MacBook Pro :: Spilled Water On Trackpad - What To Do

Sep 23, 2009

Well it wasn't actually spilled. My friend was crying on it. Its hasn't been a good today, but anyways I got a fan on it and a hot halogen lamp on it. So far its doing well. Should I leave the fan and light on the night? I have a 3 year warranty. And I would pry out the battery but I don't have a screwdriver in my dorm!

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MacBook Pro :: Water Spilled On Trackpad - Cannot Click / Scroll

Jan 11, 2011

I just spilled literally about four drops of water on my trackpad. However it was in the bottom left corner and some may have got through. When I rebooted (I know I panicked should not have turned it on 10 minutes later) It worked briefly and then I could not scroll or click. I have applecare, but I don't think it covers this.

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OS X :: Water Spilled On Trackpad - Cursor Delayed / Inaccurate

Jul 25, 2010

I've spilled a tiny amount of water on my trackpad (drops of sweat from a glass, so not much at all) and now the trackpad isn't working. The cursor is delayed and inaccurate and reminds me of windshield wipers on a dry windshield in that it bounces across the screen. Also, the menu of a right click keeps popping up but I haven't right clicked. Is there any way that I can dry under the trackpad? Can I take the trackpad off? I have a 13" unibody. I did fold paper towels in half and stuck them in the cracks between the trackpad and the wrist rest and that did get some water up, but there is either still water under there or permanent damage. I'm not very tech-savy, so I'd rather not take the whole thing apart on my own, but it is work issued and I'd have to take it to them before I can take it to an Apple store.

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MacBook :: Spilled Water On Screen?

Oct 18, 2010

I spilled a little water on my macbook screen and I just got a paper towl and wiped it off at first but then I realizewd a little later than it had a spot and if you tilt it you can see like a scratch on the screen.Right now I have it turned off and titled upside down. Should I do this? If yes, how long should I keep it like this? PLEASE HELP ME! I am a nervous wreck and on the verge of tears because my mom will KILL ME if she finds out and I dont want it to be messed up.

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MacBook Air :: Spilled Water On Keyboard

Dec 1, 2008

Almost had a heart attack. I was in the other room and she screamed that she spilled water on it. I ran over, grabbed it, flipped it upside down, turned it off, used an air compressor and paper towels to get whatever water out. Let it off an open overnight and everything appears fine.

She can go back to using her 5 yr old hp brick of a laptop. My MBA is off limits.
And 2 months ago she broke her ipod (gift from me) running on a treadmill.

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MacBook Pro :: Spilled Water - Unable To Turn On

Apr 3, 2010

I recently spilled water on my macbook pro and found that my left, right arrow and shift keys no longer worked. What I didn't realize is that my power button was affected as well (I tried shutting off my computer a week ago and it wouldn't). So, it usually rests on my desk, charged. Last night, however, I took it off and it discharged. I charged it and found that I couldn't turn it on anymore.

Is there any way to remotely turn on the computer? I was looking into something like a USB keyboard or remote, but can't decide for sure what to do.

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MacBook :: Spilled Water Screen Bad. Swap For Similar?

Oct 16, 2009

I spilled water on my Macbook and now it's splotchy, bright in some places, dark in others. It's an early 2008 model white Macbook. I have an older one that's not in use. It's a white Macbook also, same size.RM5510L8U9B is the serial number. Can i swap out the screens? Will they be compatible?

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OS X :: Water Spilled On IMac G4 Keyboard?

Mar 1, 2010

I have an old imac g4 and my wife spilled water on the keyboard (this has finally scored me the opportunity to purchase a new macbook pro). However in the mean time I ran up to walmart and bought a keyboard that said it was universal. As you can tell I am typing so that much is working, but ever since I plugged in the new keyboard I have had no sound. On this keyboard there is no volume control. Any suggestions as to how to get the speakers to work. I have no sound on video from the internet, or music from iTunes. In both situations I have turned the volume on the players up as loud as possible.

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OS X :: Water Spilled On Keyboard - Some Buttons Not Work

Dec 14, 2010

Water spilled on the right side of my keyboard, but everything worked fine right after. However a day later the Delete, Eject and Volume buttons stop working. I took off the keys and cleaned underneath with a Qtip. still not working.

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OS X :: Water Spilled On Power Adaptor Side

Mar 29, 2010

My friend just spilled some water on her new mb. The water was spilled on the side with the power adaptor. It immediately shut off and we took the bottom off to expose the inside of the computer and put a fan on it to dry out. We plan on leaving it like that for 24 hours so it is completely dry. Is that normal for it to immediately shut off like that?

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Software :: Spilled Water On Mac - Broken Sound / Get It Back?

Jul 8, 2010

I recently spilled water on my mac. It seemed to recover but then I realized the sound has stopped working. When I try to adjust the volume a no entry sign appears (a circle with the line through it), but when I turn my computer on it still makes the bong noise so obviously the sound isn't totally broken. Any advice as to how I could get my sound back? I've tried going to sound through system preferences but had no success.

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MacBook Pro :: Water Sensors Near / Under Trackpad?

Feb 27, 2010

My trackpad has been messing up lately, as in its not responsive all of the time as it once was. (13in mbp). I have the applecare shipping box ready but am curious as to where the water sensors are located nearest to the trackpad to determine if any water damage has occurred. I have no clue as to whether any liquid may have accidentally gotten in there, but nevertheless would love to check or something.

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MacBook :: Spilled Coffee On The Crack And Trackpad Wont Respond

Oct 8, 2009

My turn for this situation. I spilled coffee on myself the other day. I was using my MacBook at the time. About 15mL got on the trackpad and I think it fell in the crack. The trackpad still clicks down, it just doesn't respond. is there anything I can do? it's a Unibody MacBook 2GHz.

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MacBook :: Accidently Dropped A Small Amount Of Water Causes Water Damage?

May 26, 2010

Last night (laptop was unplugged, off but with battery in) I accidently dropped a small amount of water eg like a cap amount on the keyboard/mouse area.I wiped it off & thought nothing if it as it was a small amount.Woke up this morning, tried to switch it on but nothing. I put in the charger cable but still nothing, then I could smell some burning so quickly disconnected charger & battery.

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MacBook Air :: Spilled Coffee On MBA And Wants To Fix It?

Sep 24, 2009

. A few weeks ago I spilled coffee on my rev A MBA and fried it. Apple wanted $750 to repair it, so I

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MacBook :: Spilled On White Won't Log In?

May 19, 2012

Last night i spilled 7up on my Macbook White. I wiped it off and let it dry during the night.

I started it this morning and it booted nice and all keys were working (i think). The problem is that when i type in my password which i know is perfectly correct, it wont log me in. All of the keys are pressable and will leave a dot or * in the passwordbox, but it just wont let me in. The Enter-button leaves a dot aswell i dont think it should but anyways...Dont know what to do! Since i only see dots im not sure if some keys have swapped place or something but arrghhh i dont know what to do?

I dont have a Mac-disc and i have tried the Single User-option but when i try to type the commands there nothing shows up?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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MacBook Air :: Someone Spilled Coke On Surface Of The Top?

Feb 18, 2008

I showed no emotion and people were asking me why lol. I really had it bottled up. The guy smacked his soft drink with his hand and it spilled onto my closed MBA. Thankfully it only made a puddle on top (like 30% of the surface of the top) of the MBA near the apple logo. Couple drops spilled off to the front right of the MBA, so just along the edges did the coke touch. Nothing inside on the screen, keys, or trackpad.
I went straight to the closest bathroom and found this foam soap and paper towel. I wanted to get any remnants of the coke off, so it wouldn't get sticky or do something to the aluminum.

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MacBook :: Spilled Coffee And It Won't Turn On

Jan 23, 2010

I brought a new pc and external hard drive and i want to get the contents of the hard drive and push then to my external.

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MacBook :: Spilled Coffee On ,but It Still Works?

Apr 4, 2010

Title says it all. lol Spilled coffee on my late 2008 Unibody MacBook. Thankfully, I had a keyboard cover. Some coffee still got underneath it though, and a few keys are sticky.

However, it still works. But I'm just wondering if I should still disassemble it to clean. I'm scared the sugar and coffee will start rotting at some point...

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MacBook Pro :: Spilled Tea - Now Screen Looks Weird?

May 4, 2010

i didn't spill the tea exactly on my macbook pro. I spilled it in a bag, where the macbook was in its case.The case got all wet on one side and so did the mac. Non of the liquid got anywhere near the keyboard, mostly it was on the cover and a bit on the side where the CD-rom is. I opened the mac - it worked (and still works) fine. However, somehow the liquid got into the screen - under the glass. I now see stains over my screen. About half of them dried really quickly, but the rest a still there (about two hours have passed). I wait for it to go away? Do I blow-dry it? Or am I forever stuck with a stained screen?I checked the "i-spilled-stuff-on-mac" guide, but it doesn't mention any screen problems.

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MacBook :: Spilled Rubbing Alcohol On Screen?

Jan 15, 2009

I was cleaning my wireless mighty mouse with a lil' bit of rubbing alcohol when like a dumb ass i spilled the bottle and it splashed on my screen. I dried it up right away and i didn't see any damage but a few minutes later i saw this:When i tilt it back it sorta dissapears:What do i do now? I searched and i couldn't find any rubbing alcohol damage threads. Damn, i am so bummed i don't want it to be permanently damaged. I worked my ass off to save to get this and it's only about a year old.

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MacBook :: Soda Spilled But Apparently No Damage Seen

Jun 4, 2009

My son spilled a diet coke on my macbook. It mostly got on the keyboard and monitor. I removed the power chord, turned it off, and wiped off the soda immediately. But of course it's liquid so it is probably moved under the keys right? I turned it back on a few hours later and there doesn't seem to be any problems. Is it possible there was no damage?

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OS X :: MacBook Pro Arrow Key Broken (Spilled Coffee)

Sep 20, 2009

So all of a sudden, my Macbook Pro's down arrow stopped working. This appears to be the only key that is broken. I might have spilled a splash of coffee in the area several weeks ago, but it only recently stopped working. I took the key off and wiped it with a q-tip and water, but that doesn't seem to do anything. I also used compressed air, also with no positive results.

I run:
Model Name:MacBook Pro
Processor Name:Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed:2.4 GHz
Memory:4 GB

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MacBook Pro :: Small Amount Of Coffee Spilled

Jan 1, 2010

Yesterday at around 3 PM i spilled a small amount of slightly sweetened coffee onto the upper left corner of my new 15 " Macbook Pro. The coffee barely got onto the keys and the speaker, but pretty much drenched all of the ports on the left side. The notebook immediately turned off, and in panic mode i tried switching it back on to see if any serious damage had been done. The notebook turned on, but the screen was blank. While i was wiping off the excess on the outer case, i realized this was a dumb move to make (because it probably shorted something) so i turned it off after a minute or so. I took it home and unscrewed the back case, there was very little coffee on what i think is the upper right hand side (when overturned) of the logic board, so i soaked it up as best i could, blew on it for around an hour, and set it on its side with a pretty hot lamp shining on it overnight. I put it back together this morning more than half expecting for it to just not work, but to my surprise it seems to be working fine. No keys are sticking, the battery is charging well, and on the internet with it right now.

The problem is that there was a what looked to be a little bit of a singe on one of the black rectangular transistor prongs. The melted metal easily blew away and most of the prongs are still attached. also, i haven't taken out the logic board to see what kind of damage (if any) has been done to the hidden side (not the side that shows when you take off the back case). I'm planning on doing this as soon as i can get a torx driver. I guess what I want to know is if i should take my chances with bringing it in to the apple store to see what the real damage is even though it still works, or if i should just hold out and use it till it breaks.

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MacBook Pro :: Using Water To Clean The Lid?

Jun 26, 2010

So after doing some research online I see that Aluminum is very resistant to rusting to the fact that it usually rust after your computer die or something...

But anyway what I wanted to know if that if I use water to clean the lid would it accelerate the rusting or corrosion?

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MacBook Pro :: Get Water Out Of The Screen?

May 30, 2012

bottle spilt in my backpack with my computer. opened it up screen had water behind the glass what now?

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MacBook Pro :: Spilled Milk - Only Green Power Light Comes On

Nov 3, 2009

I recently spilled close to a tablespoon of milk onto the keyboard. Most of this landed on the keys themselves. I thought nothing of this and continued working for 4 hours. I left for 6 hours and came home to a non working Powerbook G4. The green powerlight does come on. I let sit for one day. Still nothing.

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MacBook Pro :: Spilled Liquid On It And Before The Optical Drive Failed?

Mar 16, 2012

Spilled liquid on my Macbook Pro and before the optical drive failed. In the technical service invalidate the warranty? If the optical drive is not damaged by stroke.THE service changes also Housing, Top Case, with keyboard, backlit, W / O-WesternTrackpad Spanish. This change is for the sensors of spills? 

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MacBook Air :: Glass Trackpad 11" - Bottom Line Air Trackpad Seems More Polished

Dec 21, 2010

I have an late 08 unibody Mbp and a 11 mba, I have noticed the glass trackpad on the air is much closer to the glass on an iphone in the way your finger reacts to it... the least bit of moisture and your finger doesn't glide as easily. On the pro it seems to have more of a coating to allow for smoother use under these normal conditions (humidity). Has anyone else noticed this? bottom line the air trackpad almost seems more polished.

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MacBook Pro :: Way To Figure Out Water Damage?

Dec 11, 2010

I have a Macbook that I was carrying in my backpack in one of those neoprene cases along with my water bottle (silly, I know...but it hasn't ever spilled prior to now!). I walked around for about 5-10 minutes at which point I noticed the bottom of my backpack was wet. I immediately opened it up and found that there was water on the bottom 2 inches of my case. I pulled my computer out and there was sort of a sheen of water on the front and back 2 inches on the side with all the ports. I then wiped it off. The screen came on when I opened it (it had not been off) but I turned it off and now I have it leaning so that if there is any water in the ports it will drain out.

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