Intel Mac :: Cannot Drag Item To Trash From Desktop

Apr 4, 2012

I am trying to remove an item from my intel IMac desktop. I get the message - the item can't be moved to the trash because it can't be deleted.

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2

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OS X :: Trash Shortcut On Desktop - Drag The Trash From The Dock?

Apr 24, 2009

this seems like a really simple thing i want to do but i cant seem to figure it out. All i'm trying to do is put a shortcut of the trash can onto the desktop. I have my dock hidden and it can be a pain to try and make it appear to delete something. i searched spotlight for trash and there are no hits. i try to drag the trashcan from the dock and nothing happens. There has to be a solution???

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Intel Mac :: Can't Just Drag To The Trash

May 23, 2012

Since reinstalling my Lion, the Trash has been strange. I can't just drag stuff there without getting a dialogue box telling me it will be deleted immediately. That requires me to click my agreement.  Same thing happens if I right-click my mouse and choose the Trash option.  So my Trash basket stays empty, and I go through a two-step process with every file or program I want to be rid of. 

iMac with OS 10.7.4

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Intel Mac :: Can't Drag Docs From Stacks Onto Desktop

Jun 25, 2012

Ever since I have had my Mac, which I bought only in March, I've been totally baffled by the Stacks facility.

I put documents straight from the desktop onto a folder onto hard disc - it appears to have done this. I then check it a few days later - no document in folder and I then have to panickily check the Stacks to see if a copy is in there.

It usually is, so I then have to start again -drag doc onto desktop and then put it into folder and hope the darned thing stays in the folder this time.

Info:stacks, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X :: Cannot Release From Drag To Drop Item

May 26, 2010

I'm running a Unibody MacBook with Snow Leopard 10.6.3. I'm having issues with dragging - specifically, releasing from drag. I can start dragging fine, but once I start the mouse pointer won't let go, even if I release the button, and nothing will cause the pointer to drop the item being dragged save killing the application I was dragging from. It's especially infuriating when dragging items around on the Dock, because when you're dragging a Dock icon you can't select items with the mouse, and earlier today I had to use a series of keyboard shortcuts to get to the terminal to kill it.) A restart will usually fix this, but it inevitably pops up again. It happens with both my Mac's trackpad and my Magic Mouse, so it might not be a hardware issue but I'm not sure. I previously used JiTouch for additional gestures, but I don't think it's the cause as the issue crops up even when JiTouch is completely disabled + uninstalled.

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Intel Mac :: Unable To Drag Or Place Files To My Desktop

May 17, 2012

Since reorganizing my file system. when I click the "desktop folder"a message comes up "There is no application set to open the document 'desktop'. Further I am not able to drag any files onto the actual desktop.

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Intel Mac :: "The Item Will Be Deleted Immediately" Or "-1407" Alert When Moving Items To The Trash

Jun 5, 2012

I want to delete a file off a thumb drive but get error 1407 which won't let me delete or trash the file.  What do I do?

iMac, iOS 5.1.1

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OS X :: How To Restore Item From Trash

Dec 13, 2008

I put a lot of things in the trash which I didn't mean to. I have not emptied the trash. How can I restore them to exactly the folders they all came from? On Windows, there is an option "Restore" which does this.

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OS X :: Random Item In My Trash?

Mar 28, 2009

so after freezing and freezing i finally logged in my computer. i just noiced there is something in my trash. its a folder titled Database.

and inside the folder it says Database.sqlite3.

WTF is this? im thinking its something to do with sql or something right? but i dont have any apps like that.what is this?

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OS X :: How To Remove Only One Item From Trash

Dec 28, 2009

Anyone know if this can be done (remove a directory in trash)? I've tried going into Terminal and using rmdir and dragging the folder I want deleted to Terminal, but it says the folder is not empty, and doesn't delete it. Using rm and dragging deletes other than folders, but how to do this for folders escapes me (unless I go and delete all the contents, which would be a PITA).

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OS X :: Cannot Clear Trash - Item Is In Use

Mar 3, 2010

I used to have a Macbook, but after two years the hard drive crash, I now have a pro. After getting the files that I needed back I went into my external hard drive that my old macbook backed up onto and tried to delete all of the old back ups so I could make room for my new computer to use. After deleting it one file is left in my trash can. It is an old back up from August and the file name ends with .inProgress.

I assume that I must have disconnected my computer or something while it was backing up, but now when I try to clear the trash it says "The operation can't be completed because the item "AGQ0qILU99QsKv" is in use." I have no idea what that item is, where it is because it doesnt show in the trash, or how to get rid of it. I have tried to secure empty trash and use a few terminal commands but nothing is working. Also it wont let me remove it from the trash. It just copies the file rather than moving it out.

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Applications :: Cannot Trash Item - Dragged Out

May 17, 2009

I'm trying to trash two things called MEMSTICK.IND and MSTK_PRO.IND. They have little locks by them and I can't drag them into the garbage. If I can get them into the garbage I can delete them but I can't get them into the trash. They were in there before but someone dragged them out.

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OS X :: Item Deleted From Trash - Always Comes Back?

Jan 23, 2010

Recently (past 3 days) this thing has been in my trash, no matter how many times I empty the trash or delete it from there individually it always comes back.

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OS X :: Item XYZ Can't Be Moved To The Trash Because It Can't Be Deleted?

Mar 27, 2010

I bought me a brand new iMac. I freaking love this thing, don't know why I didn't make the jump (back) sooner. Anywho, I have two external hard drives in which I used to transfer data, including some pictures and audio from my Windows Vista computer to the new Mac. I go ahead and finish transferring over the files. When I go to delete the files off my external hard drive, I am met with a "the item (insert file name here) can't be moved to the trash because it can't be deleted". Now, I notice that this happens with ANY file or folder that I attempt to move to the trash can from either of my external hard drives. I can't seem to find a solutions anywhere either via a Google search or on this forum.

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IMac :: Trash Cannot Be Emptied - Item Is In Use

Jul 19, 2010

The operation can't be completed because the item "Saint John of Las Vegas2009.avi" is in use. This is the message received trying to empty the trash. How can this be overcomes.

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Software :: Weird Item In Trash Won't Go Away

Oct 30, 2008

I have a file named "?'g???z" permanently present in the trash. It doesn't get deleted when emptying the trash but if I attempt to drag it out or 'get info' about it it disappears. However, if I then click on the now empty trash can it immediately reappears. So far I've tried this

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Windows On Mac :: Can I Drag Files From My Leopard Desktop To My Parallels Desktop?

Jun 22, 2009

I'm getting my Mac in a week and I would like to know it I can drag files from my Leopard desktop to my Parallels desktop. All input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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MacBook Pro :: Desktop Icons Disappeared - Can't Drag-and-drop Anything (at All) To The Desktop

Jun 6, 2012

They're still accessible through finder, but now I can't drag-and-drop anything (at all) to the desktop. It was fine a minute ago before I shut down and rebooted my laptop. Restarts and switching users does nothing. I'm using Mac OSX Lion 10.7.4.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Intel Mac :: Unable To Move Or Trash Files On Desktop When Using Excel

Mar 19, 2012

When using Excel "microsoft Office" I find on my desktop files that I am unable to task, move or relocate. How can I clear my desktop?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Microsoft Office

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Intel Mac :: Desktop Flickers When Dragging File To Trash In Dock?

Jun 1, 2012

Is this bad? Just started happening yesterday. Restarted, but persistent... when I drag a file from an open folder on my desktop, the entire desktop flickers like you can see below. Like ghosted images of all the icons and open windows get scrambled around. It happens in a fraction of a second, but I was able to capture a screen shot. Please let me know what this means. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X :: Cannot Move Files To Trash - Item Deleted Permanently

Oct 4, 2010

My problem is that I can't drag a file to the trash. When I try to delete a file by right-clicking and choose "move to trash" I get a message telling me that the item will be deleted permanently and that I cannot undo this action. In other words it is possible to delete a file permanently, but I would like to have the option to move them to the trash first. I have recently tried to partition the internal hard-drive using Boot Camp, however unsuccessfully. I don't know if the two are related. I have Macbook 13,3" early 2010 with the latest version of Snow Leopard, 10.6.4.

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Software :: Cannot Move Files To Trash (Item Used By Another Task)

Aug 20, 2003

My problem is that I have some files on my desktop that will not go into the trash. The pop-up message says the item is currently being used by another task, even though I have tried closing all applications, restarting, checking my startup to make sure nothing activates. I think these were downloads that were in progress when Internet Explorer crashed, but they are not in the download manager anymore either. How can I delete these desktop items?

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MacBook Pro :: Emptying Trash - Cannot Delete Because Item (Cache DB) Is In Use

May 26, 2012

I cannot delete all the trash from my mac. I get the message "Cannot delete because item cache.db is in use". All but 3 remaining folders were deleted. These won't go away.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Trash Will Not Empty An Item From Lacie: Error Code -8062

Feb 14, 2012

I was trying to back-up the HD Library file and it would not perform an update. I kept getting an error message for each item in the folder could not be updated. So, I took the HD versio of Library and put it in the TRASH, then tried again to back-up this version of Library. The same error messages occurred. I then put that error message screen into the trash, but it would not TRASH. A 'Copy' screen pops up with the following messge: "The operation can't be completed because an unexpected error occurred [error code -8062]." 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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OS X :: Can't Drag Items From Stacks To Trash

Mar 7, 2009

For the last couple of days, I haven't been able to drag any files over from my Stacks to the Trash; nothing happens. I'm forced to open the folder and drag it over from there or Apple+Delete it. I *might* have accidentally deleted a file (I don't remember which) causing this to suddenly happen and haven't been able to figure out how to fix it. It's more of an annoyance than anything else.

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Software :: Recovering From Trash - Won't Drag

Apr 20, 2009

In an attempt to delete duplicate files from my iTunes folder, I accidentally deleted the entire contents of the folder into the Trash. I have NOT emptied the trash. I can open the trash can and see all of my files there.

Here's the problem: I click on the files (one or multiple) and try to drag them to another location. They won't drag. I've tried several times.

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OS X :: Unknown Item On Desktop - Can't Get Rid

Apr 10, 2010

The other day I downloaded some apps off the net as I had to reinstall them as I had to reinstall Snow Leopard. I downloaded the programs and in my Applications folder one of the apps was just an empty space with no name. I knew something was there cause I could click on it, highlight it, and move it. I dragged it to my trash but it ended up on my desktop. Now I can't get rid of it! I can only highlight it, but not move it or right click to delete it! I don't know exactly what it is. Its not causing any problems. Its just bugging me cause its there.

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OS X :: Unable To Drag From Dock Grids To Trash.

Aug 12, 2010

But if it "Open in Finder" and then I can drag to trash...

I use to be able to drag to trash right from a grid. (i.e. Downloads, Documents, Applications, etc.)

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Can't Drag Applications To The Trash?

May 6, 2012

I downloaded a beta test recently, now it's finished I have the folder sitting in my Applications folder, but it won't let me drag it out into the trash. I've logged in as an Administrator, changed my regular ID to have Admin status, none of it works. I've got the CCleaner app from the App Store, same issue. It tells me I need to be an Admin to uninstall files, but even when I log in as the Admin, it gives me the same message.

iMac 27 in 2.8 GHZ i7, Mac OS X (10.6.6)

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OS X :: Show Desktop Item On The Dock?

Jul 31, 2005

Anyone know if there is a way to put a show desktop item on the dock. I'm really lost without it, I hate having to minimize like 5 windows just to get to the desktop

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