS. So I'm not sure what all Disc 2 does for me, but I know i'm missing garage band and honestly thats the program I use the most. So does anyone else have any information about this (i.e. it happened to you, you know what all is on disc 2, or you know what i need to do to have it ask for disc 2)

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MacBook Pro :: Reinstalling OS X On SSD

Aug 6, 2009

I need to reinstall OSX on my X25-M. I was curious if anyone had experience doing this. What I really want to know is once I boot off the cd and go into Disk Utility, should I: Just create new partition, Erase, Erase and zero out.

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OS X :: Reinstalling Os X To Macbook Pro ?

Sep 30, 2009

I was having problems with my macbook pro and decided to reformat it and reinstall os x and boot it off my time machine back up from my MacPro.

The main problem I've had is that I couldn't find my original installation discs (the macbook pro was bought in April 2008), I used my friends OS X disc (from his computer which was about 2 years older) and it seemed to install ok until I realised that the sound is gone, airport is gone and all the keys have different shortcuts to their original ones.

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OS X :: Formatting And Reinstalling OSX?

Feb 9, 2010

I've been getting slowness, beachballs, and overheating/loud fans over the last few weeks. It feels like it's getting worse by the day. I want to reinstall and get a fresh start. (Btw, I was on Leopard and upgraded to SL...I'm hoping a fresh SL will clear up most of my problems.)

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Power Mac :: Reinstalling OS 10.4 On Old G5?

Apr 18, 2012

I want to do a fresh install of the OS on my old G5 because I giving it to a friend , is there anything I need to know ? So my old files and passwords deleted before I give it away ?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Reinstalling It On Mac Pro?

Jun 12, 2012

I've been having problems with speed on my Mac Pro for a while.  Today, I tried to boot up and every time it booted, it just froze! I've used Diskawrrior and diask utility on it. Disk Utility says it's fine. Disk Warrior finds to files at the root that can't be accessed. I've run DiskWarrior about 5 times. Each time it tells me that it has fixed the problem but my Mac still freezes or won't boot up. I try Disk Warrior again and it finds the same problem.

I've tried to reinstall Lion but it tells me that the volume is used for Time Macine backups (it isn't) and won't lert me reinstall backups.  I've asked Time Machine (which I get to by starting up using the option key) to show me the backups on my hard drive and it tells me that there aren't any. I try to reinstall Lion and It tells me again that my volume is being used for time machine backups. I'm stuck and have no idea what to do next.

4 core, Mac OS X (10.5.2), 5 gigs ram

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OS X :: Reinstalling From An HDD Or Flash Drive?

Jun 6, 2008

I don't have a DVD drive in my old 800 G4 Tower, so I have to borrow an external one if I have to re-install Tiger.

If I copy my Tiger DVD installation disks to an external HDD or a Flash Drive or an internal HDD (a secondary HDD), would I be able to re-install from one of those drives?

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OS X :: Reinstalling 10.4 On PowerBook Running 10.5

Mar 25, 2010

I installed 10.5 on a G4 powerbook and then decided it ran better with 10.4. Can I downgrade to 10.4 and still have all the applications installed? I don't want to reinstall a bunch of applications.

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PowerPC :: Reinstalling Leopard On G5?

Oct 31, 2010

I am trying to re-install leopard on my G5 with no success. I boot the machine up start the installation wizard from my desktop, it says that the wizard will continue after re-starting, and then proceeds to reboot.

However on booting my PM always ejects the CD, does anybody know how I can turn this off, as at the minute it's just restarting and booting back to my desktop each time.

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MacBook Pro :: Installing New SSD - Reinstalling OS?

Nov 4, 2010

I'm installing my new SSD tonight and then using my old hd as an external drive for backup. It's brand new so the only thing on it is a couple days of web history After I install the SSD do I just use the restore disks to reload the OS?

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Mac Pro :: Wiping Clean And Reinstalling OS X?

May 31, 2009

I just bought my first Mac, a used Mac Pro, the 2 x 2.66 Dual Core Xeon version. It is currently running OS X 10.5.6. I would like to wipe the hard drive clean and reinstall OS X. I understand this would get rid of unwanted software, let me change the administrator, and let me set things up how I want.

I tried booting up from the install disc, by starting the computer while holding down the "C" button. It said I can't install the install disk's version of OS X because a newer version is running on the computer. My question I guess is pretty simple: How do you erase a Mac Pro and reinstall the OS?

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OS X :: Uninstalling And Reinstalling Mac Leopard - How To Know About It

Jun 2, 2009

1. Am I supposed to run any kind of disk maintenance (repairing permissions for example) prior to reinstalling Leopard?

2. Since all of my apps are going to be downgraded to its previous versions that originally came with Leopard installation DVDs, and my OS is going to be downgraded to 10.5.3 (I am on 10.5.7 at the moment), I am in a dilemma. Is it better to go with step-by-step update of Leopard (first download 10.5.4 and install it, than 10.5.5, etc...) or go directly to 10.5.7 from 10.5.3 (I think combo update is all about that, correct me if I am wrong)

3. About all the apps that go with Leopard (iTunes, iMovie, Quick Time Player)... Do you suggest me to update them as soon as I install 10.5.3 or to update to 10.5.7 first and then install all the application updates?

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OS X :: Reinstalling Snow Lepoard

Aug 27, 2009

Apple have informed me that if I upgrade to 10.6 from 10.5 and at some stage in the future I wanted to re-install 10.6, I would first have to re-install 10.5 and then upgrade again to 10.6. Is that honestly correct? I only thought Microsoft did stuff like that!

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