Applications :: Software That Allow To Record Portion Of Screen

Jun 13, 2010

I have a macbook pro 13 (The new 2010 one). What software would you recommend that would allow me to screen record a portion of my screen that is playing a 720P video. Basically I'm for the best screen record program with:

-High quality capturing (720P)
-Portion of the screen capture(Not the whole desktop)
-High frames per second capture (not jerky, but smooth)

I expect to make some compromises but I'm just looking for the best software that will fit the most of my needs.

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Applications :: Use Portion Of Screen As Webcam Input?

May 21, 2010

I want to take a part of my screen and use it as a webcam input. Is there a way of doing this (on a mac of course.)? I have googled the hell out of this and found nothing. If you're not really sure what I mean, I want to draw people on chatroulette in Photoshop, live. Anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

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Applications :: Ability To Select Screen Portion And Enlarge?

Sep 18, 2010

I saw this during an screencast, looks like it has the ability to select a screen portion and make it bigger. It may be important to say that the video was from 2006, so maybe the icon changed?

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MacBook Pro :: Record Applications On Screen?

Jun 20, 2012

So, I treated myself to a brand spanking new Macbook Pro Yeahhh, I picked up the 15" 2.3Ghz and suped it up with 16gigs of Ram and a 750gig 7200rpm HD and this baby flies, especially taking into consideration my last laptop was an ibook (chuckle). 

Okay here is the question: Is there any way I can record applications that I am running on my laptop, I am into some new video projection controll software and would like to create a trouble shooting vid/manual as I resolve sits.

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Applications :: QuickTime X Screen Record On 2nd Monitor?

Sep 20, 2009

At the moment I can only use the screen record function on the main MacBook monitor. I move the QuickTime window around but it will still only record the main monitor. Other than changing the monitor on which the menu bar is located, is there a way to record on a second screen?

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Applications :: Record Screen And Audio With Quicktime X

Oct 19, 2009

So with Quicktime X, it gives me the options to Record using my Macs Camera, i can record my screen, and i can record audio. but how do i record the screen and the screens audio. like if i am going to record a video on the screen, and want the audio of that video to be recorded, then how do i do that?

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Applications :: Quicktime X Screen Record With Audio?

Feb 23, 2010

I'm going to miss the Canada-Russia Olympic Hockey game tomorrow, and I was hoping to find some way of recording the streaming video onto my computer to watch when i got home. I've managed to get the "Screen Recording" function working properly (how cool is that??) but it doesn't seem to be picking up any audio. Is there any way to do that? I tried running a simultaneous audio recording, but it doesn't recognize the audio coming in with the video as an audio feed. I'm using Quicktime X on a Dec. 2007 macbook running Snow Leopard. Is there a better way to record ths game from the site streaming the video?

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Applications :: Want To Record My Mac Desktop Screen While I Put Out Commentaries?

Jun 2, 2010

Basically I want to record my mac desktop screen while I put out commentaries.

Any good apps for that?

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Applications :: Finding Free Way To Record Screen AND Sound

Apr 9, 2010

Is there a free way to do this?

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Applications :: Video Screen Recording Software - Record Voice And Merge Them

Dec 10, 2009

I'm planning on adding how to videos to my site (flash) so that its easier for my customer to understand how to use a page. Ie instead of trying to explain common things in a FAQ I would have a video actually showing them. Ideally I'll be able to record my actions on screen and my voice as I describe what I'm doing. I'm willing to pay for the app, but just not that much ie less than $100. Now I don't need an all in one, for instance if there is a free app to do screen recording and another free app that can record my voice and another to merge them together I'm fine with that. I understand that free is free and I have to deal with some of the headaches. Any advice as to what software I would need. A quick google for mac screen recording brings a bunch of results.

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MacBook :: Small Broken Area On Screen On Lower Right Portion

Mar 2, 2010

how much would the repair of this damage will cost? geesh i forgot to remove my iphone wire/connector that was resting in the keyboard of my mac, then suddenly i accidentally closed the screen of the laptop. then afterwards, i heard a cracking sound. plain carelessness. what should i do? will the replacement of this damaged glass costly? i do hope MacCenters in Manila can fix this. i'm heading tomorrow to the nearby MacCenter.

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Applications :: Software To Extract Portion Of Original Pdf Doc?

Aug 4, 2010

I've got a large PDF document where I only need a few pages from the original PDF to email out. Is there any open source or freebie software for OSX that can help me out here? Its only a one-off so I'm trying to avoid paying out for something (and also I'm a cheap-skate!)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Record The Screen With Vlc - Why Can't Select Screen

Jun 4, 2012

I saw on many videos how to record my screen with vlc.I open Vlc, than I go on file, Open capture Device and a new window open to me.On the videos he can choose "Isight" - "Screen" - "EyeTV" But on my Vlc I can only choose "Capture Device" (it record with cam) or "EyeTV"  WHY I can't select screen? I tried to change all versions of Vlc.

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OS X :: Record Screen And Then Burn To DVD?

Sep 7, 2009

I'd like to record my screen in high quality, then burn it to a DVD.. is this possible? is there a program for this, or in-built Leopard functionality?

EDIT: and the audio too

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OS X :: How To Screen Record Contents Of Other Monitor

Oct 2, 2009

How can I screen record the contents of my other monitor using QuickTime X?

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MacBook Pro :: Play PSP On Screen And Record?

Dec 12, 2009

I'm not sure if i'm suppose to post it here sorry if im not suppose to anyway. I was wondering if i can play a psp on my macbook pro screen and record it using a screen recorder. I've seen many video on "playing psp on PC", but havn't seen a mac one.

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Software :: Program To Record Desktop Screen?

May 28, 2010

Need to know what program is out there to capture/record my desktop. Also the program must be able to zoom to an area on the desktop.

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Mac Pro :: How To Record Video Of Mouse And Screen Movements

Mar 20, 2008

I am working on a video, and need to capture some on-screen video of a mouse pointer interacting with a web-site. (Like a video version of screen capture) I have heard that there are programs that do this, any recommendations?

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Windows On Mac :: Record Screen And Audio From Running VM?

Jul 24, 2009

Allow me to explain exactly what I am trying to do: For those who don't know, there is a trend on YouTube where people post vids of themselves playing video games. These are (usually) called "Let's Plays" and I have recently gotten sucked into it. I'm currently trying to record a "Let's Play" of a PSP game. There is a way to output a PSP display to your PC using a homebrew app called RemoteJoyLite. Sadly the app is Windows only and it doesn't look like it will get ported anytime soon (I've looked into doing a port myself as the source code is out there, but it uses DX calls throughout and not sure how to convert them to OpenGL calls). I have recently gotten it to work in a VM (running Win7 x86) though.....................

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MacBook Pro :: What App To Record Screen And Audio Activity

Aug 21, 2009

during the day I want to be able to record what's happening on my screen including both video and audio. I want to follow a realtime webcast when I'm away from my computer but this webcast isn't played thru the browser.

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OS X :: Can You Record A Screen Capture With Sound Using IMovie+CamTwist?

Nov 15, 2009

I'm not too sure about the correct terminology but I'd like to record what's being done on my screen with iMovie using CamTwist. Reason being that I want to record myself drawing something from start to finish.

Yes, I did launch CamTwist before iMovie, but it doesn't show up in the camera drop down.

Does anyone what to do? - or even a different application that can get the job done for me.

Lastly. I know there's a sound control option on PCs that allow you to transmit what sound is being played on your computer; for example: playing a song on your computer for someone to hear on Ventrilo.

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MacBook Pro :: Record Whats On Your Computer Screen Without A Camera?

Jun 19, 2012

I have to do an assignment and it require me to insert a video of youtube onto a powerpoint presentation. I was unsure of what programs to use for this so i thought that there might be away to film my computer while i watch the yourtube video.


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OS X :: Invalid Record Count - Won't Get Back The Blue Screen On Startup?

Apr 28, 2009

I had a presentation today, and plugged my MacBook Pro ('06 version, and 10.4.10) laptop into a projector. Right as I did that, things went a little crazy, the audio was coming out with hissing, it was running very slow, and overall just went from running great to disfunctional. It finally froze, and I shut it off. A couple of hours later, I'm failing to get past the blue screen during the start-up. When i run in safe mode, its just shuts off while i'm holding the shift key

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Applications :: How To Record An Asx Streaming

Feb 1, 2010

I really enjoy to listen some radio shows, but at that time I'm working, so I was wondering if there is any way to record the to listen later.

The show only last 2 hours, and since it's radio quality the mp3 file should be really small.

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Applications :: Program That Can Record And Log The Key Strokes?

Sep 12, 2010

I'm looking for a free or inexpensive, quality software program that can record and log the key strokes, web, and email usage of my family for MAC OSX. That functions invisibly. Must include remote monitoring.

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Applications :: Filmon HDI Player Cannot Record For Mac?

Nov 13, 2010

I tried to record the live TV on Filmon HDI Player 2.10.11 and I can see on top that said recording and everything but I can't find the recorded file after I stopped the recording. Is it a bug or is there anyway that I can fix it. I try using the PC and I can record and I can see the recorded file and playback no problem. So the problem is only when I use my MacBook Pro with Filmon HDI Player for Mac.

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Applications :: Record Audio With New QuickTime?

Dec 5, 2010

How can use new QuickTime Record Audio in my mac for recording all sound of in my mac? like record iTunes Radio or any application sound etc... is it any codec? or method ? or any component?

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Applications :: Record From 4 Cameras Simultaneously?

Jan 5, 2011

I am looking for some software for mac that allows me to record from up to 4 webcams at one time. So far I've only found this one called EvoCam, but I don't feel like paying that much and it's got way more features then I need so it's not worth it. I don't mind paying a bit of money but 95% of the features in EvoCam are useless to me.

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Applications :: Record Screencast Or Video?

Jan 27, 2009

I need to demo something on my mac. How do i record this demo video and share it with my friends? i got iLife 2008.

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Applications :: Record What Comes Out Of My Macs Speakers To Mp3?

Apr 2, 2009


that one worked very good for my pc

is there a mac equivalent?

I want to record what comes out of my macs speakers to mp3

I tried audacity, but it didnt work

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