Mac Pro :: Apple Keyboard Number Pad Not Work On Windows

Jun 11, 2008

My apple keyboard number pad doesnt work on windows via bootcamp (works fine on osx 10.5.3), I have the latest firmware for the keyboard on macos and have checked the software update on windows but nothing fixes it, what can I do?


Windows On Mac :: Number Pad On Apple Keyboard Not Working?

Oct 17, 2010

I am using Vista on bootcamp to run some accounting programs. However, I can't get the number pad on the standard wired Apple keyboard to work.

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Windows On Mac :: How To Get Keyboard Number Pad To Work With Fusion

Sep 10, 2008

I'm using Fusion with my Boot Camp partition on my MacBook. I've got an external keyboard (Matias OSX Keyboard). My number pad doesn't work in Windows but does in OS X. I'm not sure if there is a num lock key or how to access it if that would make the difference.

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Applications :: Number Pad On The New Apple Keyboard Doesn't Work In VMWare Fusion?

Sep 19, 2007

The number pad on the new Apple Keyboard (Aluminum) doesn't work in VMWare Fusion w/ Win XP.

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MacBook Pro :: Apple Wired Keyboard - Differences Between One With And Without Number Pad

Sep 1, 2009

I want to get the apple wired keyboard (not the wireless), but I'm undecided on which version. Is the shorter wired version a lot more cramped than the longer one, in respect to the majorily used keys, or is the spacing the same between the characters for both keyboards. I never use a num pad normally and would like to free up a little space on my desk, but I'm worried that the rest of the keys will be more cramped and uncomfortable to type on.

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Hardware :: Keys On The Apple Keyboard With The Number Pad?

Nov 19, 2009

I've never seen or used an Apple keyboard with the numpad and I am unsure as to what some keys are. See the image below, I have highlighted the keys in the image.

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Windows On Mac :: Number Pad Won't Work Under Bootcamp

Dec 17, 2007

I am on a mac Mini, and I have bootcamp installed with XP. when I am in Leopard the number pad works, but when I am booted into XP it does not. The keyboard is a wired apple keyboard, the white one not the alluminum.

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IMac :: Apple Sell Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard With Number Pad And Arrows?

Apr 6, 2009

Does Apple sell the bluetooth wireless keyboard with the number pad and arrows? Its something that I overlooked when looking into buying a mac. I want the aluminum wireless keyboard, but I hate not having the number pad and arrows. I couldn't find one anywhere.

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Mac Pro :: Calculator Not Works With Right Number Pad / Nmbers Work Fine Elsewhere?

Sep 23, 2009

I have searched this forum and the internet. My number pad on the right side of my keyboard works with everything EXCEPT the calculator. What did I do? cannot find anything anywhere to address just that. The numbers work fine everywhere else.

I did all the jumps to make sure on the system pref and the mouse off, holding my tongue just right and jumping five times...hitting the option key five times, the fn button and the clear button. the number work everywhere but on the calculator.

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Hardware :: Number Pad Not Working On Aluminum Wired Keyboard?

May 1, 2009

My number pad hasn't been working lately. It looks like some kind of setting has taken effect and I'm not sure how to fix it. For example, my numbers are now directional movements for my cursor: 2 moves it down, 4 moves it left, 6 moves it right, 8 moves it up, and 1, 3, 7, and 9 move my cursor diagonally. My Logitech MX Laser mouse works fine but somehow clicking gets disabled. I have a feeling these problems are related somewhere.

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Hardware :: Make Number Pad Apple?

Oct 24, 2009

Right now I am working at a desk, with a USB number pad. It is a different height than my MBP and has different sized keys. It ends up being difficult to use quickly. I think that Apple should make a number pad that is pushed up to the same height as the MBP because it packs a battery inside. With their wireless obsession, I am sure Apple would want to make a bluetooth device, but it would make so much more sense to me if the pad could add a couple extra hours of battery life. It would come with a MagSafe dongle (power discharge) and a USB dongle (input and power charge) in a single cable like the displays. The device would charge when the computer was connected to A/C power, and only discharge when both the MagSafe cable and USB cable were connected to a computer, to make sure that it would not accidentally discharge in a customer's laptop bag. It is unfortunate that the MagSafe and USB ports are on the opposite side of where a number pad should be, but an extra 18� of cable would be a small price to pay for faster inputting and longer battery life.

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IMac :: Finding Wireless Keyboard More Cramped Than The Wired With Number Pad?

Nov 9, 2009

Are the keys on the new wireless keyboard (late 2009) more cramped and smaller than on the wired keyboard, or is the only difference between the two the addition of the number pad?

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Software :: Number Pad Doesnt Work On IMac G5 1.4?

Jun 24, 2008

my number pad on my keyboard doesnt work. I have a iMac G5 1.4

I know I didnt spill anything on it, because this happened on my sisters account on the computer, while mine still worked. Now mine doesnt work. I like using it, so Id like to gget it to work again.

When I try using the 10 numbers and the decimal on the keypad (everything else in that section of the keyboard works), the computer freezes, and i have to shut down.

Oh, and I recently started using the program Blender, and I noticed this problem during that program, so it might have something to do with that.

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MacBook Pro :: Keyboard And Track-pad Disabled After Installing A USB Driver From The Apple Website?

May 13, 2012

While trying to fix my disabled USB ports on my MBP, (Installing some sort of USB driver that wasn't made for my specific OS, which is 10.7.4, which came from the apple website.) I rebooted my computer and I notice that once the loggin screen shows up the cursor won't budge. Then I try hitting Enter on my mac and the arrow keys a little. Nothing. Then I try using every key on the keyboard. Absolutely nothing. Tried resetting the PRAM, SMC, AND tried using Safe Boot. Nothing. At this point I wanted to smash my computer or smash something technology related. The only thing that works on my computer now is the little slim of hope that I call Windows 7 which I am posting this from.Is there ANYTHING I can do to enable my Trackpad and Keyboard again?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Mac Pro :: Unable To Use DashBd Calculator / Not Working With Right Number Pad?

Oct 4, 2010

I have searched this forum and the internet. My number pad on the right side of my keyboard works with everything EXCEPT the calculator. What did I do? cannot find anything anywhere to address just that. The numbers work fine everywhere else.

I did all the jumps to make sure on the system pref and the mouse off, holding my tongue just right and jumping five times...hitting the option key five times, the fn button and the clear button. the number work everywhere but on the calculator.

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Intel Mac :: Number Keys On Keyboard Don't Work?

Feb 9, 2012

The 1 to 9 keys on the top part of my keyboard stopped working.The `   0   -   =   keys all work fine.  It is a wireless keyboard (model no. A1314) without a number pad on the side.  Nothing has been spilled on it.  I have tried it on another Mac and it does not work there either. 

iMac (27-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Mac Pro :: Apple Keyboard With Windows XP?

Feb 16, 2005

although i am afraid to say it, i am a windows user as much as a mac user (although i use mainly macs). my dell keyboard recently broke and i want to use a new apple keyboard with it instead of a PC one, mainly because of quality.

i know that this has been covered in the forums before, but i need a bit more an apple keyboard able to function fully with windows XP?
will the USB ports work? are there any drivers needed/error messages that people have encountered?sorry to be persistent, but i am going to london tomorrow and shall be spending some time in regent street.

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MacBook :: Track Pad And "F" Keys Work But None Of The Other Rows Of Keys Work On Keyboard?

May 22, 2012

We have a 2.4GHz intel Core 2 Duo MacBook.The track pad and "F" keys work but none of the other rows of keys work...any help figuring out how this can be fixed?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Mac Pro :: Get Bluetooth Magic Track-pad To Work With It?

Mar 9, 2012

Why do I not have full functionality of my Magic Trackpad? I am trying to get my bluetooth Magic trackpad to work with my Mac Pro It is successfully connected via my CSR bluetooth dongle It will support point and click but temporarily crashes as soon as I try a 3 finger gesture2 finger scroll doesn't crash itbut it doesn't do anything either I've pasted my info below including the mac pro, osx and Bluetooth info Mac Pro?

Model Identifier:          MacPro1,1  Processor Name:          Dual-Core Intel Xeon  Processor Speed:          2.66 GHz  Number of Processors:          2  Total Number of Cores:          4  L2 Cache (per Processor):          4 MB  Memory:          7 GB  Bus Speed:          1.33 GHz  Boot ROM Version:          MP11.005C.B08  SMC Version (system):          1.7f10   System Version:  


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Magic Trackpad

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Windows On Mac :: Boot Into Windows 7 RC From OSX W/ Apple Wireless Keyboard?

May 6, 2009

As far as I understand there is a bug that stops Windows 7 or Vista from showing up in the Start Up disk options in the preference settings.

So the only option is to go through the boot menu selection but unfortunately I am using the Apple wireless keyboard and holding the option key down doesn't bring up the boot selection screen. Is there anything I can do ... or am I forced to use a USB keyboard for now ?

For the record I have the Wireless Keyboard and Mighty mouse paired and working in Windows 7 ( The keyboard has occasional lag from the first keystroke input but is fine from then ) Its just that I get no response from keystrokes during boot up.

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Windows On Mac :: Apple ALum Wireless Keyboard Windows XP Drivers?

Jul 2, 2009

Having problems with the Audio, Brightness and eject button keys after windows xp automatic update. Buttons sometimes work after a shutdown and restart, sometimes not. Tried the Bootcamp 2.1 reinstall but didnt help much. Where the heck can i get drivers for the bloody thing?

Apologies for the lingo but im quite frustrated. it takes apple yrs to fix one problem but only for another to appear.

I already gave up on Realtek doing something about their crappy sound quality (despite releasing a new driver every two weeks) and the mighty mouse freezing after hibernation unless u press the left button like a man possesed!!

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OS X Technologies :: BootCamp: Apple Wireless Keyboard Keyboard Mapping In Windows?

Feb 13, 2012

i am running awin7 in bootcamp. in this bootcamp i am using outlook 2010. i cannot create an "@" in emails. is there any shortcut to create an @? is there any combination to create the windows "alt gr" on the macbook air keyboard?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Keyboard And Mouse Pad Freezing?

Oct 9, 2007

I have 15", 1.8 GHz Macbook Pro with 2GHz RAM. The keyboard and mouse pad freezes from time to time. No button on the computer works except the power button. I always have to press and hold the power button to reboot the computer.The computer seems to be running normal. Just the keyboard and mouse pad don't work.I brought the computer to Mac guys @ apple for couple of times and the computer acts normal when he guys is testing.

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MacBook Pro :: Log In Keyboard And Track Pad Delay

Sep 14, 2009

I am having a really strange problem with my MBP (Stats are in my Sig) running 10.6.1. Whenever I start or restart my computer, the keyboard and track pad click are unresponsive at the login/password screen. The computer recognizes them and eventually enters them but the delay is almost 2 minutes long! I have logged out without restarting and I do not have this issue. I have tired repairing permissions, and resetting PRAM. I am thinking about an Archive and Install.

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MacBook Pro :: Keyboard And Track-pad Input Acting Different?

Mar 6, 2012

I have a really annoying problem with my macbook pro. Often (maybe 40-50% of the times) when i click some text field (on a webpage in Chrome or Safari, or in Finder's search field - actually any text field on my mac) and start to write something, nothing happens. Then if i use my trackpad and CLICK on the text field, all of the letters which i wrote, suddenly appears. The same thing happens with scrolling (in Apple's Preview app, browsers, finder etc.). Sometimes when i try to scroll, nothing happens. If i then click anywhere inside the window, it scrolls. Same thing happens with gestures if i use Preview to view a pdf in fullscreen. If i use 3 fingers swipe to browse to another page, nothing happens. If i click anywhere it immediately go to the other page. Is this software or hardware related? I'm thinking software, unless it has something to do with my trackpad. It's a 13" Macbook Pro (2.3 i5) 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Windows On Mac :: Can't Get My Bluetooth Apple Keyboard Or Mighty Mouse To Connect?

Dec 29, 2008

I have the beta installed on my aluminum MacBook and most things are working okay. I can't get the eject button to work for some reason and I can't get my bluetooth apple keyboard or mighty mouse to connect. Is anyone else having bluetooth issues?

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Windows On Mac :: Connecting Apple Mighty Mouse & Bluetooth Keyboard

Jan 7, 2009

I've tried to run the wizard and it's not working for me. Either it fails right from the start or it says it connected but neither work. Anyone who has done it successfully please help. I'm using a new unibody MacBook.

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Intel Mac :: Track-pad Will Not Work With OS

Feb 21, 2012

I have just bought a Trackpad - it says it needs to work with OS 10.6 something and I am running on 10.5.8.  It also says to upgrade through the Software update - but I cannot do this, will I need to take trackpad back to store?

iMac (24-inch Early 2008), Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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Windows On Mac :: Is There A Way To Route The Disk Open / Close Button On The Keyboard To Work?

Jan 20, 2010

I know we can goto my computer click eject disk and then close it manually.

Is there anyway to do this? Is there a way to route the disk open/close button on the kb to work?

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Windows On Mac :: XP Install On Bootcamp - Keyboard And Mouse Won't Work?

Aug 22, 2010

Having a VERY strange issue with my new 27" iMac. I've tried installing XP twice now and everything works fine through the installation and after XP boot initially without any Apple drivers. Keyboard (wired) and my Magic Mouse work just fine.

Then I install the Apple drivers and after a restart XP does not recognize and keyboard/mouse. Even if I hook up a standard USB windows keyboard and wired mouse, nothing. Booting into Mac OS everything works fine, but nothing in XP, including safe mode.

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Intel Mac :: Won't Recognize The Track Pad And Keyboard After Migration

Jun 13, 2012

After migration, I restarted my computer and it won't recognize my trackpad and keyboard.  It's stuck on the Sign-In screen.

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Windows On Mac :: Using Unibody Multitouch Pad On Windows 7?

May 6, 2009

Does anyone have any success figuring out a way to make the touchpad work efficiently in windows 7?

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Hardware :: Do Apple Mouse Work In Windows Installed On Mac

Aug 19, 2010

I have a macbook pro 15 i7, & like the trackpad, but I still also like the feel of a mouse, I will probably be installing windows on it through parallels, what mouse would work best for both OS's? I like scrolling with it & right clicking.

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Intel Mac :: Changed Batteries But Touch-pad Will Not Work

May 16, 2012

I got the message that the touchpad had low batteries, so I changed the batteries, but now the touchpad won't function.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Hardware :: Will Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Work In Win XP

Jun 16, 2009

I'm currently considering getting an Apple keyboard, but haven't been able to decide yet whether to take the USB one or the bluetooth one.

I went to a local Apple retailer today and was told that the bluetooth one wouldn't work in Windows. Now, I mostly use OS X, but I do some occasional gaming too, and would need the keyboard to function properly in Windows too. Btw, I have Win XP Pro SP3.

Will a bluetooth keyboard work then?

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