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IMac :: Connecting A 24" Apple Cinema Display To A 27"?

Just wondering if its possible to connect an external monitor like the 24" cinema display to an imac 27" so I can use it as an extended desktop space?

Also heard something about possible 27" cinema displays coming out soon from apple.

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IMac Intel :: Connecting 27 (late 2009) With 4850 To Apple Cinema Display HD 23" (2003)?
I currently connect my circa 2003 Apple Cinema Display (ACD) HD 23" (the lucite enclosed display) to the Powerbook G4 17" via the Apple DVI to ADC connector and it works superbly. This is the expensive powered connector interfacing to the Apple Display Connector on the 23" monitor including USB support. Now I'd like to know three things.

1) Has anyone has used this 23" monitor with their late 2009 iMac, by adding the Mini-Displayport to DVI connector connected to the DVI to ADC connector?

2) Have you also plugged in the USB connector on the DVI to ADC connector to the USB on the iMac to use the USB functionality on the ACD or are you only using the video connection?

3) I also thought it might be safer to ask what graphics card/chip was in their iMac if anyone has done this. Anyone using the ATI 4850 card?

There is another thread posing the same question with the early 2009 iMac but the person posting the thread never answered that they had resolved the question.

PowerMac G5 Dual 2 Ghz apparently died this year
Mac OS X (10.5.8)
Powerbook G4 1.67 GHz, plan to order iMac 27" i7

Posted: Jan 10, 2010

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Hardware :: Connecting XBox 360 To Apple Cinema Display
I have a 23" Apple Cinema Display (the older model in the clear plastic casing) with a Dual 2ghz G5. I'm not to technically inclined yet as I just got into computers and decided to give macs a try. I just got a xbox 360 and was hoping to connect it to my cinema display. Just wondering if this is possible. From what I understand my G5 has and DVI out which is why I had to get a DVI to ADC adapter for it to work with my display. Microsoft sells a VGA adapter but I'm guessing that will not work with my display. Also if it is possible what type of device would I need to use the monitor with the xbox and the G5 together? (I know I can't use them at the same time but alternate so I don't have to keep unplugging and hooking up cables every time I go between machines).

Posted: Feb 21, 2006

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Hardware :: Connecting 23" Apple Cinema Display To PS3
I'm wondering if it's possible to connect a 23" Apple Cinema Display (1920x1200) to a PS3. The Cinema Display is one of the older models, and it only has ADC. However, I've heard of switchers such as the Gefen HD Mate that would make this possible. These are hard to find now (and if they are available, they're ridiculously expensive). Are there any other ways to make this work?

Posted: Sep 4, 2010

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IMac :: 27" Doesn't Display Full Resolution On Apple Cinema Display?
The title says it all really... Quite a simple problem that I can't find any answer to!

I've hooked up my 30" Apple Cinema Display to the new iMac 27" and the highest resolution I'm getting as an option is 1280x800... The iMac correctly detects the ACD as a Cinema HD display but limits my resolution. Why oh why?!

Posted: Dec 24, 2009

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Hardware :: Apple Cinema Display Or IMac Screen?
Which monitor has better resolution... an ACD or the screen of an iMac?

I'm asking this because I'm thinking on selling my 30" ACD and my 17" MBP so I can buy a 24" iMac and a 15" Macbook Pro

Posted: Apr 15, 2009

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Hardware :: Connect Apple Cinema Display To IMac?
I have a 20" Apple Cinema Display (M9177LL/A) and need to connect it to my iMac (MB324LL/A).

What cable(s) do I use? The confusing part here is there are 2 flavors of DVI.

which one my 20" ACD has nor what the iMac can accommodate.

Posted: Sep 7, 2009

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Hardware :: Apple - Design (iMac / LED Cinema Display) Like Speakers?
I have tried searching about this before but does anyone know if any half-decent (iMac / LED Cinema Display)-like speakers have been released. I was just curious if any company had released speakers with stands that look similar to the iMac or the new LED Display. I have seen the mStand that is basically a macbook stand that is designed like the iMac stand but i have not seen any speakers. If i ever thought about buying speakers i would like them to go with the new LED Display stand (not that i have one, nor a macbook for that matter but things can always change). I just like things to match, like black keys on the new keyboards and and some kind of aluminium+black color mouse. The speakers would have to have a stand that looked pretty much like the display stand (smaller of course) and the actual speakers should be aluminum-color too, possibly with a black bezel and a rectangle shape with curved corners, not round or anything.

Posted: Jan 13, 2009

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IMac Intel :: Connecting 24" LED Display Or 30" Cinema To Early 2008?
I currently own an early 2008 iMac (aluminum, 3 USB, 2 FW, mini-dvi, parallel stand). Anyway, I want to know if I can connect it to a 24" LED display. I know apple does not have a mini-dvi to mini-display port adapter, but I know of this 3rd party one: [URL]

I was wondering if I could connect the LED display to my iMac using that adaptor. I was also wondering if I could use Apple's mini-display port to Dual-Link DVI to connect my iMac to the Apple 30" Cinema display. Mini-DVI doesn't run a 30" display, so I was wondering if it would if I sent it through the mini-display port adaptor.

24" iMac 2.8 GHz 320 GB HD 4GB RAM 6 MB L2 cache
Mac OS X (10.6.1)

Posted: Dec 19, 2009

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IMac Intel :: Connect Apple Cinema Display 30" (24 - Inch Mid 2007)?
Can I connect an Apple cinema display 30" to my iMac (24-inch Mid 2007)? (ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO with 256MB of GDDR3 memory graphics card)

iMac (24-inch Mid 2007)
Mac OS X (10.6.4)
2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme, 4GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive and ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO with 256MB of GDDR3 memory.

Posted: Nov 9, 2010

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IMac Intel :: Connecting 23" Apple Cinema HD To 27"?
how to connect a 2002 23" Apple CInema HD display to the new 27" iMac? It is currently connected to a G5 with Radeon 9800 pro.

Power Mac G5 Dual 2 GHz
Mac OS X (10.5.8)
8 Gig ram, Final Cut Studio

Posted: Jun 20, 2010

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IMac Intel :: Apple LED Cinema Display Works - Adapter To Connect DVI Samsung Monitor?
One month ago I went to the Apple store in town and asked about how to set-up a second monitor, ie to have an external monitor in addition to the primary monitor built into the iMac. The Apple store rep said it was easy, just purchase the 24" flat panel Apple LED Cinema Display and plug it in. The next week I went back to the Apple store and tried to purchase the 24" flat panel Apple LED Cinema Display. The (different) rep I talked to seemed very knowledgeable, and said that this monitor would NOT work with my November 2008 iMac; instead, he suggested that I buy a Samsung model that would be compatible with it. Thus, I bought a Samsung display (that was much cheaper than the Apple model) and am trying to plug it in via the DVI cable. However, the DVI Adapter that came with my 2009 17" MacBook Pro connects just fine into the DVI cable from the Samsung, but does not fit into the port on the back of my iMac.

1.Is it true that the 24" flat panel Apple LED Cinema Display does not work with my iMac?
2.What kind of adapter do I need to buy to connect my DVI Samsung monitor to my iMac?

Posted: Aug 25, 2009

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IMac :: Early 2009 IMac 24" & 30" Apple Cinema Display?
About 5 months ago I had my Mid 2006 iMac replaced with an Early 2009 iMac and on the whole I am very pleased with it except for one thing ... the glossy display.As our youngest has now commandeered my office I am now resigned to using the dining room which is fine except the only area for all my equipment is the wall opposite the window. The reflection during the afternoon and early evening when the sun comes through is driving me crazy. We have had blinds fitted which now help but still cast a lot of reflections and glare on the screen making reading difficult. I didn?t have this problem with the old matte iMac.An option would be to use a matte screen as a second monitor or even better a 30" Apple Cinema Display thus I can move the iMac out of the way.

Posted: Oct 9, 2009

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IMac :: Compatibility Between 2 1/2 Year Old Imac 24" And A Apple 30" Cinema Display?
I have the Imac Alu 24", 2.4 ghz Core 2 Duo with a ATI Radeon HD2600 graphic card with 256MB VRAM. I will be buying a 2 year old apple Cinema display 30" tomorrow from a colleague and would like to know that my IMAC can easily handle supporting this display at its normal resolution and have a crisp and correct image on the larger screen. I know that this older version of the Alu Imac has the older video out display port, but I presume I can convert it to attach to this 2 year old screen as well. Is there something I'll need to do to get this to work?

Posted: Mar 26, 2010

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Hardware :: Connecting Old Cinema Display To New MacBook?
Is it possible to connect one of those old cinema displays (or any other displays) to new aluminum macbook? If so, how?

Posted: Dec 12, 2008

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OS X ::Connecting Xbox 360 To Cinema Display?
I know this has been asked a hundred times; can you hook up your 360 to cinema display but all the threads are from years ago and people keep saying there will be converters and such soon.
Mac Pro, 30" ACD, Apple LED 24" display, and 360 and I have a uMBP.

Posted: Sep 7, 2009

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Hardware :: Connecting Cinema Display To MB Pro?
I am using a 23" cinema display as my main screen connected to my mac book pro. It is working fine but I was wondering if I could remove the usb connection leaving only the DVI connection and the Firewire connection. (So I have one more usb port to plug stuff) I know for an IPod both were provided in case you don't have a firewire in your laptop when only 1 is needed.

Posted: Sep 14, 2009

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Power Mac G5 :: Connecting Second Cinema Display To ADC
My G5 card has one DVI and one ADC connector. I have two 20" Cinema displays. Once is connected to the DVI and works great. I want to connect the second display but can't figure out how to do it. How should I go about doing this? It appears the DVI to ADC cord that apple has only works the opposite direction (as if the monitor were ADC and the computer connect was DVI).

Mac G5 and Macbook Pro
Mac OS X (10.5.2)

Posted: Jun 16, 2008

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Power Mac G5 :: Connecting ADC Cinema Display?
What do I need to buy in order to connect an ADC Cinema Display to my G4 or can I?

G5 Dual 2GHz & MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Jan 16, 2010

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Software :: Connecting ADC Cinema Display To MB Pro
I have an older 23" Mac HD Cinema Display monitor with an ADC connector. I just purchased a 15" MacBook Pro and want to use the 23" display. The Apple Store where I purchased the notebook sold me a DVI to MiniDisplay. But I was told I would need to buy an ADC DVI adapter that Apple no longer carries. EBay has many Model A1006 DVI ADC adapters for sale. It looked like it has the plug configuration I need to mate the two adapters.

Basically, I need a Female ADC plug that connects to the Cinema Display and a Male DVI to connect to the DVI to MiniDisplay adapter I have now. I called Apple Support and was told "it should work" but they won't guarantee it will since they don't support either the monitor or the A1006 connector. Can anyone who has successfully done what I'm trying to do please let me know? Will the Model A1006 DVI adapter work with the DVI MiniDisplay adapter?

Posted: Sep 2, 2010

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Hardware :: 30" Apple Cinema Display - Is That Resolution Available In A Larger Display?
I own 23 and 30" Cinema Displays. I like the 23 because everything is larger and easier to read than in the 30". I mostly work in Logic and love that I see lots of things on the 30" but the 23" is much easier on my eyes.Is there such a thing as a display with 2560x1600 (like the 30" Apple) but that is LARGER than a 30 inch so I can see everything bigger in Logic??? Maybe a 34 or 37"? Did a search but haven't come up with anything other than other 30" displays.

Posted: Aug 14, 2009

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MacBook Air :: Cable Configuration For Connecting Cinema Display
The Cinema Display has the one cable that replaces 3 but, that seems to work for MacBooks which have the Magsafe connector, display port and USB on the same side. Since the MacBook Air has the display port on the other side - will the cable reach or is this an oversight? Does anyone have the new MacBook Air hooked up to the new 27" Cinema Display, that can confirm the cable configuration works?

MacBook Air 11.6"
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Nov 15, 2010

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OS X ::Connecting Xbox 360 To Mac Pro And Cinema Display
I've been searching around for some time to try and figure out how to hook up my 360 (and it's HDMI output) to my mac pro (quad, 7Gb ram) and 30" cinema display. Apple lists this on their site: [URL] but it's designed as a video capture card, so I'm not sure if it's appropriate for using simply to play the 360 on. Are there any other pci express cards or units which will allow me to take the output from the 360, input it through my Mac Pro and display it on my cinema display without lag, wonky setups, or hijacking anything?

Posted: Aug 30, 2009

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MacBook :: Connecting To Cinema Display - Setting No Sleep Mode?
I'm new to the forum, but not necessarily new to Apple. I have a aluminum MacBook and have it connected via display port to a Dell monitor (have a cinema display on order from macmall due in tomorrow!). My question is while I have the MB connected to the display, is there a way I can have the laptop lid closed and prevent the computer from going to sleep?

Posted: Nov 12, 2009

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Hardware :: Apple Cinema Display
I just got my Cinema Display yesterday,But one thing, the USB ports dont seem to function "normally" i got my Mouses Bluetooth Dongle plugged directly into the back, and its not recieving it?

I also tried plugging my APC40 (midi controller) into the back and it didnt get recognized, it only works when i plug it directly into the MBP.Am i forgetting something?I did a full update on the drivers soon as i plugged it in too

Posted: Oct 29, 2010

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Hardware :: Apple Cinema Display ?
I've been trawling the net to find a review of the Apple Cinema Display by a professional who has used it every day for at least one month, to see whether the reflection on it is as off-putting as it looks in the store.

I went into the Apple Regent Street Store in London on Friday all ready to buy an MBP17 & an ACD24 but then when I looked at the Cinema Display I saw my own ugly face reflected back at me horrifically clearly... When I was trying out the various apps on the screen, even with a white background the glass was still very reflective.

Granted the Apple Store is probably the brightest work environment you'll ever see, but I need to know from people who own and use this monitor daily: is it as reflective as it seems and is that off-putting for your work?

My work requires very precise colour definition so if the reflections will get in the way of that then I'll essentially own a very expensive mirror/paper weight.

Posted: May 4, 2009

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Hardware :: Apple Cinema Display To A PC?
I have a gorgeous 24" ACD that I bought earlier this year for my MBP. The MBP was sold, so I now want to use this display with my hackintosh that I built.

I think this adapter will work, but I'm not sure.


I'm not sure because the DVI end of the adapter appears to be female, and I need a male end to plug into my computer.

I'm not sure if I'm over-thinking, confused or just plain dumb. All I want to do is plug the ACD into my desktop.

by the way, I went to microcenter for this, and they pointed me to a 150 dollar adapter - plug the monitor into one side, of it and the other side goes into the DVI port of the computer. I'm hoping I don't need to spend 150

Posted: Aug 9, 2010

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Hardware :: Apple Cinema Display 27"
When do you think of that you can order the new Apple Cinema Display 27"?

Posted: Aug 25, 2010

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Hardware :: Apple Cinema Display 24 Inches?
I have a very lovely and presently not working Cinema Display 24 inches.

Here is what it is doing.

When connected to my Mac it shows up as a valid screen in the Monitors System preference and if I am not mirroring displays my mouse and windows can be placed in this 'space'.

However there is not any on LED power light nor does the USB/Firewire port function.

What is odd, is this is intermittent. It used to be dark for a bit but mostly on. Now it is dark 99% of the time, and occassionaly comes to life.

When it comes to life, it is bright, and clear. So the lamp is more than likely OK.

The power supply has been tested with another unit and it is not power supply (external) related.

I have thought it could be the inverter board which is a part I can buy cheaply and repair. However I was told my LCD is more symptomatic of the LCD panel being bad.

Apple wants a $450 fee to diagnose that would be applied towards repairs, but at that cost, it is almost worth getting the new LED model. I would prefer to fix it in a more economical manner.

Does anyone know of what could be causing my set of symptoms and/or a reliable LCD repair source preferably in the NY/NJ region?

I would prefer to have some idea of a diagnosis before I go and buy invetertor boards and A/D boards. However I can replace the power supply, inverter and A/D board for under $300 so that is abetter option than Apple's. However if the LCD panel is in fact dead, then it is a lost cause. New panels are very hard to find.

Posted: Sep 20, 2010

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Hardware :: Buy Besides Apple Cinema Display
I have an iMac 21.5 inch and I sm trying to find s dual monitor that can sorta match up to it's brightness and color quality but I don't want to drop and absurd amount to get an apple cinema display. So my question is what are my options . And what are the visual differences between LCD led and ISP displays. I'm very unfamiliar with all this so thanks for the advice and help. Btw I'm looking for a 22-23 inch display

Posted: Nov 7, 2010

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Hardware :: New 30" Apple Cinema HD Display ?
Anyone have any idea when these suckers might be updated, I want to buy but Im not paying �1100 for something with 700:1 Contrast.. Anyone hear anything new on these? I dont know why they just didn't update them when the 24" came out.

Posted: Sep 10, 2009

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Hardware :: Can Connect Apple Cinema Display To PC
i am planning to buy an apple's LED cinema display to connect it to my PC.


the all new

24-inch (viewable) LED-backlit thin film transistor (TFT) active-matrix liquid crystal display

reason i chose this is because its the best in the market. and its brilliant quality stuff...

at least its the best currently in Indian market...

i want to know if it contains or has the capability to connect with DVI port on my nvidia 8600GT...

will it be able to display the same quality.

or will there be any resolution problem with the type of hardware i have?

Posted: Jan 29, 2010

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Mac Pro :: Adapter For Apple Cinema Display 2.0.0
Is this the adapter that I need to connect an Apple Cinema Dis. from 2001 to a Mac Pro. The monitor only has USB ports in back.

Mac OS X (10.4.11)
moving to a Mac Pro OS X.6

Posted: Jan 4, 2011

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Hardware :: Apple Drops 20-inch Cinema Display?
Apple on Thursday discontinued its legacy 20-inch Cinema Display, reducing its external display offerings to just two options: its new LED-lit 24-inch model for notebooks and its legacy 30-inch display for desktops.

"With immediate effect, the following products are 'End of Life' (EOL); Apple 20" Cinema Display," the Cupertino-based company wrote in a worldwide bulletin to its sales and service channels. "All backlog will be cancelled and there is no automatic order conversion."

Around the same time, the Mac maker also removed the offering from its various online stores. Inventory of the display is extremely tight, as production of the product is believed to have been halted late last year. One of the company's largest distributors, Ingram Micro UK, reflects absolutely no inventory (below).

Interestingly, the same distributor has also run dry of the current 30-inch HD Cinema Display with a delivery date on new orders well past due, suggesting it may soon follow the 20-inch model out the door. The 30-inch model is not listed as discontinued, however, as it remains the only Apple-branded display that can be paired with new Mac Pro and Mac mini purchases.

Apple discontinued its previous-generation 23-inch HD Cinema Display last fall while introducing its new LED-lit 24-inch Cinema Display (review), which was designed with the company's new family of notebooks in mind. It did away with a DVI connector in favor of a Mini DisplayPort connector, which Apple has said will become its new standard display interface, shipping on all future products.

While Apple is widely expected to introduce a second LED-lit display in the 30-inch range, it remains unclear whether a new 20-inch model remains in the cards. Any future display update would presumably coincide with long-awaited updates to the company's line of desktop systems.

The 30-inch Cinema Display is amongst Apple's eldest available product offerings, having been introduced back in June of 2004.[ View this article at ]

Posted: Feb 19, 2009

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Hardware :: Use Apple LED Cinema Display With PC Laptop?
I'm wondering how can I use my Apple LED Cinema Display with my PC laptop.

The laptop has VGA and DVI inputs but not the small Apple thingy.

Posted: Sep 11, 2010

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Hardware :: New Apple 27" Cinema Display Not Working
I noticed it only has a DisplayPort, but couldnt I do a DVI out from my PC to a DVI/DP converter cable to plug into the monitor? Has anyone done this?

Posted: Oct 18, 2010

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Hardware :: New Apple 27 Inch Cinema Display With PS3
I plan to buy a 27 inch Apple Cinema Display to connect my 13 inch Macbook White too. I also plan to wall mount it and use it to run my ps3 through. I've looked around on the apple store and found the Belkin AV360 to use. I was just wondering if there are any issues I should be worried about? PS3 on a apple display sounds sooo good Also I want to use wireless headphones for sound on the ps3.

Posted: Nov 2, 2010

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MacBook :: Not Working With Monitor (Apple Cinema Display)
I've been using my black macbook for several years with both my Apple Cinema Display and Panasonic TV with the Apple mini-dvi to dvi adapter, but today when I tried to hook my macbook up with the tv it didn't work. The Tv just showed a black picture and nothing happend when I un- and replugged the cable. I tried it on my ACD as well and the colors wasn't right on it. Some colors wasn't showing, eg red. Green and blue was OK. I'm suspecting the adapter to be the problem, 'cause I've tried everything (also in preferences) and been using this method for years! Any thoughts on the problem? Should I buy a new adapter or try something else?

Connection methods;
TV = mini-dvi to dvi, and dvi to hdmi
ACD = mini-dvi to dvi and dvi directly to the ACD

Posted: Dec 31, 2010

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Mac Pro :: New 30" Apple Cinema Display
I was lucky enough to check the online Apple Store at the right time yesterday, and came across a refurbished 30" ACD for $1,299. Ordered it with next day shipping, and less than 24 hours later (i.e. now), I've got it up and running. MAN�this thing is awesome I've been using a pair of 23" ACDs�both suspended via an Ergotron dual mount (which is great). Now, I've got some reconfiguring to do. If anyone would be so kind as to tell me if the following moves make sense, I'd be truly grateful. FYI, I've got an early 2008 Mac Pro (3,1), and I do lots of graphics work (mainly Photoshop + Illustrator, CS5�but increasingly dabbling in Cinema 4D�and no gaming whatsoever). Here's what I've been thinking about buying to "refresh" my 3-year-old system:

� ATI Radeon HD 5770 Graphics Card
� SSD (120GB Mercury Extreme Pro) + "IcyDock" mount
� 2 PCIe cards (both by Sonnet Tech.):
� Allegro Express USB 2.0 Adapter Card (adds 4 ext. USB ports)
� Tempo SATA E2P Serial ATA Host Adapter Card (adds 2 ext. eSATA ports)
� NewerTech Voyager Q- (SATA Hard Drive Dock)........

Posted: Jan 5, 2011

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Hardware :: Cant Get 24" LED Apple Cinema Display
So is there a way to make it work?

Posted: Dec 15, 2008

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