Applications :: Safari 5 - Lost Glims Facility Of Forcing Completion Of Reluctant Web Sites

Jun 9, 2010

Since installing Safari 5, everything seems to be slow. I have also 'lost' the "Glims" facility of forcing the completion of reluctant web-sites. Is it simply an impression, or is the new Safari slower? It seems to get so far with the address-bar and then think about it.

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Applications :: Safari Without Glims And Adblock?

Apr 12, 2009

I just reinstalled Leopard on my Mac after Finder kept acting weird and during the re installation of my apps I started using Safari 4 without any input managers or plugins. I was going to install them but I'm now not so sure. Safari feels quite better. Even a page full of ads feels like it actually appears faster after I click it's link. Do these things actually bog Safari down a little or am I probably imagining it due to having a fresh install? It would seem silly that blocking ads would take as long or even longer than just showing them.

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Applications :: How Does One Change Safari Address Bar Default Auto Completion

Apr 4, 2009

A co-worker (who isn't English speaking) would like to change Safari so that when he enters a site name into the address bar (for example "ford") that Safari doesn't automatically add ".com" to the address. Instead he wants the browser to use ".ch" (Switzerland) as the default autocomplete in the address line. Anyone know how we can change that (maybe in Terminal)..?

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Applications :: Safari 4.0.4 Glims - Glitch In Between Two Tabs

Nov 12, 2009

Has anyone noticed it when you open several tabs there will be a glitch in-between two tabs?

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Applications :: Safari 4 - Top Sites Won't Stay In Top Sites

Apr 17, 2009

I manually put a couple of sites into the top sites area.. but then even after 'pinning' them into the sites area, they disappear when i re open safari.. it's really bugging me. can anyone help me out with this?

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OS X :: Glims And Safari 4 Search Engines?

Feb 27, 2009

So it's great they fixed Glims so quickly for Safari 4, but I can't get it to work with the added search engines thing. Anyone else having this issue? Any idea how to fix it?

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OS X :: Safari Quit After Glims Install

Aug 13, 2009

I've been using FireFox for months now, but wanted to give Safari another shot. Checking out some add-ons, I found Glims. I wanted it to change my search engine bar to Bing, instead of Google. I got it, installed it, and was prompted to restart Safari. I did, but now it won't open. I get this message. I tried uninstalling Safari and downloading a new copy, and that did nothing. I still get the same message. Any thoughts? Went to Home/Library/Input Managers and found a "Glims" folder. I trashed that and now it works fine, sans cookies and bookmarks.

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Applications :: Top Sites In Safari?

Jan 8, 2011

Who uses Top Sites in Safari?

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OS X :: Removing Glims Safari Plug In - Files Located?

Jun 13, 2010

How do I remove the Gilms Safari plugin? Where are the files located so I can delete them?

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Applications :: New Tab Opened With Safari Top Sites

Sep 9, 2009

Has anybody been having problems with Safari's new Top Sites feature? I've had Safari 4 since the day it came out on public beta, and this feature hasn't seemed to get any better. I seriously dread having to open a new tab, because it automatically opens the awful top sites list. I close my eyes and cross my fingers and pray that I don't get the beachball of death for anywhere from 10-20 seconds. Sometimes it works quickly, especially if I keep testing it over and over. It pretty much just displays a visual of the bookmarks that I already have displayed going across the top of my screen, and I usually just click on the bookmark instead of having to hunt down the page and click on it.

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Applications :: Clear Safari Top Sites?

Nov 23, 2009

New to the site,could someone explain to me how to clear safari top sites?

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Applications :: Adding Top Sites In Safari 4 Beta

Feb 26, 2009

I couldn't figure out any obvious way to manually add Top Sites in Safari 4. I tried drag-and-drop, but it wouldn't work. After some digging, I found a TopSites.plist that lets me add sites manually. [URL]

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Applications :: Safari 4 Privacy And Top Sites History

Mar 3, 2009

Has anyone else noticed that if you clear your history, past sites (based on your history) still show up in Top Sites? Anyone else think this kinda blows the whole idea of "clearing your history" if you do it for privacy reasons. Anyone know how to clear out your top sites?

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Applications :: Finding Safari Beta Top Sites

Apr 6, 2009

how the top sites feature actually works on the new safari. I've been using the new beta for the last week or so and it seems like the websites that appear in the top sites section are almost entirely random ones selected from my history. Some pages that i've visited once for only minutes appear right at the front of the list. I am failing to see any pattern based on popularity.

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Applications :: Getting Deleted Safari Top Sites Back?

May 5, 2009

I accidentally deleted 3 top sites and cannot get them back to stay! Does any one know how to correct this?

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Applications :: Neat Little Safari, Top Sites Trick?

Feb 8, 2010

thought of this last night, had some free time today. Maybe I'll go from the large setting to medium to small, dividing a picture by 24 would be crazy. Just thought I'd share.

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Applications :: Safari Hangs On Secure Sites?

Jun 8, 2010

When I start up Safari and load my home page ( it takes way to long (>30 seconds). After doing some testing I found out that Safari seems to be hanging when I make secure requests. I found that out by removing the Gmail and Google Calendar gadgets from my home page and it loaded right away. But then when I go to and log in I have to wait again. Also at that time I can't use any other tabs, they all just sit there and spin like they are loading.

Has anyone else had this issue? I know its a Safari issue because Chrome it just fine. Any ideas?

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Applications :: Safari Hangs On Facebook Sites

Jul 13, 2010

While navigating around Facebook, Safari continually hangs on Facebook websites beyond the home screen. I'll click a link and it'll go to a white screen and nothing with load. Then, if I try to go back to, it just remains on a white screen. If I load another website, though, it will work fine. I can't seem to get to load again unless I close Safari and reopen. I can use Google Chrome just fine without it hanging on any of the Facebook sites. Any ideas here?

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Applications :: Safari Slow On Social Networking Sites?

Jun 13, 2006

Has anybody else noticed this. Recently in the last week it seems that Safari has been super slow on such sites like ign, myspace, facebook and sorts but over all just super slow.

For example, ill go on myspace, click on an approval and it just starts to load and stalls out. I then click stop and refresh and it loads fine. Its been doing it with almost all the sites actually but very noticle on the sites I mentioned above. Any clue? I know there is FireFox and Ie and sort out there but I like Safari and have never had a problem till now

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Applications :: Safari 4 Top Sites - Page Fold Over With Star

Feb 27, 2009

What does the page fold over with the star signify. I can't find any info on this.

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Applications :: Delayed Page Loading Of Safari Top Sites

Jul 31, 2010

Is there a reason for the delay in Safari's Top Sites (i.e. when you load a page, the page is dimmed for a moment, then loads). Is it possible to disable it?

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Applications :: Text Editor With Keyword Completion

Sep 17, 2009

I just switched to a MacBook Pro from windows. I used notepad++ for editing for a custom file format - I could enter all my keywords, operators, comment styling and it would give me the choice on how to colorize every part of it and give autocompletion for all of it too - its called a User Defined Language. I have tried every mac editor that I could find, but I couldn't find this in any of the programs. did i just miss it?

I couldn't even get textmate or bbedit to give me a list of sql keywords for autocompletion. and i understand that these are the best editors available? Could really use a powerful native editor for development - one that can at least give me simple autocompletion for the main languages (if it will give me function calls - that would be just perfect.

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Laptops :: All Sites Links Lost In Bookmarks Tab?

Jan 2, 2011

When adding websites using Bookmarks how does one keep them permanently? Today I switched on my Mac and all my websites have been removed. Leaving only a white empty file with no link to the site. Some sites still remain with icons (don't know why) but the rest have been removed. I'm talking hundreds of sites saved over several months, this would take days to go online and manually gain all sites back by hand. Went in to Safari > preferences > RSS, and settings were already at remove articles "Never" So why have all my sites disappeared? Is the nothing I can do to retrieve all the websites back? How about Time Machine?

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Applications :: Software To Uninstall Glims?

Mar 2, 2010

I only see two files in app support, where else do I need to look?

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Applications :: Accessing Http Sites On Safari And Firefox - Can't Establish Secure Connection?

May 23, 2009

I have been having this problem for a while. It happens every now and then, sometimes more often too. Sometimes at random times, when I try to access https websites in Safari such as Internet banking, signing in into eBay etc, it has an error.

It says "Safari can't open the page because Safari can't establish a secure connection to the server". To resolve this problem I always have to turn off my Airport and then turn it back on. See screenshot - [URL]

I've also tried opening it in Firefox and it also doesn't work. In Firefox, the error is "Data Transfer Interrupted: The connection to has terminated unexpectedly. Some data may have been transferred." See screenshot - [URL]

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Applications :: Glims - Search Feature For Web Page Gone After Update

Nov 21, 2009

I have been using glims for a while and when I updated to the newest version the word search feature for a webpage was gone? I would be able to simply start typing a word and it would be highlighted on the page that was present on safari, so I could search for the word without having to read the entire page for a word, phrase or paragraph of information I was looking for?

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Applications :: Add Glims Custom Search Engines For MacRumors Forum

Nov 21, 2009

I was trying to add a Glims custom search engine for MacRumors forums. However, the search URL doesn't actually have the search terms in it, it comes up as [URL:...] with a string of numbers at the end. As a result, the standard Glims method of making new engines doesn't work. Does anyone know of a way to make this work?

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Mac Pro :: Applications Freezing / Stalling And Forcing Reboots

Nov 10, 2009

For the past month or so, I've started to have some really weird problems with my Mac Pro. Applications will suddenly stall out or freeze up (endless rainbow wheel), and Force Quit won't work to quit them. It happens most often with iTunes and Finder, but it's also happened with Firefox once or twice. The whole system doesn't freeze or stall - I can generally still use another application (i.e. if iTunes stalls and won't quit, I can still continue to use Firefox, etc.), but generally if I leave it this way too long another application with eventually freeze, forcing me to shut down by holding down the power button (Shut Down won't work in these cases).

Occasionally when this happens, I have left my computer alone, and sometimes it unfreezes or unstalls by itself, but this is usually hours later, and sometimes it doesn't do this even after hours of waiting. I ran a hardware test thinking that faulty RAM might be the issue, but the hardware test said everything was OK. I don't know if I should believe that or not. I've tried repairing permissions and verifying all disks, internal and external, and everything checked out OK. What is going on here? Why do things keep freezing/stalling and forcing reboots?

Here is what I've got:
2x2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
Running Mac OS X 10.5.8
I have really normal stuff installed - MS Office, Photoshop, Ableton, etc. No really weird third-party applications other than some really simple stuff. I'm not the type to overwhelm my computer with a bunch of crap.

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OS X :: Can Stop Opening Applications Forcing Their Way To The Front

Jan 8, 2010

iPhoto, for example, takes about 30secs to open. If I'm using Safari and decide I want to upload a photo, opening iPhoto and then going back to Safari simply means that iPhoto will jump to the front with it's big, blank screen and spinning beachball five or six times. It's like fighting with my Mac. It's like I'm constantly clicking back to Safari and then a few seconds later my Mac will pop it to the front as if to say "You wanted iPhoto, so here's iPhoto - watch it open."

It's very annoying. Can I set something to allow applications to load in the background?

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Final Cut Pro X :: Sharing Facility To Create A DVD Has No Parameters To Adjust

Jun 2, 2014

The "sharing' facility to create a DVD from FCPX has no parametrs I can adjust. namely, the poor sound quality and levels. In DVD Pro I could adjust the parametrs for optimum quality, and save that setting for all music video's.Now that DVD Pro is no longer available my only option is to use Compressor and  to tweak my settings, but how do I burn the DVD from compressor?The files that Copmpressor and FXPX build will not be imported by iDVD, and I don't actually want to use iDVD and it's templates.

Final Cut Pro X, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

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