OS X :: External Drive Location Changed After Restart / Reboot

Jun 3, 2010

I have an annoying problem when I start up my external hdd in OS X. Let's say the location for the disk is: /Volumes/disk A. Sometimes (often) after a reboot or just a restart of the external hdd in OSX the location becomes: /Volumes/disk A 1. The system adds a 1 to the location of the disk!?!? Torrents cannot found the location of existing downloads and it's the same with my usenet client. The only way I've managed to solve the problem is to try to restart osx + external hdd until the location becomes /Volumes/disk A again (or recheck ALL torrents to the new location). I haven't found any logic when it goes back to the original place yet so often it takes a while to get it right.

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OS X :: External Drive Options - Reboot The Drive?

Apr 27, 2009

I have a MacBook with Mac OS X and Windows Vista Pro installed. Having both of these OS installed as well as Xcode, this occupies a LOT of memory and there is very little else available. So, I have a 100 GB USB external drive. I am fairly new to the Mac and so need a little help. The USB port must be extremely sensitive. If anything barely touches the USB cord to the external drive, then Mac OS X cannot "see" the drive anymore and there is an error about properly ejecting a drive. The only way that I can get it to see the drive again is to boot into Windows Vista, restart and open Mac OS X again.

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Software :: External USB Drive Doesn't Automount On Reboot?

Jan 30, 2009

I have a drive connected via USB 2.0 It's newly formatted with 2 partitions. Running 10.5.6 on a macbook.

The drive seems to work fine, the problem is whenever I reboot the two drives don't mount in finder.

When I look in disk utility. I can see the drive listed but the partitions are not.

I have to manually unplug and re insert the drive for it to function correctly.

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ITunes ::Can Use An External Drive As The File Location For Library

Apr 24, 2012

I have almost 180 gb of music. It's taking a lot of space. Can I use an external drive as the file location for my iTunes library?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Change The Location Of 'movies' Folder To An External Hard Drive?

Mar 10, 2008

I am looking to change the location of my 'movies' folder to an external hard drive.

This is in an effort to use Connect 360 to play movies wirelessly that I have on this hard drive.

Any thoughts?

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OS X :: Desktop Icons And Changed USB External Drive Icon

Nov 15, 2008

I was playing around with the desktop icons and changed the USB external drive icon. I would like to get back the original orange USB icon. I can't seem to find it on the iMac. Where is it stored so I may copy it?

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Hardware :: External Drive Changed File Type?

Jan 3, 2008

I have a 500g AcomData external firewire drive that i use w/ one of my G4's running OS9.2. I have been using the drive for about 3 months with no issues. Yesterday i went to work on some music files, and when i tried to open my session, a bunch of the drums were missing. When i went to the drive and looked in the actual folder, all the missing drums were there, but their icons read 'PC' and the music program wont recognize them? Basically, i moved some files from my G4 to my external drive. They were initially Pro Tools files and the drive must have converted them to 'PC'. When i do 'apple I' it doesnt say that any of the info/format has changed? But the Icon is different, and Pro Tools wont see it? I have done this a bunch with all my other songs, for the past 3 months with no issues? Is there anyway to change these files back to what they used to be?

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MacBook Pro :: Change A Default File Location To External Hard Drive?

Mar 21, 2012

I'm editing on Final Cut Pro but it's automatically saving all the files I am capturing to the hard disk using up all my storage space. I have a 2tb external hard drive how do I change the path so it will automatically save all the imported clips to the external hard drive?

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Can Reboot My New IMac Running 10.7 Into Snow Leopard 10.6.8 From An External Hard Drive

Mar 12, 2012

I have installed my hard drive from a previous but terminally I'll iMac that was running Snow Leopard into a Sata to USB  enclosure. This is displaying on the desktop of my new iMac running Lion as an external Hard drive,also system preferences sees it as a start up source.My question is , is it safe to restart into Snow leopard without causing a kernel panic and if it does boot will it be fast enough to use as it as a USB drive.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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ITunes :: Moving Library To External Hard Drive & Finding Media Location

Apr 27, 2012

I've followed several tutorials on how to get this done, as it seems so simple but it's not working on my end. I've moved the iTunes folder from the /music/ to an external hard drive. I'm opening iTunes, going to Preferences, Advanced, and replacing the iTunes Media folder location to the correct one /Volumes/Volume E/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media  

I'm checking Keep iTunes Media folder organized & Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library, clicking on the "OK" button, and nothing happens. 

Funny enough, Spotify finds it in seconds and I can play my music from that player instead.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X Mavericks :: Backup Contents Of External Drive To Network Location Using Time Machine?

Jun 26, 2014

I have just installed a Lacie Thunderbolt external drive as I want the speed to access large volumes of photographs.  If I configure it as RAID 0 I will need to back up the data on that drive.  I have a NAS drive which I already use for Time Machine and which works well.  Can Time Machine be configured to include the external drive in the backups to the NAS?

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OS X Mountain Lion :: External Seagate Hard Drive Just Changed To Read Only?

Dec 4, 2014

my External Seagate Hard drive just changed to read only on its own?

I went to get info and scrolled down to the  Sharing and Permissions

But there is nothing there but a greyed out : You can only read

There are No boxes to check or uncheck, No options to change to read and write, No name of owner or ignore ownership box. NOTHING ELSE IS THERE

I have recently upgraded to Mountain Lion and am having other problems as well

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Intel Mac :: Restart With External Drive?

May 14, 2012

With new HD installed I am having trouble restarting from my external drive to copy data to my iMac.

After selecting external in sys prefs the restart goes only as far as white screen with apple logo.

My new HD is 500 G, OS X 10.7.4. The external is a WD 250 G using SuperDuper, OS X 10.6.8. 

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OS X :: How To Restart Without Login Option On Every Reboot

Sep 7, 2010

So I had one admin user, then I added a second one. I deleted the second one because I didn't need it. Now every time I restart even though there's only one user I have to keep entering my password. How can I make it restart like it used to without needing any login and it just starts to the desktop?

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Mac Pro :: Need To Restart Computer Message On Reboot

May 17, 2009

I have a 2008 MacPro Octo 2.8GHz. Whilst I was in Vista64 (a separate drive, not visualization) I was playing a halflife game called day of defeat. The game froze twice, requiring a crtl-alt-del to release it and stop the application that was not working. When I then rebooted into OSX, the "You need to restart your computer" screen appeared in 4 languages, which I believe is the Kernel panic screen. I've done the hardware test that reports no problems (D key). I've tried re-installing the operating system, (C key), no go just panics. I've tried a safe boot (shift) lots of disk activity followed by a panic. I've even reset the PRAM, no effect.

The queer thing is it will boot into Vista64, but there is some screen corruption whilsts its booting, but once in, it works OK with the exception of playing any 3D games, they will not launch (re-installed drivers). Vista reports that there is no 3D hardware acceleration. Does OSX require 3D just to get past the login screen? I've removed some ram and removed all the other hard drives. I'm beginning to think the 8800GT is playing up, otherwise why would vista still work?, but not 3D games? Is there any software I can use in Vista to check the 8800GT? I also noticed that it seemed to be taking longer and longer to shut down.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Why Wallpaper Reset Each Time Reboot/restart

Apr 3, 2012

This is really pain and didn't good for me.

Why my Wallpaper reseted each time I restart my MacBook Pro? This is not just resetted but also all my wallpaper configuration set back to the default setting. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Windows 7

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Intel Mac :: Does Not Reboot After Restart (Hangs On Gray Screen)

Apr 14, 2012

It hangs on a grey screen, and I have to press the power button to restart again.

3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 24-inch iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1), Phone: iPhone 4 Camera: Canon SD990

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OS X Mavericks :: Getting Gray Screen When Restart Mac With Command Reboot

Sep 2, 2014

When I restart the mac with the command "reboot" of the finder. I have a gray screen and nothing more. If I use the command "Turn off" and I turn on the mac by the start button it works.

Mac pro : 10.9.4, 2x2,8 ghz DDR2 FB-DIMM

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Power Mac :: After Suspension Of Hard Drive Activity, Unable To Restart It (must Shutdown And Restart)

Jun 22, 2012

when occurs a suspension of hard drive activity, manually or after a period of inactivity, this suspension seems to be incomplete (a ventilator continue to run) therefore my mac (power-mac G5, OS 10.4.11) is unable to restart, no possible action from the keyboard (I must shut down and restart)

PowerMac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.4), & PowerBook (10.3.9)

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OS X :: External Drives Read Only On Reboot?

Dec 29, 2009

Every time I reboot my computer my external drives are all set to "read only". I have to eject them, and remount them and things are then fine again, but this is an annoying step and the fact that a reboot is causing them to switch to read-only is having me worried.

Anyone else have this problem/know of a solution?

I've been trying to figure it out over at the official apple forums but we're not getting anywhere... the thread is here:

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OS X :: Change Location Of External Monitors?

Dec 28, 2010

Pretty new to Apple products. I'm attempting to use an external monitor that is located above and behind my laptop. However, I can't find a way to set Snow Leopard to let me move the mouse from the primary laptop display upward into the auxiliary display.

Currently, I need to roll the mouse off the right edge of the laptop display to reach the left edge of the external display. Very counterintuitive.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Installation Completed But After Reboot I Cannot Access External HDD (including USB)?

Jun 26, 2012

Installed OSX Lion from my MacBook Pro. Installation completed.However, after reboot I cannot access my external HDD (including my USB). Error such as NTFS-3G always occurred.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook :: Change The Location Of Itunes Music Files To External HD?

Mar 15, 2009

i recently bought a 320GB WD passport HD so I could take advantage of time capsule. Should I also add my itunes music library so I can free up space on my aluminum macbook?

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MacBook Pro :: Mount An External HD Connected To PC To Use As Time Machine Location

Oct 1, 2009

All I need to achieve is, use the external hard drive connected to my windows laptop as a destination for Time Machine backup for Macbook Pro location. This would be assuming that both the windows laptop and the Macbook Pro are connected to the same wifi network.

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ITunes :: How To Control File Location Of Purchased Movies (external Drives)

May 14, 2012

My current setup: iMac i7 with 4 external 3GB drives daisy chained with FW800 

Drive 1:     Media - this is where I keep my itunes library and all my music, music video and TV show files (1.4TB)

Drive 2:     Movies - this is where I keep all my purchased movies files (1.2TB) 

Drive 3:     Media Backup

Drive 4:     Movies Backup 

iTunes is set to "Keep iTnes Music Folder organized' but NOT to 'Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library' 

Problem:  Whenever I buy a new movie, it stores them on my media drive by defcult.  I want it to store them on my Moies drive. 

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MacBook Pro :: Not Detecting USB Drive On Reboot?

Mar 23, 2012

I am trying to install Ubuntu on Mac and for that I've created a bootable USB drive with Ubuntu on it. Now when I'm restarting my Mac and pressing Option key on keyboard, it is not giving me any option to boot from USB. I don't think its getting detcted even. USB is currently formatted in FAT format. Just wondering if there is any other format required?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Move Desktop Location To Another Drive?

Aug 12, 2010

so I know it is possible to move a users home folder which includes the dekstop. But would it be possible to only move the desktop to another drive? If so, how would you do that?

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OS X Mountain Lion :: How To Set A Secondary Location If First Location Is Unreachable

Jul 2, 2014

MacBook Pro OS X 10.8.5 date and time set automatically to use a network time server (domain controller).  After a few weeks of the end-user utilitizing it on their home network, the time reverts back to January 6, 2012.  How can I set a secondary location if the first location is unreachable?

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ITunes For Mac :: Media Folder Location Keeps Reverting To Old Location?

Sep 6, 2014

I moved my iTunes media folder to an external hard drive to free up space on my iMac's hard drive.  The new one is located on a hard drive attached to my Airport Express.  Since then, I keep getting messages stating that certain items weren't copied to my iPhone because the originals couldn't be found.  When I check, the iTunes media folder has reverted to the location on my iMac's main hard drive. 

How can I prevent this?  At best this is annoying, but it also is using up hard drive space unnecessarily.  Is this behavior avoidable, or is it something that goes with the territory when you move your media folder to an external hard drive?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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Mac Pro :: Drive Causes System To Reboot After Sleep Mode

Jan 31, 2008

I have resolved my MacPro sleep issue by removing the Seagate 320GB stock drive. For whatever reason, if that drive is plugged in, it reboots my MacPro when waking from sleep. I had setup 2 WD 500GB drives in RAID 0 as my boot volume and this was configured with Windows XP Pro for other uses.

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