OS X Mavericks :: How To See That Inbox Message Is Signed

Aug 29, 2014

I have a number of signed mail messages in my inbox. However, there is absolutely no indication about this signature visible. According to this KB there should be an icon, plus the possibility to view the certificate: [URL] ....

Other mail applications show the icon, so I am 100% sure that the messages are signed. 

Is there a setting that I don't know about?

Mac mini, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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OS X Mavericks :: Delete Large Batch Of Emails From Inbox / Empty Trash / Deleted Emails Reappear In Inbox

Jun 20, 2014

I delete a large batch of emails from my inbox, empty the trash, and the deleted emails reappear in the inbox.  This happens repeatedly.  How do I get rid of these emails permanently?

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OS X :: Entourage Keeps Crashing When Ever Open Any Message In Inbox?

Jan 8, 2009

I have never used Entourage before but I am on an imac using OS X version 10.4.11 2008 Office edition.

When ever I go to open anything in my inbox in crashes on me then restarts.

After I did an update it stopped for a bit then just started crashing again.

Other people in my office are having similar issues, either they cant even open Entourage or its giving them a data error message.

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Intel Mac :: Deleted Message From Inbox Keeps Returning

Apr 26, 2012

I am having a problem with Mail on my iMac. I am using Mail as my email reader. I have an email account with sbcglobal and for some reason today when I delete a message it keeps returning to the in-box. It just started this morning.

Mac OS X (10.7.3), IMac computer

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Applications :: Mac Mail Automatically Sending All Replies To Inbox As New Message

Aug 2, 2010

Somehow a setting got switched so now whenever I reply to a message, a copy of that message is automatically sent to my inbox as a "new message."

It used to be this would only occur when I hit "reply all" - but now it is all the time. I have looked through mail preferences, but am not seeing the fix.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: New Messages Show As Read As Soon As Touch The Inbox Or The Message

Apr 18, 2012

In old style view. Every time I touch a message, it turns to read even if I haven't double clicked to "open it". I presume this is because it is previewing but I don't want it to do this. Also, every time I click on "inbox" to look at my messages, the top message in the list automatically changes to read. Again, I haven't opened the email and in this case I haven't even touched it! Can I TURN OFF PREVIEW?  I've been looking around but can't seem to do this.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3), mail

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Inbox Count Doesn't Show A Message Is Marked As Unread

Mar 10, 2012

There is a message marked as unread (the little blue ball) in an IMAP account's inbox.So why doesn't the Inbox show a (1) next to it to indicate there are unread messages?

Info:iMac (21.5-inch Late 2009), Mac OS X (10.7.3), 12 GB RAM, also MBP late 2006 +....

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Mail: Clicking A Message In Inbox Should Open It In A Separate Window?

Feb 14, 2012

Before updating software (10.6.8), in Mail, clicking a message in the inbox caused the message to appear in its own separate window-- not just in the pane below the inbox. I'm not sure why this function is no longer available. I guess I could delete Preferences (where?) and see if that does it.

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OS X Mavericks :: How To Delete Messages From Inbox

Sep 1, 2014

I want to know how to make the emails I delete in the mail application also suppress in outlook.  

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Mac Mail Loses All Mail In Inbox Except For One Message

Apr 11, 2012

One IMAP account is intermittently losing all mail in inbox except for one message.  After doing opening program the receive wheel spins for a long time, but at this point there are only 170 emails in the inbox because we moved all the rest to the on my mac inbox to try to solve this porblem.  There are two accounts, both from the same provider, but one of them takes a long time to receive new mail.   The wheel spins for a long time - each time it gets mail. 

Several times after finishing receive cycle, all the mail that was in the inbox disappears, except for one.  I was able to get the emails to retrn by going into settings>accounts> and changing a random setting and then changing it back the way it was.  All settings appear to be correct and match the other other account that is working correctly. 

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X Mavericks :: All Of Sudden All Mail In Inbox Has Disappeared?

Jun 29, 2014

I recently decided to download a vast amount of email from by email service provider (Verizon) to Mail. But now, when I get into email, 99% of the emails have disappeared.  I don't have time machine backup or archival turned on. 

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OS X Mavericks :: Emails Stuck In Inbox Using Version 10.9.4

Sep 2, 2014

as stated above emails are sticking in my inbox and not going out. I received 0 messages that there was a problem. Have tried resending and still not working. version of OS 10.9.4

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OS X Mavericks :: Restore Mac Mail Inbox From Time Machine?

Aug 26, 2014

I need to restore my email inbox from my Time Machine, what files or folder am I looking for to restore?

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OS X Mavericks :: Mail Inbox Showing Recipient Name Instead Of Sender

Jun 5, 2014

I''m using Mac Mail for all my mail account (4 of them) and they all work perfectly except for one of my account that is connected through Exchange. The problem is that all the mails are showing my name instead of the sender's name. Every time is switch to another mailbox and comeback to this one (which is my professional mailbox), inbox shows sender's name for 2 minutes, until it refreshes itself. Then, it goes back to showing my name instead of sender's name.  OS X Version 10.9.3 (13D65) 

Mail Version 7.3 (1878.2)

MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2014), OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

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OS X Mavericks :: IMAP Account - Inbox Mail Messages Disappeared

Jun 27, 2014

For the second time in less than a month, all my older than 1 week emails disappeared from the inbox. The ones from Sent or from my "On My Mac" folders are still there, but the Inbox has only 20 or so emails. I have an IMAP account that worked great so far. 

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OS X Mavericks :: Mail Downloads Only Emails 30 Days Old Or Older To Inbox

Sep 7, 2014

My mac mail will not download mails newer than 30 days to my inbox. 

Mails older than 30 days are downloading fine from my godaddy IMAP account.

I tried on another mac with the same result! Using another mail client than Apple mail or iOS mail on my phone works fine so the issue seems to be related to the Apple mail client (and/or iCloud?!). 

Sent mails are synced OK so it is only an inbox related issue. 

Rebuilding the mail database does not work.  What to do next ?!

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4), Mac Mail

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OS X Mavericks :: (10.9.5) Lost Emails In Inbox And Send Box After Clicking Rebuild

Dec 2, 2014

Lost emails in my inbox and sent box after clicking on 'rebuild.'

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9.5)

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Applications :: Emails Disappearing From Inbox / Inbox Only Hold Upto 2 Weeks Of Mail

May 28, 2009

I use Apple's Mail program and also my school's webmail (outlook.com) in conjuction to check my school email. However, for some strange reason, my inbox on outlook.com will only hold up to 2 weeks of mail. My inbox in Mail will still be intact, yet for the life of me, I can't figure out why my webmail inbox is disappearing. I've checked every possible setting on outlook.com to no avail. I've also checked Mail's settings, but haven't seen anything as far as deleting older mail. BTW, we're allowed 25 gigs on outlook.com so they shouldn't be deleting them automatically.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Some Email Present In Overall Inbox But Not In Its Account Inbox?

Apr 22, 2012

I've got really odd behavior in my Mail application running on a MacBook Pro 2.7GHz Intel Core i7 4GB RAM OS X 10.7.3. I have several email accounts. In one of them, "X," some emails don't show up in the account Inbox even though they are present in the overall Inbox marked as "Inbox - X"! Also, when I set up a Smart Mailbox with as criterion that the sender is "Y," the sender of one of these "missing" emails, those emails don't show in the Smart Mailbox. What's going on here? It screws up my email management as I can't be sure my Smart Mailboxes and folders contain all that they're supposed to.

Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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ICloud :: Keep Signed In On It?

Apr 29, 2012

Icloud doesn't keep me signed in even after I ckeck the box.

Info:iPhone 4, Windows XP

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OS X :: Staying Signed On With IChat Even After Disconnect?

Aug 29, 2009

After reading about the Wake-on-Demand feature of Snow Leopard, it got me thinking about why I never put my iMac to sleep.

The reason is because if i put it to sleep, I lose my network connection.

In other words, the only reason I keep my iMac awake: to stay signed on with iChat.

(There's other stuff too, like downloading something or seeding a torrent, but they are very rare occasions, and I wouldn't mind turning sleep off for those, then turn it back on once done).

I think AIM or Apple should introduce a feature where you can stay signed on even after you disconnect, like how it works with the iPhone. That way your computer can go to sleep, and you will still receive your messages. You will receive them as soon as you wake up your Mac and re-connect to the internet.

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Applications :: Adium: You Have Been Signed On At Another Location?

Oct 19, 2009

This has been happening recently. I get an error message from Adium, saying I have been "Signed on at another location". First thing I do is change my password. 2 days later, i get the same message!! I have again changed my password. The strength of the passwords are "strong". My original one was "Strong" in the first place. I honestly hope this is a bug or something, because I don't want a hacker on my hands...I haven't signed on MSN on anyone else's computer recently either.

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ICloud Mail Won't Stay Signed In

Apr 26, 2012

I can't stay signed in to iCloud mail, even though I check the box. I have to wait for it to load and sign in every time I use it.

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MacBook Air :: Keeps Telling - Signed On With A Different Apple ID

Jun 21, 2014

My two mac computers are linked just fine. But recently every time I try to go on itunes it says that I am signed on with a different Apple ID. I have not changed my ID's in a long time. I'm not sure why they are asking for this. Its getting to be a drag. where I can find my Apple ID and take a look at it in order to see if maybe someone else changed it?? 

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ICloud :: Click On Keep Me Signed In Won't Work And Have Sign In Again?

Jun 22, 2012

When I sign in to i cloud, I click on keep me signed in. For some reason during the same day when I go out of i cloud and come back to it I have to sign in again.It does not seem to follow instruction "keep me signed in"  any ideas ?  how to insure I am signed in and stay signed in for a period of time what is keep me signed in- what is period of time you are signed in?

iMac, iOS 5.1.1

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MacBook Pro :: Cannot Update IPhoto - Damaged Or Not Signed

Jul 1, 2012

When I try to update Iphoto it says....damaged or not signed. What am I doing wrong?

MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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ITunes For Mac :: You Are Signed In With Different Apple ID Than Previously Used With Podcasts

Jun 28, 2014

Why am I getting this error message every time I open iTunes? I'm giving the option of Sync or don't Sync and click sync and there are no problems. But why does it open with: You are signed in with a different Apple ID than previously used with Podcasts. Do you want to sync these podcast subscriptions and stations with?

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Applications :: When I Signed On All The Contacts I Had Showed Up Like New Contact Requests

Jul 5, 2010

I just signed into my msn on my Macbook today to find all my messenger contacts blocked, and whenever I tried to unblock them it didn't do anything.

Also when I signed on, almost all the contacts I had showed up like new contact requests, where I had the option to add them or ignore the request. When I used my windows PC with Windows Live, everything was normal and no contacts were blocked.

I am using Messenger:mac version 7.0.2 (090123)
as far as I know, that is the most recent version.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Why Doesn't ITunes Remember That I Signed In

Mar 10, 2012

Every-time I open itunes it asks me for my user name and password, TWICE! There's no checkbox for "remember me".

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.1)

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OS X Mavericks :: How To Quickly Get To The Top Of Message Thread

Jun 27, 2014

I'm often trying to get to the top of a message thread and I'm tired of scrolling or arrowing up page by page. 

Is there a quick way to get to the very top? Some keyboard combination? I've tried everything I can think of and haven't found anything yet. 

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