MacBook Air :: Hacks When Connecting To Apple TV

Aug 22, 2014

I am trying to connect my MacBook Air through Airplay to Apple TV but every time I do that, no video is working good. On the laptop the video is working witouth problem but when I watch it on the television, the pictures stops working sometimes and hacks a lot. I talked to apple customer support, they told me it's something with the settings in the computer but they wanted me to pay.

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MacBook Air :: Any Hacks For Tabs On Top In Safari?

Oct 23, 2010

Yes you guessed it, it's about the small air. I wish there was a hack to let you have the safari 4 beta tabs on top a la (the otherwise unremarkable) chrome. I can't find one though...

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OS X :: Gotten Really Into Productivity Hacks?

Jul 9, 2010

I have recently gotten really into productivity hacks - maximising your workflow, etc. I cleared out my status bar, and now I am wondering about the dock.Currently, I have only 3 default apps. Finder, Chrome, and iTunes. On the other side of the separator I have a Documents folder, a Downloads stack, and the recycle bin.

I took out the apps from the dock and the apps stack because I reasoned that it would be just as easy and quick, when launching an app, to cmd+space and type the first few letters. What are your opinions? Do you have your dock with a bunch of apps? Or just the essentials?

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Hardware :: Connecting Macbook 13,Apple Tv And Samsung LCD

Aug 30, 2009

connect the macbook unibody 13" (not the pro) , the apple tv 40gb to a samsumg LCD full HD 37" LCD (3 HDMI inputs, 1 component video input, 2 composite video, 1 PC input, 1 optical sound output).

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MacBook Pro :: What Converter Cable Is Necessary For Connecting An Apple LCD

Apr 27, 2010

i want to be able to connect one of the new macbook pros to an apple lcd display like this one:


what converter cable would i need? just a mini-display to dvi? or something else?

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting To HDTV - Apple Adapter?

Jul 29, 2010

I just ordered a new Macbook pro. I'm going to have a HDTV in my room at school and I want to be able to connect my laptop to it. So I could buy apple's mini displayport to hdmi adapter and then buy a hdmi cable, but that would probably end up costing me like $60. I'm wondering if anyone knows if something like this would work? It seems like it would work but its from hong kong so I donno lol. Anyway, anyone know any cheaper alternative to the over priced apple adapter? Also, I understand that the new macbooks have audio output through the minidisplay port so the adapter has to support audio too.

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Mac Pro :: Nvidia 7300GT And Over Scan Hacks

Jun 25, 2008

I just watched Tekzilla this week and saw how they posted hacks/fixes for people having their computer connected to HDTV. I know how to fix this in Windows but not sure how I can fix this in Apple. Hope someone has a similar fix. I currently have a Sharp 26in 1080i.

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting Two Apple Monitors With Mini DVI Plugs?

Jan 7, 2010

I have a new macbook pro that uses a mini DVI port.

I currently have an apple 30" monitor connected to the macbook pro using that mini dvi port. My wife just bought me a 24" apple monitor which also has a mini dvi connector (male). I need either a mini-DVI splitter to create two female mini DVI inputs at the macbook pro to connect these two monitors or an adapter that has a female mini-DVI on one end and a female DVI on the other. I previously had a 2nd non apple monitor connected using UV plus.


So simply--how do I plug in the 2nd monitor.

I have called apple support and searched google with no success. I fear at this point that this is not possible to do. Does anyone know of a solution?

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MacBook Pro :: Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Not Connecting With Bootcamp / XP

Jan 18, 2010

My Magic Mouse works fine but I can't get my wireless keyboard to cooperate. It recognizes it, but doesn't give me a chance to enter a pass key.

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting A Non-apple Screen To 2011 13"

Jul 5, 2012

I would LOVE to have an Apple screen , but its simply out of my financial league at the moment.  So I am currently looking at 2 Dell screens, one 23" and one 24".  What I am wanting to know is, does the display port on my MBP (early 2011, bog standard basic 13") carry sound with it if I am not using Thunderbolt, or will I need to plug something into the headphone jack to get sound.  Its not something I need *all* the time, just occasionally, so its not a huge deal if it wont do it, I'll simply use a headset for those times. The input options on the Dells are DVI, VGA and Display Port.  No HDMI on the models I'm considering (perhaps I should consider one, for this?) 

Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X :: Without Any Hacks SL Time Machine Just Deleted All Backups?

Sep 22, 2009

I initially backed up to the Firewire drive (140GB at a rate of about 1.2GB per minute and all was well.In Snow Leopard i noticed that without any hacks it also has the option to backup to a network drive. I have a QNAP NAS and also an Airport Extreme Basestation. As the QNAP doesnt support HFS i thought i'll just plug my drive into the Basestation even though i heard it wasn't the fastest thing to use..Anyway, to cut a long story short, i open time machine, re-select my time machine drive as the location has changed from being firewire to being attached the Basestation and time machine then says ' analysing changed files' or whatever that similar message is, then it says copying 0.1MB of 143Gb .....i stop it, go and check the drive and it has deleted the whole lot and is trying to start again!? WTF??It didn't format the drive as other data is still on that disk. Kinda loses my confidence in it when it will happily delete 143GB without even asking me

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Hardware :: Ipod Hack/hacks On The Motherboard?

Sep 18, 2008

hope that you can help me with this, not sure if i posted this question on the right thread,
i just restore my ipod and after that it asks for a language selection but my problem is that the click wheel is not working anymore cause my brother damaged the ribbon that connects the click wheel to the motherboard underneath the ipod

my question is, is it possible to use an ipod mini 1st gen without using a click wheel?

just with usb cable and pc, or some hardware hacks on the motherboard?

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting To External Display - Apple Mini Displayport To DVI And DVI To DVI Cable

Oct 7, 2009

I have a presentation tomorrow and need to hook up my MBP to the projector in class. I bought an Apple Mini Displayport to DVI cable, and a DVI to DVI cable. I thought this would be the case, but come to find out the system does not support DVI. So I had to run to Best buy to get a DVI to VGA cable. I tried out the MDP > DVI > VGA rig on my external monitor and got nothing. The screen on my MBP responded by turning blue for a second and then back to normal...but the monitor said "No Signal". Is this some jargon with DVI-D and DVI-I? I need to know by tomorrow morning if I have to run back to the Apple Store and get a Mini Displayport to VGA cable.

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Mac Pro :: Connecting A 24" LED Apple Display To 08?

May 7, 2010

My dad has bought a 24" LED Apple Display to use as a secondary screen with his 2008 Mac Pro3,1.

He called Apple before he bought it, and the guy said he needed a Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adaptor, so we have one of those... and it doesn't fit.

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Mac Pro :: Connecting Non-Apple Monitor To 2007?

Jun 30, 2012

I need to buy a new monitor to replace my current Apple cinema display.I use a 2007 Mac Pro and am looking at this monitor-[URL]What I need to know is it just a case of using a DVI cable to connect them together?  As the the cinema display uses firewire and a usb as well as the DVI socket.  

Mac OS X (10.6.8), Logic 9.1.6

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Hardware :: Connecting Apple TV To Uverse Wireless?

Apr 17, 2009

UVERSE has been a technological nightmare so far. Right now our main issue is getting our Apple TV to work with the new AT&T Wireless. Our internet signal shows up on our Macbook Pros and we can get on the internet; however, my iTunes has only synced once with Apple TV, but hasn't shown up since in my iTunes, and it's never shown up in my husband's iTunes that he knows of. So the only music and pictures the Apple TV is showing on our TV is what's is stored in the Apple TV library. Does anyone know how to get our Macbook Pros to connect with the Apple TV via the new Uverse Wireless?

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Hardware :: Connecting XBox 360 To Apple Cinema Display

Feb 21, 2006

I have a 23" Apple Cinema Display (the older model in the clear plastic casing) with a Dual 2ghz G5. I'm not to technically inclined yet as I just got into computers and decided to give macs a try. I just got a xbox 360 and was hoping to connect it to my cinema display. Just wondering if this is possible. From what I understand my G5 has and DVI out which is why I had to get a DVI to ADC adapter for it to work with my display. Microsoft sells a VGA adapter but I'm guessing that will not work with my display. Also if it is possible what type of device would I need to use the monitor with the xbox and the G5 together? (I know I can't use them at the same time but alternate so I don't have to keep unplugging and hooking up cables every time I go between machines).

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Hardware :: Connecting 23" Apple Cinema Display To PS3

Sep 4, 2010

I'm wondering if it's possible to connect a 23" Apple Cinema Display (1920x1200) to a PS3. The Cinema Display is one of the older models, and it only has ADC. However, I've heard of switchers such as the Gefen HD Mate that would make this possible. These are hard to find now (and if they are available, they're ridiculously expensive). Are there any other ways to make this work?

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Hardware :: Connecting PlayStation 3 To 24" Apple Display?

Mar 9, 2009

I have just ordered a new iMac and going to get the 24" Apple display to use my with my iMac as a dual display

Just have a quick question, which I hope someone will have a definitive answer too. As per the title, does anyone know if there is any way that I can connect my Playstation 3 to the 24" Apple Display.

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OS X :: One Time Kernel Panic While Connecting To Apple USB Modem

Jul 5, 2009

I just experienced a kernel panic while connecting to the internet on dial up using Apple's USB Modem, this is the first time it has happened and I've had the modem for over a year. It happened right after I yanked out the cable right after I clicked the connect button because I realized that the phone was currently in use. Should I post the log at /Library/Logs/PanicReporter ?

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Windows On Mac :: Connecting Apple Mighty Mouse & Bluetooth Keyboard

Jan 7, 2009

I've tried to run the wizard and it's not working for me. Either it fails right from the start or it says it connected but neither work. Anyone who has done it successfully please help. I'm using a new unibody MacBook.

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Hardware :: Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse Connecting - Not Moving On XP?

Dec 21, 2009

Ive just got my hands on an Apple Bluetooth Wireless Mouse. It connects to the Bluetooth App that I have (which coincedientialy is running my Apple Wireless Keyboard perfectly) but when it says click ok with the newly connected mouse it does not move, the bottom of the mouse still flashes green.

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OS X Mavericks :: Apple Mail Stopped Connecting To IMAP Servers Identified By Name

Jun 20, 2014

I'm running mail (Version 7.3 (1878.2)). For some reason that I cannot fathom, imap accounts stopped working on June 10 or so. 

I can fix this by setting the imap server to the ip address of the server, rather than its name. 

I can confirm that the name is properly resolved to the address in terminal. 

I'm using my own imap cyrus imap server

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IMac :: Connecting A 24" Apple Cinema Display To A 27"?

Apr 19, 2010

Just wondering if its possible to connect an external monitor like the 24" cinema display to an imac 27" so I can use it as an extended desktop space?

Also heard something about possible 27" cinema displays coming out soon from apple.

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IMac Intel :: Connecting 23" Apple Cinema HD To 27"?

Jun 20, 2010

how to connect a 2002 23" Apple CInema HD display to the new 27" iMac? It is currently connected to a G5 with Radeon 9800 pro.

Power Mac G5 Dual 2 GHz
Mac OS X (10.5.8)
8 Gig ram, Final Cut Studio

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MacBook Pro :: Apple Is Frozen At Grey Apple And Pinwheel Is Spinning?

Feb 8, 2012

I recently went to turn on my laptop, and it started up, I heard the hard drive cycle, and it automatically went to a grey apple as the typical startup...but it froze there & a pinwheel was spinning...but it wouldn't boot up! What can I do to check this out?

Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)

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MacBook Pro :: Change Apple Id Without Old Apple Id Password?

Apr 22, 2012

i bought a used macbook pro and i want to change the apple id to my own but i have to enter the other guys apple id password to change it but

MacBook Pro

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OS X :: Connecting MacBook Pro To TV?

Mar 17, 2010

If I purchase this item here:


Then all I need is a VGA cable and I should be able to use my tv as a monitor, right? The only thing I dont understand is...what does "female" mean? Instead of just "to VGA" it says "to VGA female"....will that be a problem?

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting To My TV/MBP

Oct 23, 2010

An apple consultant at Best Buy sold me the mini display port to VGA adapter, VGA display cable, and stereo audio cable. When all set up, the volume comes through the TV very very low and the only picture I get is the purple light in outerspace MacBook picture, not the movie playing on my macbook.

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OS X :: Connecting My Macbook To My TV

Nov 18, 2010

I have a mini-DVI to DSub cable and an audio cable connecting my Macbook to my Samsung LCD HD TV. I get the audio portion from the computer to the TV fine, but the only video is the computer desktop background.

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