OS :: Reformatting And Reinstalling Mac OS X

Oct 30, 2010

following the issues I had with not being able to install ANYTHING or do any software updates, i've decided to reformat and reinstall Mac OSX. First problem, when I boot from disc, it allows me to select language then says 'Mac OS X cannot be installed on this computer' so I completely format the hard drive and try again. No luck. Same message. WHY can't the Mac OS X be installed on this computer?!

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OS X :: Reformatting Mac - Can I Simply Use The 10.5 CD?

Feb 22, 2009

I have never reformatted a mac as of yet so I'm not really sure how to go about it.

I've had my Powerbook G4 for around 4-5 years and I simply have NO CLUE where all the discs are that came with it. The other day I just upgraded to Leopard so I was wondering if it possible for me to reformatted the HD by using only that Leopard install disc?

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OS X :: Reformatting Mac HD To One Partition From Two?

Jul 2, 2009

I decided I want to make my Mac HD one whole partition again but I don't know how to do it. I had tried using boot camp, but it was giving me an error. So I cloned my HD and now I've booted into the clone and am wondering how I can delete everything on the Mac HD and reformat it into just one partition. I tried searching but couldn't find it.

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OS X :: Reformatting OS X Partition?

Aug 15, 2010

I'm planning to reformat the osx partition and I'm wondering if the bootcamp (or any other) partition will be affected. I'm not sure how it works... Or can I only reformat the whole hard drive?

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Software :: Reformatting Mp3 Using Mac

May 13, 2010

I have a Sandisk m240 Mp3 player 1GB. I use it almost every day. I have had it since Sept 2008. I have had a few problems with it, but they were small issues that I could overlook. One of those problems is, every time that I put more than 100 songs on my mp3 player (it can hold about 240 depending on size of file), there would always be one song that came up as "unknown". I could play the file, but it would still be "unknown", even when I knew perfectly well that the file was ripped off a cd (that I own) to my computer (which plays it perfectly fine). That problem I was able to overlook because the file would still play.

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OS X :: How To Add A Hdd To A RAID Without Reformatting The Existing Hdd

Apr 11, 2009

I have a HD in my Mac Pro that is about 80% filled. I wanted to add another HD and configure the 2 as a RAID, Can I do this without reformatting the existing drive, or loosing my 80% capacity data?

The first HD is a 1TB and im looking to add an identical HD to make a 2TB drive.

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OS X :: While Reformatting - White Screen?

Aug 30, 2009

I'm trying to reformat my MBP and I think I'm having a little trouble. This is the first time I've reformatted a mac. I put the OS X disk in, went into disk utility and did the erase. I then restarted, again booting on the disc and I've seen nothing but a white screen for the past 2 1/2 hours. The optical drive is making noises like it is reading, but I'm not sure if it can't read from the disk or it is actually formatting.

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OS X :: Reformatting Mbp With Cracked Screen

Sep 7, 2009

I have a Macbook Pro 2.16 Core Duo, and I'm wanting to install 10.6, but about a year ago, I cracked my screen to the point that I cannot make anything out on it, and haven't replaced it. Instead, I have just been using it in clamshell mode, which has worked out fine so far. My problem is that I cannot get the 10.6 install to show up on my external monitor.

I searched around, and could only find one other similar thread that just ended with the author putting it in clamshell and having it work fine. When I boot to the install and close the screen, I just get a grey box on my external display with a black bar on either side of it. I can't seem to find any other resources, so I'm not entirely sure what to do at this point.

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OS X :: Reformatting Completely Erase Everything On Mac?

Oct 9, 2009

I seemed to have had a keylogger or virus on my MAC. I had to reformat it. I used google, I am relatively new to MACs, and the method I used was inserting the disk 1 while holding down the option key. It is reformatting as I type this. My question, does it completely erase everything? I know with PCs, a simple reformat like this does not always remove all the problems.

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OS X :: Reformatting The Main Partition?

Jul 21, 2010

I've got a Mac Pro (early 2008 edition) and I installed Windows 7 via boot camp. I no longer use the OSX on the main partition because I boot OSX on this computer from an external drive.

I would like to format the main partition (where my old OSX is) so I can use it for file storage from both OSX and Windows, but I'm afraid I might screw up the boot capabilities by doing so. Can anyone confirm that my Windows 7 boot camp partition will still boot successfully after formatting my old OSX partition to FAT32 (or whatever makes the most sense)?

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Software :: Flash Pen Reformatting?

May 26, 2008

I have a USB Tomato Flash 2 GB pen drive.

I have been using it up to recently when it has started to refuse to mount.

When placing the pen in the USB port I receive a screen saying that the pen drive had been removed properly without ejecting it first although I know that not to be the case and could only presume that the pen must have had a break in its connection with the USB port at some point.

Now every time the flash pen is inserted an error screen appears saying that the pen had been removed without ejecting it first.

What should I do to recover from this, as it seems I can not use Disk Utility to reformat the pen drive as it pops up with the same message and reports that the flash pen could not be unmounted when trying to reformat.

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MacBook Pro :: Reformatting USB Drive?

Jun 8, 2012

Many times in the past I have had to reformat USB drives once I have bough them so that they will work properly with my Macs and have never had any problems. I was just about to buy a USB online and thought I would check the Q&A for anything suspicious. Someone had asked the question; "is it possible to use this drive with a Mac", and someone from the store replied; "No, and it is not possible to reformat". 

The drive is a Toshiba 500GB Canvio Basics USB3. Can some drives not be reformatted as this bloke seems to think or does he not know what he is talking about? 

I have attached screenshots from the site.

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Hardware :: Reformatting Seagate FreeAgent Go?

Jan 11, 2009

I want to get an external hard drive for my ibook g4 (mac os x 10.4.11). I was leaning toward getting a WD My Passport Essential because it's compatible with macs and pcs. However a lot of the reviews I've read have said that WD external hard drives crash within a few months and that just sounds like a lot of stress to me. The Seagate FreeAgent Go has gotten better reviews so now I am thinking of getting it. However you have to reformat it in order for it to work on a mac. Anyone know how difficult this is to do or how to do it?

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MacBook Pro :: Reformatting To Do Fresh Install Of OS X

Oct 9, 2010

So yesterday I decided to reformat my new MBP. I had it dual booting with Win7 and I just didn't like how hot my MBP got so I got rid of it. So I decided to reformat and pop in a fresh install of OSX, but I'm not sure if I reinstalled it properly. The reason why I say this is cause traditionally when reformatting my previous macs I would just follow the steps of the CD where then formatting the drive option was part of the step if I remember correctly. This time after putting in the OSX cd once it reboot.

I had to go to the utilities option select my drive to format or it would just reinstall the OS over top what was already there. After installing I noticed I had to rename my drive as well cause it was unknown. I never had to rename my drive before, so I'm not sure if I did this properly. So did I correctly format my MBP? Is there another way to do this to bring it back to exact factory specs? If not can someone let me know how to properly format my MBP?

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OS X :: Reformatting IMac And Copy Everything From MacBook Across?

Dec 22, 2010

I used to use an iMac as my main machine, but my macbook has now taken over as I was traveling alot. I now want to wipe everything off my iMac and copy my macbook across to my iMac, so it becomes my master computer. Basically I need to free up some memory and use the desktop to control my home AV requirements (itunes, iphoto etc). I use a hardrive with Time Machine to back up my laptop, so if I plugged this into a reformatted desktop would it turn it into a copy of my laptop?

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Mac Pro :: Reformatting A Hard Drive From NTFS To HFS+

Jun 12, 2006

I read in this thread that hard drives have to be formatted with HFS+ to work with OS X. I want to buy a hard drive on eBay that is wiped clean but formatted with NTFS; my question is this, how can I reformat the hard drive to work in my yet-to-arrive MacBook?

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OS X :: Reformatting External Hard Drive?

Feb 22, 2009

I recently bought a 640 GB Comstar external hard drive for my macbook, and it came out of the box formatted in NTFS. I know that if the drive was in this format, I could not use it with my mac. So I opened up disk utility and tried to reformat it into Mac OS Extended (Journaled), but disk utility showed an error and the drive wasn't reformatted. So I tried FAT32 instead, and it worked. The drive has been working fine now, however, I have realized a limitation of FAT32: the files can only be smaller than 4 GB. This is a problem for me, so I need some advice. So here is my dilemma: I need to be able to share the contents of the drive over a local network that has both windows and mac computers. (Users on the network only need to be able to read the drive, not necessarily write). However, I can't use FAT32 because of the file size limitation. I'm not sure how to format the drive so that I (using my mac) can read and write it, and users on the local network can read it. I'm thinking HFS+ (mac os extended, journaled), but will windows users be able to read it then?

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OS X :: Reformatting WD With My Book - Way To Change The Name Of Drive?

May 3, 2009

I have a new external Hard Drive and I am trying to reformat it to Mac OS Journaled however It will not let me stating that "The underlying task reported failure on exit". However I am able to reformat it to MS-DOS and change the name of the drive but I am still not able to reformat it to MAC OS. Anyone have any ideas or should I give Western Digital a ring tomorrow?

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OS X :: Safest Reformatting Method Before Resale

Jun 10, 2009

I'm thinking about selling my MBP and before I do that I want to know which is the best way to reformat my MBP so all of my data is completely erased? I don't want the next owner to be able to see all my info and whatnot.

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OS X :: Reformatting Internal Drive Enclosure

Aug 15, 2009

I am reformatting an internal hard drive in an enclosure to use as a media storage drive. I attempted to reformat the drive and partition it as a Mac OS X Extended however it will not erase the current volume and reformat. The volume on there currently is literally the HD with the old OS and Files and such on it, so am I missing a step in the reformatting process? Do I need to reformat as Free Space or FAT or what?

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OS X :: Reformatting The Internal Hdd Partition Table?

Sep 12, 2009

I've always just read them, but I need specific help this time! I have a 1st generation 13" white macbook with 2gb of ram and a 2ghz processor. I upgraded my internal hard drive to a 500 gb hard drive, and when I did that - for some reason, the default partitioning table was an apple partition. Now that I'm trying to install Snow Leopard, it says I need a guid partitioning table. I've cloned everything to an external drive, and I'm ready to reformat the partition table of my internal hdd to guid, but disk utility can't unmount the disk.

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OS X :: Reformatting Macbook, Bootcamp Partition?

Jan 9, 2010

A while back i decided to get bootcamp up and running on my macbook. that's all and good except i made it a 20gig partition, which is good for practically nothing. i would like to increase it to 50 gigs or so and my computer wont let me do that. So i've decided to go with a back up on a 500GB western Digital Elements and start over new.

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OS X :: HDD Space Missing After Reformatting Drive

May 3, 2010

I have a 24" 2.66Ghz 4GB RAM iMac with 640GBs of internal HDD space, and a 2TB external drive I use to store stuff. About a month ago I tried partitioning the drive during an ubuntu install, and it messed the [external] drive up. I have had some more problems caused by the install (OS X didn't boot, didn't show up when restarting+alt etc.), so I had backed up my entire internal drive to my 2TB external one, and re-formatted my HDD.

Everything went back to normal, till I noticed I have ~600GBs missing from my 2TB drive. I tried iPartition and it shows that I have 20KBs or something like that that are used by the filesystem, and no other partitions (so my drive has one partition and everything's supposed to be there). I'll provide you with a DW log shortly. What can I do to get my 600GBs back?

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Hardware :: Options With WD Element Two TB Reformatting

Jul 4, 2010

I'm new here and am having trouble with a new WD 2TB Element external hard drive. It is the first Element HD I have purchased. I needed a larger HD to back up all my music and video. I bought it brand new and plugged it into my 13 inch white Macbook and found out that it has to be reformatted before I can write to it. I have bought and used several other WD HDs in the past and never had to do this. I could find no directions on ho to do it in the scant instruction booklet and have looked all over online but have not found any help, so I am hoping a vet here can lend a hand. I really appreciate any help I can get.

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Software :: Reformatting Imac 10.4.11 - Upgrade For 10.6?

Jan 25, 2010

Trying to reformat my 2007 imac. Currently have: 10.4.11 tiger with a partition that contains windows xp. I use bootcamp and parallels, etc with this system. Want: To start fresh (after saving my programs and files etc.) and wipe everything and reinstall. I have an upgrade to 10.6 snow leopard and I still want a windows partition but don't have my windows disk/key anymore. How do I go about this? I need allll the instructions b/c I have no clue at the moment and am not that computer saavy. I'm assuming I need to buy Windows again? And then reformat/ install my 10.4.11, and then use the upgrade for 10.6?

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MacBook :: Reformatting Mac With Downloaded Lion?

Mar 12, 2012

Is it possible to reinstall Lion like the following? 

Download os x lion from app store
Burn the .dmg to a disc
Insert disc into Mac
Boot, holding down C   (?) 

There are several types of dvd's. One i found is dvd +r, the other one was dvd -r.Whats the difference? How do i boot up with the dvd which contains the os x? Holding down C, like the real disc? My original disc is broken after moving my computer while the disc was spinning. It got scratches from it. My computer won't boot for some random problems I know.  

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.2), 2.26 ghz, 4 gb ram

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OS X Mavericks :: Backup / Restore Before And After Reformatting HD

Sep 5, 2014

My MacBook Air (running Mavericks) was acting up a tad so I ran Disk Utilities. Basically I got told that repairs were needed but that they couldn't be fixed. DU told me to backup what I could and reformat the HD. 

What's the best way to do this? Will restoring from a Time Machine back up bring back whatever issue was there to begin with? Same question for a SuperDuper clone. If I copy across the Music, Photos  etc folders to an external disk and just copy them back over once the reformat and OSS X install is done will this mess up any of the music or photo libraries or indexing (I know iPhoto and iTunes have their own special waif managing individual photos etc). 

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Laptops :: Reformatting WMA Files For ITunes Library

Dec 6, 2010

I am happily now a mac user..I have got more fed up with microsoft after each OS "improvement" since win 95. I lost all my belongings in a house fire and only have survived wma files backed up. I need a way to reformat them for itunes format. I am not having much luck on my own. MAC rules. I love the OS

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OS X :: Reformatting G5 - How Can I Erase Everything From My Dual 1.8Ghz G5 Power Mac?

Apr 7, 2009

I am about to sell my Dual 1.8Ghz G5 Power Mac. I bought this from somebody used, and it came with Leopard on it.How can I erase everything on it? I am used to a dell where I just pressed two buttons and it just put a clean copy of XP on. Do Macs require discsI wasn't given a disc when I purchased the Mac, so I sure hope not!

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OS X :: Reformatting Empty External Hard Drive?

May 8, 2009

How long should it take to reformat an empty external hard drive? It's a GForce MegaDisk two terabyte hard drive and it's been going for about 11 hours with no sign of stoping.

Shouldn't it be pretty quick, since the hard drive is empty?

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