Mac Pro :: Unable To Detect All Wireless Networks

May 7, 2012

My pro only sees my Airport and does not detect other wireless networks even there are some around- my other macs detect 7 n all-- note I have win7 with bootcamp and does the same thing?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), my laptop and sisters Imac see 7

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OS X :: Unable To Connect Wireless Networks W/Bootcamp?

Aug 14, 2010

I installed XP, via BC, on my older 20" iMac, and I keep getting an error message when trying to connect to my wireless network. My network shows that it is available, with full signal strength, but as soon as I try to connect to it, I get an error message saying that it may be out of range, and I should refresh and try to connect again.

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MacBook Pro :: Using System As A Wireless Router / Unable To Detect Network

Dec 31, 2010

I just purchased my new macbook pro and I wanted to know if it was possible to use the laptop as a router so that my PS3 could connect through it. I followed the steps someone else mentioned:

(1) Open System Preferences on your MacBook Pro, and open "Sharing"

(2) On the left column, click Internet Sharing and check the box

(3) Use the drop-down menu to select Ethernet in "Share your connection from..."

(4) Check the box next to Airport in the section "To computers using..."

(5) Close System Preferences and open the Airport menu from your Toolbar (top)

(6) Click "Create Network", add a name to your Computer-to-Computer network

(7) Leave the Channel as Automatic, add a password if you require (make sure your PS3 is compatible with your chosen level of security), click Ok.

(8) Connect an ethernet cable between your broadband modem and MacBook Pro

(9) Turn on your PS3 and perform your usual setup when connecting to a wireless network

I have an Ipod, and it did detect the new connection that was setup; however, my PS3 and my Windows Mobile phone did not detect it. Is there a reason for this? Do only Apple devices identify this connection?

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OS X :: How Do I Bridge 2 Wireless Networks

Apr 16, 2009

I have two different broadband connections at home on two separate phone lines.

Each broadband connection has it's own Wireless Router (1 has a Belkin 54g the other is an Orange Livebox). I also have an Apple Airport Express which is doing nothing at the minute.

What I'd like to do is set up the two networks to be linked i.e. the MacPro on Connection 1 will be able to see the other Macs on Connection 2 and file share the video's/music etc etc...

How would I go about setting this up?

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Software :: Which App Shows Available Wireless Networks

Oct 1, 2009

haven't had a portable mac for a couple of years.

anyways, there's an application that shows which wireless networks are open/connectable. anyone know if it's still out there? as i remember, it shows in menu bar different networks, with a dot right next to it � green for open, and so on.

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OS X :: Automatically Log Into VPN When Connecting To Certain Wireless Networks?

Nov 20, 2005

so my University uses the lovely Cisco VPN Client. Easy to get it working, not a big deal, but it annoys me that I need to start it manually every time I switch wifi networks and such. Is there a way to automate this? I want to connect to the VPN whenever the Airport logs into one of the University's wifi networks. The Cisco client also supports command-line mode, so I could write a script for that. But the big question is: is there a "connected to wifi network" event I can hook into using AppleScript or something.

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MacBook :: Won't Find Any Wireless Networks

Jul 14, 2009

I'm having a bit of a nightmare with connecting to any wireless networks on my MacBook. If I click on airport in the menu bar there are no wireless networks listed - it's not finding any. Even in locations where I know there to be a wireless network that I've joined before (work, home, at a friends house) Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this or is it a straight visit to the apple store?

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OS X :: How To Join Wireless Networks Automatically

Aug 17, 2009

Every time I go somewhere I have to find a wireless network my self. Is there a way to have AirPort find and connect automatically on MacBook Pro?

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MacBook Pro :: Can't Get Internet Through Certain Wireless Networks

Mar 13, 2012

I'm using a Macbook Pro 17" 5,1 w/ Snow Leopard. For some reason I'm unable to get an internet connection from certain wireless networks. For instance I was away on vacation and when I returned I was no longer able to get internet access through my work's wireless network but I am able to connect and get internet access from my home network and others with no issues.  

I've tried removing the stored networks, renewing DHCP, reseting the router and everything else I can think of.  I am able to connect to the router, but the indicator light for internet shows red. My coworker on a similar Macbook is able to connect and get internet from the same network just fine. 

When looking at the control panel on the router its showing that his Macbook is being assigned a dynamic IP but mine is being assigned a static IP but there isn't any way to control this through the router and since nothing has been changed in terms of the router's configuration I have to assume its something to do with my Macbook as I'm having similar issues with other networks I used to be able to connect to as well. Since I'm able to get online using certain other wireless networks its bloody well confusing. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Macbook 17" 5,1 2.6 GHZ

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Windows On Mac :: No Wireless Networks Found [Bootcamp]?

Feb 18, 2009

I have a Unibody Macbook Pro, and I recently reinstalled Windows XP SP2 (updated to SP3) with Bootcamp. I am unable to see any wireless networks when I know several are present. (OSX Connects flawlessly).

I have attempted to update the drivers to no avail.

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OS X :: Connect To 2 Wireless Networks For Faster Speed?

Jul 1, 2009

wondering if its possible to connect to two wireless networks to combine their connections and get a greater speed. in the 2 offices at work we have 2 separate wireless connections. one for the sales team, one for the support team. now my mac picks up both of them fine and i can connect. but im wondering can i connect to both networks and get a faster speed? i have a standard macbook (white one). would i need to buy a secondary wireless device like a usb wireless device and install that and connect to each network with each wireless device?

if yes how would i go about joining them together for combined speed. if not then can someone fill me in? or can i connect my standard mac wifi device to 2 networks at the same time? im a mac n00b - since last august so go easy on me

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MacBook :: Airport Does Not See Wireless Networks / Bootcamp

Jan 13, 2010

One day I noticed that my Macbook was having trouble find ANY networks available (despite knowing that many were available) - it doesn't see any. Occasionally the Airport will pick up a network or two with extremely low signal strength (even if the wireless router is in the same room) but usually has issues connecting and eventually the network disappears from Airport. At first I thought my Airport had totally crapped out and so I had to go out and spend $100 on a third party USB wifi stick (there are very few companies who make these for Mac, but for PC they can run for $15 ).

Now the crappy design of this USB wifi stick I purchased has caused the USB head to become bent and is ultimately deteriorating. SO, recently I noticed that when I use Bootcamp to run Windows 7 on my Macbook, Win7 is able to fully use my built in Airport hardware and receives great signal - so now I'm thinking that it may not be a hardware problem at all.

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Hardware :: Is Possible To Connect To Multiple Wireless Networks

Apr 29, 2010

Just picked up my first mac, a brand new 13" MBP - which is awesome. I also have an AirPort Express that I've set up to use to play iTunes wirelessly to my external speakers. The problem is, my internet connection is coming off of another router (I live in a dorm-style place, so there is one shared internet connection). So far I've been able to either play music on my external speakers, or connect to the internet, but not both.
Am I doing something wrong? Is it possible to do both at once?

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Software :: Can't Connect To Open Wireless Networks

Nov 1, 2008

I have a Macbook Pro running Leopard 10.5.5 purchased in early October 2008. for a few days I could get onto free wireless networks with Airport, however starting 2 weeks ago I cannot. there's no problem establishing an IP address. steps taken: talked to Applecare who told me I need new wireless card and told me to bring into apple store. apple store yesterday they told me it was a problem with the "preferred locations" function clogging things up so they cleared my cache and set everything to "automatic," unchecked box that says remember networks, and of course it worked fine. this morning it doesn't. once again I cannot get onto an open wireless network. also a new detail is that now when I connect my ethernet cable after trying Airport first I cannot connect, I need to restart computer 1st.

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Wireless Internet But Not With Connecting To Networks

Jun 13, 2012

I am using a Ralink wireless usb dongle, and I can pick up multiple networks in my area.I can connect to a local WPA2 network, using the shared key, but can't connect to the internet in Safari or any other program.I used to be able to access the internet with this very same hardware, using what I thought was the same software, though with an open network. When I look in network prefs at the device, called "ethernet eng3" (I think), it says "connected, but may not work because of a self-assigned IP", or something to that effect.

Powermac g5 7,3, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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MacBook Pro :: It Is Not Recognizing Remembered Wireless Networks

Jun 25, 2012

When trying to connect to my home wireless network, my computer doesn't recognize my network, or any network as being accessed before. It doesn't remember any networks. I even went into the advanced settings and made sure to check the box that makes it remember networks, and it still doesn't remember them. I am able to connect to my home network manually, but it will not automatically connect when I open the lid after it being closed, or when I turn off the wifi and turn it back on.

Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Connect To Some Wireless Networks - OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

Sep 3, 2014

My MacBook Pro (17" from mid 2010 running OS X 10.9.4) won't connect to some "open" wireless networks. The ones it has problems with are typically in hotels and are the kind where a login screen is supposed to be presented after selecting the network. Instead of getting the login page I get the message that I can't join the network and am prompted to cancel or run all the diagnostics (which aren't useful). 

My laptop seems to be the only one in my family that has this problem. We've been places where out of 8 wireless devices (4 Mac laptops and 4 iPhones) my MacBook Pro is the ONLY one that won't connect. My wife's MacBook Air always connects like a champ. And my MacBook seems to work fine on most secured networks, such as here at home.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6)

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PowerPC :: AirPort Wireless Only See / Connect To Nearby Networks

Jun 14, 2009

I have a wireless network router/internet thing in one room of the house and my g5 is in another room. I also have a PC laptop and that can connect to my home's wirless internet no problem. My G5 simply cannot connect or even sense my 2wire901 home network, but it can see other networks in my home area. I only managed to connect to my own home network once! And the 2nd time my 2wire901 can never be found. Get this; it has to be the mac. Coz my laptop is sitting right next to my mac in 1 room and it has no problems connecting.

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MacBook Pro :: Installed Linux 9.10 - Wireless Networks Not Shown

Apr 14, 2010

Has anyone installed linux 9.10 because I am having issues with it not showing any wireless networks or anything and trying see how to get it to find my router.

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PowerPC :: IBook G4 Cannot Detect Wireless

Dec 17, 2006

I used to have an old iBook G4 whose hard drive conked out on me a few months ago. I sent it to Apple and go a new hard drive installed. This model of the iBook does not have the wireless built in but I got a free Airport card during the purchase and its put in. Now, I've installed Panther on it but a problem I've noticed is that I simply can't detect any wireless networks. I can turn on and off the wireless in my menu bar but whenever I search for networks, it detects nothing. This is all the time of course, next to my iMac and Powerbook which have no problems detecting the network. I've tried re-installing the OS even.

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OS X Yosemite :: How To Get Mac To Detect Wireless Printer

Dec 3, 2014

I recently upgraded to yosemite and my Mac no longer recognizes my canon pima printer (wi-fi connection). I deleted the printer on the printer list after I received a connection error with the intention of adding it back and now cannot get my Mac to detect the printer to add it. I installed the updated driver from canon's site.

iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2012), OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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Hardware :: Two Time Capsules & Two Wireless Networks On 1 Internet Connection

Aug 19, 2010

I searched the forum and couldn't really find anybody with this same situation. But anyways, me and my roommate both own Time Capsules, and both want to be able to connect to our own capsules, but we are obviously sharing the same internet connection. Is it possible to just plug the modem into one of the capsules, and then just plug the other capsule into that capsule? This way would there be two seperate networks that we could individually connect to and sync with?

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MacBook Pro :: Airport Losses Connection To Wireless Networks Whenever Screen Is Shut?

May 28, 2010

Every time I close my MBP screen I have to re-enter my WEP password for my wireless network. This is very frustrating and I'm not sure if it is just an issue with keychain or if it is something else. If it is keychain I have no idea how to fix it as I have tried everything I know.

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PowerPC :: AirPort Extreme Card On Late 2004 G5 Mac Detects No Wireless Networks

Jul 4, 2010

I recently purchased a refurbished AirPort Extreme Card and AirPort antenna for my late 2004 Power Mac G5. My Mac is running on OS X Version 10.4.11. I properly installed them, since the computer notes the AirPort Extreme card in the "About Mac" menu. There are a couple of wireless networks near my home and the computer doesn't detect any of them. I've checked out previous forum discussions around this issue, tried some suggested troubleshooting to no avail. Can I presume the AirPort Extreme card is defective? It detects absolutely no signal from the other networks around here. Could the WEP password length of our router have anything to do with it? Do I need to download a driver to activate the AirPort Extreme Card? Could upgrading to a different operating system make it work?

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OS X :: Mac 10.6.2 - Unable To Connect To To Networks And VPN

Mar 10, 2010

I am currently attempting to assist a lady who is experiencing many issues connecting to wireless networks and using VPN software to connect to our resources. I will provide as much detail as I can, however this has been an ongoing job involving myself and quite a few other support officers. I am, historically, a PC user. I can provide some basic Mac support, but only what I have been trained in. I am now seeking assistance, as I have reached the limit of my knowledge. An issue was raised with myself when this lady first called and reported that she was having trouble connecting her VPN client (from Cisco) while connected to a remote wireless connection.

I went through some basic troubleshooting (what errors are you getting, etc.) and eventually discovered that the client was using a static IP (Self assigned in Mac-speak). I was perplexed that the lady would be using this and asked some more probing questions. Turns out, the hotel that she is staying in does not have any wireless connections available and she is using next doors' (shady, I know). One of her friends informed her that the best way to connect would be to use this static IP ( This means that multiple computers would be connecting to the same network with the same IP address. I informed her that static IPs are meant to be unique to all computers on the network and that having overlapping ones may cause conflicts. When she changed this back to DHCP, she then lost all network activity. the Airport device was turned on, but not connected to anything......................

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Intel Mac :: Unable To Create 2 Networks?

Jun 8, 2012

Here on my office we have 3 macs, 1 wireless router and 1 gigabit lan switch.My wireless router only have 100mbps ports and I need a little more speed on my network.So I want to use my wireless router only as internet via Airport and my gigabit lan as file sharing via gigabit connection. I can disable the network features on my wireless router so the macs can't see each other on the wireless connection.The problem is that i can't make them work on the gigabit switch. I need to put some static ips on the macs and I don't know what to put on the default gateway because the gigabit switch doesn't have an IP, its a SWITCH 08P 10/100/1000 D-LINK DGS-1008D. what ips and gateways should I put on my network connection? PS: I tried putting my wireless router via cable on my gigabit switch but it limited my gigabit switch to 100mbps and started to slow my network traffic.  

Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2 iMacs and 1 macbook Pro

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Mac Pro :: Unable To Detect Original Stock RAM Now?

May 14, 2008

I recently bought two 2GB sticks of OWC 800 MHz ram for my Mac Pro.

My Mac Pro originally had two 1GB sticks, which worked fine, I just wanted more.

It seems that they don't work together. I've tried every possibly configuration. Is it the case that they just aren't going to work together because they are different sizes?

Right now, I have the two 2GB sticks in A1 and A2. And the stock 1GB sticks in B1 and B2. A1 and A2 gets detected, but B1 and B2 doesn't.

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OS X :: Macbook Unable To Detect IPhone

Jun 18, 2009

I have a Macbook and I just bought an iPhone 3G and it seems my mac is totally not responding to my iPhone.I have the latest updates but to no avail.I also have also just loaded intego virusbarrier 5. I heard that it is interfering with the sync of both devices. So how do resolve this problem without having to erase and re-install my harddisk

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Intel Mac :: Unable To Detect Camera

May 29, 2012

I have just upgraded to OS X 10.7.4. When I connect my camera to download photos it says that it dosn't detect a camera. Have i missed a step ?

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook :: Unable To Use Auto-Detect Display

Dec 15, 2009

I have a macbook with leopard osx and use it frequently for presentations and so on. I have connected it to several monitors and projectors a hundred times and it has worked fine since last night.

Last night, I have connected my mac to a monitor with vga cable but it did not detect it and instead a constantly flickering blue screen came up and never went. I am sure the cables are fine.

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