OS X :: Force Setup Process To Run Again At Next Boot

Mar 5, 2009

I am new to Mac. I just bought a new Macbook Pro for my daughter for her birthday. Actually she is new to Mac. Anyway, I am setting up Boot camp with Windows for her as well as some other software. When the macbook first booted, it played this wicked cool movie with "welcome" in a bunch of languages, then went through the setup process. Is there a flag I can set somewhere that will force that to happen again when she first starts it up?

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MacBook Pro :: Running Particularly Hotter Than Normal - Freezes Itself - Force Quitting Photobooth In The Process

Jan 13, 2010

The problems:
Yesterday and the day before were particularly warm. I didn't really notice until yesterday that my computer was running particularly hotter than normal, even while sitting on my desk for long periods of time. Later in the day yesterday, it was pretty warm and my MBP was running hotter than normal for just sitting on my desk. Noticeably hotter too. At the time, I was running quite a few programs: Safari, Firefox, Msn, Text Edit, and possibly Photoshop as well.

All of a sudden, when I try to open Photobooth, the computer freezes itself for the first time since I can remember... it takes nearly 5 minutes to unfreeze itself, force quitting Photobooth in the process. I wasn't sure what was going on, so I tried opening Photobooth again after everything was back to normal. Same thing, but this time it was taking even longer to try to unfreeze itself. I got kind of impatient and pissed, so I closed a bunch of programs. Tried to log into msn to tell my friends why I left randomly... and yeah, the computer freezes up again. I tried to click into the Finder to force quit the program, but the Finder freezes up and won't even open the "force quit" panel. At that point, I waited a few minutes and then forced a shut down via holding the power button.

I waited a few minutes again, and tried to turn on my MBP. I log into my account like normal... my desktop image comes up, but it just sat there. No files, no HD, not even the Finder toolbar at the top showed. I let it sit like that for about 15 minutes. Nothing. Fed up, I forced a shut down again. Closed the lid, and went to sleep. The next morning, it was cooled down considerably, so I started up the computer again. Same deal, except after about 15-20 minutes the HD image loads. And then a minute or so later, my files load, along with the Finder toolbar at the top. Hooray! ...not really.

I open up Safari. Things seem alright. I get to my email, then try to open Firefox. Firefox immediately gives me the "Well, this is embarrassing..." message upon loading the window, and about 20 seconds later quits itself without warning. I tried opening it a couple of times, nada. Same thing happens over and over. Same with Photoshop. I haven't really tried any other programs... because eventually my problems got worse.

I went through the day taking notes for my classes on Text Edit, because apparently Text Edit and Safari are okay with my computer at the moment (using this right now, actually). When I get back, I try to restart my computer to hopefully give it a chance to shut off and start up again to fix the application force-quitting problem. Worse. It goes to restart, and then gets itself stuck on the load image of the purple aurora/galaxy default desktop background. Considering the issue that I had that morning, I let it sit for a considerable time. Nothing happened. So I had to force a shut down again. The ONLY way it seems to be able to start up is to force the shut down and then start it up again. The desktop takes several minutes, if not 5 or more, to load my desktop files. If I try to do anything upon it immediately loading my files, icons, etc., it will freeze up for several minutes trying to execute the command. Ex: clicking on my HD to get to the Disk Utilities application. Eventually, I got the Disk Utilities to open and run a disk repair. The repair was quick and suggested only a few issues with things like Quicktime.

^ it was a bit too late at this point to call a mac place about my issue, so I called my parents. I tried to print something out for my mom via Text Edit and the computer froze up again. Couldn't even get the Finder to unfreeze itself. Forced a shut down, and now I'm here. Safari's up. Just about the only thing that is actually still working. And so is the Disk Utility.

I'm unsure of what to do next... I have two external HD's. One is brand new, nothing on it. I'd love to attempt backing up all of my files before taking my computer in to get it checked out. Not really 100% sure how I might attempt that, considering the way my computer has been handling doing much of anything at all lately. Any advice on what to do next before I take this sucker into a mac shop would be really great.

~Admittedly, I don't treat my computer the best that I could... once I left it on my bed for a while and it had to shut itself off because it overheated. It was fine afterward, but a few times I've fallen asleep after leaving my computer on my bed. When I would wake up, I would immediately check it. Sometimes it would wake up from being asleep (checked the temperature; usually not that warm thankfully), other times it seemed to have turned itself off. I attributed this to the battery running low... but I'm actually not sure. Maybe I let it overheat itself again? I'm not entirely sure, sadly. This is my first laptop though, so I'm kind of slowly learning the "no-no's" of how to treat my computer. Thankfully, I read enough around here to invest in the extended warranty.

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OS X :: Computer Just Automatically Reboot And Started The Setup Process?

Oct 29, 2010

I'm going to be selling my air and I want to do a fresh reinstall of the os . How do I do that so the new user can just turn it on and have the welcome screen with music? In the past when I tried the computer just automatically reboot and started the setup process.

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Mac Pro :: Formatting And Bluetooth Magic Mouse Stuck With No Mouse During Setup Process?

Oct 5, 2010

If I want to format my Mac Pro (6 core 3.33 GHz) and I have an Apple wired keyboard and a bluetooth Magic Mouse will the Setup Assistant be "smart" enough to pair the mouse with the computer or will I be stuck with no mouse during the setup process? Do I have to run the entire process with a wired mouse?

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OS X :: Finding Photo Taken During Initial Boot Process

Jun 26, 2010

My wife has a brand new MacBook (her first). During the initial boot process, the Mac took her picture (of the dog licking her face). Where is that picture stored? We need to upload it to Facebook.

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Mac Pro :: Best Setup For Dedicated Boot Drive? - Possible To Boot From RAID 0?

Jan 25, 2009

I decided that I couldn't wait for Gainestown and ordered a 2.8x8 MP today. I'm going to get another 8GB of RAM (I assume 10GB in matched pairs will still perform at full speed). My real dilemma is a Boot/Storage solution-I'm moving from a Dual 867 G4, so all my current drives, both internal and external are IDE, which basically means I'm starting over as far as internal drives goes. The G4 power supply gave out so I'm getting this external enclosure to put my old drives into for file recovery. As far as new drives go, I can't figure out what to do. I'll spare you my million iterations of drive configs I've sketched over the past two days.

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Power Mac G5 :: No Startup Chime Or Boot Process Does Not Continue

Nov 3, 2007

I am having a problem getting my G5 to boot. Half the time when I turn it on I get no chime. The other half, I get the chime but the boot process does not continue. If I leave the computer on the fans begin to progressively get faster and louder after about 5 minutes. I've tried starting with various USB and Firewire components unplugged and have even gone to just a keyboard and mouse. No change. Can I get the computer to boot from an OSX CD? How do I open the tray? etc.

Powermac G5 Dual 2.5GHz
Mac OS X (10.4.7)

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MacBook Pro :: Hangs On Boot Process After Win7 Install

Jul 6, 2009

I have a (check sig) and just tried to install the Windows 7 RC 64-Bit onto a Bootcamp Partition. I had been using the Beta way back, but had cleared that partition in advance for a clean install. With that I had no problems...ran the 7 beta fine alongside OSX. I followed the same procedure I had done for the beta install with RC, following the guide on the internet. Everything seemed to work out peachy, Windows 7 booted fine, I added all my settings again. Then I switched over to OSX to eject the disc, which was fine although the boot in was quite sluggish. I set the boot drive as "Macintosh HD" in System Prefs, and proceeded to try to boot into Windows 7 again....this time it was no go.

The screen came up with the white cursor on black, and then the "Starting Windows" showed, with the animation above it. At some point during the animation, it just froze. My fans were at normal speed and everything. I tried many times, same story. So I thought I would shut down, boot into OSX, and try to erase the partition. That didn't work either. When booting into OSX, the start-up chime sounds with the white screen, then the gray Apple logo shows up....and that's where it stays. I reset the PRAM, no luck. What could be the reason it hangs on BOTH boot processes? Because for a short time they did both work, and I could not have erased my OSX partition or anything because I did boot into it once after installing the Win7 RC. I also can see both partitions when I boot holding Option...

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MacBook Pro :: Remove System Process From Loading Boot?

Aug 11, 2009

I'm trying to remove "WDNotifier" from ever loading when I boot. Can someone direct me where to do this?

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MacBook :: Won't Boot / Nothing Would Work, Not Even Force Quit Would Come Up?

Mar 21, 2010

I'm getting rather panicky now. I was trying to connect to a network drive on my MacBook when I got a beachball. Nothing would work, not even force quit would come up. So I held down the power button until it went off, and then switched it back on again. It got as far a blank blue screen but no further. I tried it again and this time it didn't get past the grey screen with the Apple logo and the spinning wheel.So I took the battery out, unplugged from the mains and held the power button down for over 10 seconds. Then held down Command Alt P R to reset the PRAM. That didn't solve anything.This is the first reboot since some security updates on Saturday past. I'm running Leopard and it's an oldish Macbook, Core 2 Duo with 2 x 2 GB sticks of RAM.

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Windows On Mac :: Creating Boot Camp Partiton From Parallels VM - Can The Process Be Reversed

Apr 18, 2009

I have seen in the Parallels instructions that you can create a new Virtual Machine from an existing Boot Camp partition - but is the reverse possible??I have a functioning Windows XP VM in Parallels and have unsuccessfully tried to create a Boot Camp partition (trust me I tried all the conventional ways) but failed. So the question is can I somehow convert my Windows XP VM into a bootable Boot Camp partition? I tried copying the files of my VM into the Boot Camp partition, but when booting I get an error that it is not a bootable volume.

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MacBook Pro :: Clean/remove Unwanted Applications From The Start Up/boot Up Process On It?

Feb 11, 2012

How does one remove unwanted applications from the start(boot up) process?  I removed Parallels however, Internet Explorer and Firefox still attempts to load and I get an error message on boot up.  This is on a MacBookPro with 10.6.8 installed.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Intel Mac :: Force The System To Show Options At Boot?

Feb 25, 2012

As per the title, is there anyway to force my iMac to show the boot options of osx/windows/recovery via a setting using terminal as my wireless keyboard doesnt always connect to the iMac at boot in time, thus holding down the option key doesnt always work. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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OS X :: Re Fsck-hfs Process At Start Up - How To Disable Speed Up Process

Sep 21, 2009

I have a Mac Pro with several raid array and single drives attached (1x Wiebetech RTX600 Raid 5 through SCSI; 1x CalDigit HDElement Raid 5 through miniSAS; 4x internal drives).Unfortunately, due to various reasons (electricity outtage and software crashes), I'm experiencing system crashes and need to hard re-start the system. Upon restart, I am able to boot back into Mac OS X, but sometimes one, or both of the raid arrays will not mount.However, after a period of 0.5 - 2 hours, the array would magically re-appear again. Sometimes this might even happen to internal drives that I had mounted inside the chassis of the Mac Pro.

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OS X :: Good Process Explorer Equivalent - Monitor Process CPU And RAM

Feb 26, 2010

I am wondering if anyone knows of a good osx based alternative to Process Explorer on windows - what I'd like to be able to do is graph CPU and memory for a specific process and ideally see what network connections a specific process has open. atMonitor seems to do this pretty well generally, but not for specific processes (this is for monitoring a multiplayer flash game).

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Windows On Mac :: Boot Camp Setup

Apr 7, 2006

here I was so excited to Setup Bootcamp and this is what I get.I kind of don't understand what I am doing, or what is wrong with my mac in the first place? Does anyone know why this is happening and what can I do in detailed instructions.

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MacBook Pro :: How To Setup A Dual Boot

Apr 30, 2012

Setting up a dualboot with Windows 7 Shine V2 and Lion...

iPhone 3G, Mac OS X (10.7.3), DualBoot

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Mac Pro :: How To Setup Separate Home From Boot Drive

Jan 27, 2009

I'm setting up my MacPro and received suggestions to have one drive for boot and applications only. Then have a separate drive for data.

I know I can set up a separate USER account and point to another HD and leave the Admin untouched, except for installing new applications.

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Windows On Mac :: Boot Camp Setup (fail)?

Aug 30, 2009

When i run my Boot Camp (first time) it says "Boot Camp Assistant Beta has expired??

what to do? do i need to download another boot camp?

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Windows On Mac :: Always Boot To Startup Manager Setup?

Nov 7, 2009

Is there anyway to make it always boot to the startup manager. Then maybe after 30 seconds or so it would default to os x. I'm constantly having to switch between OS's and it would be nice if I could make it so that it would auto pop up startup manager rather an me have to hold down the option key every time.

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Mac Pro :: RAID Setup Using Original Boot Volume As Source

Dec 1, 2010

This is what I've done so far: I set a Stripped Raid Set with two drives: a Seagate 500GB @7200 and the original WD 640GB @7200. Before setting the Raid, I partitioned the latter in two: a 500GB and a 160GB, so the extra space is not lost. The Raid was created successfully (using the disk utility Raid - no special hardware). So far, is this OK (specially the partition part)? Now, my question is, what's the best way to migrate all my apps and data, from the original single boot drive I've been using until now, to the Raid - so the benefits of the raid are most apparent?

a) As soon as the raid was set, still inside Disk Utility, I used the Restore function, using the original boot volume as source, and the raid volume as target. This is in progress, with an eta of 4 hours, but I can stop it at any time... is this the best way?
b) Another way that occurs to me, is to clone the boot volume to the Raid using Superduper or CCC....?
c) Or perhaps I should make a clean OS install in the Raid volume, and then use migration assistant or other method to bring the apps and data to the raid?Or, something else I haven't thought of...?

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Mac Pro :: Multi-partition Setup For Boot Camp And Fusion

Mar 19, 2008

Just purchased a Mac Pro (my first Mac after being a long time PC user) and need some advice for carving up the disk partitions to run some other operating systems on an additional 500GB Seagate HDD.

I want to run Windows XP on a 100GB partition of the Seagate drive and use the addition space, about 380GB, to run Solaris and Linux for work specific simulation programs via VMware Fusion. I know I could run some Linux programs on OSX, but I�m trying to keep work and personal data completely separate.

I installed XP using Boot Camp with no problem on the 100GB partition and left the rest of the disk as Free Space.

My problem is getting the Free Space partitioned so I can use it to host the other OS�s running VMware Fusion. When I use the disk utility to partition the rest of the disk, it goes into �Modifying Partition Map� and hangs. I left it on all night and it didn�t finish.

Is there an easy way to make the 380GB left on the Seagate drive usable for the OSX or do I need to do something different? I�d like to avoid re-doing the Boot CampWindows layout since everything is working great on that side.

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Windows On Mac :: Setup Boot Camp - Partitioning Disk

Apr 7, 2009

I setup boot camp yesterday and it messed up, blue screen of death, unresponsive, etc. I deleted the partition and I tried making a new one. 40GB out of my 250GB (173 Free). I got a error that said i needed to restore my system, i do not have a external hard drive and i couldn't do that. Then i figured out what this error means:I read it has something to do with not having enough memory, where i have to defrag something, basically it was a long explanation but it made sense (I just deleted a 50GB file).So i was able to make a 5GB partition, and i'm like, "Ok, it works, ill try a 32". I tried a 32 partition and it just sits at "Partitioning Disk". If i open disk utility i can see

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Mac Pro :: Using SSD As Boot Drive - Setup - Moved User Directory?

Aug 3, 2009

If you're using SSD as boot drive what's your setup? Did you moved your user directory? Or maybe you just moved your Mail folders? Or perhaps you made no changes.

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Hardware :: Powerbook With Broken Monitor - Force Boot To External Monitor?

Jan 31, 2010

I have a G4 powerbook with an LCD that only displays the top 25% of the screen. I've been using an external monitor with it just fine. Today, I reinstalled the OS and ran into a problem. The main OSX startup menu (you know, where it asks for your location, timezone, personal info, etc) is prompting me for information, and I can't see the forms to fill them in! The external monitor defaults to "extended" as opposed to "mirrored", and the forms are embedded, meaning I can't drag them over to my external monitor. Obviously, if I can't fill out these forms and get to the desktop, the laptop is completely useless.

Does anyone know how to force the external monitor to be "mirrored" from startup? Is there a keycommand?

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Windows On Mac :: Snow Leopard Killed My Boot Camp Setup?

Aug 29, 2009

I put snow leopard on my mac this afternoon and have been kicking the tires. I ran Parallels 4.0 and the windows worked just fine with my XP Partition. When I tried to boot it up in boot camp however, I got an error telling me it couldn't load windows.

I imagine this is an issue with the drivers, but I can't figure out where the drivers are and how to get them on the windows side.

When I open windows in parallels, I can't find any drivers to load on the DVD for snow leopard's boot camp.

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OS X Mavericks :: How To Setup External Hard Drive To Mount At Boot (without Any Login Action)

Dec 1, 2014

First the Details:

MacBook Pro, Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013

OS X Mavericks 10.9.5

USB 3.0 External Hard drive 

I am currently using an external drive for my user storage.  Right now I log in with a separate User account to mount the drive, log off, and then log in with my user.  I am trying to remove the extra steps so I can boot my Mac and log right in.  I have not found any method that pertains specifically to Mavericks, and all of the methods I have tried for older OS versions do not seem to work properly.  

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013), OS X Mavericks (10.9.5)

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OS X :: "force Eject" Or Force Anything Accessing Time Machine Volume To Shut Down

Mar 5, 2009

My Time Machine drive is a USB hard disk, and when I plug it in, I am unable to get it to eject (even if the Time Machine preferences show that I am NOT backing the disk up). When I unplug it, I get the warning message about not unplugging drives before ejecting. Is is there a way for me to "force eject" or force anything accessing my time machine volume to shut down, so that I can properly eject it?

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Mac Pro :: Advice On Video Editing Setup / Raid Setup For Backups?

Apr 27, 2008

My brother is going to start school in June for Film. He is all set to buy a Mac and knows the software side of things but not so much the Hardware side.

I have a few questions:

1. Should extra hard drives be bought third party?

2. Should he do a raid setup for backups?

3. How much memory should he buy for Final Cut operations? (third party)

4. Should he look into getting a Dell monitor instead of Apple? What is a comparable Dell monitor?

5. 4-Core or 8-Core?

6. Any other knowledgeable Mac Pro buying advice

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MacBook :: Linksys Wireless Setup - WEP Key Setup

Apr 25, 2009

I am trying to setup a firefighter's apple laptop into our linksys net at firestation. She got access fine when we did not have it secured but now we setup a wep key. All other members can get in by entering wep key when they choose the wireless router but when we input the wep key to apple laptop airport I think we get connection error. Key is definitely right. What changed in the apple setup other than the wep key, again when signal was unsecure laptop safari worked fine. The linksys is a B about 3 years old.

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