MacBook Air :: The Case Is Bent / The Bottom Right Is Off

Oct 28, 2010

My MBA is built to order.

On a flat glass table, only 3 feet touch the table. The bottom right is off. Anyone else have this problem?

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MacBook :: How Hard Is It To Change The Top Case And Bottom Case On One Of The Older Macbooks??

Oct 26, 2009

I was wanting to know how hard it is to change top and bottom case and keyboard area? I would like to know that if anything was to happen to my soon to have macbook I could change it. Also this on the older macbooks. And if I have Apple to change it how much would it cost? And yes I know that they should replace keyboard case area for free because of the defunct cracking issue.

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IMac :: Glass Panel Bent At Bottom?

Jul 5, 2010

I took my iMac panel off to clean and when I put it back I noticed as you run your finger from the bottom of the panel left to right or right to left, the glass begins to get thicker and eventually overlap just barely the metal in the middle. I can't remember if it was like this or not before, so I am wondering is this bent? And if so what should I do?

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OS X :: How To Clean Macbook Bottom Case

Jul 9, 2010

how to clean the bottom case of macbook 13' unibody? is there some sort of specialized cleaning solution for it?

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MacBook :: Lid Wont Flush With Bottom Case

Nov 18, 2009

So I bought a refurb nvidia White MacBook a couple weeks ago and one of the problems I have noticed is that the screen is not flush with the bottom case when closed. The problem is worse on the right side than the left (near the indicator light).

I know that with refurbs you risk getting a slightly less than perfect computer. However, I don't want this problem to get worse. When I first got it I didn't really care but now I'm thinking of the future and of the "what if it gets worse" scenario where I take it in and they think I physically damaged it by accident.

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MacBook :: Quite A Lot Of Hairline Cracks Around The Speakers On The Bottom Case?

Dec 20, 2010

I have a mid 2009 macbook (nvidia 9400 version) and i have recently noticed that there is quite a lot of hairline cracks around the speakers on the bottom case, and the screen bezel has actually split at the bottom, and the last couple of weeks the screen has been creaking, i originally thought the creaking might be related to the cracks but it seems to be coming from the actual screen its self.

I know that apple repair out of warranty for cracks on the palm rest, but that area of my macbook is in perfect condition so i'm not sure where i stand here, how much would it cost to have all the casing replaced e.t.c do you think?

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MacBook :: Cracking On Bottom Of Case Near Back Edge

Aug 23, 2009

it's not really a long story, i have a macbook i got in feb. 2007 i paid 1299 for it, (not like it matters, but it's kinda why im annoyed lol) Well, i was carrying it today, and realized that the plastic by the vent i guess? it's on the bottom of the case near the back edge. so anyway, it is cracking, but not from outside it. it just runs straight across. Will apple help me even though I have no applecare? This seems like a manufacturer's defect to me, but i was hoping macrumors' collective knowledge would have a scenario or someone has been through this before. I'm getting pics ASAP!

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MacBook Pro :: Bottom Case Too Flexible / Aluminum Not Thick Enough?

Apr 26, 2010

I was hoping that Apple would address this in the new MBPs but alas it seems they are the same.I hate the fact that my 15 and 17 mbp bottom cases are too flexible and will actually pop in and out if you hold it in the middle.I think on my new mbp I did this and accidentally heard the fan hitting the case.To get around this, you must hold the mbp from sides only.

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MacBook :: What The Screw Size Is For The Bottom Case Screws?

Jun 16, 2010

Does anyone know what the screw size is for the bottom case screws and the 2 hard drive bracket screws are?

I need to replace some

Anyone know where I can get these screws?

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MacBook Pro :: Noise On Bottom Case When Pressure Is Applied?

Aug 22, 2010

When I apply pressure on the bottom case of my MBP(underneath the trackpad), I hear a click. Is this normal? I am currently using the current MBP13'. What is under there? Am I damaging anything?

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MacBook Pro :: Replacing The Bottom Case - Get Exact Part Number?

Jul 29, 2009

I am needing to replace the bottom case of my late 2006 MBP. It has a large dent in it that is causing some problems. My question is, do I need to get the exact part number listed on the bottom of my laptop (A1211) or can I get a bottom from any pre-unibody MBP i.e. A1260? Also, has anyone ever replaced this part? How difficult is it? I have experience working on laptops, I've just never taken a mac this much apart.

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MacBook :: Late 2006 Bottom Half Of The Case Cracking

Aug 16, 2009

I have a late 2006 macbook and had the issue with the cracking case repaired today, however, Apple only repaired half of the issue. The 'top' half of the case was fixed (new keyboard, trackpad etc) was replaced and I am more than happy with it. The bottom half of the case (section with USB ports, bottom of the MacBook etc) still has cracks in it and clearly hasn't been replaced. Is this something that should be replaced as a manufacturing fault as they have done with the keyboard, palm rest, trackpad etc?

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Mac :: Peryn Bottom Case 2.4ghz Macbook Pro Replacement ?

Mar 13, 2010

I have to replace the bottom case of my peryn 2.4ghz macbook pro. I was wondering if anyone bought from and if this model would fit my computer? I will just order this part and go to my apple university shop where a friend of mine works there as a techy and he can change the bottom case.

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MacBook Pro :: Can Purchase And Replace Bottom Case At Local Apple Store?

Jul 31, 2009

I would like to replace my 1st generation unibody MacBook Pro's bottom case and I am interested in knowing the price. Can I purchase and replace the bottom case at the local Apple Store (I'm in Sydney)? I'm in warranty, if that's a factor.

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PowerPC :: Replacing Bottom Case Of IBook G3

Aug 18, 2006

I went through all the steps to change the optical drive on an old 500 MHz iBook G3, but am unable to attach the bottom case. The problem is the two long (20mm) screws near the back of the computer -- each apparently has to insert into something that looks like a gold-colored nut with serrated edges, like gears, otherwise the screws just rotate in place and don't "lock up." I'll attach a picture, but my only digital camera until I borrow one from a friend is my cell phone, so the pic won't be too good. The gold pieces fell out during the disassembly process and I can't figure out where they now go.

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MacBook Pro :: Unibody Bent Screen Repair?

Dec 15, 2010

I was walking into my friends house the other night with my Macbook Pro in an Incase sleeve and it fell out of my hands and onto the concrete. I assume it landed on the edge of the screen and bent it inward. The screen and everything work properly and the issue is only cosmetic but it's driving me crazy.

I have an appointment at the genius bar tomorrow but would like to know how much Apple would charge for repair beforehand. If anyone has experience with this please chime in.

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MacBook Pro :: Dropped - Bent Superdrive/Casing?

Dec 20, 2007

My Macbook Pro slipped off my legs and fell onto a carpeted floor today. The Superdrive looks bent along with the casing. I have applecare and want to take it to the store later. I'm wondering what the chances are that they will replace this for free and what I should be expecting to pay.

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MacBook Pro :: Unibody 17in/how To Fix A Bent Display?

Aug 17, 2009

So, I know theres a few threads about how some people's displays are slightly bent on the sides.

I'm in the exact same situation...sort of.

While mine is also slightly askew on the sides, I've decided not to bother with that, since just about every single unit I've come across is shaped more or less the same way. However, something I noticed the other day was that my display indeed also bent, however it was bent in the front!

Basically, imagine the computer in a closed position, and that you're looking at it from the front. Now essentially if you follow the area where the rubber gasket meets the unibody, it starts out aligned, then almost immediately, for lack of better words, it takes off from the ground.
The biggest telltale sign is that you can clearly see light coming through the space it creates.

Since its not off by a huge amount, I figured Apple probably won't care, but since its rather annoying knowing its there, I decided to try and fix it myself. However I haven't had much luck, and I think I might have made it a little worse!

So far I've tried:
-stacking some books(only about 2, light textbooks)
-and flipping the computer upside down and leaving it like that for a few hours(nothing on top).

Any other recommendations?

I've attached a picture kinda showing where its at. I couldn't find a full frontal picture of the computer, so I just took a side view one off of Apple's site, and marked the approximate area where the bend occurs.

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MacBook Air :: Case Spare - Where I Can Replace The Aluminum Case

Aug 12, 2008

Where i can replace the aluminum case, is it possible?, i search for spares and didn't find any.

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MacBook Pro :: Bent Unibody - Gap Between Body And Display Normal? (Pics)

Feb 23, 2009

(First of all.. i'm not from america so my english may not be the best but I thoght about posting here

I have a unibody MacBookPro 2,53 Ghz!

After having it a while I noticed that my unibody is bent a little.. I have a gap (on the left side it is more than on the right side) of 2mm!

But it seems, that not the display is warped but the unibody!

Is this "normal" ? Or should i replace it?

I have some pictures here for you to see how it looks like:


I would be very happy about some answers

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MacBook Pro :: Bent MBP Optical Slot - Repair Parts Apple Care?

Jan 19, 2010

So, I screwed up a couple months ago and stuck my MBP in my backpack's padded laptop compartment within a SECOND case, only to pull it out at my destination and immediately notice this:

The way out of line upper case was like that before, but the bent optical slot was new. I guess I had too much in my bag, even though it was all clothing and, again, the laptop was inside TWO cases. Anyways, for about a month I got by getting discs in and out only when I really needed to, with various techniques to get the gap open just enough to let it slip out. More recently I opened the computer up to see what I could do. I removed the optical drive, but absolutely could not find a way to bend the aluminum back into shape. I thought it would be easy enough with some care, but there's a piece of steel, probably to support that very part of the case, glued to the case there - and it won't budge.

The situation right now is that I have a disc in the drive that I can't get out (it's gone past the point of tricking it into just barely making it), which would be okay except for a few points: (1) I can't use optical media any more, and while I don't usually do a lot of that, I do need to once or twice a month minimum. (2) The computer has to spin up the optical drive every few minutes while moving around the operating system, which takes a few annoying and unnecessary seconds. (3) I'll never be able to sell this machine in a year or so for what it's worth without this damage.

I've done about all the communication I can with Apple, including trying the sjobs@apple(..) route, which has worked in the past for other issues. I am covered by Apple Care, I'm about 6 months into the two years, the laptop is about 18 months old. I was told at the Genius Bar twice that it would not be covered, but I forgot both times to get an approximate cost, but I'm thinking expensive.

So I'm looking for a few tips...How much is the repair cost typically for a bottom case?
Where is the best place to find either a new bottom case (i.e. not used), or a used one that is in good cosmetic condition (i.e. not scratched and dented)?

If I do choose to do the repair myself (likely the plan if Apple is going to charge over $400), it seems like a very extensive and somewhat risky job. I know there are iFixIt guides to get me through it, but I have had big problems in the past with messing up screws (guess I just need a better set of small screwdrivers). I also can't seem to get a decent Torx T6/4 that can handle some of the more serious case screws - I've twisted the head right off one and malformed another pretty badly. Is doing the repair myself realistic? How would you rate the risk, and any suggestions for a kit that will let me do the job as best as possible?

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MacBook :: Looking For Similar Case To The IPad Case For My Aluminium MacBook

Aug 31, 2010

Something reasonably priced, so i can take it safely out in the car with me! Also will be looking for a car charger for it!Decided against getting an iPad coz of the limitations so im gonna get a dongle, looked around & I like the look of TMobile deal of ?40 for 90 days.

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MacBook Pro :: Swollen And Bent Out Battery In MacBook Pro?

Dec 2, 2007

A few weeks ago I've noticed a strange battery / power behaviour: my MBP began to shut off when almost reaching the end of the battery limit, and all the times these shutoffs happened without any notice / warning etc. I was loosing all the work, the machine has not been put in sleep etc., it just shut off with all the consequences. I was thinking about some bugs with power management in Leopard. After a few days, my MPB began to shutoff even sooner, in less than one hour, than in a half an hour...

Today I've noticed, that the battery aluminium closure has been bent, the battery is deformed -- and swelled. The swelling process has not gone too far, that's the reason I haven't noticed it sooner (and the bottom of the MBP is always covered by iLap), but the deformation is obvious.

I guess, the power shutoffs were due to temperature swelling of the battery. While cool, it fitted in its place as it should be. After warming up, the battery swelled out, getting out its position and contacts.

OK, I've found the reason of the problem, what can I do now? Can the swollen battery be replaced by Apple without charge? My series number has not been recalled previously, so I don't know what to think.

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OS X :: Converting Upper Case File Names To Lower Case?

Nov 9, 2009

I have about 50 *.mp3's on my hard drive that have the file names in all upper case. When looking at them in itunes it drives me nuts....Is there a way to convert the uppercase file name to lowercase? I have googled but can't find anything. I do not want to do it manually, that would take a long time =( thanks, I'm crossing my fingers

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PowerPC :: Does PB 15.4 Aluminum Case Is Exchangeable With The MBP 15.4 Case

Oct 18, 2007

Does anyone know if the PB 15.4 Aluminum case is exchangeable with the Macbook Pro 15.4 case? I have a 1.6Ghz Powerbook which has a few dents in the front but I don't see any of these cases for sale on Ebay, but I do see Macbook Pro cases. It's really a nasty cosmetic issue I'd like to resolve and then sell it.

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OS X :: Unable To Know About Case-Sensitive To Case-Ignorant?

Jun 14, 2010

I am working on restoring a Time Machine backup from Leopard to a clean installation of Snow Leopard. The only problem I'm facing is that the Leopard backup is on a case-sensitive drive (and the Snow Leopard drive is set up, by default, as case-ignorant).

I have scoured the Web the last two days and have not found a definitive answer to my question: Is there a way to transfer the data from the Time Machine backup on the case-sensitive drive to the case-ignorant Snow Leopard drive?

Yesterday I ran across a tutorial explaining how this might be accomplished using SuperDuper! but a commenter explained that Disk Utility could be used and was much easier.

I tried the Disk Utility method but it didn't work, and I ran out of time to give the SuperDuper! option a try. Does anyone know if it, or even Carbon Copy Cloner, might solve my problem?

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Hardware :: How To Build A NAS With An Old G5 Case/ Mac Pro Case

Jun 13, 2009

I saw a link a while back of a guy who converted an old G5 case into a server, any idea how to do this?

Or does someone know of the link to see his server, or one like it?

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MacBook Pro :: Sleeve Versus Case Versus No Case Or Sleeve

Jun 25, 2010

Soon i will be getting a Mac(i think) and was wondering about a case. Since i want a Macbook Pro with the Unibody Housing i want it to be safe. Now i can't decide if i want a case or a Sleeve. Now the Case might have heat issues even with the vents that are on the case. The sleeve won't have that issue but will it be more prone to scratching the Macbook it self? Or should i go no case and just sorta deal with the scratches. There is a Price difference between the Sleeve and the Case. About $20 Cdn more for the Case.



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MacBook Pro :: Get A MBP With Transparent Case?

Oct 25, 2010

Is it possible to get a MBP with transparent case? It would be cool to see the parts.

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MacBook Air :: What Are You Using For A Case/sleeve?

Oct 29, 2010

See title.What are you using for a case/sleeve?

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