MacBook Pro :: White Spots On Lower Side Of The Lcd Screen?

Oct 17, 2010

I have a late 2008/early 2009 MBP (The one with the ExpressCard slot, 15") and there is something new on my monitor that just happened recently. White spots.

Should I take it in to the genius bar? I already have had 2 issues with the laptop and they fixed it (flickering).

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MacBook Air :: Screen Dimmer At Lower Right Side / Series Of Dim Pixels?

Sep 3, 2008

Towards the lower right hand side of my monitor there is a series of pixels that are dimmer than all the rest. It forms basically a backwards J. It is most obvious when there is a white background (like on this site). Is this something that would be covered with Apple Care?

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MacBook Pro :: Weird Black Smudges And White Spots On Screen?

Jan 2, 2011

I have a 15'' mbp previous generation with the silver keys. I had my trackpad repaired by apple back in March 2010. Since then, these little black smudges and white spots have been appearing behind the lcd screen. The black smudges actually look like dust that got between the screen. I took some pictures and circled them. You can see them better against a white screen. Sorry about the quality of the pics. The first one is the whole screen and the second two are close ups of a black smudge and a white spot.

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MacBook :: Glass Trackpad - Right Side Is Lower Than Left ?

Dec 5, 2010

My macbook has the glass trackpad (7,1).The ride side is lower than the left after 1 month of use?

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MacBook Pro :: White Spots Back Again On 08 MBP?

May 18, 2010

I love my MBP but the white burnout spots are now back. I had apple replace the logic board and parts last year after giving them hell customer service wise and went through the processes to get it done via the executive customer service lines. Props to them and it was working perfectly when I got it back.

Now noticing the white spots are back and more noticeable on the MBP. Want a new one but $2500 is spendy right now. Any tech experts or macbook pro repair experts know what causes this or if it's a workable repair?

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Mac Pro :: White Random Spots On 2 Screens?

Jun 15, 2012

My screen was suddenly filled with white random dots every where and they move when something on the screen moves. 

These 2 screens are captured from my duo monitor setup. When I set my 2 screens to mirror each other the dots automatically mirror themselves too. 

I don't see any dots when I boot up at the APPLE logo.  

WHAT HAPPENED? Is my display card busted? Are there any solutions to this because it is very annoying. It shouldn't be a monitor problems coz I hardly doubt 2 monitors can get busted at the same time unless I'm that unlucky. 

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Bright Spots Behind LCD Screen?

Jan 2, 2010

I've had bright spots appear behind my LCD screen for the second time this last month.

They look like the LEDS from the backlight are pushed up too close to the LCD and sort of washout the LCD in that area. The have occurred on the left side and the right sides along the lower edges of the screen.

I'm fed up with all the repairs this laptop has needed and feeling that I paid 2000 dollars for a quality product I went to the apple store today and asked for a replacement unit.

I was told that the recurring bright spots (on top of 3 other minor repairs and 1 major repair) did not warrant a replacement unit. The manager even said that they shouldn't have fixed this problem last time because it is cosmetic and not covered by the warranty. The genius also repeated the phase "This doesn't happen by itself" (I nice way to say I did this and that they shouldn't cover it. )

The manager decided to make me feel special and say something along the lines "We'll fix it again this time because we did last time".

My warranty is running out in 6 months and I need to know what's causing this. I always transport my laptop in an incase sleeve with a shoulder strap. There have never been any external marks on my casing when these dots appear. If I put too much pressure on the screen wouldn't the middle bend in more and I would get problems there? There weren't even marks on the screen from the keyboard keys yet I put enough pressure on it to cause this without even knowing it?

The best part is I asked the man who gave me my repaired laptop back how to prevent what the manager called 'LCD bruising'. When I mentioned bright spots he said 'Oh that's a defect we cover under warranty'.

Im going to contact apple's customer relations on monday regarding the repeated repair trips. I have no confidence this laptop can go a long period of time without needing repairs.

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MacBook Air :: Spots Appeared On The Screen?

Apr 18, 2012

I bought macbook air few monthes ago ,but recently ,  there are more than  5 blight spot appered on the screen and mistouching happened offen in the touch pad   when i closed  the cover !! 

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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MacBook Pro :: Bright Spots On Screen?

May 7, 2012

I bought a MBP last weekend, and noticed in the last few days a few bright "spots" on the screen in the top left hand area of the screen. It's like the complete opposite of a dead pixel - it's just bright and whitish. It's almost like a speck of glitter on the screen! It's only visable from certain angles, but is one of those annoying little things!

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MacBook Air :: Black Spots Around The Screen Bezel?

Mar 11, 2008

This is a minor complaint admittedly, but on a certain spot at the top of the bezel around my screen (just below and left of the camera) I have a black 'spot'. Every couple of days I wipe it away and it returns somehow! The only thing I can think is that maybe something is leaking from the trackpad (ie. from the inside of the machine but via the gap around the trackpad).

The machine is otherwise perfect, so I don't imagine there's anything seriously wrong inside...

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MacBook Pro :: Grey Spots Around Edges Of Screen?

Sep 4, 2008

The first week I had my Macbook Pro I noticed about 5 or 6 little grey splotches on the right hand edge of the screen. About a month later tons of them had formed on the top edge in a cluster. I didn't take my computer in because it wasn't that noticable, only at an angle. Well it's been 9 months, and there's now spots on the left hand side, and it's spreading. A week ago they started to appear on the bottom on the screen, and all the spots on all the other edges are forming rings around them.

I took it to my tech at our school since they sold us the laptops, and he said the spots were too small for water damage, and that he's never seen anything like it before. So I took it into the apple store THINKING they would replace it, instead they told me it had to be water damage and that was that. I've never spilled anything on this computer, and the spots started the week I got it. No matter how many times i explained the situation to those people, they just kept repeating "I'm not saying that you're lying, but we dont know what was actually done to the computer, we say it's water damage, which isn't covered" and refused to fix it.

Its just a bunch of little grey dots clustered together, some are a little spread out but as the weeks go by it just gets worse.

I'm not really sure what else to do at this point, the apple store obviously wasnt a big help. And I still have no idea what it is, i just know that this computer is extremely important to my schooling, it doesn't get banged around, i dont even eat around it. Has anyone seen anything like this?

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MacBook :: Grey And Light Spots Behind Screen?

Jan 29, 2010

I just bought a Black, 2007 MacBook for $500 from eBay. In my excitement, I had forgotten to ask the seller of the cosmetic condition, who had negelected to mention it, and now that I have it, I notice some dark spots behind the screen.

I say behind because they appear behind the pixels; if you roll rext over it it is clear that they are not dead pixels, and the spots are under them.

The spots look sort of like somebody painted the back of the screen in Photoshop's dissolve mode - little light grey spots around a darker grey center with dusty dots surrounding it.

If you look at it at the right angle, you can also see white spots (The grey spots will also turn white at this angle)

My question is, can it be fixed, and about how much will it cost?

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MacBook Pro :: Why Does Screen Go Black Every Time Move Mouse To The Lower-left Hand Corner Of The Screen

May 5, 2012

I've had my mac for about three years now and everything was working fine. After I installed lion, I notice that this started to happen. I don't lose any of my information though when it does that. It just goes into a sleep mode I guess? Anyways, is this a feature from the lion update? Something standard?

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.1

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MacBook Pro :: White Vertical Line Down The Right Side Of Internal Display

Jun 21, 2014

I have a white vertical line down the right side of my internal brand new macbook pro 13" display. I've done the following:

-Shutdown the computer, and restarted in Safe Mode by pressing the Shift key after the restart tone

-Shutdown the computer, and restarted by pressing Command, Option, P & R after the restart tone

-Checked display resolution, Best for Retina

-Hooked it up to a Dell external monitor and via projection to screen. There are no lines on the external or secondary screens

-Just curious, I ran a color utility which can not repair 4 items, maybe this is another issue. 

This is a brand new Macbook Pro, just out of the box. It was fine for two days without any issues, fine last night while in use, opened it up this morning with the line.

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MacBook Pro :: Opaque Spots On Anti Glare Screen

Jan 6, 2011

I purchased my 17" MacBook Pro last April and noticed a few months ago when cleaning the screen that there were about four small opaque spots in various sizes on the screen. I have always taken great care and never used anything other than a microfiber cloth moistened with a very small amount of water to clean the screen, so I am sure these aren't water spots, although that's what they look like. You only see them when the screen is dark and my MBP is in sleep mode, they aren't visible when it's up and running, so I'm not too majorly concerned, but it does bother me enough to question it. Too, they seem to have increased in number with time.

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Intel Mac :: Screen Has Developed Multicoloured Horizontal Lines In Random Spots Across Screen

Apr 29, 2012

My iMac screen has developed multicoloured horizontal lines in random spots across the screen..Is there a fix for this?

Imac intel, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

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MacBook Pro :: Screen Gets Dimms On A Lower Level - Possible Settings?

Jun 17, 2007

I had a quick question about the screen and how it dimms at wierd the screen to be on the brightest possible setting but some times it dimms to a lower level. Why is that? Does it have to do with the light in my room?

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MacBook Pro :: Dead Pixel In The Lower Middle Of The Screen?

Jun 3, 2010

Well I had finally received my MBP today and was really excited to finally have it. I turn it on and the first thing I notice is that dead pixel in the lower middle of the screen. Just one freaking pixel.......but I already called apple care and they have a new one shipping out and mine is at a fedex.

For the 15 minutes I did use it though I was happy haha, now the waiting game begins again...

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MacBook Air :: White Ring Of Light In The Middle Of Blank White Screen?

Mar 15, 2010

I've begun to notice a ring, roughly three inches in diameter, in the middle of my Air, Rev C, Screen. It is a white ring, a couple of millimeters thick, that I can see best behind an all white screen, i.e. a blank page of a word processing document.

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MacBook Air :: White Ring Of Light In Middle Of Blank White Screen / Roughly Three Inches In Diameter

May 4, 2005

I've begun to notice a ring, roughly three inches in diameter, in the middle of my Air, Rev C, Screen. It is a white ring, a couple of millimeters thick,that I can see best behind an all white screen, i.e. a blank page of a word processing document.

Anyone seen anything like this before. I can actually see part of it right on the white of the page I am typing in this thread.

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MacBook :: Small Broken Area On Screen On Lower Right Portion

Mar 2, 2010

how much would the repair of this damage will cost? geesh i forgot to remove my iphone wire/connector that was resting in the keyboard of my mac, then suddenly i accidentally closed the screen of the laptop. then afterwards, i heard a cracking sound. plain carelessness. what should i do? will the replacement of this damaged glass costly? i do hope MacCenters in Manila can fix this. i'm heading tomorrow to the nearby MacCenter.

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MacBook Pro :: Lower Middle Area Of The Screen Backlight Too Bright

Apr 14, 2010

I just noticed that on a black background, my 17" i7 MacBook Pro has two areas in the lower middle area of the screen, where the backlight is too bright compared to the rest of the screen. It is very noticeable on a black background and grey.. Is anyone else having this problem?

Other things I noticed:
- there was dust on the plastic cover that you take off the case when you use it for the first time
- the aluminium enclosure was slightly dirty, could be rubbed off though..
- there are two minor 'impurities' in the aluminium (?!).. two tiny grey spots/blemishes basically
- there were a few minor scratches on the aluminium casing.
- the apple logo at the back glows in a much warmer (yellow-ish) colour than the previous generation mbp (?!)
- the screen seems not as bright as the previous generation
- the keyboard backlight seems not as bright as the previous generation

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IMac :: Dark Spots On The Screen

Nov 29, 2010

My iMac has these dark spots on the screen and I wanted to confirm that it is a hardware issue before I make an appointment with an Apple genius. I thought it was dirt, but cleaning it didn't do anything.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Dark Spots In Screen

Feb 17, 2012

I bought an Imac 27'' like 6 months ago, but my screen seems to have some dark spots in the corner, when I put any white image, on that spots it shows like the screen were dusty but is not, at the same time in the middle screen when if Iput some black image some pixels show lighter than the others.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1)

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IMac :: White Screen At Restart / White Screen With 3 Loud Beeps

Jun 1, 2009

So my 20" 2.4 Imac crashed on me twice tonight. A box popped up telling me to hold down the restart button for several seconds to restat. The second time I did this it just sits with a white screen and give three loud beeps over and over. Is there a fix for this? Is it my ram? I'm at a loss.

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IMac :: White Screen With A Folder On It / Start Up Screen Just Stays White

Feb 15, 2010

My step mom has an iMac. The first gen intel one and the other day out of nowhere there was a white screen with a folder on it and now when you go to start up the iMac the screen just stays white.. What would be the cause of this and what should I do to fix it .. thank you

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MacBook Air :: LED Display Screen Goes To Completely Dark / Bottom Side Of Screen Is Brighter

Jun 16, 2008

I tried to use some software to test the display. I found when the screen goes to completely dark with the backlight on, the bottom side of my screen is brighter than other parts.... have u guys met any problem like that, or is this some problem with my MBA?

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MacBook Pro :: Dead Pixels On Screen / Screen Is Brighter Towards Left Side

Jun 1, 2010

I'm wondering how uniform the backlighting is on everyone's mid-2010 MBPs. The screen on mine is sort of a gradient, with the screen becoming progressively brighter towards the left side. There are also what appear to be columns where the screen is slightly darker than the surrounding area. This makes it annoying to read in low-light conditions because the left side of the screen will be at a comfortable level when the right side is slightly too dim, or the other extreme. I absolutely cannot stand dead/hot pixels though which makes me hesitant to have the screen replaced. I just bought the notebook a week ago but I don't want it replaced, as I installed a Moshi PalmGuard before I noticed the screen issues. I also installed an InvisibleShield but I can have that replaced at no cost.

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IMac :: Slight Spots On Back Of Glass On Screen?

Feb 13, 2010

i went to clean some smudges on my screen today and noticed that there are some spots on the other side of the screen's glass... this there for anyone else? It's pretty freaking annoying. This machine should be perfect.

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Intel Mac :: Spots And Shadows On The Top Left Screen Corner

Apr 22, 2012

I've got a iMac 27" mid 2010.

I see since several months some shadows and spots on the top left corner of the screen. I've read in many threads that this is a known issue (defect I would say, since I never misused my iMac). 

My question is:

is this defect recognized by Apple and do they fix it for free?

iMac (27-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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