Hardware :: Airport Extreme As Access Point?

Jan 23, 2010

My condo association provides wireless internet. There are a few rooms that get weak signal. Is there a way I can setup an airport extreme to act as an access point and amplify the signal.

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MacBook Pro :: Airport Extreme Into Access Point?

Sep 9, 2010

I seeing if I can do that easily? I have a new MBP 15 coming next week and I'm looking to replace my old Linksys AP-G to an N speed

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Hardware :: Setting Airport Extreme As Wireless Access Point

Jul 10, 2009

I'm trying to set Airport Extreme as a wireless access point, but having some problems with it. My current setup is as follows: Time Capsule as the main router. Connected to my cable modem, and all computers connect wirelessly to Time Capsule. Two Airport Expresses connect wirelessly to Time Capsule. "Join a wireless network" and have selected "Allow Ethernet Clients" I want to have Airport Extreme do the same thing that Airport Expresses are doing, and have it connect wirelessly to Time Capsule. I have some ethernet required devices that need to be in another room. Can this be done? I set Airport Extreme exactly same as Airport Express, but do not see "Allow Ethernet Clients" checkbox.

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme Base Station As Wireless Access Point For Xbox 360?

Sep 15, 2010

I'm trying to use my AE (Airport Extreme) Base Station to give my xbox 360 wireless. Has anyone done this? My setup is as Follows: Netgear WGR614 v7 Router connected to my Cable Modem AE Base station connected wirelessly to the Netgears Network Xbox 360 connected via ethernet to AE. It's not working though. My AE gets an IP automatically from the Netgear fine, but the xbox won't connect. I have my AE on "Join Wireless Network" mode and it's LED is solid green but it still doesn't give the xbox any internet.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Airport Base Station As Wireless Access Point

Jun 27, 2012

Is it possible to use an Airport Base Station as a wireless access point? This need to pick a signal from a Version WiFi card as the internet connection wirelessly to a remote location where a computer will hook to the base station with an Ethernet cable.

Mac OS X (10.7.3), 8 Gig Ram

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Hardware :: Printing To A Laserjet On Network - Connected Via Airport To A Linksys Access Point ?

Sep 27, 2005

I've recently come back to apple mac's, however before my new G4 ibook, i had a few pc's set up on a network, i've still got them and i want to add my ibook to the network, i've got most of it working, however my laserjet 4M plus which has a print server installed in it, which works perfectly with the pc's doesn't want to work with my new ibook. My ibook is connected via airport to a linksys access point, and that to the router, which in the connected to the laserjet. I can Ping the router and it all seems fine, but getting it to print just isn't happening.

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ICloud :: How To Access Airport Extreme HDD

Apr 7, 2012

i have an airport extreme and an HDD attached to it, Every one sees it and its a great day.then i was told i could access my HDD using icloud cause back to my mac is closing so i said sure, BUT i cant

Any Linux, Windows or MAC, Windows7

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme Access Over Internet

Jul 13, 2007

I hope the mac folks can lend a guy a hand. I have the latest AE and it runs great with a shared HD between Vista PC and my Macs. My ISP is dynamic so I'm using dyndns.org. Since I don't really want to leave a computer on 24-7 (for the dyndns updates) I have a linksys router take the feed from the cable modem. AE is in bridged mode. All disks and wireless is flawless. I can access my webcams via the static ip from dyndns, route it to linksys then to camera. But I can't figure out how or what to do to get access to my shared drivers over the net. I researched for a couple hours today and came up with a few people who did it (maybe they didn't have a leading router like me) but they didn't leave enough clues, details or links to research it some more. Apple online support is slim and I'm clueless on Bonjour configs.

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Hardware :: Access Airport Extreme Linked HDD From PC?

Aug 24, 2009

I'm a PC user and have one laptop right now but am expecting to get more. I've just bought an airport extreme so that I can have a networked printer and a shared hard drive. The printer is working fine, and my HDD (Seagate FreeAgent) is showing up in Airport Utility/Disks but I can't see it anywhere in Windows Explorer, or in Airport Base Station Agent. I'm not sure what to enter the Workgroup and WINS Server fields on Airport Utility so perhaps this is part of the problem? I've never set up a workgroup because i've only got the one PC here so far. Otherwise i'm at a loss as to what to do. If I can't use the external HDD then the airport extreme is useless to me. I'm running XP on an HP laptop

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Hardware :: Remote Access To Airport Extreme

May 20, 2010

I am a new Mac user this year ( I bought a 27" C2D iMac) and finally converted from a Linksys wireless G router to an Airport Extreme. Everything was simple to set up on the Airport. One question I have is how to remote administer the Extreme. On the Linksys I would enable remote administration by opening port 8080. Then from an off site location, I would type my IP Address ( I have a static IP) as follows - IP_Address:8080 in a web browser like Firefox. This would bring up a login screen for me to log into my router. The reason I would like to remote administer my router is that I have several Linux servers on my network that I use VNC to administer. I do not like logging into one server and then from that server logging into another server on the network. Rather I would just change the VNC port forwarding to the IP address of the server I wanted to reach via the Linksys admin. Is there a way to get to my Airport Extreme without going through my iMac?

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme Network Access From Web?

Jul 1, 2010

I'm not very well versed in networking or IP stuff, but maybe someone can help me. I have an airport extreme running the wireless network in my house. I know my IP number (it changes, but I'm switching to a static #). Is there a way I can access my network over the internet through the airport extreme? I have a mini-server device running on my network that utilizes port 80 and I'm sure there's some way to read that over the internet. (if I'm using the wireless network, I use address to view) Is there a way to view that address from the internet? And lastly, if am I opening up a can of security worms if I try this?

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Hardware :: Prioritize Access On Airport Extreme?

Jul 4, 2010

My tenant uses my wireless network and lately has been sucking up so much bandwidth that I can't even hold a connection on XBox Live for more than 10 minutes. She is on the guest network so is there any way to prioritize bandwidth on my Airport so that it knows to give the main network priority over the guest network and so if I'm on XBox Live or downloading a movie and she's downloading something of her own it'll give me at least 75% of the bandwidth and her only 25%?

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Hardware :: Unreliable Internet Access With AirPort Extreme

Dec 10, 2010

I have an older cable modem running Comcast's service connected to the newest AirPort Extreme in my current setup. My computer is a 13.3" MacBook Pro with all of the latest software updates. With all of that said, I'm having problems with having webpages hang, dropped audio on streams and constant re-buffering of video. Strangely enough, my signal is always at full strength no matter how far away I am from the AirPort. Until a few days ago I was using a Linksys WRT54GL with DD-WRT firmware with absolutely no troubles at all, but things have gone to hell with this new router. I've rebooted my modem and AirPort and I've browsed through the settings without finding any solutions yet. I've tried 5Ghz mode, I've tried being inches away from the AirPort and I've tried going to 802.11g with no improvements. Does anyone have an idea about what is going on?

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Hardware :: Allow Others To Access Airport Extreme's Drive Via Internet

Mar 14, 2009

I have read the threads about my accessing the USB drive on my Airport Extreme via an AFP connection...and it works. Without a hitch. BUT I would like to allow others (who are not on my home network) to access this same drive (with some level of security). Is THAT possible and if so, how? I have 2 partitions on this HD, one is a mac-formatted partition and the other is a FAT32 for PC user access. Or course, each partition has a unique name so, depending on the user, they would access either the Mac or PC formatted partition. BTW, I did some thread-checking but all seem to find are one's that show how to I can make a connection to my own drives away from the home, NOT someone who is not associated with my home network to make the same connection to the USB drive on my APE.

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OS X :: Access Airport Extreme Hard Drive Away From Home?

Mar 31, 2009

Just bought an airport express to replace my old 802g router. So far I love it. Hooked up a usb hub and now am sharing an external hard drive and 2 printers throughout my house (1 mac, 2 pc) Here is my question, when I am away from home, lets say at work or in a hotel, etc How can I access my external hard drive that is on my airport extreme? Most likely I will want to be accessing it from a PC. Thanks, and I did search but didnt find an answer

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Hardware :: Can't Access Canner On Printer Through Airport Extreme?

Apr 22, 2009

I have been trying for about an hour and it keeps saying there was an error and the scanner cannot be found. can you access the scanner from your mac or not? i keep having to plug the usb into the computer to recognize the scanner.

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OS X :: Time Capsule / Airport Extreme External Access?

May 26, 2010

I picked up my first Mac about a 2 weeks ago and over this past weekend I picked up a new Time Capsule. Originally I bought the Time Capsule to wirelessly bridge to my Linksys router running DD-WRT (mega) but apparently the ethernet ports won't work on the Time Capsule or the Airport Extreme when connecting them to another party wireless router. So i have taken out my Linksys and am now only using the Time Capsule. The reason for the Time Capsule is to have backups on it and that for some reason I do have wireless issues with my Linksys that I am not having with the Time Capsule. Such as when I had a iPhone I would lose my wireless signle a lot and have to reboot, same with my iPad and sometimes with my Nexus One. So far none of those issues with the Time Capsule. I'm not missing much from my Linksys but one of the things I miss is being able to open up a browser from any network connection and being able to connect into my router. Is there a way with the Time Capsule / Airport Extreme to be able to access the configuration settings when not on the local network? Such a when I am at work I want to be able to access the configurations page.

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OS X :: Access Airport Extreme Base Station At Home From Somewhere Else

Jul 27, 2010

Is it possible to access my airport extreme base station at home from somewhere else? I have an external hard drive connected to it and would like to be able to access from work or on the go. If I can do this will it be secure and safe from other users accessing it? I've googled info on this and have come up pretty empty. I'm running a MBP 2.4 with OSX 10.6.4.

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OS X Mavericks :: Access USB External HDD Connected To Airport Extreme

Aug 28, 2014

Today I configured "Back to my Mac" and I'm having a little issue with the external HDD that is connected to the Airport.

Let me explain the configuration: Airport Extreme (latest version) configured with Back to My Mac option, with an external HDD connected using USB port (The HDD is externanly powered). iMac computer with OSX Mavericks wireless connected, configured with iCloud Account and Back to My Mac with screen sharing).

I can access the shared screen and control the iMac from my Macbook Air outside my home network.

The issue is when I try to access the "network HDD" because I can connect using the right user but Finder windows never shows the HDD content. I have to disconect and reconnect to the external HDD to be able to see the files (If I have 3 windows and want to access the HDD on each of the 3 windows, I have to disconnect and reconnect 3 times).

Question: There is any way to access the external HDD and be able to see its content using the configuration mentioned? The disconnect and reconnect procedure for each window is normal? There is a better configuration I can apply?. Just as information, from my MacBook Im able to see perfect the HDD content from outside my home network.

Airport Express, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4), New Airport Express

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Hardware :: Cannot Access Work VPN Using Airport Extreme Base Station

Oct 10, 2010

I am having great difficulty accessing my work VPN via my Airport Extreme Base Station (N model, 2007), and I wonder whether anybody can help? I was getting no joy accessing my work VPN (using my works laptop) via the AEBS (i have Virgin Cable Broadband). Citrix would not connect at all. Getting very frustrated and suspecting it was something to do with my ISP, I ended up buying a cheap second hand Belkin Wireless G cable router just to double check that it wasnt a problem with my hardware. To my utter shock, I managed to connect first time using the Belkin Wireless G router to the VPN. This obviously meant there must be an issue with the Airport Extreme Base station. The question is, what? I am utterly confused, and haven't a clue where to start in terms of adjusting the settings, and what settings I actually need to change to try and solve this. Has anybody any ideas where to start? Why can I connect via the Belkin Router (which cost me �9 on ebay) and the vastly more expensive Apple router?

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme - Remote Hard Drive Access

Oct 29, 2009

I am new to this forum, but not new to the apple scene. I realise that you can remotely access the hard drive while connected to the WLAN. But, can you access the connected hard drive remotely over the internet using only the Airport Extreme Base Station?

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Hardware :: Access Airport Extreme Router Settings Over Internet

Jan 19, 2010

I've owned a Netgear and a D-Link route before and with those, you could access all your router settings and statuses over the internet. The Login would usuallly be the ip address and the password would be one of your choice. I can't seem to find any settings to enable this on my Airport Extreme.

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Power Mac :: Setup Internet Access Airport Extreme Network?

Apr 16, 2012

Would like to set up old computer to airport extreme wireless network. Purchased a usb adapter.

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Hardware :: Manually Configure Airport Extreme For HP Mediasmart Server Remote Access?

Dec 28, 2009

I have an HP EX490 Mediasmart Server that I'm trying to get Remote Access to work with my Airport Extreme (N/Giga version). Unfortunately HP doesn't recommend the Airport Extreme for Remote Access use since it doesn't support UPnP. I followed one guy's steps to manually configure the port forwarding to get Remote Access to work, based upon comments it works for some and doesn't work for others. I've provided screenshots that match his instructions, and I was wondering if anyone has had luck and are there extra steps since I have the latest firmware on my Airport Extreme? I really don't feel like buying another wireless router if possible, but if I need to, any recommendations that has a USB port so I can print wireless with my current printer?

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Hardware :: Using Time Capsule Only As Access Point Possible?

Aug 6, 2009

I want to use Time Capsule only as an access point and for time machine, and use a different router for routing. Is this possible?

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Hardware :: Access Point Computer Connecting To?

Sep 8, 2009

I'm wondering if there is a way to tell which base station I am connecting to my network through. my setup is one timecapsule which is creating the network and it is extended by another airport express through ethernet. The network is 5ghz N only if that makes any difference. I was wondering if there is an application or some other way (terminal??) of finding out which one my computer is connecting to.

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MacBook Air :: How To Make It Internet Access Point

Jun 3, 2012

I got my Macbook Air connected to the internet, and want to connect my iPod Touch to the internet through my Macbook Air.I saw people using their Macbook Pro to share the wi-fi through their AirPort. How about Macbook Air? As I don't see such option in the Sharing preference, I downloaded the AirPort Utility and it simply says I cannot install it.

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PowerPC :: IBook Wifi Access Point Selection?

Jan 21, 2007

Recently my dad inherited an iBook G4. The Airport works, but it seems to accept the signal broadcast from only one of the two wireless access points in the house. The two routers are being used to extend the coverage, i.e. iStumbler and Airport Radar show two entries, both with the same ID.

My Macbook is fine; I can move from one end of the house to the other and signal remains high. The iBook's signal gets weaker as it moves from the router on that side of the house. Is this a hardware issue (specifcally, the iBook's Airport), or is there a way to specify which access point to use?

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Applications :: Controlling Router / Access Point And Gateway

Sep 29, 2009

Are there any Mac software, which controls router/access point/gateway/. I hate to use web browser to change router... settings. If there is such software, then I'm planning to buy hardware, which is compatible with it.

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MacBook Pro :: Use A Direct Ethernet Connection To Access Point?

Feb 20, 2012

I created an access point from a router. My question is if I can get a faster connection to devices near to the access point with the direct connection or will a direct connection not work with an access point?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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