MacBook Pro :: Connecting 2 Macs To One Internet Connection?

Jan 9, 2011

My notebook is about to arrive and I'm trying to learn how to connect two macs to a single internet connection. I'm starting from scratch, really -- I'm learning what a router / switch / ethernet are! Ideally, it would be nice if I could keep my existing cable connection to my Imac and install a wireless connection to my notebook. But I don't know if it is possible and how to do that. I've not found clear advices on such installation, yet. Also, since I'll move in June, I searching for the cheapest solution.

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Software :: Connecting Two Macs Together For Internet Access

Dec 10, 2008

We have some friends visiting that would like to join our wireless network. We cannot get them logged on because we would need to have our provider add the computer ID# to our account. They are closed today and cannot do it. Is there a way we can connect them to the internet via our macbook computer?

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting Two Macs / Screen Sharing & Volume?

Nov 10, 2010

In connecting two macs via the wireless network (screen sharing) can the volume be heard from the host computer?

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OS X :: Connecting Two Macs Using AirPort?

Jan 20, 2011

Is it possible to connect two Macs at home, using AirPort, without an external AirPort server ?

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OS X :: Connecting Two Macs Via Ethernet?

Mar 23, 2009

I have an iMac and a Mac Pro that I frequently connect with a ethernet cable to transfer movies back and forth, When I do this, it messes up the internet connection between the two Macs as well as Windows computers in the house. The internet connection will just stop every few minutes and it takes several clicks to get links to open. If I click on a link once, I just get the spinning wheel and that will keep spinning all night if I let it, same with the Windows computers. Web pages never load up completly, even now there is a blue bar accross the internet address as I am typing this in Safari.

The problem remains for a long long time, even days after I've removed the ethernet cable from the Macs.

The computers are all using WiFi and an AEBS.

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OS X :: Connecting Macs To Share Resources?

Jan 27, 2010

My friend was having some issues with an old mac of his, so he bought a new one. He said that when he connected the two macs to move files from the old one to the new one, something weird happened. Te new one found the processor and ram from the old one and used it as its own resources.

I have lost contact with this guy so i have no way to find out how this was done. I think he said he used a firewire cable between the two macs but am not sure

does anyone know how to do this? I dont think it was xgrid cause it worked with all programs and could see the processors in activity manager. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Force System To Use Second Connection Of Network Connection List For Internet Access?

Jul 5, 2012

I have a MacPro Early 2009, 2 ethernet ports.Ethernet 1 is connected to the LAN and Ethernet 2 is connected directly to a SSL Matrix console (an audio mixer), whom driver needs the used ethernet port to be first of the list in the Network connections list in System Preferences.So when I browse internet I can't use the Matrix's software, and vice versa.I had to create 2 different network positions to browse internet and to work with SSL Matrix, one with Eth 1 first place, another one with Eth 2 first place, and I always have to swap positions.Is there a way to force OSX to use by default the 2nd connection of the list for internet access? 

MacPro 4,1 8-Core 2.26 GHz, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 12Gb Ram

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Software :: Internet Connection Hangs Disconnecting Using Mobile Connection (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS)

Aug 21, 2006

I'm on holiday using my mobile phone (Nokia N80) to connect to the Internet over GPRS / EDGE / UMTS. Everything works like a charm, but often the Internet Connect applet drops the connection and just hangs disconnecting.

I'm running OS X 10.4.7 on a 17" Macbook pro, but I have the same result on a iBook G4, same OS X version, and even trying with a different mobile phone (Nokia 6600) and different network service provider.

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OS X :: Bizarre Connection With Particular Websites On All Macs

Oct 12, 2009

Here is my setup: DSL Modem bridged to Airport Extreme 802.11n (Older Model - not dual band)
1 PC Running Ubuntu - Ethernet into Airport
1 Mac Pro 10.5 - Ethernet into Airport
1 Macbook 10.6 - Wireless
1 Macbook Pro 10.6 - Wireless
1 PS3 - Ethernet to Airport Express/Wireless

For some reason, all of the Macs on the network are having bizarre connection issues with particular websites, and I cannot figure out what the cause is. The main culprit is google, and any google related site including youtube. For instance, if I go to my gmail, many times it will not get past the initial "Loading" page you normally see for only a second or two. If it gets past that, the subjects of the messages will load, but where my chat and calendar normally show up it just says something to the effect of "Failed to Load" in a gray box. With youtube, the video pages will load, but instead of the video there is just a giant black box where no video ever loads. The same thing happens with other video sites like hulu, cbs, abc, etc. I can refresh the page a bunch and eventually it will load, but it takes a long time.

Oddly enough some sites, macrumors included, seem to have no issues loading at all. This is true on all of the Macs, whether I use Firefox or Safari. I would say it's my connection, however the Ubuntu machine has no problems whatsoever. I can check side by side and the Ubuntu box has no problem opening pages that the Macs are just choking to death on. It takes ages on the Macs just to load the youtube homepage, but it is up in seconds on the Ubuntu machine. I assume the PS3 is fine as well - I don't use the browser but have had no problems with the online features of the PS3. I've tried switching to OpenDNS, which actually made things worse (Google pages just stopped loading altogether). I've flushed the DNS cache, rebooted everything numerous times, disabled all plugins/extra apps, reformatted one of the machines (I needed to go back to 10.5 anyway) and just nothing seems to work.

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EMac :: Connecting To Internet Via An Internet Stick / Dongle

Jun 4, 2012

I am currently trying to connect my eMac - to the internet via a stick/dongle and cannot find the appropriate vodafone software to make it work.Software version 10.5 on the mac and have two internet sticks one - a Huawei K3770 and a K3571 both with VodafoneAny idea, please, on where I can download this software and anything else I can do to to make a connection to the internet?The Vodafone software runs yet does not see either device. The connection through ethernet is great.

eMac Ser:VM50102CQJ8, Mac OS X (10.4), G4 Processor, 1Gig Memory, EMC 2006

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MacBook :: Not Connecting To The Internet?

Aug 28, 2014

My Macbook Pro running on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63) says i have full connection to my wifi but anytime I try to open a web page it says I am not connected to the internet. I connect to my router wirelessly. I have tried running test and the MacBook says I should have full connection to the network and internet. I have a iPhone and a HP laptop working fine with the same router but my wifi doesn't seem to work at all on my MacBook,

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011)

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Software :: Remote Desktop Connection To Multiple Macs On Network?

Feb 10, 2009

I'm trying to use Apple Remote Desktop to connect to multiple Mac's on a remote network. I've set the remote network's firewall/router to open up the ARD-specific ports for all the computers I want to connect to. I've also set each computer to accept Remote Management. On my ARD however, when I enter the network address of the remote network I'm trying to get to, I can only see ONE of the enabled computers, rather than all.

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OS X :: File Transfer Between Macs / Set Up Network Connection With No Password Protection?

Jun 22, 2009

Gah, internet is messing up, logged me out I have to rewrite my whole long message....when transferring between my new MBP and ibook G4 on 1st startup.... it asked me to connect by firewire. Idon't have a firewire that has 1 side the new firewire connector and the other side old (I didn't even know that the shape of the firewire had changed). I tried to do it wirelessly and it said it was going to take 106 hours so I stopped it to use my computer.

Now I am trying to transfer again. I don't have a firewire cable that will work. I have an ethernet, but when I try to connect to my computer server (through ethernet or wirelessly) it says that I don't have sufficient privileges. My password (which I am sure is correct) DOES NOT WORK and I don't know why. I tried to disable all security so I can get in with no password, but nothing I do is working.

Any ideas?How can I transfer my files? How can I get back to that transfer wirelessly screen that occurred at start up? Migration Assistant only gives me a firewire option. Is there a firewire that will connect between old and new firewire models???

How do I set up a network connection with no password protection? (Or why isn't my password working?)

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OS X :: Accessing Macs Via The Internet?

Aug 1, 2010

Is there any easy to follow video tutorials or other explanation for "ME" the ultra layman on how to access and share information on three computers at different locations via the internet?

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting With My Network To The Internet?

Nov 28, 2010

recently my mbp has not been connecting with my network to the internet. everything else connects just fine. my mbp connects just fine to other networks. but when I try to connect it to my network it fails. it says something about having a self assigned ip address. any remedies on how to fix this?

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting To Internet Through IPhone Possible?

Aug 20, 2009

I am a first time MacBook Pro user. I bought this laptop for my business and, when on travel, will need to connect my laptop to the Internet wirelessly. Can I connect my MacBook to the Internet through my I-Phone? Will I need to add software to one or both systems (I-Phone and MacBook) to do this?

As a backup, are there any pay-as-you-go aircards that actually work on a Mac system? I have heard/read negative things about the Virgin Mobile Aircard. Bottom line is that I need reliable connectivity on occasion, thus I do not need a 1 or 2 year contract.

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OS X :: Connecting To Internet At Home On MacBook

Sep 29, 2009

I just recently bought this MacBook. It apparently works everywhere else except on my home connection. I have a good feeling it probably has to do with my router. I have also tried to restart my macbook/router.

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting Automatically To The Internet

Mar 13, 2012

My computer used to connect to the internet straight away as it was turned on (wireless), but after a problem with downloading rental films with Itunes store, it has stopped connecting automatically.  The fix for the film rentals was to delete a file called SC i think.  I have had a dig around in all the network tabs

Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Its Not Connecting To Internet When Waking Up

Mar 17, 2012

When I wake my two-week-old MacBook Pro up, my Airport Base Station's wireless network shows connection, but I do not have internet for a much, much longer period of time than normal. This only started a few days ago. Prior to that, it was working just fine.

I've tried closing my browser (Chrome), starting another browser (Safari), and restarting. All of these attempts have met with success and failure. Sometimes, doing nothing and waiting for ~2 minutes does the trick.I'd simply like my MBP to connect to the internet ASAP upon waking up.I did no software upgrades recently

Info:MacBook 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X (10.6.3), 120 GB hard drive, 2.5 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

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MacBook Pro :: Apps Not Connecting To The Internet?

Nov 30, 2014

I am trying to use mac apps and most of them won't connect to the internet even though there is full bars on internet. For example trying to register the program "paralells" just gives me the message Your mac is not connected to the internet or so on. The same thing is happening with downloading more loops and sounds on garage band.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2012), OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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Hardware :: Two Macs Kill The Internet?

Feb 10, 2010

I have two macs an iMac and a MacBook. I use Earthlink, have a BritePort modem and a Linksys wireless router.Everything was fine. No problems. I was able to get online with the two computers with ease, then I had problems connecting last week.If I went directly through the modem to my MacBook I can connect, but I would lose the internet wireless intermittently throughout the day.Earthlink said everything was fine as far as signal reaching my modem.So I bought an Airport Extreme.

Both Macs connected wirelessly but then I'd lose internet whenever BOTH tried to get online.I would be working fine on my MacBook, but once my wife tries to get online with the iMac, it kicks us both off! If she's online on the iMac and I try to get online on the MacBook it kicks us off!This is what was happening with the Linksys too! I reconnected it, and it was only when both Macs accessed the internet that we both lost connection.It was working perfectly fine a week ago, nothing has changed, which is why I am baffled!

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OS X :: Safari On Both Macs Won't Connect To Internet?

Apr 2, 2009

I unplugged my PC and my two macs because of the potential threat of the whole April Fools Day Virus. Well I heard nothing happened so I turned on my PC. Interent would not connect.. then I realized my wifi modem wasnt connected. I connected it and the internet worked fine. I went downstairs and turned on my old imac and my new 17 inch macbook pro. I booted up Safari just to make sure and it won't connect.It just keeps acting like it's trying to load and won't connect even though I have full signal. Any ideas what's up? It's going on with both of them yet for some reason my pc is working fine.

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MacBook :: Connecting To Internet Using A Phone Jack?

Apr 8, 2009

I'm going to be spending a few days in the the middle of nowhere where my only option for the internet is using a landline telephone. I have no idea how this works...would this be the only thing I need?

[URL] Is there anything cheaper? Other options?

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MacBook :: Can't Get Internet Connection

Jun 20, 2012

Can't get internet connection


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OS X :: Internet Connection Keeps Dropping Connection?

Aug 12, 2009

I know there are a lot of similar threads all around different forums, but nothing really helped and I was hoping some of you smart ladies/guys can help solve this issue once and for all.

Here's the deal:

My main desktop computer (Compaq windows XP computer) is set-up upstairs where the cable router and linksys wireless router are placed (which is right next to the desktop on the desk). My Macbook (running Tiger and is 3 years old) and iMac (running Leopard and is not even 1 year old yet) are set-up downstairs in my new office. This room is in the basement, however the room is almost directly above the main office where the wired desktop computer resides.

Prior to setting up my office downstairs, my sister lived with my family in the basement and had her windows Vista laptop set-up without any internet connection issues. Her internet never dropped on her laptop, and neither did the connection on her wireless all-in-one printer/scanner/copier. Cell phone reception/internet connection in the basement is also great.

When I set up my iMac and Macbook however a few weeks ago, the internet keeps dropping connection! I do not understand this when my sister had no problems at all with her laptop getting internet connection, when she was living with us. The internet connection will stay good for either 10-30 minutes and then drop, or it could be good for up to an hour and then drop.

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MacBook :: Airport Extreme Card/not Connecting To Internet?

Feb 24, 2009

I just bought my first Mac from ebay i'm a new user and don't know much about macs, I was using my ethernet to surf the web until my belking router comes in. So this is what I have done so far my desktop is wired to the router running XP the connection is fine and my setup is a WPA, my macbook is running 10.5.6 Lepord my router says the MB is connected to the router but I'm unable to connect to the internet. TCP/IP is set to DHCP my airport says status on, and that it has a self-assigned IP address and may not be able to connect to the internet I've already have my MB set to share web, internet, files & printers on my network. Is there something i missed or i'm doing wrong I called belking and got no problems with the router we used many setup changes and I ran a hardware test on my MB and no problems were found.

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MacBook Pro :: Internet Drop Connection - How To Fix It

Jan 9, 2010

I've had my MBP 13 inch (base model) for less than 4 months and I've been experiencing crazy dropped internet connection, both at my house and at my dorm. At my home, I have a 2WIRE portal modem and it drops at least 10-12 times a day and the only way I can reconnect is if I turn Airport Off and On. Same situation at my dorm , only thing is that I connect via wirelessly. Anyone have a solution to make this annoying dropping go away? My roommate has a Windows Vista Laptop (Gateway) and He has perfect connection and can play WoW and COD4 without lag or disconnection. My Windows XP Desktop (eMachine) and My Windows Vista PC (Dell Inspirion) are running on the same portal at home and they both are connected perfectly.

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OS X :: Internet Connection Frustrating MacBook?

Apr 13, 2010

My wireless internet connection is "shotty". The desktop that it is connected to works fine, however, for the last few days my MacBook has been having trouble. The connection will just hang. I can click on the "wireless icon" in the upper right, click "Open Network Preferences" and then click "Assist Me" then "Diagnostics..." and run that. It will pick it back up and say it is connected. It will work for a good 10 minutes, then I have to repeat the process. I have restarted my MacBook as well as restarted the "box". Any ideas? My TV runs via the internet (U-Verse) and it never hangs or freezes when my MacBook does, also the desktop was working fine at the same time as the TV was working fine but my MacBook was hanging. Also my old Compaq hangs as well. I think the TV is wireless too? The box is in a different room, but like I said it never freezes.

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MacBook Air :: It Always Loses Internet Connection

May 10, 2012

I bought my first mac in February 2012. Ever since the beginning the Internet connection is always dropped. I have to click the wifi logo in the upper right hand corner and click turn wifi-off. I can immediately turn it back on and immediately the connection is fine again.

Info:MacBook Air

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MacBook Air :: Share Internet Connection?

Jun 29, 2014

I have a mac air, I connect via WiFi with internet. However, I would like to share my internet connection so that I can connect with my iPhone.

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