Applications :: ITunes 9.1 - Unable To Close Video Playback

Apr 20, 2010

Other than Itunes 9.1 breaking outlook syncing on my ipod touch, I cannot close a video when it is running. The X with a circle around it does not close the video anymore. I have to hit escape every time. A reinstall also did not help.

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Applications :: Choppy ITunes Video Playback On PC

Mar 23, 2009

why are all my iTunes videos so damn choppy?! High Quality Youtube videos are "ok," but HD Youtube videos are just as bad as trying to watch anything on iTunes.

what do i need to upgrade (word choice?) to successfully watch iTunes videos crisply. i'm assuming it's like a graphics card or a processor or something. i could buy a decent computer in the next couple of months but i'm not because my parents are strongly against me upgrading anything because i'm going to college Fall 2010, so they said i'll just get a high-end something or other when the time comes. the point of what i just rambled about was is there something on my current PC that i can upgrade?

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Applications :: ITunes Video (music) No Playback?

Sep 10, 2009

I'm wondering if anyone else has or is having issues with video, specifically music video, playback in iTunes. I noticed it when I was trying to play a video I'd downloaded, about 3 weeks ago. I'd bought the video some time ago, already have watched it several times before, but this time it didn't play. I didn't think much of it. But all of my other music videos did the same thing. From what I can tell, it's exclusive to music vids. My tv shows play fine, the few movies I've bought, etc. But not a single music vid plays back. It's just a screenshot of the video. I made a smart playlist, of all my music vids, versus tv/movies and there are 61 music vids and not a single one plays.

This was happening prior to the iTunes 9 update, but I'm not sure when exactly, or with which update it did start happening, as i just noticed about 3 weeks ago.

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Applications :: ITunes Video (fullscreen) Disappear When Close VNC Connection Under Windows

Mar 31, 2009

Have a PC hooked up to a Pioneer plasma here, and it's basically used to loop trailers in my video-store. The PC is running Windows 2003, and I thought iTunes is probably perfect for this as all the trailers I use are the 720p ones from Apple's servers. So I connect to the PC with VNC (no mouse or keyboard attached), start up iTunes, start the playlist with the videos and they start running fullscreen. But whenever I close the VNC connection the video window disappears from the Pioneer and I just get the desktop + iTunes. The videos are still running though, as the sound is playing and iTunes say they're running, but the video is completely gone.

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Get I7 Video Playback

Oct 20, 2010

I purchased it in June and have had this issue from the start. I am getting some artifacting/ghosting effects on the screen at times when watching videos. It happens 3-4 times during an hour or so of playback and resolves itself within a few seconds each time. The effect looks similar to that of poor encoding or something along those lines which is what I thought it was at first, until I tried playing videos that I knew for a fact didn't have this problem. The video pretty much freezes or colors get inverted in some areas, but the audio is not affected. Let me know if you need any additional details.

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Get Video Playback

Aug 3, 2010

I'm using a 15" 2.33 GHz Intel Core Duo Macbook Pro, with 3GB 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM, with Snow Leopard. Western Digital 320GB 7200 drive.

I've recently been having video playback issues, starting within Final Cut Pro. The clip will play fine at first but then stutter and freeze on and off. I have to constantly stop and play to get through it.

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Applications :: ITunes Unable To View Video Podcasts / Gets Stuck And Won't Play Video But Plays Audio

Oct 11, 2010

I listen to and watch a lot of podcasts. Quite often, after I am done listening to a Audio Podcast I will watch a video podcast. Some times it gets stuck and won't play the video but plays audio fine. Anyone else have this problem?

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Streaming/Playback Video With I5 15" 2.4ghz

Jul 14, 2010

I've seen many saying that they have payback problems on youtube watching HD videos. But my problem is that the video that I'm streaming, regardless of quality, will often stop while streaming [however the audio continues], then all of a sudden the video fast forwards to catch up to the audio that it is currently playing.

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MacBook Air :: ITunes Choppy Video Playback

Apr 1, 2010

I have a Rev A MBA but for the first time I just downloaded a TV show from Itunes and tried watching it back. It was very jumpy, freezing and video and audio were sometimes out of sync. I turned off all other applications, which improved it, but did not solve it. I tried downloading a second one and had the same problem.

Is this common? I would have thought of all applications to work well, Itunes should be one of them.

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ITunes :: Video MP4 Podcasts Opened But No Playback

Jun 25, 2012

The video podcasts in the playlist open but dont (and cant) play, although when I drag the progress slider left to right it fast forwards. As I drag and I can see whats the video content.†I am on 10.6.3 latest Itunes on Snow Leopard, having fell back to Snow Leopard from Lion yesterday.

These podcasts are mp4 - and VLC plays them perfectly, i have d/loaded Xiph, flip4mac, Mplayer X. Lame and these made no difference. I was watching these exact same files on the exact same machine yesterday. But under LION. the files aren't corrupt. Quicktime wont play them either. Quicktime is ticked to work in 32 bit mode.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Applications :: Won't Work With IMovie Video Playback

Feb 25, 2006

I recently upgraded to iLife 06. Now if I import a clip into iMovie, then apply, for example "fade in" at the start it results in jerky playback. It renders the whole program useless.

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Applications :: 360 Video Recording - Error On Playback

Feb 5, 2010

So I bought a Sony Bloggie camera, and sprang for the extra $20 for the 360 video recording attachment. So sony touts on their website how great this camera and their software plays with Mac and PC, the truth is only the mobile dumbed down version of their software works on a Mac. The full version is PC only. unfortunately the full version is needed in order to convert and watch videos shot with the 360 attachment.

Fine no problem thats why man invented VMWARE. So I install the software on my windows XP virtual machine with XP sp3. The software converts the video but whenever I try to watch it the thing crashes and I get that report error to microsoft message. So my question is, are there any alternatives I can use preferably on Mac which will play the 360 video? I know a lot of websites have 360 virtual tour videos embedded.

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ITunes :: Unable To Close It

May 19, 2012

I'm using Lion. My itunes won't stay closed.

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Applications :: Unable To Play Videos / Itunes Video On Ps3 Or Dvd?

Mar 23, 2009

Simple question I have downloaded a few seasons of Southpark and other tv shows in hd how do I burn them to a dvd or get them to be able to play on my ps3. I have vista home premium 64 bit and can't get it to stream through tversity. I do not want to buy an appletv I just want my shows to play on my tv in hd and not have to hook up my ipod. Is there a way around the drm or whatever is stopping me to get the job done.

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Applications :: Exporting To Quicktime From Keynote - Video Playback Stops?

Nov 26, 2009

I am running a Macbook 2.4GHz with 4GB of RAM and Snow Leopard.

I have an issue using Keynote 09.

I have created a presentation that has a m4v video playing in the background.

The video was the first thing I put in and was just placed on the slide and set to play when the presentatation starts.

The video starts at the beginning automatically and plays for the entirity of the presentation. The presentation is only 2 mins long. Over it are a number of different words all with various animations. There is also a music file playing in the background.

I have then recorded the show with manual timings and now when I play it in Keynote it runs smoothly from start to finish. The video continues to play and the transitions are smooth.

HOWEVER, when I then try and export the presentation as a Quicktime file I encounter a problem. The video starts initially at the beginning of the presentation but the minute any other animation kicks in the video freezes and does not restart. I have tried a large variety of export settings but to no avail. I have also spent time trawling the internet to try and solve this problem but no solution found.

It is very frustrating. I need to export it because I need it as a movile file rather than a keynote presentation.

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Applications :: Unable To Resize Videos / ITunes 10 Video Resizing?

Sep 2, 2010

Am I correct in noticing that when I watch some video content within iTunes now I can't resize it without first "Open Video in New Window" ?

The only view option I get when the video is constrained within iTunes is Full Screen, all other options are greyed out. I don't want all my video automatically resized to max my iTunes window.

If so, that's a bit of a pain.

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Applications :: Playlist Playback Skipping In ITunes 10.1?

Dec 4, 2010

I've found since updating to iTunes 10.1 that my playlists occasionally skip to the next track during playback. This has never happened before. I haven't tried to replicate it elsewhere, but did try a local reinstall. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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Applications :: ITunes Determining Gapless Playback - How To Stop It

Sep 3, 2010

just moved my whole iTunes library (21560 songs) to my 2TB Time Capsule... And well everything went great, until I updated to iTunes 10, it updated the iTunes library on open, fine, took two minutes on the ageing MBA, but now, it is Determining gapless playback for my entire library... And it's been going for about 6 hours and it's on 856/21560, so my question is... Is there anyway to stop iTunes doing this?

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Applications :: ITunes Movie Froze Halfway On Playback

Dec 28, 2010

I recently downloaded a movie off of Itunes and started playing it. Halfway through it froze. It's like an invisible wall, I can't get any further than it.

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Applications :: ITunes Movies Won't Playback - Black Screen?

Feb 1, 2010

It seems a whole section of my 350+ movies in my iTunes have all of a sudden stopped playing back. These are movies that played back perfectly just a few days ago but now only display a black screen with the timeline ticking away as if it was playing. All these movies were ripped from DVD's and converted using Handbrake.

Has this happened to anyone else? I think its some type of file corruption but I can't imagine what caused it. What makes it strange is that it only happened to a section of movies and not one common trait can be found among them.

I've done a bit of googling and mroogling and haven't been able to find a solution let alone another user have the same problem.

Any ideas? I have all the video_ts folders backed up so I just need to encode them again, but I would like to prevent this from happening again.

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Applications :: ITunes Keeps Crashing On MPEG4 Videos Playback

Apr 18, 2010

For some odd reason iTunes keeps crashing when I try to play MPEG-4 videos from my library.

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Applications :: Itunes Sync Distorted Audio Playback Win7

Oct 16, 2010

Each time I sync my iPhone and I had foobar or another media player open the sound distorts really bad. Now this used to happen months back then suddenly worked with out any interference. But again, iam now getting this awful distortion when I try to sync-anyone know why?

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Applications :: ITunes Freezing During Launch And MP3 Playback/causing System To Lag

Jul 16, 2010

Before anyone says anything: Yes, I did do my research with MRGoogle before creating this thread. Most of the questions people had ever never answered ( or the posts where from 2+ years ago and not that relevant to the newer releases of iTunes.

Anyway, I decided to do a bit of song searching on iTunes today. I have a bunch of songs from the DDR series that I wanted to find the original, full versions of. So I opened up iTunes (which took about 30 seconds to load, mouse cursor pinwheeling the entire time) and opened up a playlist of said songs in a separate window. In the main window I opened up the iTunes store and started my search. To pass the time, I played the playlist in the background while switch between the two windows to check song tiles, artist names, and the like. While searching for songs, iTunes would randomly start pinwheeling for ~5 seconds, music still playing in the background. The same thing happened when I tired to change to a different song in the playlist. I tried to open TextEdit so I could copy down the songs I couldn't find in the iTunes store and the system pinwheeled yet again. It 5+ seconds to open TextEdit. Even when I'm running Firefox with multiple tabs and windows open, it opens instantly.

I know my machine is a bit old (Early 2008 MBP 2.4 C2D) but its not ancient. I'm running 4GB for crying out loud. I've had similar issues in the past that got so bad I stopped using iTunes all together for awhile. I've tried installing iTunes, uninstalling iTunes, even going so far as to remove most of the iTunes-related fumes from my Library. Nothing seems to help.

I'm at a loss to why this is happening. Originally I thought it was a corrupt library or something, but I've rebuilt my library and it was a temporary fix. Anyone here have ideas about what I can do?

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Applications :: Saving Flash Video Files / Unable To Right Click On Video

Oct 14, 2007

if im viewing a website and they have flash video i want to save, how will i do this. i cant right click and get info there specialized player wont allow this.

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Applications :: ITunes 10 Podcast Sync Bug / Playback Position Is Not Synced Correctly

Dec 16, 2010

basically the bug makes it where the playback position (where you are in a podcast) is not synced correctly between iTunes and your device (iPhone 4 in my case).

Scenario 1: Download a new podcast episode on your Mac/iTunes. Listen to 20 minutes. Sync to iPhone. When you listen to it on your iPhone, it starts at the beginning...not 20 minutes in like it should.

Scenario 2: Download a new podcast episode on your Mac/iTunes. Sync to iPhone. When you listen to it on your iPhone for the first time, it starts randomly somewhere in the middle...not at the start like it should.

This bug didn't exist with iTunes 9. The bug appeared in iTunes 10 and still exists as of version 10.1.1 that was released a couple of days ago.


Any ideas on how to get movement on this from Apple? Already reported it as a bug online as well as posted in the thread on the discussion forum. This bug is PAINFUL for heavy podcast listeners.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Some Applications May Output No Audio But System Alert Sounds And ITunes Playback Can Be Heard

Apr 17, 2012

I had sound on my computer last night but when turning on this morning there was no sound. It is not muted. Also, when I try to run an event in IPhoto as a slide show, it shuts down.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Only had the computer for 2 1/2 wee

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OS X :: Video Playback Laggy?

Mar 5, 2009

For about a month now I noticed that whenever I'm watching a video on YouTube in HD or when I'm watching a movie trailer on Quicktime at 1080p, the playback lags. Prior to this everything worked well. All the videos I watched played smoothly at any resolution at any quality. I have an iMac with the following specs:

2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
ATI Radeon HD2600 Graphics Card with 256 VRAM

Also, I do not have many windows or applications open when I watch these videos. I have also close to 21GB of hard disk space used up out of about 280.

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OS X :: Jerky Video Playback On Mac Pro 2009.

Apr 10, 2009

Have tried both quicktime and vlc, put video playback seems to be jerky on any panning shots on videos.

Have tried some 1080p trailers from the following link, especially apparent on the new ice age trailer.

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MacBook Air :: HD Video Playback On The 11"?

Oct 27, 2010

how well HD video plays back on their system?

I know that I'm not gonna be using it for 1080p content while I'm on the go, but I do have a lot of movies in 720p, as well as TV shows.

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Mac Mini :: Can Playback 1080P QT Video

Mar 15, 2009

My current Mini (1.83 ghz dual) skips frames when playing back 1080P QT MOV files.

I use the Mini as a DVD player / HTPC. Only recently started taking 1080P video and was bummed at skips on big screen playback.

Has anyone tried playing 1080P video on the new 2.26 ghz model?

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